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April 7, 2006

Abstract Painting:
Endangered Species

Pat Passlof
"Eighth House 2"
Is abstract painting finally passe, consigned to appear only in retrospectives and documentary films? These painters will draw on their long careers to debate this question.

Moderator: Corinne Robbins, professor at Pratt Institute
Participants: Ed Clark, painter
Pat Passlof, painter
Geoff Dorfman, painter
Max Gimblett, painter
Organizer: Lynne Mayocole, artist, president ATOA

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April 21, 2006

These distinguished specialists will discuss the burning issues and debates of Korean Contemporary Art. They will treat recent concerns in this field such as: is there a Korean sensibility? And if so, what drives it, and to what extent is it influenced by its context? How do Korean artists see themselves: Is Korean art re-nationalizing in the post-globalist climate?
Korea in Review By Thalia Vrachopoulos
"Korea in Review"
by Thalia Vrachopoulos
Dr. Thalia Vrachopoulos
Dr. Thalia
Moderator: Dr. Thalia Vrachopoulos, curator, asst. prof. at John Jay College, and lecturer at Parsons School of Design
Participants: Dr. Robert C. Morgan, International Critic and Author
Iris Moon, Independent Curator
Dr. Rosemary O'Neill, Associate Chair, Parsons School of Design
Dr. J. Y. Kim, Social Sciences, New School for Social Research
Organizer: Joan Giordano, artist

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Robert C. Morgan has canceled and will be replaced by
Richard Vine, managing editor of Art In America

April 28, 2006

Post, Post Modern

Goat of Mayhem, watercolor by John Lurie, at Roebling Hall
Is this Post, Post Modern Art?
John Lurie, "Goat of Mayhem," at Roebling Hall
Gallerists, curators, and critics discuss the future of post modern art. What are visual examples of the most recent trends? What societal and technological developments will influence these trends? Finally, what educated predictions will they make about the direction of contemporary art in the future?
Moderator: Chris Twomey, artist, writer
Participants: Lea Rekow, artist, founding director of Gigantic Art Space
Francis Hwang, net artist, writer, software engineer, former director of technology for
Joel Beck, co-partner of Roebling Hall Galleries
Ben Goldman, artist and director of City Without Walls
Tamara Wyndham, artist
Organizers: Chris Twomey, artist
Tamara Wyndham, artist

Evaporations, performance art by Tamara Wyndham, photo by Flash Light

performance art by
Tamara Wyndham

Omni Series: Art and Genetics in a Digital Age.
by Chris Twomey, 2004, DETAIL,
Ultrachrome digital prints,

Francis Hwang

Lee Ranaldo and Leah Singer, DVD, "Drift" 2005 - Gigantic Art Space

This panel will be held in Stavis Theater on the fifth floor of SVA.
Joe Amrhein has canceled.

Watercolor, Acrylic, and Oil Paint Brushes


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Artists Talk On Art (ATOA)
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