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"The State of the Art of Printmaking"

A discussion of the art form and in honor of master printmaker Bob Blackburn, featuring a film about his life and work.

Moderator: Ellen Peckham, artist and art dealer
Panelist: Bob Blackburn, printmaker, winner of MacArthur Fellowship
Panelist: Judith Brodsky, printmaker, director of Innovative Printmaking Department, Rutgers University
Panelist: Dan Welden, owner, Hampton Editions
Panelist: Betty Winkler, owner, Yama Prints
Panelist: Gail Jansen, documentary filmmaker and special guest
Organizer: Ellen Peckham


"Career Night"

Is your art career in the doldrums? Come hear three experts tell (almost) all. A "Trialog" between:

Panelist: Dan Concholar, director, Art Information Service
Panelist: Carrol Michels, career coach and author of "How to Survive and Proper as an Artist"
Panelist: Renee Phillips, publisher of Manhattan Arts, and author of "New York Contemporary Art Galleries"
Organizer: Donna Marxer

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"Robert Storr and Vernita N'Cognita
In Dialog "

Moderator: Vernita N'Cognita , artist
Panelist: Robert Storr, curator of Painting and Sculpture at MoMA
Organizer: Donna Marxer


"Erotic Art Today -
Is it sexy or just smutty? "

Three erotic artists and a noted critic and author get together to discuss the trends in erotic art today, their own experiences and illustrations of their work.

Moderator: Donna Marxer, painter and director of ATOA
Panelist: Mark Stevens, critic for New York Magazine
Panelist: Barbara Alper, photographer of the underground sex scene
Panelist: Candida Royalle, feminist erotic filmmaker
Organizer: Donna Marxer
Organizer: Doug Sheer


"Throwing Your Own Show"

Dying for exposure, but tired of bucking the exhibition establishment? Put off by vanity galleries? A group of experts tell you how to put together your own event.

Moderator: Nadini Richardson, director of Organization of Independent Artists (OIA)
Panelist: Matthew Snow, an organizer of the successful 41 Union Square annual open-studio day
Panelist: Else Taylor, an artist who conducts her own career
Organizer: Lynne Mayocole


"John Alexander
in Dialog with Molly Barnes "

Moderator: Molly Barnes, art dealer and author of "How to Get Hung"
Panelist: John Alexander, artist
Organizer: Donna Marxer

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"Making it in New York
(and Brooklyn too!) "

An in-depth survey of some of New York's most notable workshops offering classes and facilities for artists and non-artists of all disciplines.

Moderator: Elizabeth Merena, director of the Visual Arts Program at NYSCA
Panelist: Pam Almonrode, studio manager, Dieu Donne Papermill
Panelist: Steve Erickson, artist and studio manager, Greenwich House Pottery, NY
Panelist: John Kirby, president of Manhattan Graphics Center
Panelist: Brett Littman, assistant director of Urban Glass, Brooklyn, NY
Organizer: Fran Kornfeld


"Courting the Muse"

"Where did you ever get that idea?" Artists, and those who analyze art, dissect inspiration.

Moderator: Isabella Jacob
Panelist: Lynne Mayocole, artist
Panelist: Eliot Lable, sculptor in steel
Panelist: Douglas Maxwell, art editor, Psychoanalytic Review
Organizer: Isabella Jacob


"The French in New York"

Expatriated French artists talk about the Gallic influence in Gotham art, and vice versa.

Moderator: Albert Depas, painter, and president of ATOA
Panelist: Henri Charriot, painter / sculptor
Panelist: Alexandre de Folin, owner/director, Alexandre de Folin Gallery
Panelist: Nicola de Lanzenberg, filmmaker / sculptor
Panelist: Jean Sariano, painter / printmaker
Organizer: Doug Sheer

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"Pat Olesko
in dialog with Barnaby Ruhe "

An illustrated evening.

Moderator: Barnaby Ruhe, artist and educator
Panelist: Pat Olesko, performance artist
Organizer: Barnaby Ruhe


"Good Friday:
No Panel "

Happy Easter!


