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ATOA Panels in 2001:

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"Videos from the 10th Street Clubhouse
with Willem deKooning, Harold Rosenberg, and Herman Cherry "

Moderator: Molly Barnes, art dealer, author, ATOA Program Director
Panelist: Sherman Drexler, painter
Panelist: Jay Milder, painter and founder of Rhino Horn
Organizer: Molly Barnes


"Young Artists Trying to make It in New York"

Moderator: Donna Marxer, artist and writer
Panelist: Sarah Bedford, artist
Panelist: Jeanne Lorenz, artist
Panelist: Amy Wilson, artist
Organizer: Donna Marxer


"New York Cityscapes Painters"

Moderator: Tom Christopher, painter
Panelist: Roman Scott, painter
Panelist: David FeBlond, painter
Organizer: Molly Barnes


"Shapes of Sounds / Sounds of Shapes"

Moderator: Kathleen Laziza, executive director of the Micro Museum
Panelist: Norman Ballard, laser scuptor, whose projections on the Guggenheim skylight were a highlight of the Nam June Paik show.
Panelist: Francis Whitney, laser-video-electroluminescent sculptor recently featured in a documentary on channel E!
Panelist: Jack Ox, This artist received a grant from Ars Electronica to develop MIDI-based software for the 21st Century Virtual Reality Color Organ with her collaborator Dave Britton.
Panelist: Bob Sturm, composer who uses data from particle collisions to program his synthesizers and demonstrate how computer music might advance high-energy particle physics.
Panelist: Flash Light, interactive audio-video light sculptor who is also writing his own software for a MIDI based visual synthesizer.

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"Hoteliers Who Support the Visual Arts"

Moderator: Molly Barnes
Panelist: James Knowles, owner of the Roger Smith Hotel
Panelist: Stanley Bard, owner, Chelsea Hotel
Organizer: Molly Barnes


"What is Renaissance Art?"

Why does this period continue to fascinate contemporary painters and sculptors.

Moderator: Michele Kidwell-Cohen
Panelist: Natalie Edgar, painter
Panelist: Angel Orensanz, sculptor
Panelist: Greg Wyatt, sculptor


"Mary Frank in dialogue with Eleanor Munro"

Moderator: Eleanor Munro, critic, writer, and author of the newly reissued originals: American Women Artists, and other books.
Panelist: Mary Frank, artist


"Art as Energy"

Progressing from the teachings of Hans Hoffman through a love for Pierre Bonnard; Wolf Kahn's landscapes combine an intuitive sense of color with the dynamics of the abstract to create a colorist's interpretation of reality uniquely his own.

Moderator: Donna Marxer, artist and writer
Panelist: Wolf Kahn, artist
Organizer: George Rada


"The Art of Collecting"

Moderator: George Rada, ATOA President
Panelist: Gregory Peterson


"Postal deadline for Curator's Choice Contest
Denise Bibro, curator "

See contest description:

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"Clement Greenberg's World"

Janice Van Horne, widow of Clement Greenberg reads from her book, "Letters to Harold: The Making of an Americam Intellectual."


"Good Friday:
No Panel "


"Art Dealers:
How they Choose artists. "

Panelist: Louis Newman, director M. B. Modern
Panelist: Jim Kempner, owner of Kempner Gallery


"Curator's Choice 2001
Denise Bibro, curator "

The winners of the annual Curator's Choice competition.

Moderator: Denise Bibro, Chelsea gallery owner
Panelist: Steven Shores, winning artist
Panelist: Susan Tunick, winning artist
Panelist: Sarah Crisp, winning artist
Panelist: Elizabeth Glauer, winning artist
Panelist: Shawne Major, winning artist

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"Women Painters:
Support Systems Revisited "

Moderator: Phyllis Braff, critic for the New York Times
Panelist: Phyllis Herfield, painter
Panelist: Marcia Gigli King, painter


"Slide Night:
Five Dollars/Five Slides/Five Minutes "

Come see what your fellow artists have been doing. Bring five slides of your work and be prepared to talk about them for five minutes. Sign in at 7:00 to load slide trays.

No panels June - August

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"Curator's Choice 2001 Winners:
Exhibition at Denise Bibro Gallery "

Panelist: Elixabeth Glauer
Panelist: Sara Crisp
Panelist: Shawne Major
Panelist: Steve Shores
Panelist: Susan Tunick

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"The Book as Art"

What makes artists books a distinctive medium for artists, one often misunderstood or even unknown outside of its own world? New York and British book artists explore the variety of materials, structures, and concepts that can be an artist book.

Moderator: Barbara Lubliner, sculptor
Panelist: Maddy Rosenberg, NY
Panelist: Miriam Schader, NY
Panelist: Sara Bristol, artist/educator, UK
Panelist: Guy Begbie, UK
Organizer: Barbara Lubliner
Organizer: Maddy Rosenberg


"For Women Only"

Persevering, from the days male artists joined together in mutual support, woman's organizations are offering venues for artistic freedom. This panel deals with theese issues.

Moderator: Donna Marxer, dirictor AIRIE (Artists in Residence in the Everglades)
Panelist: Annie Herron, director Eyewash Gallery
Panelist: Melissa Wolf, president of Women's Studio Center
Panelist: Liz Cenedella, president of Pen & Brush Club
Panelist: Suzanne de Vegh, director SOHO20 Gallery
Panelist: Dina Muller, director A.I.R. Gallery
Organizer: Leon Golomb

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"Anita Shapolsky
& Her Artists "

The Anita Shapolsky Gallery has been a leading proponent of Abstract Expressionm since 1982.

Moderator: Anita Shapolsky, owner Anita Shapolsky Gallery
Panelist: Nancy Steinson, artist
Panelist: Una Dora Copley, artist
Panelist: Eric van der Grijn, artist
Organizer: Molly Barnes


"Realism Now:
What is it? Is it Relevant Today? "

Moderator: George A. Rada
Panelist: William Beckman, Forum Gallery
Panelist: David Cohen, critic and author
Panelist: Vincent Desidero, Marlborough Gallery
Panelist: Julie Heffernan, LitleJohn Gallery
Organizer: George A. Rada, President of ATOA
Organizer: Joel Silverstein, curator/artist


"David Amram, musician
in dialog with Molly Barnes "

David Amram, an avante-garde pioneer of world music, performer, conductor, and composer.

Moderator: Molly Barnes


"Thanksgiving Break
- No Panel "


""Porn Again"
Contemporary Views of Erotic Art "

Moderator: Norma Greenwood, artist
Panelist: Betty Dobson, artist and sex educator
Panelist: Kiki Seror, artist
Panelist: Cayherine Ann Johnson, curator of the Kinsey Institute
Panelist: Grady Turner, curator of the Museum of Sex
Panelist: Browyn Platten, artist & sex researcher
Organizer: Norma Greenwood

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"Myron Heise in dialog with George Rada:
Country Days / City Nights "

I am mainly concerned with the metropolis at night and the Heartland in the heat of the day.

Moderator: George Rada, ATOA President
Organizer: Molly Barnes


"Beyond the Bound Stone:
Exploring the trends in contemporary Eastern Art "

Moderator: Roy Secord
Panelist: Tomomi Maru Kamemaru, Japanese artist
Panelist: Mihee Ahn, Korean curator
Organizer: Roy Secord


"Holiday Break
- No Panels "

December 15 - January 17

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The end of 2001.

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