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ATOA Panels in 1994:

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"Sassafras and Lagniappe"

Artists and poets from way down yonder in New Orleans.

Panelist: Mollyne Karnofsky, artist, poet
Panelist: Sydney Byrd, photographer
Panelist: Gilbert Fletcher, painter
Panelist: Sally Heller, sculptor


"Abstraction as a Timeless Art Form"

Painters and sculptors talk.

Moderator: Clement Meadmore, artist
Panelist: Robert Murray, artist
Panelist: John Moore, artist
Panelist: Martin Bull, artist
Panelist: Mary Ann Unger, artist


"Is there Art After Life?"

Keeping your art alive.

Moderator: Joyce Dezendes, artist, founder of Art in Perpetuity
Panelist: Barbara Hollister, artist
Panelist: Ralph Lerner, author, art lawyer
Panelist: Thomas W. Leavitt, museum director

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Fascism and gratuitous gore? "

Current trends in independent film and video.

Moderator: David Channon, video artist and producer of Volcanic Videu
Panelist: L. French, Publisher, Access Manhattan
Panelist: David Huberman, Publisher Access Manhattan
Panelist: Harold Channer, video commentator


"Arts on the Air"

Moderator: Peggy Hadden, artist
Panelist: Marquita Pool-Eckert, Senior Producer of CBS Sunday morning.
Panelist: Michi Itami, artist educator
Panelist: Bill Page, division producer of Images/Art
Panelist: Anthony Sloan, Program diesctor, WBAI Afteernoon Arts Magazibe.

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"Drop-Dead Painting"

Emphasizing individualism.

Moderator: John Ford, artist
Panelist: K. K. Kosik, artist
Panelist: Don Hazlitt, artist
Panelist: Natan Nuchi, artist
Panelist: Marilla Palmer, artist


"Not Just a Boy Thing:
Women Do Comics "

Moderator: Jenny Tango, Cannibal Cut-Ups
Panelist: Nicole Eisenman, artist with Jack Tilton Gallery
Panelist: Michael Gentile, Art Editor of New York Press
Panelist: Robin Locke Monda, Editor of Bloody Wymmin Comix
Panelist: Mary Wilshire, Red Sonya, Marvel Comics


"Cross-Generational Views of Feminism"

A continuing Dialogue.

Moderator: Susan Grabel, sculptor, President of Women's Caucus for Art (NY Chapter)
Panelist: Donna Marxer, artist
Panelist: Kara Lynch, multi-media artist
Panelist: Duston Spear, artist, activist
Panelist: Julie Rochon, artist
Panelist: Lisa Bateman, artist, assistant professor of art, Syracuse University


"We Aint Just Dick"

Politics of genitalia in lesbian and gay art.

Moderator: Mary Ann Moran, co-chair, Art Group for Lesbian and Gay Artists
Panelist: Roger Anthony Mapes, Art Group member
Panelist: Kendall Shaw, Art Group member

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"The Hazards of Art"

Saving the environment and ourselves.

Moderator: Kevin Lavin, assitant manager, Pearl Paint Art Co., Inc.
Panelist: Angela Babin, Center for Safety in the Arts
Panelist: Michael Hammer, sales representative for art suppliers


"Bearing Witness:
The Holocaust "

Moderator: Thelma Mathias, artist
Panelist: Rudolf Baranik, artist
Panelist: Susan Chevlowe, Assistant Curator for Fine Arts, The Jewish Museum
Panelist: James Young, artist, author, professor University of Massachusetts, curator of Art of Memory, The Jewish Museum
Panelist: Alan Rutberg, artist
Panelist: Melissa Gould, artist


"Art Lies"

The truth about artist's search for truth (maybe), or everything I say is false (maybe).

Panelist: David Azarch, Director of Video Marketing, The Kitchen
Panelist: Martha Haeseler, art therapist at NYU and Yale New Haven Hospital
Panelist: Bill Rabinovitch, artist and Producer of Art Seen cable TV program
Panelist: David Rogers, artist

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"After Stonewall:
25 Years of Change "

You have to have balls to be a drag queen, and often the balls are rhinestone. Celebrate the turning point in gay history and learn why drag (or transgender) is such an important, but often controversial, aspect of the gay community. Panelists include members of the Imperial Court of New York and participants in the important Stonewall Inn event:

Panelist: Coco La Chine
Panelist: Jeremiah Newton
Panelist: Terri Van Dyke
Panelist: Storme De Larveril

No panels June - August

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"Leon Golub and Robert C. Morgan"

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"Judy Pfaff and Charlotta Kotik"

Panelist: Judy Pfaff, acclaimed installation artist
Panelist: Charlotta Kotik, curator of painting and sculpture at the Brooklyn Museum


"Grace Hartigan and Irving Sandler"

Grace Hartigan, a member of the first generation of abstract expressionists, talks about her experiences with Pollock and deKooning

Panelist: Grace Hartigan, abstract expressionist
Panelist: Irving Sandler, author and critic


"Jay Milder and Judd Tully"

Panelist: Jay Milder, founder of Rhino Horn and champion of Byzantine art
Panelist: Judd Tully, painter, writer, and critic for Art and Antiques

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"Nancy Spero and Vernita N'Cognita"

Panelist: Nancy Spero, feminist artist dealing with violence and women
Panelist: Vernita N'Cognita, artist and arts administrator


"Carolee Schneeman and Kathy O'Dell"

Panelist: Carolee Schneemann, pioneering performance artist, controversial erotic performer
Panelist: Kathy O'Dell, writer and educator


"A. D. Coleman and Doug Sheer"

Panelist: A. D. Coleman, photography critic
Panelist: Doug Sheer, founder and chairperson of ATOA

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