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Date: 2002-01-18
Title: The Evolution of Protest Art
Archive URL:
Moderator: Ron Morosan, artist
Panelist: Estera Milman, art historian and curator of the exhibition and accompanying book, "No Art! The Aesthetics of Doom," at the Block Museum of Northwesrn University, Chicago
Panelist: Richard Mock, artist and political illustrator

Date: 2002-01-25
Title: Slide Night - Open Screening
Description: Five Dollars / Five Slides / Five Minutes
Archive URL:


Date: 2002-02-01
Title: Landscape Artists Who Deal with the Environment
Archive URL:
Moderator: Donna Marxer, artist and director of A.I.R.I.E.
Panelist: Janet Culbertson, artist
Panelist: Cynthia Mailman, artist
Panelist: Isabella Jacob, artist
Organizer: Donna Marxer

Date: 2002-02-08
Title: Analog Dreams / Digital World
Description: Renowned artists and cognoscente including:
Archive URL:
Moderator: John Fischer, artist
Panelist: Eric Sparre, director,
Panelist: Manfred Mohr, pioneer digital artist
Panelist: Cristine Wang, critic and curator
Panelist: Stephane Schwab, Swiss artist / digital DJ
Panelist: Jay Mahar, video editor and photographer
Organizer: John Fischer, artist

Date: 2002-02-15
Title: Women and Expressionism
Description: Expressionism, once the domain of male artists, is now being absorbed and recontextualized by female artists. This panel is in coordination with the exhibition, "Painting a Passionate Response by 16 American Artists."
Archive URL:
Moderator: George Rada, president of ATOA
Panelist: Brenda Goodman, artist
Panelist: Louise Fishman, artist
Panelist: Joan Snyder, artist
Panelist: Joel Silverstein, critic and artist
Panelist: Pat Passlof, artist
Organizer: Joel Silverstein

Date: 2002-02-22
Title: Sculpture with Humor A night with John Torreano
Archive URL:
Moderator: Doug Sheer, ATOA Chairperson
Panelist: John Torreano, sculptor and humorist
Organizer: Molly Barnes, ATOA Programming Director


Date: 2002-03-01
Title: Expressions of Loss The World Trade Center Memorial Project
Archive URL:
Moderator: Daniel Aubrey, photographer of architecture and interior design
Panelist: Michael Schulan, artist
Panelist: Nilda Messa, artist and author
Panelist: Rondi Silva, director of Artist Certification, NYC
Panelist: Jyll Taylor, executive director the WTC Memorial Project
Panelist: Amy Weinstein, associate curator of the New York Historical Society
Organizer: Norma Greenwood, artist

Date: 2002-03-08
Title: Illustration Morphs Into Fine Art and Vice Versa A discussion of the nebulus difference between the two
Archive URL:
Moderator: Norma Greenwood, artist
Panelist: Terry Brown, director of the Society of Illustrators
Panelist: Natalie Ascencios, illustrator
Panelist: Daniel Adel, illustrator
Panelist: Peter deSteve, illustrator
Organizer: Norma Greenwood

Date: 2002-03-15
Title: Norman Dubrow in Dialogue with Molly Barnes Collecting Masterworks
Description: A leading art collector discusses his collection.
Archive URL:
Panelist: Norman Dubrow, collector
Panelist: Molly Barnes, ATOA Program Director

Date: 2002-03-22
Title: Powerful New Images, Alternative Forms
Archive URL:
Moderator: Ruth Rintel
Panelist: Miriam Brumer, artist
Panelist: Charles Swanson, artist
Organizer: Molly Barnes, Programming Director of ATOA


Date: 2002-04-05
Title: Realism Now II What is it? Is it still relevant today?
Description: Philip Pearlstein talks about his contribution to realism.
Archive URL:

Date: 2002-04-12
Title: Getting the Word Out A Survey of America's Leading Art Magazines
Archive URL:
Moderator: Walter Robinson, art writer and artist
Panelist: Barbara MacAdam, senior editor ArtNews
Panelist: Glenn Harper, editor-in-chief Sculpture
Panelist: Jennifer Liese, managing editor Art Forum
Organizer: Fran Kornfeld, artist
Organizer: Lynne Mayocole, artist

Date: 2002-04-19
Title: Open Screening and Reading: Artists and Poets Focus on 9/11
Description: 5 minutes and/or 5 slides and FREE admission to all. Bring your visual or verbal artistic statements. Sign in at 7 p.m.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Donna Marxer, artist
Organizer: Donna Marxer

