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Topic: Bilder

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Bilder wooop
a.k.a. wooop



Post #: 54

impressionismus Bilder



Post #: 57

Bei k?nnen Sie ?lgem?lde -
Reproduktionen und Kunstdrucke Impressionismuser Gem?lde
von folgenden K?nstlern bestellen:

Vincent Willem van Gogh
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Paul Cezanne
Paul Gauguin

George Ade


Post #: 75

It is proper to enjoy the cheaper grades of art, but they should not be formally indorsed.



Post #: 143

translate "Bilder"

denominational portraits -- Bilder auf Banknoten
figures [pl.] -- die Bilder [pl.]
pictures -- Bilder
tableaus -- Bilder
tableaux -- lebende Bilder

Larry Poons Jr.


Post #: 153

translate: "Bilder wooop"= Exploit the taste of the tasteless

Build a "Whoop-de-do" excitement for mass produced crap.

Where is the texture ? Where is the time carefully put into each piece ? I'll tell you - nowhere.

Support your local -unmass produced - artist.

Support the starving artist in the rent stablized, roach infested, leaking pipe walk up.
They know real emotions !

Do I sound angry ? Good !

Woop-de-Do !!!


Post #: 209

Culture jam: wooopBilder2wooopBilde3wooopBilder4wooopBilder 5wooopBilder6wooopBilder7wooopBilder8wooopBilder 9ooopBilder-Hijacking Commercial Culture.-10wooopBilder 11wooopBilder12wooopBilder13wooopBilder14wooopBilder

Creating a dialog with a
one-way merchandized wooopBilder wooopBilder message board.

http://www . all the web . com / search ?q= wooop-de-do !!

To de-construct adverts.

Mermaid Parade - Brooklyn
a.k.a. Captain Bob Coney Island


Post #: 389

Mermaid Parade - Coney Island - June 2004

In June, on the first Saturday after the summer solstice, Surf Avenue in Brooklyn becomes the site of the Mermaid Parade.

Part Mardi Gras, part art parade, part carnival.. hundreds of mermaids, mer-men, mer-sea creatures descend upon Coney Island in all their glitter glory to celebrate the beginning of Summer and the official opening of the Atlantic Ocean.

This year Captain Bob will dress as King Neptune; the Roman god of the sea... he generally appears with a trident (a three-pronged spear) and his consort, Queen Amphitrite.

Capt. Bob Coney Isl @
Captain Bob's Coney Island Tour
Capt Bob's Coney Island Brooklyn

Tableaus Bilder

Coney Island's Mermaid Parade


Post #: 390

pictures -- Bilder
tableaus -- Bilder

Photos of Coney Island's Mermaid Parade 1998 to 2003

The Northstar Coney Island Photo Galleries explore the nature and historical role played by Coney Island in a wondrous celebration of diversity and all that is different and strange.

Woop-de-Do !!!


Post #: 391

Refer back :impressionismus Bilder painter 2003-10-05
Vincent Willem van Gogh, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec,
Paul Cezanne & Paul Gauguin

"Regarding art - I have the simplest tastes...
I am always satisfied with the best." O.W.

Miya Dickhurtz


Post #: 450

Re: " Bei k?nnen Sie ?lgem?lde -
Reproduktionen und Kunstdrucke Impressionismuser Gem?lde
von folgenden K?nstlern bestellen..."

Ich bin ein jelly doughnut Berliner to you too buddy.

8th Festival Garage
a.k.a. Stralsund, Germany


Post #: 554

8th Festival Garage, Stralsund, Germany
49 (0) 30 441 20 15

The festival will attempt a critical examination of the interface principle, between surface and source of friction, claim and actual function. This applies to the practice of placing, presenting and producing art and the conditions under which it is received, oriented
equally toward artists, producers/curators and the public.

Rest Cycling Art . Com
a.k.a. International RestCycling Art Festival, June 12-13


Post #: 556

International RestCycling Art Festival, June 12-13,
2004, Berlin, Germany
The RestCycling Art (RCA) Festival is looking for videos dealing with issues such as nature & natural living spaces, the consumer society, urbanism, industrial deserts, the environment, garbage & recycling.
The festival deals with the metamorphosis of society's refuse into contemporary art. About 40 international artists will be woorking in many different areas including painting, sculpture, installation, new digital media, design, fashion, performance, music, and photography. In
addition, discussions (on environmental topics), workshops, video projections, live music, performance, theatre and children's program.

Art & Artists Forum


Post #: 786

_ Artists Talk on Art (ATOA) has been around New York City for 30 years leading artists, dealers and writers in critical discussions on the visual arts.

_ A.T.O.A. has moved like a Gypsy from White Street in TriBeca to SoHo, to Chelsea on Manhattan's West Side and now: The School fo Visual Arts on East 23 Street, nyc.

_ Our Friday night art panels have documented our good friends and supporters. Thirty years of artists such as: Dennis Oppenheim, Nancy Spero, Leon Golub, Carolee Schneemann, Larry Poons, painter/jazzman Larry Rivers, dir. of the Printmaking Workshop Mr. Bob Blackburn, Jules Feiffer, Fran Kornfeld, Flash Light, Lynne Mayocole, Charles Meyers, Philip Pearlstein, Anthology Film Archives's own Jonas Mekas, painter Wolf Kahn, painter/filmmaker William "Bill" Rabinovitch, Amy Ernst, Dorothy Gillespie, performance artist Vernita N'Cognita, and watercolor painter & writer Donna Marxer.

And ATOA has recorded art writers & art critics such as A. D. Coleman, Arthur Danto, Donald Kuspit, Nancy Princenthal, Peter Schjedahl, Hilton Kramer, Jerry Saltz, Irving Sandler, Calvin Tomkins, Judd Tully and Robert C. Morgan.

Art Dealers such as Ronald Feldman, "OK Harris"'s Ivan Karp, Jim Kempner, Molly Barnes, Valerie Shakespeare, Holly Solomon .. And art curators & directors Robert Costa, Bklyn Museum's Charlotta Kotik, Howardina Pindell, Robert Storr, Patterson Sims, Michael Walls and Geno Rodriguez.

These and many other influencial art world figures have been involved with A.T.O.A. art discussion panels.

Artists discuss Art New York City BBS / NYC painter BBS
NYC Artists forum / NYC ARTISTS BBS / art bbs New York City

Reina Sof Franco

Guernica's child


Post #: 825

"Guernica" Was a testimony of war. It has been modern art's most powerful antiwar statement... Now... New York City during the week of August 30-Sept 3rd - is a city wide exhibition of PROTEST ART.

Artists like Picasso knew the power of the visual arts.
We too.. must create a bold visual protest to Cheney and his Halliburton treachery. Halliburton's Access of Evil to the office of the US President. We must expose the US one party system, the multinational corporate greed, Bush's personal war on Iraq, exploitation of the environment, air pollution and water pollution, global warming and raise consciousness about the threat of Republican fascism...
NYC ARTISTS BBS / art bbs NYC / PROTEST ART NYC BBS Bilder wooop impressionismus Bilder Kunstdrucke Impressionismuser

Ivanna Sig Garr
a.k.a. - PHOTOREALISM is O.K. -


Post #: 861

The "OK Harris" gallery was founded in 1969 in the SoHo District of Manhattan. Its criteria demands innovation of concept and maturity of technique. The gallery also mounts shows of antiques, collectibles, photographs and "documentation".
It provides lectures to various student and fine arts organizations and invites dancers, poets and musicians to utilize its space for their special purpose.
This NYC gallery also maintains a complete photograph archive on its exhibitions from the time of its inception which is available to students and scholars without reservation.

