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Artists Talk On Art first went online in October of 1995, courtesy of A. D. Coleman, in a section devoted to ATOA at Coleman's website, The B.Y.O. Café, subsequently renamed The Nearby Café ( This ATOA web presence, donated by Coleman as a support service for ATOA, remained operative until the fall of 2001. Some of the transcriptions and digital-image files at our current site come from that project. ATOA wishes to thank A. D. Coleman and The Nearby Café for this contribution.

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ARTISTS TALK ON ART PANEL SERIES: Critical Dialog in the Creative Arts has a NEW ADDRESS for its presentations! Panels are now held at: The Phoenix Gallery, 568 Broadway at Prince Street, Suite #607. This marks ATOA's 22nd year of one-on-one interviews and panel discussions with noted artworld personages. Fridays at 8:00. Doors open at 7:00. $6/$5 student-senior. Passholders FREE (Season pass $30 & up, with various perks).

19 Hudson Street, Ste. #402, New York, NY 10013; TEL: (212) 965-9515; FAX: (212) 213-6876

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