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October 13 through December 15, 2000, Fridays at 8pm at the Phoenix Gallery
A word of caution about our panels:
Sometimes we have to change a date or make a substitution for a speaker.
To be sure to catch the right act, please call 212-965-9515
and check out our announcement.
Ed Adler
Ed Adler
See October 13, 2000

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October 13, 2000

The Influence Of Jack Kerouac
And The Beat Generation
On Contemporary Art And Society

A discussion of the 15 year period from
1945 to 1960 when these visionaries, and
hipsters dominated the cultural ideology of the
United States in terms of art, music, & poetry.

Moderator: Molly Barnes
Ed Adler
Stanley Crouch
Joe Le Sueur
Ed Adler
Ed Adler

October 20, 2000

Celebration... Joe DiGiorgio,
his work, his life, his friends.

Michael Walls, Co-Director, Howard Scott Gallery,
NYC & Independent Curator
Diana Kurz, painter
Dominique Nahas, Visual Arts Critic and independent curator
Walter Thompson, painter
Joe DiGiorgio
Joe DiGiorgio

October 27, 2000

Open Slide Night

Five Dollars/ Five-Slides/Five Minutes
Come see what your fellow artists have been doing.


November 3, 2000

THE FIGURE, Another Side of Modernism

Why Figurative? A discussion on the current emphasis on representation on the human image with four artists from "The Figure; Another Side of Modernism" at Snug Harbor, S.I.

Lilly Wei, Independent curator and art critic
Inka Essenhigh, artist
Al Leslie, artist
Joan Semmel, artist
Alfredo Arcia, artist
THE FIGURE, Another Side of Modernism

November 10, 2000

Strategies For Survival -
Artists Who Live off Their Work

The artists will talk about how they have done the
seemingly impossible - sell enough art work to
support themselves and NOT have a day job.

Liz Quisgard, artist
Sharon Louden, artist
Roy Kortik, artist
organized by Barbara Lubliner and Elizabeth Riley

Liz Quisgard, Sharon Louden, Roy Kortik

November 17, 2000

Dialog with Helen Harrison, Director of
Pollock-Krasner Foundation
and Molly Barnes, Bi-coastal dealer

A discussion of the new movie about
Lee Krasner , Jackson Pollock and
the artists who frequented the Cedar Bar.

Molly Barnes
Molly Barnes

November 24, 2000



December 1, 2000

Dorothea Rockburne,
Ten Years of Astronomy Drawing

Roberta Olsen, Art Critic and Member of the Galileo Society
Jay Pasachoff, Physicist and Member of the Galileo Society
Organized and Moderated by :
Amy Ernst, Artist/Arts Administrator
Roberta Olsen & Jay Pasachoff
Olsen & Pasachoff

December 8, 2000

Dreams & Visions in Art...
Mesoamerican Techniques in Art

Pedro Lujan, Organizer/Moderator, artist of Visions and Dreams
John Santos, ancestral writer and Ford Foundation Director
Raimudo Rubio, painter of primal dreams
Adam Ashforth, anthropologist and fellow at Princeton Center for
Independent Studies
Raimudo Rubio's paintings
Raimudo Rubio

December 15, 2000

Artists and The Web

Take an in depth look at the structures and viabilities
of on-line art marketing today
and just how this new technology will affect the
future of art for the working artists.

Candace Worth, VP Paintings
Stephen Beveridge, artists/website designer
Anthony Chamberlain, Director Kenilworth Art Showcase
Jacy Chen, Director
Roy Secord, artists/Co-director The Collage/Assemblage Society
Stephen Beveridge, Computer graphic design
Stephen Beveridge, computer graphic design

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