CURRENT ART EXHIBITION: SEPTEMBER 10 - OCTOBER 16, 2004 383 West Broadway, New York, N.Y.

Lauren Bergman - Working in water based media the artist is
focused on depicting the idealized female in psychological-narrative scenes.

Stephen Clark - Opus/Constant Paintings
The seeds for these paintings originate from two simple equations. Both formulas have informed this body of work as both compositional & metaphorical motifs. These simple equations are vehicles for philosophical inquiry.

Stephanie Brody-Lederman - Pilot Light
Brody-Lederman's paintings and works on paper explore familiar images which initially appear na?ve and direct. On closer observation, there is a rigorous interplay of word and image.

Gail Raab - The Street Series
Raab's mixed media collages are intimate little worlds with surreal connections between past & present. There is a sense of history made from fleeting images of graffiti juxtaposed with found objects, old photos, rusted keys & faded maps.

Jeremy Zilar, photographs
___________________________________________________________ bbs visual artist BBS painter tableaus BBS Bilder BBS tableaux artist

Red Hook
a.k.a. - BWAC Brooklyn Artists


Post #: 864

The Fall Art Season Begins in Brooklyn @ BWAC !!!!
September 18th - November 7th 2004
20,000 sq. ft. Indoor Gallery / 500 New Works of Art 300 Brooklyn Artists / 1 Incredible Harbor View

WITH recitals by jazz vocalist, Paul Jeanine
September 19: Carlos Salvaterra (guitarist) with Peck Allmon / Jenny Hill (horn) with Tomas Rodriguez (guitar)
September 25: Masami Morimoto, baritone with Yui Kitamura
OCTOBER 16-17: Artists Speak Series
OCTOBER 23: Sufi Chanting
OCTOBER 24: Kalo Sukato, Fusion Music
OCTOBER: Latin Music with Cruz bbs artist Brooklyn artist BBS artBklyn

Pecker Dunn
a.k.a. Banjo, Fiddler & Traveler


Post #: 874

RE: SALTZ from V.V.- "Most of us come to the art world as gypsies and outsiders"
RE: Art & Artists 8-23 "A.T.O.A. has moved like a Gypsy from White Street in TriBeca to SoHo, to Chelsea..."

GYPSY does NOT describe the art, culture & music; but a Pugga Ma Hone stereo-type.

Learn: Romany (Europe) or Traveler (mostly U.K.)

Flash Light



Post #: 875

On behalf of ATOA I apologize to anyone who was offended by the appearance of the "G" word in this BBS.

Personally, I prefer to describe ATOA's peripatetic past as "nomadic," because this word avoids racial overtones.

Bilder Of Dreams
a.k.a. - gangrel


Post #: 878

The "G" word revised:
- A.T.O.A. has moved like a "Galahad" from White Street in TriBeca in the quest of ATOA's final Holy Grail.
- A.T.O.A. has moved like a "GADFLY" from White Street in TriBeca habitually engaged in provocative criticism and causing constructively provocative stimulus.
- A.T.O.A. has moved like a "Gall" (bitter, yet aromatic)artist from White Street in TriBeca...
- A.T.O.A. has moved like a "Galiot" from her x-lovers.
- A.T.O.A. has moved like a "garnish" pleasing some...
- A.T.O.A. has moved like a "geisha" providing amusing talk from White Street in TriBeca to...
- A.T.O.A. has moved like "genuflection" before the great NY art critics from White Street in TriBeca to...
- A.T.O.A. and it's fans have moved like a "Gaggle" of artist from White Street in TriBeca to...
- After 30 years A.T.O.A. has moved like a "geosyncline" of artist with it's share of "crust" and "sedimentary strata"
- A.T.O.A. has moved like a "Germ" until galleries get...

Mobile Media -as- Art
a.k.a. Wi-Fi or PDA


Post #: 888

Spectropolis: Mobile Media, Art and the City
Wireless Art exhibition and public airwaves celebration
** Bring your Wi-Fi enabled laptop or PDA! **

Spectropolis: Mobile Media, Art & the City is
a three-day event (October 1-3, 2004) that highlights the diverse ways artists, technical innovators and activists are using communication technologies to generate urban experiences and public voice.

The increasing presence of mobile communication technologies is transforming the ways we live, construct and move through our built environment. The participants of Spectropolis make obvious or play with this shift, creating new urban perceptions and social interactions with cell phones, laptops, wireless internet, PDAs and radio.

In addition to 12 projects presented in Manhattan's City Hall Park, there will be several free hands-on workshops and three artistsic panels available to the public.
GPS Drawing Workshop with Jeremy Wood: City Hall Park,NYC
Building a Community Wireless Access Poin?t:Pace University
Oscillating Windows with Moriwaki & Greene: Pace University
About Building a Community Wireless Hotspot: In this workshop, you will learn how to assemble your own Community Wireless Hotspot using a spare PC & Wireless Access Point.
The Brooklyn Museum's "First Saturdays/Oct 2, 2004" Bklyn NY

Bilder Of Dreams
a.k.a. Natal Nascent


Post #: 893

REFER POSTING 09-18 "Personally, I prefer to describe ATOA's peripatetic past as "nomadic," because this word avoids racial overtones."

Hmmm... "N" word revised:
A.T.O.A. has moved like "Nekton" from White Street in..
A.T.O.A. has moved like a "Nauseous Necessity" caused by the Narcissism of certain artists given an audience...
A.T.O.A. has moved like a "Naked Nubian" swiftly thru the night of shadows seeking a rebirth...
or cheaper rent.

Captain Bob


Post #: 896

The Coney Island Film Festival is diverse, unpredictable and a whacked carnival of hipsters.
Including such films as:
"THE WARRIORS", "Joe Killionaire","Brooklyn Bound" "FELLIN NO PAIN" and "DRAGNUNS IN TINSELSTOWN".
Can you dig it?


genuine genius


Post #: 910

RE: 8-23 Artists Forum - ATOA 30 yrs
Another free artist's community forum is at
Their artists discussion forum revolves around art supplies, tools & techniques. But they also discuss general art history and even censorship & free speech.
Plus they have a primary gallery thread allowing artists to post their URL.

Artists BBS Forum
a.k.a. Art ! Art ! Art and more Art !!


Post #: 930

What do Art Historians: Arthur Danto, Irving Sandler, Artists: Christo & Jeanne-Claude, P.S.1 Curator Diego Cortez, Film maker: Bill Rabinovitch, painter & Art Calender writer Donna Marxer, and Brooklyn Museum of Art Curator: Charlotta Kotik all... have in common?