"Black Mountain College"

Moderator: Mary Emma Harris, author of "The Artys at Black Mountain College," the definitive book on this remarkable haven of creativity.


"Open Screening
Five Slides, Five minutes, Five Bucks "

Bring an art video.

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"Curator's Choice 1998
Maxwell Davidson, juror "

Presenting the winners of the Curator's Choice Contest in dialog with their juror.

Moderator: Maxwell Davidson, director of Maxwell Davidson Gallery

No panels June - August

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"Women Behind the Camera"

It's women's heyday in the field of photography, one place where women artists are not only thriving, but excelling.

Moderator: Katherine Criss, president of Professional Women Photographers, and photographer of special events, weddings, and vintage images
Panelist: Ann Sager, painter to black and white photography, color abstract and digital imagery
Panelist: Holly Anne Shelowitz, photographer of babies, child portraiture, and still life for catalogs
Panelist: Catherine Steinmann, photographer of people and places, family portraits, and pregnant nudes to the Internet
Panelist: Julie Betts Testwuide, photographer of corporate, sports, portraits, hand-colored romantic images
Organizer: Katherine Criss
Organizer: Catherine Steinmann


"The Artist as Activist"

How to save not only the art world but your own soul by pitching in to active service.

Moderator: Adrienne Redd, Philadelphia writer and cable talk host
Panelist: Janet Culbertson, "Environmental Surrealist," addressing environmental awareness
Panelist: Marie Dormuth, printmaker, politician and advocate for artist's housing
Panelist: Robert Lederman, artist-advocate for street artists and president of A.R.T.I.S.T.
Panelist: Owen-Pahl Greene, artist and gay rights / AIDS activist
Organizer: Adrienne Redd


"On Noguchi:
Sculpture and Spaces "

An in-depth look at this significant artist.

Moderator: Deborah Goldberg, art historian, lecturer, currently working on her Ph. D. dissertation on Noguchi at the Institute of Fine Arts, NYU
Panelist: Amy Hau, administrative director of Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum
Panelist: Matt Mulligan, artist and friend of Noguchi
Organizer: Amy Ernst

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"A Conversation with Peter Schjeldahl"

Our very own Bill Rabinovitch, painter and producer of "Art Seen" on Manhattan Neighborhood Cable, interviews critic Peter Schjeldahl.

Moderator: Bill Rabinovitch, painter and producer of "art Seen"
Panelist: Peter Schjeldahl, art commentator par excellence and staff writer for the Village Voice
Organizer: Bill Rabinovitch


"It All Starts with Art"

A panel discussion about beginnings in art education by a panel of experts in charge of aiding and abetting our public school art ed.

Moderator: George Rada, painter and consultant to the Center for Art Education
Panelist: Tom Cahill, artist and director of the "Studio in a School" program
Panelist: Hollis Hedrick, director of the Center for Art Education, an Annenberg Foundation project
Panelist: Patterson Sims, deputy director of Education, MoMA
Organizer: George Rada


"It Ain't Colonial Williamsburg"

A lively discussion of the hottest art neighborhood in town with the hottest new artists.

Moderator: Kenny Schacter, independent curator


"Thanksgiving Weekend:
No Panel "

Happy Thanksgiving!

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"Goldberg / Umlauf / Benglis"

An engaging evening of conversation.

Moderator: Linda Benglis, sculptor
Panelist: Michael Goldberg, painter
Panelist: Lynn Umlauf, sculptor


"What makes a co-op gallery successful?"

The 40th anniversary of the Phoenix Gallery is celebrated with a panel of representatives of the leading coop galleries in the city. Learn what makes them tick so well.

Moderator: Tom Slaughter, director of SOHO20 Gallery
Panelist: Cecelia Barth Fierstein, artist and pioneer member of Phoenix Gallery
Panelist: Virginia Marksymowicz, sculptor, teacher, and former director of Amos Eno Gallery
Organizer: Phoenix Gallery


"Holiday Break:
No Panels 12/18/1998 - 1/8/99 "

Season's Greetings!

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The end of 1998.

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