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Date: 2008-01-18
Title: Eco-Conscious Artists Creating Art with Recycled Materials
Description: Artists reaction to the environment, and incorporating found objects into their work, is the premise of the exhibition called 'Paved Paradise.'
Archive URL:
Moderator: Michel Allen, Executive Director of Allen Gallery
Panelist: Helen Brough, Artist
Panelist: Jim Napierala, Artist
Panelist: Josette Urso, Artist
Panelist: IIlene Sunshine, Artist
Organizer: Michel Allen Gallery,
Organizer: Ann Lydecker

Date: 2008-01-25
Title: Is Video Art the New Trend?
Description: Is video art new again? Is it a hot trend, or will it be in the future? The artists will highlight these points, each from her own unique perspective.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Loukey Keijsers, Director of LMAK projects
Panelist: Liselot van der Heijden, artist
Panelist: Stephanie Lempert, artist
Organizer: Ann Lydecker, ATOA Programming Director


Date: 2008-02-01
Title: In Dialog: George Ortman & Mitchell Algus
Description: Artist George Ortman in dialog with art dealer, Mitchell Algus, explore the work of this seminal geometric abstractionist, former professor of art at Cranbrook Academy and one-time chair of the art department at SVA.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Mitchell Algus, owner Mitchell Algus Gallery
Panelist: George Ortman, artist
Organizer: Doug Sheer, founder and chairperson of ATOA

Date: 2008-02-08
Title: Art is Risk: Talking Point Films on Living Artists
Description: Arts entrepreneur, curator, educator, dealer and agent, former director of the Microsoft Art Collection, and of the International Sculpture Center and contributor to Sculpture Magazine, Klein now runs Talking Point Films focused on the art world.
Archive URL:
Panelist: Michael Klein, co-founder of Talking Point Films
Organizer: Ann Lydecker, auction specialist & art Advisor

Date: 2008-02-15
Title: Through the Prism: Collecting Contemporary Art
Description: This panel will explore the reasons for collecting contemporary art, the best strategies for building a collection with posterity, selling at auctions and the role of the museums and collectors as guardians of art and culture.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Peter Duhon, executive editor for Art Comments
Panelist: Anelle Gandelman, gallery owner and consultant
Panelist: Don Porcella, contemporary artist
Panelist: Beth McNeill, international curator and art advisor
Organizer: Peter Duhon, executive editor for Art Comments

Date: 2008-02-22
Title: In Dialog: Knox Martin & David Kramer
Description: New York artist Knox Martin, considered a painter?s painter, has been a source of true integrity to artists who feel part of the lineage of the great masters, since his one man show at the famous Charles Egan Gallery. Take advantage of the knowledge he culled though all these years and learn from the man who coined the term 'synthetic realism.'
Archive URL:
Moderator: David Kramer, painter & actor
Panelist: Knox Martin, artist
Organizer: Olivia Korringa

Date: 2008-02-29
Title: In Dialog: Dirk Westphal & Heather Darcy Bhandari
Description: Mixed Greens was founded to give emerging artists a wider audience. Through its gallery, website and printed catalog, it has exposed a larger community to the engaging and thought-provoking works of dozens of artists. Currently, the gallery represents twenty-two artists, who are now at varying stages in their careers. Artist Dirk Westphal appears in dialog with Heather Darcy Bhandari, director of Mixed Greens Gallery. From making artistic surfboards to showing in quirky locations like Manhattan Mini Storage, Westphal explores the wet edge of art.
Archive URL:
Panelist: Heather Darcy Bhandari, director of Mixed Greenes Gallery
Panelist: Dirk Westphal, artist
Organizer: Ann Lydecker


Date: 2008-03-14
Title: The Independent Curator
Description: What are the trends curators are presently looking at? What directions do they see, how has the occupation of the independent curator evolved and what is the demand for their work? How do you distinguish between an independent curator, entrepreneur or impresario?
Archive URL:
Moderator: Michael Klein, co-founder Talking Point Films
Panelist: Lilly Wei, independent curator, essayist and critic
Panelist: Michael Neff, photographer & independent artists' agent
Panelist: Susan Hapgood, director of Exhibitions, Independent Curators International
Panelist: Margaret Mathews-Berenson, independent curator & art advisor
Organizer: Michael Klein, co-founder Talking Point Films

