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Date: 2014-03-14
Title: A Good Laugh Humor in Art
Description: After this Winter we could use a good laugh: 2 gallerists and 3 artists oblige by finding humor in art.
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Moderator: Molly Barnes, bi-costal gallerist, author, teacher, radio personality
Panelist: Jim Kempner, owner of Jim Kempner Fine Art, and producer of The Madness of Art video series
Panelist: Mike Cockrill, artist with Kent Gallery, whose paintings combine the sacred and profane
Panelist: John Torreano, Professor of Studio Art at NYU, exhibited at MOMA, Guggenheim, Corcoran
Panelist: Steve Gianakos, artist at Fredericks and Freiser, features x rated and provocative content
Organizer: Molly Barnes, gallerist, author, teacher, radio personality
Organizer: Lynne Mayocole, sculptor, ATOA President


Date: 2014-04-04
Title: 2014 Whitney Counterweight
Description: If the Whitney Biennial comes, can the Whitney Counterweight be far behind? Grace Glueck, N.Y.Times, 1981 Bill Rabinovitch is sole curator of the 2014 Whitney Counterweight, selected entirely from work posted by artists to Facebook, which he's been continuously inspired by. He feels this makes the 2014 Counterweight contemporary with our times, and consistent with how artists now present work. The Counterweight began in the 1970's when Clement Greenberg challenged Rabinovitch to come up with a response to the Whitney Biennial, and Rabinovitch, along with Vernita N'Cognita, and Barnaby Ruhe, organized the first Counterweight in the tradition of the Salon des Refuses. Rabinovitch declares, It's time for artists to regain the territory they relinquished to the system -- where they've mostly become mere replaceable cogs producing indifferent art for market. A primary issue will be the issue of quality over quantity & what that means in terms of new thinking, feeling & drive in moving things forward toward a more meaningful art world capable of creating positive change. Work from the Counterweight will be shown, and artists will speak. See for a list of artists involved.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Bill Rabinovitch, artist, videographer, Counterweight co-founder
Panelist: Vernita N'Cognita, artist, director of Viridian Artists, Counterweight co-founder
Panelist: Barnaby Ruhe, painter, shaman, educator, Counterweight co-founder
Organizer: Bill Rabinovitch, artist

Date: 2014-04-25
Title: Foto Frontiers: HDR & iPhoneography
Description: Prof. T. Lawrence Wheatman designed and leads photographic artist development courses at NYU-SCPS including one using computer assisted high dynamic range photography (HDR), which he calls "the first real change in the field since the invention of color film in the 1930s." The technique uses multiple exposures of the same scene which are then merged to create an image that more closely matches what the human eye sees while also allowing controls to create dramatic painterly effects. Prof. Wheatman will discuss HDR and iPhoneography (which utilizes a smart phone camera to do serious fine art photography) with photographer/author/educator/artist Dan Burkholder (who is a master in iPhoneography, and who Wheatman calls the teachers teacher).
Archive URL:
Moderator: T. Lawrence Wheatman, photographer, educator
Panelist: Dan Burkholder, photographer, author, educator
Organizer: Jacqueline Sferra Rada, artist & ATOA Board Member



No panels June - September


Date: 2014-10-29
Title: Looted Art: Finding and Returning the Nazi-Plundered Art of Europe
Description: The presenter is Dr. Wesley A. Fisher, Director of Research Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, Inc. An acknowledged expert on tracking the missing art and establishing provenance, Dr. Fisher will provide not only the broad historic view but also provide up to the moment facts about the latest stages of these long-standing issues, including the Gurlitt case. Dr. Fisher was for many years a professor at Columbia University and holds a BA from Harvard University and a PhD in Sociology. From the 1970ís to the early 1990ís he was the administrator of virtually all scholarly exchanges, joint research and conferences between the United States and the former Soviet Union in the humanities and social sciences, including relations between the archives and libraries of the two countries and in art history.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Douglas I. Sheer, Co-founder and Chairman of ATOA
Panelist: Wesley A. Fisher, Director of Research Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, Inc.
Organizer: Doug Sheer, Chairman of ATOA



Date: 2014-12-10
Title: The Elizabeth Foundation Times Three
Description: The three parts of The Elizabeth Foundation are the Studio Spaces, the Project Space, and the printmaking workshop. Bill Carroll will discuss Studio Spaces; Lauren Bierly will discuss the Project Space, and Phil Sanders will discuss The Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop (RBPMW), a co-operative printmaking workspace that provides professional-quality printmaking facilities to artists of every skill level. RBPMW is committed to inspiring and fostering a racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse artistic community dedicated to the making of fine art prints in an environment that embraces technical and aesthetic exploration, innovation and collaboration. The workshop seeks to improve the overall quality of fine art printmaking by providing low cost, unfettered access to printers, equipment, and education.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Bill Carroll, Director of the Elizabeth Foundation
Panelist: Lauren Bierly, presenting the Project Space
Panelist: Phil Sanders, presenting the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop
Organizer: Lynne Mayocole, Sculptor and ATOA President

Date: 2014-12-17
Title: Rhino Horn Revisited
Description: Both Jay Milder, and Peter Passuntino are painters from the Second Generation of Abstract Expressionism in both Provincetown and New York City. However, unlike their abstract contemporaries they have been using the figure as the harbinger for spiritual and political expressionism. With no mainstream support they started to show their work at their own galleries and formed an artist's collective called 'Rhino Horn,' where they created monumental exhibitions and attracted the attention of their peers and critics. The discussion will emphasize each artist's individual career and present a collective view on Figurative Expressionism as it began and where it is today.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Adam Zucker, art historian, curator and author
Panelist: Jay Milder, painter
Panelist: Peter Passuntino, painter
Organizer: Adam Zucker, art historian, curator and author

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