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"Bruce Barton
Memorial "

Bruce Barton was a founding board member of ArtistsTalkOnArt, serving on the board for 36 years. Come help celebrate his life beginning at 7:00 pm at Lohin Geduld Gallery, 531 W. 25th Street, NYC ? 212-675-2656 Please RSVP to

Organizer: Doug Sheer, ATOA Chairman

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"ATOA Winter / Spring Calendar
Goes Online "

ATOA?s winter/spring season begins with a look at the famous "Polaroid 20 X 24 Studio" run by John Reuter. World class artists Ellen Carey, and Mary Ellen Mark will appear, show their 20 X 24 work, and answer question from Reuter and the audience. "Portrait of a Building," on March 17th, will be moderated by Jenn Dierdorf, director of Soho 20. Other galleries from the building include: Flomenhaft, Ceres and Sundaram Tagore. If you're an artist you'll relish the opportunity to get five directors in one room. On March 24th, "Establishing Your Legacy, Making Sure Your Art Lives On," looks at how artists or their heirs can make sure that their work survives. Moderated by artist/professor Daria Dorosh, PhD of FIT, the panel includes Herbert Nass, trust and estate attorney, and author of, "Wills of the Rich and Famous," Doug Sheer, chairman of Artists Talk On Art, and Adam Cohen, director of the Art Adoption Program. We hope to see you at these exciting panels.

Organizer: Doug Sheer, ATOA Chairman


"Inside the Polaroid 20 X 24 Studio"

Moderated by John Reuter who ran the studio for Polaroid for a quarter century and now runs it independently. With artist-panelists Ellen Carey and Mary Ellen Mark. The evening also features a Power-Point history of major 20 X 24 artists that the studio has worked with including Andy Warhol, Chuck Close, Lucas Samaris, Ansel Adams, Annie Liebowitz, William Wegman and many others.

Moderator: John Reuter, Director of the Polaroid 20 x 24 Studio
Panelist: Mary Ellen Mark, Pultizer Prize winning photo journalist
Panelist: Ellen Carey, photographer
Organizer: Doug Sheer, ATOA Chairman

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"Chelsea Gallery Dealers Speak Out:
Creating the Future "

Join directors from the art galleries of 547 West 27th Street. Learn about the art they are interested in presenting, and their plans for navigating these challenging economic times.

Moderator: Jenn Dierdorf, Director of Soho20 Chelsea
Panelist: Stefany Benson, Director of Ceres Gallery
Panelist: Eleanor Flomenhaft, Director of Flomenhaft Gallery
Panelist: Shazzi Thomas, Director of The Painting Center
Organizer: Fran Kornfeld, artist


"Establishing Your Legacy:
Making Sure Your Art Lives On "

If you want to be remembered as an artist, and find a home for your art after you're gone, this panel will provide information about your options: ~ Donating your art to nonprofit institutions ~ ~ Creating wills & trusts ~ ~ Researching & contacting organizations ~

Moderator: Daria Dorosh, PhD, professor of art at FIT
Panelist: Herbert Nass, trust and estate attorney, author, "Wills of the Rich and Famous"
Panelist: Adam Simon, director of the Fine Art Adoption Network
Panelist: Doug Sheer, founder and chairman, ATOA
Organizer: Doug Sheer
Organizer: Daria Dorosh

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No panels June - August

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"Hans Hofmann:
Defender of Aesthetics and Plasticity "

The panel will discuss Hofmann's teaching in relation to specific works. Book signing: "Color Creates Light: Studies with Hans Hofmann," by Tina Dickey (Victoria, BC: Trillistar Books, 2011) From how Hofmann taught to what he taught, artists talk shop about the visual language.

Moderator: Tina Dickey, author,
Panelist: Ken Jacobs, film artist, former Hofmann student
Panelist: Max Spoerri, painter, former Hofmann student
Organizer: Doug Sheer, artist and chairman ATOA

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"Color in Contemporary Sculpture"

Color has been a part of sculpture since ancient days. The arts of ancient Greece have exercised an enormous influence on the culture of many countries, particularly in the areas of sculpture and architecture. In the West, the art of the Roman Empire was largely derived from Greek models. In the East, Alexander the Great's conquests initiated several centuries of exchange between Greek, Central Asian and Indian cultures, resulting in Greco-Buddhist art, with ramifications as far as Japan. Following the Renaissance in Europe, the humanist aesthetic and the high technical standards of Greek art inspired generations of European artists. Well into the 19th century, the classical tradition derived from Greece dominated the art of the western world. Contemporary artists have embraced color enthusiastically and it has enlivened many genres of sculpture from minimal to installation, conceptual, Pop and abstract.

Moderator: Peter Reginato, sculptor
Panelist: Carole Eisner, sculptor
Panelist: Susan Kaprov, sculptor
Panelist: Lynn Umlauf, sculptor
Organizer: Doug Sheer, ATOA Chairman

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"Animation as Artistic Practice"

Animation Art is the rapid display of a sequence of images of 2-D or 3-D artwork or model positions in order to create an illusion of movement. The effect is an optical illusion of motion due to the phenomenon of persistence of vision, and can be created and demonstrated in several ways. The most common method of presenting animation is as a motion picture or video program, although there are other methods. Artists working in or with animation utilize a number of different platforms and software tools to achieve their expressions in their respective practices. Some practices involve the use of algorithms, some computing, and others analogue methods such as painting on film, glass plate shooting, clay-mation, model animation or pixilation, to name but a few methods. Some methods date from film days while others are resulting from the affects and capabilities of computers and software.

Moderator: Phyllis Bulkin Lehrer, video installation artist
Panelist: Gregory Barsamian, artist
Panelist: Holly Daggers, artist
Panelist: George Griffin, artist
Panelist: Emily Hubley, artist
Panelist: Jeff Scher, artist
Organizer: Doug Sheer, artist and chairman ATOA


"We are Deeply Grateful"

Artists talk On Art is a 501C3 nonprofit arts service organization and the longest running and most prolific panel series in the history of art. Founded in 1975, ATOA has presented and documented nearly 6,000 artists in over 1,400 panels and dialogs. And, in so doing created one of the art world's most important audio-video archives. We are deeply grateful for the financial support artists and art world members have provided in the past, whether at one of our auctions, or through paid admissions, or a contribution. Now, more than ever, we need your help to assure the permanent survival of our historic audio-video archive, allowing us to complete the final stage of digitization, thereby safeguarding the recordings of artists talks of 36 years ~ containing the voices and images of nearly 6,000 artists and art writers and 1,400 panels and dialogs ~ and keeping them accessible for generations to come. Please act now. We urge you to consider making a special year end contribution.

Organizer: Doug Sheer, ATOA Chairperson

Video tapes of our panels are available for purchase. Help support ATOA by buying tapes of the panels that interest you.

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The end of 2011.

ATOA wishes to thank the Phoenix Gallery,
The SOHO20 Chelsea Gallery,
The Lily Auchincloss Foundation,
The Lower Manhattan Community Council,
The Bachman Foundation,
and Weinick, Sanders and Leventhal, CPAs, for their generous support.

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