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  December 2010  

December 9, 2010

Performance, Re-performance and All That

Vernita N'Cognita
Moderator: Vernita N'Cognita, visual and performance artist

damali abrams,
performance artist
Sean Carolan, performance artist
Dikko Faust, & his artistic trombone
Marcy B. Freedman, performance artist
Anya Liftig, performance artist
Vernita N'Cognita, "Dress"
Connie Perry, The Economic Comic
Ella Veres, performance artist
Genevieve White, "Sugar Mask"

Organizer: Vernita Nemec, artist, curator, director of Viridian Artists

December 16, 2010

Hans Hofmann
in a Film by Sam Feinstein
[Plus the premier screening of a selection of out-takes.]

The 28 minute documentary titled Hans Hofmann was created by artist/director/producer Sam Feinstein in collaboration with Hofmann beginning in the summer of 1950. Together they wrote the narration while the filming, editing and final production were completed as a solo venture by Feinstein. The filming itself took place in Hofmann’s private studio in Provincetown, as well as in his summer classes, and outdoors on the cape and in New York City.

This black and white art film---“the great film about my scholarly and artistic activity,” according to Hofmann---focuses on the philosophy and principles of art conveyed by Hofmann in his teaching and writings, and made evident in the process of his own painting. A ten-minute sequence in the film shows Hofmann painting The Window, a work now in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In a letter to Feinstein dated 1965, Hofmann stated: “I am totally in sympathy with the entire film.”

A brief selection of out-takes from the film---including a scene of Hofmann creating a charcoal drawing---will be screened for the first time following the Hofmann film.
Moderator: Patricia Stark Feinstein, independent curator
Irving Sandler,
art historian
Thorpe Feidt, artist, teacher at Monserrat College of Art
Organizer: Patricia Stark Feinstein, curator
Hans Hofmann - The Window
The Window
Hans Hofmann
© 1999 Sam Feinstein

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