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Date: 2003-01-24
Title: Into the Woods: Environmental artists move off the canvas
Description: Concerned artists who are exploring another dimension in their work, to the benefit of all.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Donna Marxer, painter / acting ATOA Director
Panelist: Betty Beaumont, artist
Panelist: Jane Ingram, artist
Panelist: Bill Botzow, artist
Panelist: Richard Mills, artist
Panelist: Anne-Katrin Speiss, artist
Organizer: Donna Marxer

Date: 2003-01-31
Title: Expressionism II
Description: This panel is a follow up to the 'Women and Expressionism' panel of last winter (2/15/02). Artists will discuss the critical issues of Expressionism as a formal and emotional language. This is contexted against current art practice and theory, often antithetical to the Expressionist credo. The concept of an art based on feelings is examined in the light of the current scene.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Joel Silverstein, critic
Panelist: Robert C. Morgan, critic - Art in America
Panelist: Julian Hatton, artist - Elizabeth Harris Gallery
Panelist: Gregory Amenoff, artist with Salander O'Reilly Gallery
Panelist: Chuck Connelly a.k.a. artist with Lennon and Weinberg Gallery
Organizer: George Rada


Date: 2003-02-07
Title: Is It Really Art?
Description: Over the last half century many additions and changes to cultural expression have become accepted under the umbrella of "Fine Art." Now we must explore whether there is unity of thought, or variations in the thinking among different art institutions about the question, "What is fine art."
Archive URL:
Moderator: George Rada, artist, president of ATOA
Panelist: Carlo Lamagna, chairman of the department of Art and Arts Professions, NYU
Panelist: Sanford Wurmfeld, chairman of the department of Fine Art, Hunter College
Organizer: George Rada

Date: 2003-02-14
Title: The Makings of a Happy Marriage: Traditional and Digital Photo Techniques
Description: Photography of the landscape has changed.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Jean Miele, artist and landscape photographer
Panelist: Daniel Aubrey, artist
Panelist: Harvey Stein, artist
Organizer: Norma Greenwood, artist
Organizer: Isabella Jacob, artist

Date: 2003-02-21
Title: Native American Art and Spiritual Aesthetics?
Description: Native Americans believe art is a devine gift & colors have a spiritual message.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Nadema Agard, director of Red Earth Studio (Cherokee, Lakota, & Powhatan)
Panelist: Pena Bonita, mixed media artist (Apache and Seminole)
Panelist: Lorenzo Clayton, printmaker (Navajo)
Panelist: Alan Michelson, installation artist (Mohawk)
Panelist: Kay Walking Stick, painter (Cherokee)
Organizer: Nadema Agard, artist (Cherokee)

Date: 2003-02-28
Title: Roads Less Traveled: Museums and Alternative Spaces Off the Beaten Path
Archive URL:
Panelist: Tom Finkelpearl, director of the Queens Museum of Art
Panelist: Meridith McNeal, associate director of Rotunda Gallery
Panelist: Kathleen Laziza, director of the Micro Museum
Organizer: Flash Light, artist


Date: 2003-03-07
Title: The Lost Legacy of Painter Stewart Hitch: Exploring the life and work of the artist, and the con man who ripped him off
Description: A committee of friends has hired a detective to track down the con artist. They'll be present to participate in what promises to be an evening of art and intrigue.
Archive URL:
Moderator: James Little, artist
Panelist: Laurence Futterman, lawyer
Panelist: Mike Hamilton, artist
Panelist: Charlie Hewitt, artist
Panelist: Margorie Mellman, artist and executor of Hitch's estate
Panelist: Vered Lieb, art critic and art consultant
Organizer: Lynne Mayocole

