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Date: 2017-02-21
Title: Art & Politics Now
Description: How should artists react to the current political scene?
Archive URL:
Moderator: Lynne Mayocole, sculptor and ATOA President
Panelist: Nancy Chunn, artist
Panelist: Mike Cockrill, artist
Panelist: Maria de Los Angeles, artist
Panelist: Catinca Tabacaru, owner of Catinca Tabacaru Gallery
Organizer: Lynne Mayocole, sculptor, Board President of ATOA


Date: 2017-03-21
Title: Art Consultants & Artists
Description: Continuing in his series of professional practice panels Mitch Pilnick will be moderating a discussion that will focus on the role of a consultant/advisor. What type of clientele do they focus on? How do they consider specific art and artists to recommend to their collectors? What percentage of their business is commercial vs. residential? How best for artists to seek out & research consultants for possible consideration, including the do and doníts.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Mitchel Pilnick, ATOA Board Member
Panelist: ELIZABETH SADOFF, founder of Art Advisory
Panelist: CHERYL SOKOLOW, founded C Fine Art
Panelist: JENNIFER WALLACE, co-founder of nAscent Art New York
Organizer: Mitch Pilnick, ATOA Board Member


Date: 2017-04-25
Title: Art World On line
Description: Panelists will explore both on line galleries for artists and for art collectors. They will guide the audience in navigating the wide variety of galleries without walls, how to participate, locate and become part of this increasingly important aspect of the art world.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Joan Giordano, artist, ATOA Board Member
Panelist: Gracie Mansion, Senior Specialist, Post War and Contemporary Art at artnet auctions, art dealer
Panelist: Tze Chun, founder of Uprise Art
Panelist: Kate Singleton, founder of Buy Some Damn Art, author
Organizer: Lynne Mayocole
Organizer: Joan Giordano
Organizer: Cheryl Sokolow


Date: 2017-05-23
Title: ART WORLD BUZZ: The Digital Shift - Where To Find the Latest Art Info
Description: Art news and reviews meet the rise of online media through E-zines, blogs and listings. This conversation among some of the leading digital art journalists will cover how digital media sources are currently performing in terms of the markets, audience, and influencing the museum and gallery worlds. Is art news and the digital world clashing or complementing one another? How is this affecting or influencing individual art practices? Mr. Edelman has lectured at the Art Institute of Chicago, MOMA and the Frick Collection in New York. He has worked as a director for several art galleries in New York, including Sid Deutsch, BlumHelman, Shea & Beker, Annina Nosei and Anita Friedman Fine Arts. He has written on art for the Chicago New Art Examiner, Artnews, Art in America, Artpress in Paris, Artnet, Cover Mag and Tema Celeste. He has also curated exhibitions in New York, including "Getting From Here to There" at AFP Gallery in 2012 and "The Food Show: The Hungry Eye" at the Chelsea Museum.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Robert G. Edelman, writer & lecturer on art, independent curator, private art dealer and artist
Panelist: Anthony Haden-Guest, writer, reporter, cartoonist
Panelist: Sharon Butler, painter, arts writer, publisher of influential art blog Two Coats of Paint
Panelist: David Cohen, publisher/editor of and founder/moderator of The Review Panel
Panelist: Kara Rooney, artist and writer and curator
Organizer: Jacqueline Sferra Rada, artist and ATOA Board Member


No panels June - September


Date: 2017-10-17
Title: How to Make it Big in the Art World Sculptors Who Work Large
Description: How sculptors work with foundries and fabricators to expand their ideas from small models and drawings to large scale works.
Archive URL:
Moderator: Doug Sheer, ATOA co-founder and chairperson
Panelist: Scott van Campen, Co-founder and Executive Director of Staten Island MakerSpace
Panelist: Ted Lawson, Founder of PrototypeNY
Panelist: Babette Bloch, sculptor
Panelist: Carole Eisner, sculptor
Organizer: Doug Sheer, ATOA co-founder and chairperson



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