They will EACH be speaking at A.T.O.A.
(Artists Talk On Art) during the upcoming
Fall 2004 - Winter 2005 Arts Season
Now that's an artists discussion !
Friday Evenings at SVA
The School of Visual Arts
209 East 23rd Street, Manhattan NYC USA
BBS Arts forum bbs artist discussion art NYC

Courthouse Square Artists
a.k.a. LIC Queens NY


Post #: 960

LIC Artists OPEN STUDIO TOUR : Oct 23 -24, 2004
21-25 44th Avenue, Long Island City
21-36 44th Road
Local Project is a non-profit organization committed to building a forum for artists, creating synergy between their art work and the public.
Crane St Building Exterior:5 Pointz aerosol art collective

Diego Salazar Studios
43-32 22nd Street, LIC
Artists: Eric Rubin, Lou Kunsch, Jessica Lauber, Richard Ponce, Robert Jon Badia, Anne Gabriele
43-01 22nd Street, 4th Floor
The JRS project was created by the Brazilian painter and installation artist Juvenal Reis with the main objective to initiate a community of contemporary artists in Long Island City, NY. We took over 18,000 SF of space and reconfigured it to fulfill the needs of the most sophisticated artists.

More information & Artist studio map at:
LIC Art Lists . Org:
Queens, New York City

a.k.a. IST


Post #: 961

Hello !, You are invited to the 7th Annual Gowanus Artists Open Studio Tour.

This fall we are featuring over 80 visual artists working in one of the city's most vibrant creative communities here in South Brooklyn.
Participants open their studio doors for FREE to the public on Saturday and Sunday, October 23 and 24, 2004, 1:00 to 6:00 PM.

The industrial buildings surrounding the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, NY, have become magnets for professional artists that work in a wide range of media.

Close to several subway stations and the LIRR Atlantic Avenue station, the district is conveniently located between Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, and Boerum Hill.

FREE SHUTTLE BUS !!! We artists gratefully acknowledge Con Edison for providing FREE Shuttle Bus service during our two day weekend.
Artist Studios at: Degraw Street, Sackett Street, Union Street, Butler Street, Nevins Street, Whitwell Place,
9th Street,13th Street, 3trd Avenue, & 5th Avenue

-A- rT -ist-
a.k.a. Bilder


Post #: 969

- Artists Talk On Art panel Oct 29th, 2004 -

-"Jean-Michel Basquiat & The Third Eye"-

location: SVA Amphitheater: 209 East 23rd Street, NYC

Panel Moderator: Brian Gormley, artist and historian

Bilder von Brian Gormley in der Galerie Ariadne
aus "Konzert der 510 Gl?ckwunschkarten", 96
Mischtechnik / B?tten



Post #: 1009

かい仕様Artist BBS等を教えていただけかい仕様等を教えていただけかARTISTS BBSい仕様等ていただ
かい仕Art BBS様等を教えていただけかい仕様等を教BBS ARTISTえていただけかい仕様等を教えていただけ
かい仕様等を教えていただけかいArtists BBS仕様等を教えていただけかSculpture BBSい仕様等を
かい仕様等を教NY ART BBSけかい仕様等を教えていただけArt & Artists BBS等を教えていただ
かい仕様等を教えていただけかいArtists Talk ON ART BBS仕様等を教えていただけかい仕様等を教
Artists mold????ART??MOLDING??BBS???PAINITING??BBS??????

Visual AIDS
a.k.a. Deadline Extended: Nov 22


Post #: 1012

Artwork Deadline Extended: Monday, November 22, 2004
It's not too late to participate! Visual AIDS invites artists to participate in our seventh annual Postcards From the Edge benefit. We are looking for artists to create and donate a 4" x 6" work on paper for the exhibition and sale.

Visual AIDS Postcards From the Edge Benefit
Mark Your Calendars !
Preview Party: Sat. Dec 4, 2004
6:00 - 9:00 pm
At Brent Sikkema
530 West 22nd Street, New York, NY

BAX Arts X-change


Post #: 1023

November 29-December 6 , 2004

BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange?arts and artists in progress - is a multi-arts non-profit organization in Park Slope, Brooklyn, founded in 1991 (as the Gowanus Arts Exchange).

Our mission is to provide a nurturing, year-round performance, rehearsal and educational venue in Brooklyn that encourages artistic risk-taking and stimulates dialogue among diverse constituencies. Since 1991, MARYA WARSHAW has been the Executive Director of BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange

??Artist BBS [トップに戻る] [使いかた] [ワード検索] [管理用] アーテBBS??Artist BBS?NY?Artトップに戻るBBS?Artist?BBSトップNYC BBS に戻る[使いかた][ワード検索][管理用]アーティスBklyn??artistsト掲示板BBS ARTです.

a.k.a. ATOA


Post #: 1091 The Algonquin to Adirondack Conservation Association Ashes to Ashes Robomonkey
ATOA House: B&B Brisbane, Queensland Australia
ATOA Genealogy: Surnames That Sound like ATOA
ATOA.US : Alabama Tactical Officers Association - Ozark Police
ATOA.WS : Artists Talk On Art - 30 years of arts dialog NYC

Q-3 10


Post #: 1154

This artists message board is funky.
Why did the forum jump away from Vincent Van Gogh, Cezanne, Toulouse-Lautrec & Gauguin?
Could have continued with "impressionismus".

a.k.a. Keap & Jackson


Post #: 1196

"CRACKER": explores the contemporary American South through paintings, sculpture, works on paper, and video art that examine issues of race, history, memory, place and spirituality.
Exhibiting artists: Milton Carter, Cary Clifford, Katherine Daniels, Brantner DeAtley, Jen DeNike, Barbara Edwards, Travis Lindquist, Richard McCabe, Alice Mizrachi, Lisa Ramsay, Amy Talluto & Chris Verene.

January 7 - February 13, 2005
NURTUREart Gallery & Emerging Curators'Resource Center
475 Keap St, Brooklyn NY

Curator?s Talk: Tapping In: Heritage as Inspiration on Saturday, January 22nd 2005 4:00 pm @ NURTUREart Gallery.
Curator Kathleen Brady is an independent curator and a native of Louisiana. She is the Director of Communications for the National Academy Museum, New York.

This exhibition runs simultaneously at Naked Duck Gallery



Post #: 1202

14 Stations: Photographed by David Michalek depicts the traditional Christian devotional Stations of the Cross enacted by men and women who were recently homeless.

For each station, Michalek replaced the figure of Christ with a different man or woman, creating fourteen moving tableaux. The project avoided direct correlation with canonical representations of the Stations and opted instead for scenes of ?everyday life? or, more specifically, scenes suggestive of the experience of being homeless. The large-scale black-and-white photographs, which are mounted on backlit display boxes, are meant to serve as social and personal statements.

The project was created in collaboration with the Interfaith Assembly on Homelessness and Housing (IAHH), a nonprofit organization based at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City that is committed to bearing witness to the dignity of all vulnerable people, particularly those who have been homeless.

All works on loan from NYCATS, New York Center for Addiction Treatment Services, courtesy of Stevenson Fine Art, New York.

