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Date: 1978-01-27
Title: OIA Art or Politics
Archive URL:


Date: 1978-02-03
Title: Sculpture The Environment as Nature
Archive URL:

Date: 1978-02-17
Title: Bad Painting
Archive URL:


Date: 1978-03-03
Title: Intentionality
Archive URL:
Moderator: Pat Passlof

Date: 1978-03-10
Title: Videographs
Archive URL:
Moderator: Doug Sheer
Panelist: Dorothy Westby
Panelist: George Brown
Panelist: Jackie Skyles
Panelist: Laurie Spieger

Date: 1978-03-17
Title: Hoffman
Archive URL:

Date: 1978-03-31
Title: Questions of Size and Scale
Archive URL:


Date: 1978-04-07
Title: Art Movements and the Nonconformist
Archive URL:
Moderator: Solomon Ethe
Panelist: Chryssa
Panelist: Patterson Sims
Panelist: Peter Frank
Panelist: Irwin Touster
Panelist: Virginia Zabriskie

Date: 1978-04-14
Title: "The Whole is the Sum of a Number of Parts" 3-D Form
Archive URL:

Date: 1978-04-21
Title: Artists/Punk Rockers Search for a New Audience
Archive URL:
Moderator: Edit Deak

Date: 1978-04-28
Title: Alternatives to Flat Painting
Archive URL:
Moderator: Michael Walls


Date: 1978-05-05
Title: Is Elitism an Issue in Art Today?
Archive URL:
Moderator: Richard Martin
Panelist: Bruce Boice
Panelist: Janet Fish
Panelist: Les Levine
Panelist: Solomon Ethe

Date: 1978-05-12
Title: WPA-CETA Panel
Archive URL:
Moderator: G. Monroe


No panels June - September


Date: 1978-10-27
Title: Does Art Reflect Society? If So, How?
Archive URL:


Date: 1978-11-03
Title: What Constitutes a Work of Art?
Archive URL:

Date: 1978-11-10
Title: Exhibition and Performance Opportunities Abroad
Archive URL:

Date: 1978-11-17
Title: Artists and Critics
Description: What do artists want from critics? Barbara Zucker answered for us all: "I want them to be my fairy godmother, champion my career, say I'm a genius, and stand behind me unequivocally." Although she and others went on to discuss the importance of dialog and the wonderful insights that artists might derive from criticism of their work, nothing rang as true as these opening remarks. Criticism may be literature, may even be "an art form," as Jeff Perrone insisted, but for artists, criticism is chiefly survival. Good reviews mean sales, jobs, grants, and more shows. Bad reviews or no reviews mean oblivion.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Irving Sandler, critic, art historian
Panelist: Leon Golub, artist
Panelist: Philip Pearlstein, painter
Panelist: Jeff Perrone, critic
Panelist: Deborah Remington, artist
Panelist: Barbara Zucker, artist
Panelist: Corinne Robins, critic


Date: 1978-12-01
Title: Questions on Art Myth and Mind
Archive URL:

Date: 1978-12-08
Title: Words and Images
Archive URL:

Date: 1978-12-15
Title: Art Education: Is It Either?
Archive URL:

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