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  October 2010  

October 14, 2010

Jay Milder

Jay Milder
The Film by Ray Grist

The video presentation, “Jay Milder: A Life Story,” focuses on the life of Jay Milder, one of the original 7 founders of the Rhino Horn group, along with Benny Andrews, Peter Pasantino, Bill Barrell. The video follows his passage from Omaha, Nebraska, to New York, to Paris where he met his early mentor Ed Clark; returning to the US, traveling to Chicago, Provincetown and again, to be based in New York. Along the way he finds Bob Thompson, Mimi Gross, Red Grooms, Mark DiSuvero; studies with Hans Hoffman, and creates an ongoing path through the international art world.

Jay’s story gives life to the creativity needed to establish oneself, and continue one’s life as a dedicated artist. Jay’s story will educate, inspire and enlighten anyone who decides to choose this path. It will inform those whose interest is a study of the history of the American art of the 20th century. For those who are merely curious they too will be informed, inspired and entertained.

Participant: Ray Grist, filmmaker
Organizer: Ray Grist

October 21, 2010

Three Dimensions:
Hand or Digital

Donna Dodson - Elephant Princess
Elephant Princess, wood sculpture by Donna Dodson
Donna Dodson - Elephant Princess
Elephant Princess, digital sculpture by Donna Dodson
Sculptors consider the alternatives: Sculpting by hand vs. using digital machine technologies such as 3-D printing.

Moderator: Doug Sheer, chairperson, ATOA
Donna Dodson,
wood carver
Ayami Aoyama, stone carver
Lynne Mayocole,
ATOA President
Doug Sheer, ATOA Chairperson

October 28, 2010

Raising the Dead:
By Means of Art and Science

Dr. Chic Schissel taking DNA samples
Dr. Schissel swabbing his cheek cells for DNA preservation

Halloween is traditionally a time when the boundary between life and death is thinnest. It is therefore an appropriate time for Dr. Chic Schissel to announce that he has volunteered to be the first modern human cloned in an attempt to be resurrected from the dead by means of art and science.

Flash Light, an artist who works at the edge of art and science, proposes to use genetic engineering to clone a new copy of Dr. Schissel’s DNA after his death, and to use psychological rehabilitation therapy to help his cloned brain recover from the amnesia caused by death.

Art can capture the spirit of a person on film, or on video, in paint, or in words. Will Dr. Schissel’s cloned body feel able to recover memories of Dr. Schissel’s spirit by means of art? This panel will explore the philosophical / metaphysical questions about art and spirit, which date back at least to the ancient Egyptians, in the context of modern genetic engineering science.

Participants: Chic Schissel, lecturer on medical systems, science, quackery and music
Flash Light, artist
John Rafferty, author, editor, President of the Secular Humanist Society of NY
Barnaby Ruhe, artist, doctor of art and shamanism, NYU Gallatin faculty
Organizer: Flash Light, artist

View an HTML version of Flash Light's slide presentation,


Preserved DNA of Dr. Schissel
Dr. Schissel's preserved DNA samples

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