Feb 5, 2005 @ 7 p.m.: Artist Dialogue
Curator Charlotta Kotik discusses the exhibition with its creator, the photographer David Michalek
200 Eastern Parkway

Betty Sword
a.k.a. photographer


Post #: 1203

The Third Street Sketch Group
exhibition of drawings, paintings & sculpture
@ Gallery 440 - Jan. 13 thru Jan. 31, 2005

Opening Reception: Thur Jan 13, 2005 6-9pm

Artists: Nan Carey, Shanee Epstein, Nancy Lunsford
Lizanne Merrill, Jules Peemoeller, Shiela White,
Erica Hope Charpentier, Audrey Frank Anastasi,
Bobby Roe, Joanne Manfredi, Jo Bidner, Robert Axlerod
Betty Sword, Laurie Lee-Georgescu & ....

Gallery 440
440 Sixth Avenue
Park Slope, Brooklyn NY

Betty Sword
a.k.a. photographer


Post #: 1212

Correction to posting of 2005-01-10

The Third Street Sketch Group
exhibition of drawings, paintings, sculpture
and photography

Bleedinheart Bleedinheart
a.k.a. Common Ground


Post #: 1214

255 West 43rd Street @ 8th Avenue

ART Exhibtion: "The Theme Of The Unseen"

Tuesday, February 1st 2005
- 5:00 - 8:00 PM -

An Electro-Acoustic Soundscape with beautiful Dreams
L.I.C. Crane Style Artists -w- Guest Curator: Zoran Crnkovic

Exhibtion open to the public Wed-Sat 4:00-7:00 PM
until April 30th 2005

The Times Square, located at the corner of 43rd Street and Eighth Avenue in Manhattan, was constructed in 1923 as an upscale residential hotel. The Times Square is the largest example of affordable supportive housing in the country.

Common Ground Community is a non-profit housing & community development org whose mission is to solve homelessness.

Maxine Abrams-Goidel, Fred Adell, Michael Antkowiak, Jami Baily, Kelly Barndt, Brook Baxter, Diego Benitez, Charles Bentz, Rosetta Bentz, Helen Bergman, Ray Bernard,
Marilyn Blum, Freddy Borges, Robert Box, Suzanne Brier, Anthony Brownville, Elinore Bucholtz, Jacalyn Burke,
Kenneth Burriss, Edith Caballero, Justin Cherico,
Amy Collins, Mirana Comstock, Carmen Correa, CYN,
Ann Darland, Diane Davis, Rex Devore, Juan Doe, Dimitrie, Dumitrescu, Laurie Edmunds, Debbie Elkin, Maggie Ens,
Steven Fernandez, Cynthia Finley, Free Style Family,
FUME, Stephanie Gaito, Raisa Garusa, Mihiaiela Geica,
Grace Giardina, Geoffrey Gneuhs, Adrienne Goldberg,
Robert Grant, Kathy Gulrich, Ed Harkewicz, Sue Hassel,
Joseph Hawkins, Susan Hogue, Tom Holmes, Nicolas Hoyos,
Cynthia Henn, Brittany Henry, Ramone Henry, Rashem Henry,
Sophie Jaff, Ted Jaslow, Latoya Jones, Alex Kanka,
Mildred Kaye, Anki King, Maxine King, Gretchen Kraus,
Deidre Laughton, Patricia Langer, Jina Lee, Leviticus,
Lisa Lindgren, John McGee, Janno Medina, Meres, Karan, Mitchell, Ana Moldovan, Jorge Moncayo, Lora Morgenstern,
Jo Owens Murray, Neal Myers, Nancy Neyerlin, Lucille Nurske,
Nic One, Nancy Ori, Renzo Ortega, Leah Pearson, Carmen Porfido, Ann Quintano, Jan Rettich, Luis Rojas, Mayda Rumberg, Gabriel Salgean, Garabet Salgian, Randee Savage,
Ion Scarlet, Diana Schmertz, Jordan Schranz, Daniel Seo,
Gregory Singletary, Meagan Shapiro, Michelle Slatter,
Sharon Thomas,Emily Topolsky, Ana Tucker, Mirium Untoria,
Karen Varley, Michaelann Velicky, Jared Videra, Nitza, Wagoner, Ted Ward, Keith White, Sylvia Witzenmann,
XAX, Vanessa Yancy, Janet Zdunek & Ed Ziegele



Post #: 1221

Dia:Beacon Riggio Galleries,
DIA museum in Beacon, New York,

Carmen Sutra- Fellatio
a.k.a. Artists on Artists lectures


Post #: 1222

ARTISTS ON ARTISTS lecture series:

January 31, 2005 : Richard Deacon on Donald Judd

March 14, 2005 : Gary Simmons on Bruce Nauman

April 4, 2005 : Elisabeth Murray on TBA

May 16, 2005 : David Reed on Blinky Palermo

Made possible by a grant from Art for Art's Sake, New York

Dia Art Foundation, 548 West 22nd Street NYC

Nolan -&- Detritus


Post #: 1268

Bruno Marina Gallery
** Gallery Event ** - Saturday, February 5, 2005

Please join us this coming Saturday, February 5, at 2:00 pm to meet New York-based sculptor and installation artist Janet Nolan. She will lead a tour thru her installation currently on view at Bruno Marina Gallery, and take questions.

Ms. Nolan works with recycled items from everyday life: bottle caps, jars, six-pack holders, and umbrellas.
Thru experimentation with the physical properties of these collected objects, Nolan creates colorful structures in forms resembling those found in nature. Everyone is
welcome and the event is free of charge.

Bruno Marina Gallery
372 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn NY

Nemec N' De*tri"tus


Post #: 1269

Title: "Art From Detritus - 10 Years On"
ATOA panel: April 29th, 2005 @ SVA NYC

To some people it might look like trash, but in the right hands it becomes art....

Artists from the:
?10 Years of Art fr Detritus: Saving the Planet With Art?

exhibition at the Synagogue for the Arts
(opening April 14 and running through May 22)
will be showing their work and talking about creating art from scrap. The Detritus concept was created by
Ms. Vernita N'Cognita.

Moderator: Vernita N'Cognita,artist, Dir. Viridian Artists
Panelists: Susan Newmark, artist
Ursula Clark, artist
Susanna Stefanachi Macomb, artist
May De Viney, artist
Marilyn Sontag, artist, Dir Gallery @ Synagogue for Arts
Stephen Soreff, sculptor

\De*tri"tus\, n. [F. d['e]tritus, fr. L. detritus, p.
p. of deterere. See {Detriment}.]
1. (Geol.) A mass of substances worn off from solid bodies by atrition, and reduced to small portions; as, diluvial

Note: For large portions, the word d['e]bris is used.
2. Hence: Any fragments separated from the body to which they belonged; any product of disintegration.

Eco Romantic Deterere
a.k.a. Goosenecken


Post #: 1270

It is Better to Light One Candle Than to Curse the Darkness.

And if you're using a "Solar Candle".. it can be placed in your window during the day light so that it charges its internal battery.

Then at night.. it can be turned on and the battery will run the LED, providing one candle power of light.

