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November 10, 2015

Ann Lydecker Bunge in conversation with Sophie Matisse

Sophie Matisse
Sophie Matisse

Sophie Matisse is the great-grandaughter of Henri Matisse, and a celebrated artist in her own right, Sophie Matisse was born and raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is a graduate of the distinguished École des Beaux-Arts. She initially gained notoriety for her series, Be back in 5 Minutes, in which she recreated famous old master paintings while erasing the figures.

Ann Lydecker Bunge is a Vice President at Christie's, and was previously Programming Director of ATOA.

Sophie Matisse
Sophie Matisse

Ann Lydecker
Ann Lydecker

Sophie Matisse
Sophie Matisse
Mona Lisa (Be back in Five Minutes)
from the Missing Persons Series

November 23 - December 3, 2015

ATOA Fall Fundraising Auction on ArtNet

Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Wrapped Automobile, 2015

Auction proceeds will support completion of digitization of the historic ATOA archive. The auction begins Tuesday, November 24th and runs through Friday, December 4th. ArtNet is hosting donated works by well-known artists in this on-line auction dedicated to raising the funds needed to digitize the remaining video recordings made from 1991 through the present.

Artists Featured

Christo and Jeanne-Claude
Cris Cristafaro (2 works)
Janet Culbertson
Virginia Cuppaidge
Jerry Garcia
Joan Giordano
Robert Goodnough

Leon Golub
James Hendricks
Charles Hinman
Robert Kipniss
Jay Milder
Nathan Oliveira
George Ortman (2 works)
Salvatore Romano

Link to Artnet Auction:
In addition, here is the link to register for bidding:

Jay Milder, Noah's Ark, 2008

"Beginning with members of the New York School and working its way through virtually every movement since then, ATOA has created a unique oral history of contemporary art." ~ Irving Sandler, art critic, author & historian, manager of The Club 1956-1962. ATOA founding board member & current ATOA advisory board member and member of the archive advisory committee.

This auction was organized by Douglas I. Sheer, Chairman of ATOA. Want to ask a question about the auction? Just send an email to Douglas I. Sheer, ATOA Chairman at

Leon Golub, Swell Guys! 1992

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Did you know that ATOA has over 40 years of art discussions documented on tape? This tremendous archive of contemporary art history will surely help future historians - if it survives! However this archive is recorded on magnetic tapes which desperately need to be preserved. You can make a donation online to ATOA's Archive Fund by charging any amount you wish to contribute on your credit card.

Just click the "Donate" button now!

New York Artists on Line

Fall 2015

ATOA's Critical Dialogues in the Visual Arts are currently held at:
Tenri Gallery and Cultural Center
43A West 13th Street, near 6th Avenue
Doors open at 6:00 PM; panel starts at 6:30 PM
$8 General Admission
$5 Students and Seniors with ID
Passholders FREE

Check this site for dates and details.

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