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April 4, 2014

2014 Whitney Counterweight

"If the Whitney Biennial comes, can the Whitney Counterweight be far behind?"
Grace Glueck, N.Y.Times, 1981

Peter Reginato - "SPANISH POET"
Enamel and Stainless Steel 78x65x35 inches 9-29-2012

Bill Rabinovitch is sole curator of the 2014 Whitney Counterweight, selected entirely from work posted by artists to Facebook, which he's been continuously inspired by. He feels this makes the 2014 Counterweight contemporary with our times, and consistent with how artists now present work. The Counterweight began in the 1970's when Clement Greenberg challenged Rabinovitch to come up with a response to the Whitney Biennial, and Rabinovitch, along with Vernita N'Cognita, and Barnaby Ruhe, organized the first Counterweight in the tradition of the Salon des Refusés.

Jerry Saltz - The Cow Whisperer

Rabinovitch says, "Whitney Counterweight 2014 is totally internet based, strictly an invitation show -- about both art & ideas -- the ideas big -- the artists formidable, exciting & compelling… & predicting it will again be successful solidly vanquishing the Whitney Biennial as in the past, but this time with new agendas.

Barnaby Ruhe - Ms. Boa

"It's time for artists to regain the territory they relinquished to the system -- where they've mostly become mere replaceable cogs producing indifferent art for market. A primary issue will be the issue of quality over quantity & what that means in terms of new thinking, feeling & drive in moving things forward toward a more meaningful art world capable of creating positive change."

Baptism of Pope Vernita - Vernita N'Cognita & Flash Light

Moderator: Bill Rabinovitch, artist, videographer, Counterweight co-founder.
Panelists: Barnaby Ruhe, painter, shaman, educator, and Counterweight co-founder
Vernita N'Cognita, artist, director of Viridian Artists Gallery, and Counterweight co-founder
Please visit to see the artists whose work may be shown, and who might speak at this panel.

Organized by: Bill Rabinovitch, artist

The panel below was originally schedule for April 4, 2014 but was cancelled by the panelists:

Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop

Unique Impression
Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop

Focus: How working in print can become an integral part of an artist's studio practice. Making physical things in the 21st century with 16th century technology. Translating an artistic intention to a new medium.

Presentation: Images of each artist's studio work and print work. Brief, visual description of the processes utilized. Open questioning on the affect of the medium on their current studio practice.

Moderator: Phil Sanders, COO of The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts & Director of EFA's Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop
Panelists: Chakaia Booker, Sculptor
Chuck Webster, Painter

Organized by: Douglas I. Sheer, Chairman of ATOA

April 25, 2014

Self-portait of Prof. T. Lawrence Wheatman

Foto Frontiers
HDR & iPhoneography

Prof. T. Lawrence Wheatman designed and leads photographic artist development courses at NYU-SCPS including one using computer assisted high dynamic range photography (HDR), which he calls "the first real change in the field since the invention of color film in the 1930’s.” The technique uses multiple exposures of the same scene which are then merged to create an image that more closely matches what the human eye sees while also allowing controls to create dramatic painterly effects.

Prof. Wheatman will discuss HDR and iPhoneography (which utilizes a smart phone camera to do serious fine art photography) with photographer/author/educator/artist Dan Burkholder (who is a master in iPhoneography, and who Wheatman calls “the teacher’s teacher”).
Moderator: T. Lawrence Wheatman, photographer, educator
Panelist: Dan Burkholder, photographer, author, educator
Organizers: Jacqueline Sferra Rada, artist & ATOA Board Member
Lynne Mayocole, sculptor, ATOA President

Previously a photograph could not display the range of brightness from sunlight to shadow seen in these bracketed exposures.

HDR digitally compsites the bright, medium and dark details into one image

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