Unlike a wax candle, this solar candle uses a renewable source of energy, has no flame hazard, produces no polution, and is thus environmentally friendly and eco-romantic.

"Solar Candle"
by Flash Light
recycled can, gooseneck,
solar cell, LED, battery

Berry D, Hatchett
a.k.a. Effeminate Incurable Realists


Post #: 1278

There is a new romanticism afoot in the art world and
not just among the "Goose-necking by candle light" types...

Perhaps.. it is a reaction to the plethora of the abstract and conceptual art flooding the market.

Perhaps.. Artists responding to a possible ironic detachment inherent in postmodernism with direct engagement, as with a lover.. of art... like Barnaby.

April 22th, 2005 ATOA's "The Romantics" @ SVA NYC

Surely... you will not Ruhe the day you met him..
But rather.. rejoice.

Fasnacht Krewes


Post #: 1315

Farewell to the flesh...

And have a


Jetsam N. Detritus


Post #: 1328

Somerville Museum's Call to Artists:
Found Object Extravaganza!

The Somerville Museum is requesting entries to be considered for an exhibition, scheduled for Fall 2005, and entitled Prospecting for Art: Found Objects and the Creative Process.

The flotsam and jetsam of both the natural world and modern manufactured items offer up a plethora of treasures that for millennia people have been finding, appreciating, and bringing home.
Some of us are driven to comb vacant lots, old buried dumps, or beaches in search of these things; some of us stumble upon them by accident. The idea for this show stems from a profound curiosity about the found objects that visual artists in particular have been drawn to and would choose to exhibit in a museum show.

The show will consist of one piece of work from up to 25 artists, working in any medium, plus each artist?s favorite found object.
Although the art piece & the found object need not relate to one another visually, each artist accepted should be prepared to explain to an audience why he or she chose those two particular pieces to exhibit together.

A found object will be defined as any item, natural or manufactured, found or obtained, that was not originally intended as a work of art, that is not altered in any way from how it was found, and is considered by the artist to
be worthy of exhibition. Think expansively?found sound? found poetry? found sites?all possibilities!

Please submit up to 6 slides or prints, labeled with artist?s name, title and medium, or description, and dimensions, representing up to 3 art pieces
and 3 found objects,
to: Prospecting for Art
The Somerville Museum
1 Westwood Road
Somerville, MA 02143

Deadline for submissions: postmarked April 1, 2005
Accepted artists will be asked to contribute a $30

a.k.a. PANOS


Post #: 1354

2004: 100 fake roadsigns
40 artists World wide
Evaq, Happypets, Kanardo, KRSN, Vicky Wong, Andrew Rae

2005: Nuits Sonores 2005
Lyon du 4 au 8 mai 2005
T?l?chargez les communiqu?s de presse
Visionnez les teasers vid?os



Post #: 1431

ARTISTS RECEPTION: Thursday March 10th, 630PM ? 9PM


03.03.05 ? 03.13.05

"US-UK" at the Lab Gallery at the Roger Smith Hotel, NYC
will take place in March 2005 and run concurrent to The Armory Show, ~scopeNY and DiVA art fairs in New York and at a British venue concurrent to the Frieze Art Fair in London in November 2005.

Reminiscent of the original Armory Show in the US and the landmark "Sensation" exhibit in the UK, the selected works by international emerging artists will mirror reactions to modern capitalist ethics. US-UK is not afraid to address the mounting tensions and political agendas in both the United States and United Kingdom, two countries fueled by the past four years of war waged in the Middle East.

With metaphorical, literal, and historical analogies of the devastating effects of war on sustainable society and fragile ecologies, the artworks speak to western politics and its subversive deployment of the mass media through selective censorship and deliberate misinformation.

The artists are Melanie Baker, Craig Bunting, Fred Fleisher, Robert Pirretti, Charles Hanley, Fred, Holland, Anna Krenz, Ryan S. Lemke, Sonja Laban, Adam Nankervis, Sladjan Nedeljkovic, Hugh Mendez, and Finlay Taylor. Curated by: Ryan S. Lemke and Kóan Jeff Baysa.

The Lab Gallery is the OUTPOST gallery to the scopeNew York Fair 2005 taking place at the FLAT HOTEL March11-14.

For more information got to
SCOPE New York Brunch: Sunday March 13th, 10AM ? 1PM

The Roger Smith Lab Gallery 501 Lexington
is a project based exhibition space located in one of the liveliest business sections of New York City. Sponsored by the Roger Smith Hotel, The Lab is a high traffic, fast paced converted "storefront" that features conceptual work and provides a venue for experimental national and international artists and curators and their ideas. The Lab Gallery specializes in ten-day exhibitions.
For more information:



Post #: 1497

It is well known that the Evangelist Luke was a talented painter as well as a physician. He painted an icon presenting the Virgin Mary holding the Child Jesus, which many churches all over the world later on copied:

Image Gallery: Icon of the Virgin and Child
Covers of the Holy Icon in bracade:
St. George and St. Anthony Coptic Orthodox Church, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt is proud to present...
Rare Portraits of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Tableaus Bilder


Post #: 1598

Virtual Library museums pages
distributed directory of on-line museums

The Art Institute of Chicago: 111 So.Michigan Ave,Chicago,IL


The Frick Collection, NYC

New York Artists Online

Arts Journal . Com

Traditional, Modern, Abstract, Folk, Representational,ect...

Art & Artists directory




Post #: 1603

JOHN RIMMER is one of the very few genuinely inventive British painters to emerge over the last decade

The website of Oxo Tower Wharf
offering an insiders view of the latest information on the freshest design and applied arts talent in the UK.

Explore the potential of abstraction, shape, brushmarks, colours, tones, lines and texture.

Steven Assael paintings and drawings

Darla Baack Stained Glass, Lisa d. Peterson,
Dianne Erickson Mixed Media, Sherry Peterson,Alice Stambaugh, Nancy Jo Mullen Linocut,Nancy Pagani,Leslie Pedrick,



Post #: 1607

Charles Griffith, artist - Oil & Acrylic Paintings-
-From Traditional Subjects To Fantasy and The Macabre-

is open to all the artists of the world
ARTISTS - whatever their language, their country, their social level, their thematic, or techniques employeed.

Misti's Fantasy & Fine Art Gallery

a.k.a. chum in trolling


Post #: 1614

Inka Essenhigh
Apr. 26-May 28, 2005
Victoria Miro Gallery
Wharf Road, London UK

by Donald Kuspit

"It has become excruciatingly difficult and even impossible to write a history of contemporary art -- a history that will do justice to all the art that is considered contemporary: that is the lesson of postmodernism. If writing history is something like putting the pieces of a puzzle together, as psychoanalyst Donald Spence suggests, then contemporary art is a puzzle whose pieces do not come together."

Text from Kuspit lecture given at the SITAC
International Symposium on Contemporary Art Theory
Mexico City conference January 2005.

S.G. Warburg


Post #: 1641

Art reflects who we are - as a society, as an individual,and as an institution. It can remind us of our collective heritage. Or hint at our future. The UBS Art Collection reflects the many paths UBS's business has taken and grown to become one of the world's largest financial institutions. It incorporates the major works from former collections in both the US and Europe.