Date: 2008-03-28
Title: Philip Pavia and The Artists Club
Description: An illustrated presentation by Pavia?s widow, Natalie Edger, that explores his life as a leading sculptor and his stewardship of the Artists Club of the 1940s, 50s and early 60s. Edger is the editor of the recently published book: Club Without Walls: Selections from the Journals of Philip Pavia.
Archive URL:
Panelist: Natalie Edgar, artist, writer and historian
Organizer: Doug Sheer, founder & chairperson of ATOA

Date: 2008-03-30
Title: Annual Curator's Choice Slide Competition Postal Deadline
Description: The postal deadline for ATOA's Annual Curator's Choice Competition has been extended to April 6th, 2008. This year the juror is Jim Kempner, owner of Jim Kempner Fine Art in Chelsea. Winners will be exhibited at his gallery. See our prospectus for contest details.
Archive URL:
Organizer: ATOA Contest Committee


Date: 2008-04-04
Title: Glass Art: Beyond the Glory Hole
Description: The artists on this panel will share their creative experiences inspired by the many facets of working in glass. The receptivity of galleries to exhibiting glass art will also be explored.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Lynne Mayocole, ATOA President & sculptor
Panelist: Ellen Blakeley, California, Shattered Glass Installation Artist
Panelist: Joy Wulke, CN, Environmental Artist bridging boundaries between Visual Art and Architecture
Panelist: Sam Wiener, NYC, Laminated Glass Sculpture, Commissions and Stain Glass
Panelist: Anna Matouskova, Prague, Moulded Melted Glass Sculpture, represented by Chappell Gallery
Panelist: Neil Watson, Director of the Katonah Museum of Art, NY; curator of 'Shattered Glass'
Organizer: Lynne Mayocole, ATOA President & sculptor
Organizer: Amy Ernst, artist

Date: 2008-04-11
Title: Korean Contemporary Art in the Global Era
Description: When does an era end? Experts on Korean art speculate on and discuss the impact of globalization and its end. Illustrated talk on Korean contemporary art.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Thalia Vrachopoulos, professor, curator, and critic
Panelist: Robert C. Morgan, international critic and author
Panelist: Jonathan Goodman, independent author & critic
Panelist: Hyewon Yi, professor of art at SUNY Old Westbury, and gallery director
Panelist: Shim Chung, professor of art at Fashion Institute of Technology
Organizer: Thalia Vrachopoulos, professor, curator & critic

Date: 2008-04-18
Title: The White Cube and Globalization International Art Fairs
Description: Conduits for artistic expression or global commerce? What are the affects of the mega art fair on the art market? Significance of space, context and commissions. Highlights from the Armory Show, supply and demand: Quantity, Quality and Prices.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Peter Duhon, executive editor for Art Comments
Panelist: Alexandra Peers, editor of the Wall Street Journal
Panelist: Todd Levin, Senior Curator of the Sender Collection
Organizer: Peter Duhon, executive editor for Art Comments

Date: 2008-04-25
Title: In Dialog: Sal Romano & Joan Marder
Description: This dialog between sculptor Sal Romano and writer Joan Marder will look retrospectively at the artist?s life and works. It will be illustrated by slides and some short clips from a recent video interview.
Archive URL:
Panelist: Sal Romano, sculptor
Panelist: Joan Marder, writer & critic
Organizer: Doug Sheer, founder & chairperson of ATOA


Date: 2008-05-02
Title: MTA Arts for Transit: Art Along the Way
Description: Millions of people experience public art in their daily travels. Focusing on bringing successful public art to stations, three artists discuss their recent MTA Arts for transit commissions. Each artist will discuss the process of creating transit art from concept through planning, design, fabrication and installation.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Amy Hausmann, asst. director of Arts for Transit
Panelist: Jane Dickson, artist
Panelist: Daniel Hauben, artist
Panelist: Jean Shin, artist
Organizer: Richard Lewis Roth, artist

