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ATOA Panels in 1993:

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"Can the Art Market Survive?
Ivan Karp Interviewed by Elaine Marinoff "

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"Sculpture Addressing Social Issues within a Corporate Context"

Moderator: Thelma Mathias, sculptor
Moderator: Eva Mantell, sculptor
Panelist: Sylvia Benitez, sculptor
Panelist: Tony Kosloski, sculptor


"ATOA's 3rd Annual Portrait-thon"

Last year you could have been immortalized by Avital, Constantine Bokav, Rosemarie Castoro, Bill Rabinovitch, Barnaby Ruhe, Karen Whitman, Bob Zierling and others for just $2 a minute.


"Sculpture Parks
Or Parking Lots for Sculpture? "

Finding a home for homeless sculpture.

Moderator: Valerie Shakespeare, Director of Actual Art Foundation
Panelist: David Collens, Director of Storm King Art Center
Panelist: Max Hutchinson, gallery owner, sculpture field owner
Panelist: Sherry Mallin, Trustee of the Aldrich Museum
Panelist: Joel Mallin, sculpture park owner
Panelist: Dennis Oppenheim, artist
Panelist: Eve Sussman, artist


"South African Connections"

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Moderator: Janet Goldner, sculptor
Panelist: Sindiwe Magona, South African writer living in the U.S.
Panelist: Sholto Ainslie, South African painter living in the U.S.

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"Building a Firm Foundation"

Creating and receiving foundation grants.

Moderator: Herb Nass, lawyer
Panelist: Charles Bergman, Pollock-Krasner Foundation
Panelist: Sanford Hirsch, Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation
Panelist: Bruce Altshuler, Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum
Panelist: Emily Leland Todd, Andy Warhol Foundation


"The Language of Color"

Painters talk about personal palettes.

Moderator: Barbara Coleman, painter
Panelist: Vincent Arcilesi, painter
Panelist: Audrey Code, painter
Panelist: Diana Kurz, painter
Panelist: Bernard Maisner, painter
Panelist: Richards Ruben, painter


"The Tradition of Landscape vs. the Transformation of Nature"

Moderator: Bernice D'Vorzon, painter
Panelist: Cassandra Langer, writer and critic
Panelist: Idelle Weber, painter
Panelist: Rick Rothrock, sculptor


"Cross-Currents: Fine Art, Craft Art, Tribal Art"

Relevance, Causation and Interaction.

Moderator: John Fischer, painter, bread sculptor
Panelist: Alexandra Anderson-Spivy, art editor and writer
Panelist: Jeffrey Hoffeld, Director of Max Protetch Gallery
Panelist: John Perrault, Senior Curator, American Craft Museum
Panelist: Robert Storr, Curator of Painting and Sculpture, The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
Panelist: Susan Vogel, Director of the Museum for African Art

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"Broad Reach
International Collaborations "

Cultural and political concerns raised through collaborative works: Russia, Germany, Japan and Great Britain.

Moderator: Linda Cunningham, sculptor - collaboration with Brazilian dancer and Japanese composer in Germany
Panelist: Conrad Atkinson, installation artist - Yorkshire collaboration with Indian photographer
Panelist: Jo Anna Isaak, wrter and critic - collaboration with Russian feminists
Panelist: Yong Soon Min, mixed-media collaborator focusing on social issues of cultural and social identity
Panelist: Allan de Souza, mixed-media collaborator focusing on social issues of cultural and social identity


"Good Friday
No Panel "


"Cro-Magnon Art Then and Now"

Its applicability for today.

Moderator: Barnaby Ruhe, painter / art critic
Panelist: Mollyne Karnofsky, contemporary cave artist
Panelist: Terry Kistler, poet
Panelist: Eileen Spikol, sculptor


"No Failure / No Success"

What does success mean to the artist?

Moderator: Tery Fugate-Wilcox, artist
Panelist: Will Barnet, artist
Panelist: Ashley Bickerton, artist
Panelist: Rosemarie Castoro, artist
Panelist: Russell Conner, artist
Panelist: Eric Douglas, actor, son of Kirk
Panelist: Eric O, artist
Panelist: Margaret Thatcher, Director of Stark Gallery


"Open Screening:
5 Slides / 5 Minutes / 5 Bucks "

Artists are invited to bring 5 slides of their latest work and talk about it for 5 minutes.

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"Curator's Choice:
Carlos Guttierez-Solana "

Moderator: Carlos Guttierez-Solana, Director of Artist's Space


"Fascination with Line"

Drawing as a major medium.

Moderator: Susan Schwalb, artist
Panelist: Ronny Cohen, critic, independent curator
Panelist: Philip Desind, Director of Capricorn Galleries, Bethesda, MD, collector, author
Panelist: Laura Shechter, artist
Panelist: Elga Wimmer, Director of Elga Wimmer Gallery, NYC

No panels June - August

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"Future Muse"

Art and tech in the 21st century.

Moderator: David Rogers, photographer
Panelist: Doug Sheer, technological researcher, Chairperson of ATOA
Panelist: Michael Mascione, interactive media expert and technological forecaster
Panelist: Cynthia Pannucci, Executive Director of Art and Sciences Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI)
Panelist: Athomas Goldberg, multi-media practitioner, NYU Media Research Lab
Panelist: John Ippolito, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

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"Is there Art After SOHO?"

Strategies for survival.

Moderator: Vernita N'Cognita, artist, activist, curator
Panelist: Robert Costa, srt writer, curator
Panelist: Arnold Wechsler, artist
Panelist: Gunther West, German curator
Panelist: Ann-Sargent Wooster, art writer and critic
Panelist: Beth Ames Swartz, artist


"Museum Scene:
Uptown and Downtown "

Panelist: Eleanor Heartney, critic
Panelist: Clare Bell, Guggenheim Museum
Panelist: Thelma Golden, Whitney Musaeum
Panelist: Valerie Mercer, Studio Museum
Panelist: Laura Trippi, New Museum


"New York Frames of Mind"

New York Film artists screen and discuss new film and video shorts.

Panelist: Leslie Thornton, Strange Space
Panelist: Ron Vawter, Strange Space
Panelist: Alan Sondheim, Fever II
Panelist: Donna Cameron, Melancholy Baby
Panelist: Therese Schwartz, Melancholy Baby
Panelist: Janie Geiser, Babel Town
Panelist: Lewis Klahr, Downs are Feminine
Panelist: Roger Acasto
Panelist: Mary Ann Toman, Female Offender

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"Visual Aids:
Making Tribute "

An open performance night addressing the AIDS crisis. Dance, music, poetry performance art, visual art - solo or group. COURAGE, ANGER, HUMOR, SADNESS, GRIEF, REGRET, REMEMBRANCE...

Panelist: Ellen Kornfield
Panelist: Ellen Rulsen
Panelist: Michael Bramwell
Panelist: Vernita N'Cognita
Panelist: Rich Robertson
Panelist: Robert Costa


"The World of Artists' Books"

An art form blossoms.

Moderator: Johanna Drucker, book artist, assistant professor of contemporary art, Columbia University
Panelist: Steve Clay, Director of Granary Books Gallery
Panelist: Doug Beube, artist, theorist
Panelist: Clive Philpot, Director of MoMA Library
Panelist: Max Schumann, Director of Printed Matter
Panelist: Louise Nederland, artist and publisher
Panelist: Richard Minsky, founder of the Center for Book Arts

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The end of 1993.

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