With 900 paintings, photographs, drawings and sculptures by some of the world's major artists from 1950 onwards, UBS is widely recognized as having one of the world's most important collections of contemporary art. The philosophy underlying the collection is to build and maintain a seminal body of work that provokes thought while being inspirational. UBS also believe it upholds its commitment to support and encourage the artistic communities in places where UBS does business.

MoMA presents Contemporary Voices:
Works from The UBS Art Collection.



Post #: 1696 helps you quickly find the right art schools for you.

Read school profiles and connect directly with schools for more information.

* Associate's
* Bachelor's
* Certificate

Areas of Study
* Advertising Design
* Animation
* Audio Production
* CAD/Drafting
* Fashion Design
* Fashion Marketing
* Fashion Mechandising
* Game Design
* Graphic Design
* Industrial Design
* Multimedia/Web Design
* Photography
* Video Production
* Visual Effects

a.k.a. ..(^.^)..


Post #: 1704


...(*.-)...k!k! and l@l@in...(*.-)






Post #: 1776

?Woman, The Sweetest Flower?
by artist H.C. WESTERMANN
exhibit thru Jun. 11th
Lennon Weinberg, Inc.
514 W. 25 St, New York, NY USA

H.C. Westermann?s drawings, sculpture, and prints at Lennon Weinberg?s new Chelsea space, a post-mortem show explores images of his wife, Joanna, in many incarnations?as film star, goddess, seductress, slut and object of desire, as she inhabits one film noir landscape after another.

Westermann?s drawing style is direct and personal. His cartoon line tells the story in ways that others such as George Herriman, Saul Steinberg, Philip Guston, Peter Saul and other post-World War II American artists embraced.

Bashers 1 - 0 - 5


Post #: 1781

Encyclopedia of world graffiti
Art Crimes: City Walls: World
Brazil, Canada, South Africa, France, Thailand, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Peru, Nicaragua, Finland, Norway, Italy,
Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Slovenia, UK, Yugoslavia / Serbia:



Post #: 1832


BEN GOLDMAN: Statement & Comments
BEN GOLDMAN: Education & Awards
BEN GOLDMAN: Exhibitions & Collections
BEN GOLDMAN: Bibliography
BEN GOLDMAN: Registries & Links

Taller, Wider, Fragments, Diptychs, Hats Off, Fighting Chance, Collaborations, On Paper

BAMA Gallleries - 946 Bloomfield St.- Hoboken, New Jersey,USA

Mayda Rumberg



Post #: 1840

Please remove my name from this site. I've never heard of ATOA BBS and have no connection with it.



Post #: 1841

Is this a trick ?
By posting your name and comment
(rather than e-mailing the web master directly )
you've just joined a conversation on A.T.O.A.
aka Artists Talk On Art.

And frankly I never heard of you before either.



Post #: 1842

Insom - don't get your bookmarks in a bunch !

"M R, photographer"'s name is listed with the Common Ground Times Sq group art exhibit posting from back in Jan 2005.

So either she is not the same artist (photographer) listed
or she didn't realize it was a group exhibtion that was being publicized.



Post #: 1844

Oscar Wilde said:
" There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about ".

wit luv


Post #: 1849

And now a word from our sponsor >....

The mission of "Artists Talk on Art" (A.T.O.A.) is to provide a forum for critical discussions in the visual arts.

After - 30 Years - we are one of the longest running art discussions. Our panels involve well known artists, critics, curators, and/or art dealers.

We depend upon ARTISTS WHO ARE WILLING TO TALK about their work, and volunteer their time. A.T.O.A. is a not-for-profit corporation run by artists.

Previous ATOA panel speakers include ARTISTS: Wolf Kahn, Leon Golub, Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Dennis Oppenheim, Philip Pearlstein, George A. Rada, Grace Hartigan, Larry Rivers, Elizabeth Murray, Al Leslie, Nancy Spero, Vernita N'Cognita, Isabella Jacob, Agnes Denes, Donna Marxer, Jules Olitski, printmaker Bob Blackburn, cartoonist Jules Feiffer, painter Larry Poons, pioneering performance artist Carolee Schneemann, Billy Name, installation artist Judy Pfaff, interactive light sculptor Flash Light, Hollywood directors Mel Stuart and Bill Rabinovitch, art dealers such as Stefan Stux, Molly Barnes, Ivan Karp, Jim Kempner, Valerie Shakespeare (and her twins), Anthology Film's Jonas Mekas, art critics A. D. Coleman, Irving Sandler, Jerry Saltz, Peter Schjedahl, Hilton Kramer, Arthur Danto, Eleanor Hartney, curators such as Charlotta Kotik, Howardina Pindell, Robert Rosenblum, Ronald Feldman, Robert Storr, Patterson Sims....and....too many more to merntion here.

The School of Visual Arts (SVA)
209 East 23rd Street


Post #: 1860

Exhibitions @ Bruno Marina Gallery

June 22nd - August 28, 2005
Opening reception June 22nd 7-9 pm.
Artists: Christina Dixcy, Anna Lise Jensen, Elise Kaufman, Sheila Kramer,Kamilla Talbot & Maggie Tolbin

Coming up: September 15 - November 13
Jerome Boutterin: Paintings and Works on Paper

Bruno Marina Gallery
372 Atlantic Ave. Brooklyn, NY

Rittenhouse Square


Post #: 1873

Philadelphia Art Alliance, founded in 1915
The Art Alliance sponsors art exhibits, dramatic and poetry readings, dance and musical events, architectural displays and lectures. Please wander through the galleries or attend one of the musicals or lectures, which are open to the public and usually free.

While in Rittenhouse Square please visit Albert Laessle's sculptures: goat, lion and a frog.

Indie Canine
a.k.a. LIC Artist


Post #: 1875

Sculpture in Long Island City, Queens, New York
Socrates Sculpture Park is dedicated to providing artists with opportunities to create and exhibit really large-scale work.
Founded back in 1928 by artists in 1928 the SculptureCenter is a not-for-profit dedicated to experimental and innovative developments in contemporary sculpture.
And in 2001, they purchased a former trolley repair shop in LIC. The building has 6,000 square feet of interior exhibition space, offices, includes a work studio and apartment for visiting artists, a sculpture library and a 3,000 square foot outdoor exhibition space.
The Isamu Noguchi Foundation and Garden Museum.
Great place to meditate on water, light, & stone.

B. D. Turtle III
a.k.a. flatmate to a blind bovine


Post #: 1876

Hello I'm Boxy D. Turtle. I enjoy gummie worms, Bassetts Jelly Babies, deep fried Mars bars, Stilton, White Peach and Cherries soaked in Port and a bit of hardcore Morris Dancing !!
I am a rather "Up-Stream" sort of chap ! An aquatic acquainted with the finer things in most swamp holes. I admire the artwork of British Painter Lucian Freud, Tracey Emin, David Hockney, Damien Hurst and Marcus Harvey. I especially enjoyed that portrait of Miss Myra Hindley done in those charming little handprints ! Clever bloke !!

