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Date: 1980-01-25
Title: Painting Sculpture
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Date: 1980-02-01
Title: Artists in Clay
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Date: 1980-02-08
Title: Watercolors
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Date: 1980-02-15
Title: Working Conditions
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Date: 1980-02-22
Title: Art as Autobiography
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Date: 1980-02-29
Title: Post-Modernism
Description: In post-modernism, or New Wave . . . you take an attitude about an art-making process. If you take an attitude that would be pertinent to conceptual art, and then apply that back to a very traditional, standard, formal art product -- painting, sculpture, film or records -- then you may be engaging in a post-modern activity. . . . You treat a formal art product as if it were conceptual art, the same way one takes a progressive rock-and-roll mentality and applies it to the most simple and traditional music forms. [But] if you do to art what punk rock did to music, that art will be anything but punk, because you're dealing with the structure of the art world, which is real different. So I took people [for this panel] who are not post-modernists necessarily, but were involved in the avant-garde before this stuff happened. And when it happened they got into the forefront. Original thinkers. This is all a function of people saying, "There's nothing new, there can never be anything new."
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Moderator: Peter "Blackhawk" von Brandenburg
Panelist: Edit deAk
Panelist: Glenn O'Brien
Panelist: David Salle
Panelist: Tim Wright


Date: 1980-03-07
Title: The Question of Quality
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Date: 1980-03-19
Title: Iowa (?) Photography
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Date: 1980-03-21
Title: Sticks and Stones
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Date: 1980-03-28
Title: Spain
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Date: 1980-04-18
Title: The Male Nude in Photography
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Moderator: Shelley Rice
Panelist: Sam Hardison
Panelist: Duane Michals
Panelist: Jacqueline Livingston
Panelist: Marcuse Pfeifer

Date: 1980-04-25
Title: Young Painters
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Date: 1980-05-02
Title: Collaboration
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Date: 1980-05-09
Title: Personal Abstraction
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No panels June - September


Date: 1980-10-10
Title: Sculptures/Movement/Sculptures
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Date: 1980-10-17
Title: The Myth of the Great Artist
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Date: 1980-10-24
Title: Plainar (?) Painting
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Date: 1980-10-31
Title: New Critics
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Date: 1980-11-07
Title: Expressionism 1980
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Date: 1980-11-14
Title: Hopper
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Date: 1980-11-21
Title: Figure/Space/Content
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The end of 1980.

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