Date: 2002-04-26
Title: Artist's Block Artist Robert Dash in Dialogue with Patricia Hamilton
Archive URL:
Panelist: Robert Dash, artist
Panelist: Patricia Hamilton, art dealer
Organizer: Molly Barnes, Programming Director of ATOA


Date: 2002-05-03
Title: The Collaborative Process
Archive URL:
Moderator: Lance Fung, owner Lance Fung Gallery
Panelist: Ginger Andro, artist
Panelist: Chuck Glicksman, artist
Organizer: Charles Meyers, painter

Date: 2002-05-10
Title: Open Performance/Poetry/Slide Night Five dollars, five minutes
Archive URL:

Date: 2002-05-17
Title: Curator's Choice 2002 A panel of the five winners of the 2002 Curator'a Choice Competition
Archive URL:
Moderator: Kim Foster, owner/director Kim Foster Gallery
Panelist: Gary Setzer
Panelist: Geoffrey Grogan
Panelist: Adela Leibowitz
Panelist: Laura Moriarity
Panelist: Valerie Britton
Panelist: Laura Moriarty, artist


No panels June - September


Date: 2002-10-18
Title: Curator's Choice Exhibition Opening Reception at 450 Broadway Gallery
Archive URL:

Date: 2002-10-25
Title: Ceramics in the New York Art World An in-depth look at current trends in Ceramics seen from the perspective of leading New York art world figures.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Sylvia Netzer, artist
Panelist: Ann Rothman, critic / artist
Panelist: Ron Kuchta, Director Emeritus Everson Museum / Editor-in-chief of American Ceramics Magazine
Panelist: George Adams, artist
Panelist: Kathy Butterly, artist
Organizer: Sylvia Netzer, artist
Organizer: Fran Kornfeld, artist / ATOA Board Member


Date: 2002-11-01
Title: Fluxus the 40th Anniversary
Description: A panel inspired by the recent publication "Fluxus Experience," by Hannah Higgins. In this groundbreaking work of incisive scolarship and analysis, Higgins explores the influence of the Fluxus art movement.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Allison Knowles, artist
Panelist: Larry Miller, artist
Panelist: Peter Frank, critic
Panelist: Emily Harvey, artist
Organizer: Tram Combs, artist

Date: 2002-11-08
Title: When Bad Things Happen to Good Artists
Description: Most serious artists experience getting ripped off by the artworlds unscrupulous. Hear horror stories and learn to avoid the pitfalls. Come and vent!
Archive URL:
Moderator: Dan Concholar, director Art Information Center
Panelist: Marisa Rich, lawyer
Panelist: Berniece D'Vorzon, artist
Panelist: Donna Marxer, artist
Organizer: Donna Marxer

Date: 2002-11-12
Title: Benefit Bijou Auction of the small and precious
Description: Enjoy an evening of opportunity to bid on exquisite small works of art, at Clodagh Studio, 670 Broadway, NY
Archive URL:

Date: 2002-11-15
Title: Representational Painting III Contemporary Narratives Stories and Their Fragments
Description: The issue of telling stories is as old as painting itself. High modernism marginalized the concept in formalist terms, while postmoderniam brought it back in fragmented or conceptualized form. Do traditional narratives differ from their postmodern counterparts? The panel will discuss narrative themes relevant for our own time.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Joel Silverstein, critic
Panelist: Dominique Hahas, critic / Editor-dArt Magazine
Panelist: Steve Mumford, artist with Postmasters Gallery
Organizer: George Rada

Date: 2002-11-22
Title: Open Screening: 5 Slides, 5 minutes, 5 Bucks
Archive URL:


Date: 2002-12-06
Title: The Digital Experience
Description: A discussion with a few of todays top Light Artists exploring the field of Digital Art.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Molly Barnes, ATOA Programming Director
Panelist: Erwin Redl, artist
Panelist: James Seawright, artist
Panelist: Peter Terezakis, sculptor
Panelist: Victor Acevedo, artist
Organizer: Sara Kay, ATOA Board Member
Organizer: Molly Barnes, ATOA Board Member

Date: 2002-12-13
Title: Spiritual Forces
Description: Five artists will discuss their work in terms of forces now being examined in todays science, depth psychology and spiritual practices. All five are concerned with spirit as a healing force.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Ann McCoy, artist
Panelist: Lenore Malen, artist
Panelist: Carolee Schneemann, artist
Panelist: Lesley Dill, artist
Panelist: Chrysanne Stathacos, artist
Panelist: Maxine Henryson, artist
Organizer: Ann McCoy

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