I often use the "Crab Palette" to create my own art work !!
Cheers.. Boxy Dumgit Turtle

Sir Les Patterson
a.k.a. cultural attache


Post #: 1877

After reading the posting by photographer Mayda Rumberg
I Googled those art web pages respresenting her work.
Now I fully understand why she has no connection to artists talking on art. I suggest she contact my lawyers
"Flange, Scrote & Twunt"



Post #: 1878

Is this art forum now the standard of a few cheeky people ?

a.k.a. one eyed python


Post #: 1879

So here is the gauntlet being dropped at our feet
and yet you would have us do nothing ?
This has become a point of communicating the real risks that surround the WWW (WORLD WIDE WEB).
If you want anonymity, you shouldn't post !



Post #: 1881

gauntlet ?? For Christ'sake get real !!

S.M. Spanner
a.k.a. shite for brains


Post #: 1884

gauntlets , codpiece, chainmail shirt, anatomical breastplates - all my men wear English Leather
or they wear nothing at all.

Sir Les Patterson
a.k.a. Aussie Ass-oc. Attache


Post #: 1885

cheeky people .-aka-. sand between the cheeks? Tahitian girls (san coconut bras) sitting on the beach.



Post #: 1886

Art Calendar Magazine : Mission: "To connect artists with income and exhibition opportunities."
Art Calendar Magazine : Motto: "Yes, you can!"
The magazine is in its 20th year
"ArtScuttlebutt" 's discussion forum: Artists Talking to REAL Artists. (brought to you by ArtCalendar magazine)

Using technology to develop a painting
Zen Sarcasm
Astronautical art
"The Apprentice" TV show-- making artists a project
(The winning team sold over $13,000 of work in one evening)
Is there a "formula" for appraising artworks?
Artist Statement: A Must with Art Submissions?

Chris Sandow


Post #: 1888

This seems fitting for this forum.
Quoted from the Dallas Morning News, TexasUSA 06/26/05
"The Paradox Of Artistic Jerks"
Creativity is much revered, and yet, so often, it seems, the individuals responsible for creative genius disappoint - when viewed as human beings.
"Art seems to require an inviolable freedom to seek the good of the artifact, without either overt or covert messages being forced into it. And history demonstrates that it is simply a statement of fact (to paraphrase Aquinas) that rectitude of the appetites is not a prerequisite for the ability to make beautiful objects.
Thus our poisoner with his exquisite prose style. Or Picasso brutalizing the women in his life. Or the legion of artists and scientists who drank or drugged themselves to death."

Donald Wainwright


Post #: 1890

Refering to Art Calendar's mission "To connect artists with income and exhibition opportunities."

Un-huh,,I just checked E-bay.
I put the word "Art" in and this is a sample response: 10,358 matching "categories" found for Art. And a little more precise :
Art Prints (31895)
Paintings (7760)
Posters (6612)
Self-Representing Artists (5448)
Folk Art (2383)
Photographic Images (1499)
Sculpture, Carvings (1372)
Other Art (806)
Drawings (487)
Digital Art (428)



Post #: 1906

skin as canvas

D. W.


Post #: 1931

I'm serious - get to know your market !
This is what the world wants
July 16th 2005 - Matching Categories / ART

* Art
o Prints (26440)
o Paintings (8641)
o Self-Representing Artists (6205)
o Posters (4878)
o Folk Art (2283)
o Photographic Images (1496)
o Sculpture, Carvings (1462)
o Other Art (770)
o Drawings (580)
o Digital Art (435)
o Mixed Media (414)
o Wholesale Lots (132)

a.k.a. D.W.I.


Post #: 1934

one posting was enough to get your point across



Post #: 1956

Hey... the world news sucks ! Why not ignore it all !

Fun for kids and old farts alike !!
Explore & switch limbs of the monster of your creative choice.
Or hear the Mello Disco Hippo cosmic space guy

Virtual monster art gallery

its all good....



Post #: 1958

INSECT- all things six legged, dark & twisted
Flash 5 plug-in to visit our world
Illustration Logo Graphics Senser Jack Planck



Post #: 1961

Mad Dogs and old farts will go out in the midday sun... to paint an inspired landscape. The internet isn't everthing.



Post #: 1986

great yahoo pick - more strange creatures @ virtual art gallery

"Collage artist Alexis Mackenzie presents "Blurds," a strange collection of Victorian creations that fly. Jason Faulkner channels organic forms straight out of an imaginary edition of "Gray's Anatomy." Terrance Hughes plays with race caricature to unnerving effect. And Christopher Abad uncovers the deranged doodles of a mad skateboarding scientist."

S. M. Spanner


Post #: 2041

see the " Love Luck & Lollipops " exhibition
at the Custard Factory in Birmingham.

Work from over 20 of Birmingham's best street style artists, designers and illustrators (as well as skaters) the exhibition features a real diverse selection of work that truly represents the cities thriving scene at the moment.

Artists featured in the main gallery space include Stef Grindley and Stevie Copter (of the Newtasty design team and Copter) as well as Log Roper and Si Peplow (co-founding curators of the Outcrowd Collective), Beat 13's Lucy McLauchlan and Ben Javens.

Entertainment for the night came from the boys from the future (or Birmingham depending upon who you believe) COPTER! They crashed their way through a loud and raucous set to close the exhibition!
August 4th - 11th, 2005

S. M. Spanner


Post #: 2042

The Outcrowd collective- Initially formed amongst a
group of friends, skateboarders, illustrators,
designers, scribblers and lurkers.

Tsz Wan- Tsz , illustrator based in Birmingham.

Joanne Bannister - a memory or the physical mark.

artists gallery / aka pick one end file



Post #: 2076

Curators, art historians, writers, and artists talking on art: Gallery Talks at Dia:Beacon, NY
Saturday, September 24, 2005, @ 1:00 pm

Judith Rodenbeck on Donald Judd
Rodenbeck is Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art, Division of Visual Culture, at Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, New York.

Saturday, October 29, 2005, @ 1:00 pm

Rhea Anastas, Faculty at the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College on Fred Sandback

Saturday, November 26, @ 2005, 1pm

Johanna Burton, Art historian and frequent contributor to Artforum, on John Chamberlain

Mad Dogs & Englishmen
a.k.a. P.M. Blair


Post #: 2162

" The arts have always represented our conscious and subconscious reaction to the world about us. Some of the world's greatest art has been created by geniuses, like Van Gogh, Edvard Munch, Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko, who experienced mental health issues at some time in their lives.
Their work has challenged our views and in the process enriched our lives. I hope MadforArts will generate a debate from which all of us can learn and gain new insights into why and how we all relate to the Arts."

Jonathan Drori, Director of Culture Online

Visit "Mad For Arts" - Where people with experience of mental health issues can talk about inspirational art!
London, East Midlands, North Yorks and the Humber, UK

MadforArts films - Watch the second series of MadforArts films online.



Post #: 2546

SOLO seeks to galvanise all Objectivists who recognise that Objectivism is a tool for living, and who repudiate any reason/passion dichotomy. We seek to be a magnet and a home for those who are exuberantly rational and rationally exuberant, who aspire to the "total passion for the total height," intellectually and emotionally, simultaneously and harmoniously.