Date: 2003-03-14
Title: Americans in Paris Galerie Huit
Description: Gallery 8 Studio existed in Paris after WWII between 1950 and '52, and featured artists Al Held, Jules Olitski, and Burt Hasen, among others. Their work was recently exhibited at Franz Friedrich's Gallery 18 on Warren St. in NYC.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Molly Barnes, dealer and ATOA program director
Panelist: Franz Friedrich, director of Studio 18 Gallery
Panelist: Jonah Kinigstein, artist
Panelist: Sidney Geist, artist
Panelist: Burt Hasen, artist
Organizer: Molly Barnes, programming director of ATOA

Date: 2003-03-21
Title: Open Screening: Five Minutes, Five Slides, Five Dollars
Description: Nothing beats getting direct feedback from your peers and ATOA's open screenings allow for that unique possibility. Come and show your newest work. Sign in and load slides starting at 7pm. Screening will begin as usual at 8pm.
Archive URL:
Organizer: Doug Sheer, founder and chairperson of ATOA

Date: 2003-03-28
Title: Environmental Art
Description: Earth works / earth art / ecological art - reviewing the emergence of art in the environment.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Suzaan Boettger, critic, art historian, author of 'Earthworks: Art and the Landscape of the Sixties'
Panelist: Dennis Oppenheim, artist
Panelist: Virginia Dwan, dealer and patron
Panelist: John Gibson, dealer
Panelist: Willoughby Sharp, art lecturer and dealer
Organizer: Suzaan Boettger, critic, art historian

Date: 2003-03-30
Title: Curator's Choice 2003 Annual benefit juried slide competition
Description: Postal deadline! Stefan Stux juror, winners exhibited at Stux Gallery. See our prospectus for details. Click on "Contest."
Archive URL:


Date: 2003-04-04
Title: The Gospel According to Gillespie
Description: A dialogue between artists Donna Marxer and Dorothy Gillespie, discussing Dorothy's role as both innovative sculptor and a guru to other artists.
Archive URL:
Panelist: Donna Marxer, artist
Panelist: Dorothy Gillespie, artist

Date: 2003-04-11
Title: Interview with Jonathan Santlofer
Description: George Rada interviews Santlofer on his new book, "The Death Artist." The book is a murder set in the comtemporary art world & each murder is designed to represent a painter's work (e.g. deKooning). The protagonist detective is loosely modeled on Aggie Gund, past president of MoMA. Jonathan is also a well known pop artist who recently had a one man show of paintings of celebrities like Andy Warhol and Marilyn Monroe.
Archive URL:
Moderator: George Rada, president of ATOA
Panelist: Jonathan Santlofer, artist and author

Date: 2003-04-25
Title: In Transit: An overview of the Arts for Transit program of the Metropolitan Transit Authority.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Erica Behrens, Manager of Arts for Transit Program
Panelist: Al Loving, B'way Junction, Brooklyn
Panelist: Bing Lee, Canal Street, Manhattan
Panelist: Nancy Spero, Lincoln Center, Manhattan
Panelist: Sam Kunce, Times Square, Manhattan
Panelist: Dan George, Brighton Beach, Brooklyn
Organizer: Fran Kornfeld, artist


Date: 2003-05-02
Title: Jules Olitski: One on One Interview with Molly Barnes
Description: Jules Olitski, a color field artist for many years, has returned to abstract landscapes. He has been acknowledged by critic Clement Greenberg as the leading artist of the 20th century. He describes his paintings simply as "a spray of color that hangs like a cloud, but does not lose its shape."
Archive URL:
Moderator: Molly Barnes, programming director of ATOA
Panelist: Jules Olitski, painter

Date: 2003-05-09
Title: Curator's Choice: Stefan Stux, juror
Description: A panel of the winners of this years competition.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Stefan Stux, owner of Stefan Stux Gallery


No panels June - September


Date: 2003-10-01
Title: Fall Season at ATOA
Description: Fall is upon us, and the ATOA calendar for the season is now online. Please take a look. We start with a screening of "Man Ray," by Hollywood director Mel Stuart. There are panels with artists such as Wolf Kahn, Larry Poons, and filmmaker Jonas Mekas. We've included art dealers such as Stefan Stux, Jim Kempner, and Molly Barnes. We expect you'll find at least a few panels of interest to you, and we hope you'll be able to attend if you mark those dates on your calendars now.
Archive URL:

Date: 2003-10-17
Title: Mel Stuart's film 'Man Ray'
Description: Hollywood director Mel Stuart will present and discuss his film, "Man Ray." about the artist. Director Stuart has received four Emmys and an Oscar nomination for his work. Among his film direction credits are, "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory," and "If it's Tuesday, this must be Belgium," and "John Ashberry: The Poet's View." ATOA's Molly Barnes will interview Stuart after the film screening.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Molly Barnes, Art Collector, Critic, and Journalist, Owner of Molly Barnes Gallery, NY
Panelist: Mel Stuart, film director
Organizer: Molly Barnes, programming director of ATOA

Date: 2003-10-24
Title: Curator's Choice Winners with Juror Stefan Stux
Description: Curator's Choice Annual Slide Competition judge, Stefan Stux, owner and director of the Stefan Stux Gallery in Chelsea, will introduce and lead the winners in a conversation about their art, and his criteria for choosing them. The artists will show slides of the winning work.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Stefan Stux, Owner and Director of Stefan Stux Gallery
Panelist: Leigh Cohen, artist
Panelist: Karen Fitzgerald, artist
Panelist: Jo Marie Hart, artist
Panelist: Fran Shalom, artist


Date: 2003-11-07
Title: Wolf Kahn's America
Description: A dialogue with one of America's leading artists, Wolf Kahn, interviewed by artist and writer Donna Marxer. This one-on-one dialogue celebrates the publication of Kahn's latest book, "Wolf Kahn's America."
Archive URL:
Moderator: Donna Marxer, artist, writer, former executive director of ATOA
Panelist: Wolf Kahn, painter
Organizer: Donna Marxer

Date: 2003-11-14
Title: 'The Madness of Art' Film Screening and Interview
Description: Noted Chelsea art dealer, Jim Kempner, shows his humorous film on the quirks of the art world called, "The Madness of Art." The film runs 30 minutes, and will be followed by a dialogue between Kempner and Molly Barnes.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Molly Barnes, Art Collector, Critic, and Journalist, Owner of Molly Barnes Gallery, NY
Panelist: Jim Kempner, art dealer
Organizer: Molly Barnes, programming director of ATOA

Date: 2003-11-21
Title: Analog Dreams / Digital World III
Description: Artist and digital art pioneer, John Fischer, leads a panel on a new voyage through the contemporary digital landscape where analog dreams give rise to digital expression.
Archive URL:
Moderator: John Fischer, artist
Panelist: Flash Light, Internet art
Panelist: Jay Mahar, Art Music Interface
Panelist: Jessie Nebraska Gifford, electronic painter
Panelist: Christian Malitzaki, Uses digital consctructs that include photos and repaints them in oil.
Panelist: Ursula Freer, digital artist
Organizer: John Fischer, artist


Date: 2003-12-05
Title: Computer Art
Description: A review of the best of contemporary computer art by a series of well known electronic artists led by Bruce Wands of SVA.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Bruce Wands, chair of MFA Art Program, School of Visual Art, director of Computer Education
Panelist: Bing Lee, artist
Panelist: Michael Rees, digital sculptor
Panelist: G. H. Hovagimyan, artist
Panelist: Victor Acevedo, artist
Organizer: Molly Barnes, pogramming director of ATOA

Date: 2003-12-12
Title: Narrative Abstraction
Description: How to define what is representational or abstract art becomes more and more indistinct; more attention is brought to defining what constitutes a narrative. Since consciousness itself is a narrative, artists discuss what implications this has on definitions.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Ron Morosan, artist
Panelist: John Mendelsohn, artist
Panelist: Don Hazlett, painter
Panelist: Jane Fine, artist
Organizer: Ron Morosan, artist

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