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Date: 1979-01-05
Title: Film as Sculpture
Archive URL:

Date: 1979-01-11
Title: Systematic/Metrical Patterning In-Town and Out-Of-Town
Archive URL:
Moderator: George Woodman
Panelist: Gloria Klein
Panelist: Tony Robbin
Panelist: Mary Ann Unger
Panelist: Charles DiJulio
Panelist: Richard Kallweit
Panelist: Clark Richert

Date: 1979-01-12
Title: Color as Painting
Archive URL:

Date: 1979-01-19
Title: Combinations, Fusions, and Feedback
Archive URL:

Date: 1979-01-26
Title: Decoration Interior/Exterior
Archive URL:


Date: 1979-02-02
Title: Sources of Patterning and Decorations
Archive URL:

Date: 1979-02-09
Title: Video Art
Archive URL:

Date: 1979-02-16
Title: Image as Language
Archive URL:


Date: 1979-03-16
Title: What Artists Want from Critics
Archive URL:

Date: 1979-03-23
Title: Emotion
Archive URL:

Date: 1979-03-30
Title: Art of the Literal Image
Archive URL:


Date: 1979-04-06
Title: Artists and Dancers
Archive URL:

Date: 1979-04-13
Title: New Sculpture Architecture, Landscape, Politics and Metaphor
Archive URL:
Moderator: Lenore Malen
Panelist: Elyn Zimmerman
Panelist: Audry Hemenway
Panelist: Harriet Feigenbaum
Panelist: Jody Pinto
Panelist: Alice Adams

Date: 1979-04-20
Title: Art Colonies A Look At Utopia
Archive URL:
Moderator: Janet Heit
Panelist: Sherry L. Mednick Steiner
Panelist: Ruth Orkin
Panelist: Katherine Kadish
Panelist: Joan Semmel

Date: 1979-04-27
Title: Is There Still Life in 'Still Life'?
Archive URL:
Moderator: Pat Mainardi
Panelist: William Bailey
Panelist: Nell Blaine
Panelist: Gabriel Laderman
Panelist: Ruth Miller
Panelist: Jane Wilson


Date: 1979-05-04
Title: American Painting: Whatever Will Be Will Be
Archive URL:
Moderator: Anne Tabacanick
Panelist: Dina Gustin Baker
Panelist: Sherman Drekler
Panelist: Dorothy Dehner
Panelist: Jay Milder
Panelist: Robert DeNiro


No panels June - September


Date: 1979-10-26
Title: Why Make Art in NYC?
Archive URL:
Moderator: Lori Antonacci, filmmaker
Panelist: Diane Burko, painter
Panelist: Jack Sonenberg, sculptor
Panelist: Loren Madsen, sculptor
Panelist: Martha Wilson, performance artist
Panelist: Ted Thirlby, sculptor


Date: 1979-11-02
Title: Art in Transition: Five Dealers Have Their Say
Archive URL:
Moderator: Brian O'Doherty
Panelist: Hal Bromm
Panelist: Miani Johnson
Panelist: Jeffrey Hoffel
Panelist: Kathryn Markel
Panelist: Terry Ditenfass

Date: 1979-11-09
Title: Racism in Art
Archive URL:
Moderator: Howardina Pindell
Panelist: Lynda Bryant
Panelist: Ana Mendieta
Panelist: Clifford Frazier
Panelist: Haffiz Mohamed
Panelist: Rudolf Baranik

Date: 1979-11-16
Title: Street Painters Feelism On The Spot
Archive URL:
Moderator: Philip Sherrod
Panelist: Tad Day
Panelist: Ronald DeNota
Panelist: Simon Gaon
Panelist: Don Gray
Panelist: Myron Heise
Panelist: Ken McIndoe

Date: 1979-11-30
Title: The New Critics
Archive URL:
Moderator: Richard Martin
Panelist: Jon Friedman
Panelist: Hal Foster
Panelist: Dupuy Warrick Reed
Panelist: Vered Lieb
Panelist: Valentin Tatransky
Panelist: Peter Von Brandenburg


Date: 1979-12-07
Title: Figuritive Art A Dialog With Four Generations
Archive URL:
Moderator: Robert Godfrey
Panelist: John Benton
Panelist: Larry Day
Panelist: George Hildrew
Panelist: Alice Neel

Date: 1979-12-14
Title: Cine-Dance
Archive URL:
Moderator: Richard Lorber
Panelist: Doris Chase
Panelist: Amy Greenfield
Panelist: Elaine Summers

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The end of 1979.

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