Date: 2008-05-09
Title: Curator's Choice Award Winners 2008
Description: The winners of ATOA's annual slide competition will be introduced by Jim Kempner, juror of this year's competition. Ask a contest juror the questions that will help you win future contests. Everyone who entered this competition will be admitted free.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Jim Kempner, owner of Jim Kempner Fine Art
Panelist: Judd Boloker
Panelist: Michelle Bova
Panelist: Kate Teale
Panelist: Thomas Jackson
Panelist: Celeste Rapone
Panelist: Keun Young Park
Organizer: ATOA Contest Committee

Date: 2008-05-12
Title: Objects of Desire II Gala Fundraising Auction
Description: ATOA again stages an auction to help raise funds to finish the preservation of its historic A-V archive. Both a live and silent auction will feature over 100 artworks and be held at the Sundaram Tagore Gallery, 547 West 27th Street, in Chelsea. The silent auction begins Monday at 6 pm, followed by the live auction at 8 pm.
Archive URL:
Organizer: ATOA Auction Committee


No panels June - September


Date: 2008-10-03
Title: In Dialog: Ronnie Landfield & Robert C. Morgan
Description: New York abstract painter, Ronnie Landfield and art critic, Robert C. Morgan will discuss changes in the New York art world; contrasting the challenge of creating art today with previous decades. Landfield will discuss his work and the place abstract painting occupies in the 21st Century. Landfield is a veteran of more than 60 solo exhibitions of his abstract painting and drawings and hundreds of group exhibitions worldwide.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Robert C. Morgan, art critic and author
Panelist: Ronnie Landfield, New York abstract artist
Organizer: Ann Lydecker, auction specialist and art advisor

Date: 2008-10-10
Title: Middle Eastern Voices of Change: Artists as Activists
Description: The power of visual art for the purpose of bridging cultures through dialogue is immense. This panel will present four artists with origins in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Lebanon and Syria. Come meet them, hear them speak about their work and explore how they are undermining the myriad negative perceptions of the often misunderstood Middle East and greater Islamic world.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Ayse Turgut, independent curator
Panelist: Helen Zughaib, artist
Panelist: Kinda Hibrawi, artist
Panelist: Negar Ahkhami, artist
Panelist: Samira Abbassy, artist
Organizer: Ayse Turgut, independent curator

Date: 2008-10-31
Title: The Art of the 70s.... Now
Description: With more than three decades to look back how do artists who began to be shown in the 70s see their work and the work of their peers now? The aesthetics of the 70s was based on experimentation, exploration, re-evaluation and a rejection of paintings and sculpture styles of Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art and Minimalism. Does that hold true today; how does that aesthetic impact the art world today?
Archive URL:
Moderator: Michael Klein, co-founder, Talking Point Films
Panelist: Jene Highstein, sculptor
Organizer: Michael Klein, co-founder, Talking Point Films


Date: 2008-11-14
Title: Artadia: The Fund for Art and Dialogue - Encouraging Great Art in American Cities
Description: Artadia?s mission is to encourage innovative practice and meaningful dialogue across the United States by providing visual artists in specific communities with unrestricted awards funds and a national network of support. Since its founding in 1998, Artadia has distributed more than $2.0 million to 200 artists in partner cities including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston and San Francisco.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Christopher Vroom, founder and president, Artadia
Panelist: Amy Blakemore, artist, Artadia Award 2004, Houston
Panelist: Angelina Gualdoni, artist, Artadia Award 2001, Chicago
Panelist: Arnold Kemp, Artadia Award 2001, San Francisco
Organizer: Ann Lydecker, Visual Art Impresario

Date: 2008-11-21
Title: The Artist's Cut
Description: A discussion of moving image art as a phenomenon both in fine art and the larger media worlds - where does it fit in, what defines it, what are its genres, where can it go- with the potential to affect both.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Linda DiGusta, editor,
Panelist: Marcia Grostein, artist
Panelist: Robert Ayers, artist and writer
Panelist: Lee Wells, Ind. curator and co-founder of Perpetual Art Machine
Organizer: Linda DiGusta, editor,


Date: 2008-12-05
Title: Paul Brach Remembered
Description: An evening dedicated to the memory of this celebrated and highly influential artist, teacher and founding dean of Cal Arts.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Molly Barnes, art dealer and radio personality
Panelist: Connie Fox, artist and teacher
Panelist: Bill King, artist and former president, National Academy of Design
Panelist: Allan Hacklin, artist and professor of art
Organizer: Fran Kornfeld, artist

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