Post #: 2568

::. Art NYC .::
Art NYC ?

T o m D a l y

T h o m a s F l e m i n g

D a v i d G e i s e r

A r m u t ( H u s t o n K i n g )

G r e t c h e n M e r g e n t h a l e r


Post #: 2838

Figure Drawing Show
Open call for artists
Deadline for submissions:
January 1st 2006
All work needs to be framed and matted.

exhibit February 11th 2006
Figure drawing show
Mad Arts Bklyn NY

June N. Sparkill - Vytlacil


Post #: 2867

Anatomical Drawing Lectures

A series of eleven lectures and drawing demonstrations focusing on bone structure and muscular organization.

Instructor: Frank L. Porcu
per lecture fee: $10
Class Dates: Weds, Jan 4 thru March 15, 2006
from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
215 West 57th Street
New York, NY 10019

January 4: Introduction to the Skeletal Structure focusing on the Thorax and Pelvis

January 18
Pelvis to thigh
January 25
Thigh to leg
February 1
Leg to foot
February 8
Thorax to brachium-



Post #: 2933

Art for art's sake.

up the ladder you go !



Post #: 2973




Post #: 3155




Post #: 3198

Life Drawing in New York City
at Spring Studio-Figure Drawing

Spring Street Studio in Soho, NYC
offers figure (life) drawing seven days a week,
year-round, for beginners and professionals.

Instruction also available.
RE: "Nicolaides' Natural Way to Draw"

Prices:$12 per session

5 sessions $50
10 sessions $90

Spring Studio is located East of Broadway,
between Crosby and Lafayette in Soho in Manhattan:
64 Spring Street, New York NY 10012.

galleryrow - la


Post #: 3280

Explore the rapidly expanding artistic landscape of Downtown Los Angeles.

* Bert Green Fine Art
* Pharmaka
* de Soto
* M. J. Higgins
* Los Angeles Center for Digital Art
* El Nopal Press
* Kristi Engle Gallery
* Niche LA
* 626 Gallery
* Gallery 727
* 2nd Street Cigars and Gallery
* The Hive Gallery
* Infusion Gallery

Ashley McLean Emenegger hosts Guided Art Tours on the Second Thursday Downtown Art Walk in Downtown Los Angeles. Learn more:



Post #: 3351

Philadelphia based nonprofit organization.

Shows an extensive online collection of work by local, national, and international artists to the public, while serving as a comprehensive hub for visual arts information and resources. InLiquid also nurtures our creative community through a continuing series of non-virtual art exhibitions and events.

--------------------------------------------------------- The Philadelphia Art & Design Network
Resource Art and design network with galleries, magazine and art forum for the discussion of contemporary art issues. -

- El Jay -


Post #: 3454

- Triple Base - was established in 2003 by artists Clint Taniguchi and Oliver Halsman Rosenberg.

- Triple Base - storefront location on 24th street is in the Mission district of San Francisco allowing direct access to a variety of communities.

The space operates organicly, morphing to suit the needs of whatever artistic expression is appropriate for the time.

June 2006 : solo show in NYC's "The Drawing Room"
Crust and Dirt's exhibition @ The Drawing Center, NYC



Post #: 3508




going the distance.



Post #: 3534

The Armory Show 2006
March 10 - 13, 2006

Opening Night Preview Party, Thursday, March 9, 2006 is a benefit for the Exhibition Fund of The Museum of Modern Art, tickets available at

Friday, March 10 - Sunday, March 12
Public viewing hours: Noon - 8 pm

Monday, March 13
Public viewing hours: Noon - 5 pm

Piers 90 & 92
Twelfth Avenue at 50th & 52nd Streets
New York City



Post #: 3630

this is mindless fun; click on the dots

ART IS HELL ; a collaboration between Tony Calzetta and Gabrielle de Montmollin, 2 artists who live and work together in Toronto, Canada.

Mainly ART IS HELL is a web site but, at times, a physical artwork is created.
? 2002 Gabrielle de Montmollin. All rights reserved



Post #: 3651

A rare view of the paintings of the Artistic Director of the Spanish Repertory Theater

Brooklyn Artists Gym is proud to host a retrospective of the paintings of Ren? Buch.

Ren? Buch, Founder and Artistic Director of The Spanish Repertory Theater in New York City, is also an accomplished painter. He has shown internationally, most recently in the Dominican Republic.

"Jovenes y Flores," the show we are presenting at BAG, is a collection of two dozen paintings from the last twenty years. The work ranges from small still lifes to large figures on a colored and worked ground.

The show runs from
Thurs, March 23 2006 thrugh Wed, March 29, 2006

Reception with the artist: Friday, March 24, fr 6:00-8:00.

Born in Cuba, Ren? Buch was founder and Director of Pro Arte de Oriente’s Theatre Department, as well as founder of Havana’s Acci?n Teatral de Autores. Through the ATA, he made possible the staging of plays by aspiring Cuban playwrights. He holds a degree in Law from Havana University.

In 1949, Mr. Buch came to the United States and enrolled at the Yale Drama School. While completing his MFA degree, he taught both Spanish and Spanish literature at Yale. After moving to New York, he worked for the Radio and Television Department of the United Nations, where he became Editor of the United Nations Journal Spanish edition. Later, he served as Associate Editor at Visi?n magazine, writing on music, theatre, film, art and literature. In 1963, he moved to The Latin American Times, as editor for the arts, and worked with Reader’s Digest as a book editor in Mexico City.

As Artistic Director of Repertorio Espa?ol, Mr. Buch has directed many plays – among them: La Celestina, Las Pericas, Romeo and Juliet, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, The Glass Menagerie, Life is a Dream, Secret Injury/Secret Revenge, Fuente Ovejuna, El Burlador De Sevilla, Acto Cultural, El Dia Que Me Quieras, the New York premiere of Lorca’s El P?bico (to commemorate the centennial of Lorca’s birth), the complete trilogy of Lorca’s rural tragedies (5 productions of Blood Wedding, 3 productions of Yerma, 4 productions of The House of Bernarda Alba) plus 3 different productions of Do?a Rosita the Spinster, and Calderon’s Albsalon’s Tresses.

Mr. Buch has served as a panel member for the National Endowment for the Arts and the New York State Council on the Arts, The Village Voice OBIE Awards Committee and the Independent Committee on Arts Policy, and as a board member of the Theatre Communications Group.

Upcoming shows at BAG include Chris Weller: Recent Drawings (April 1-9); Inside Work: a group show of young upcoming artists (April 13-18); and Iain Machel: Installations (April 27- May 2). See our calendar.

BAG; The Brooklyn Artists Gym provides low cost open studio space in which painters and other artists do their work in the heart of Brooklyn. It is open 24/7 to accommodate any schedule. The gallery, figure drawing and workshops are open and available to non-members also.



Post #: 3687

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Explore new ways to see art and visit the Museum:

MET's Links:

The Tomb of Perneb; Travel through space and time with the tomb of Perneb on its journey from ancient Egypt to its current home at the Met. / Ca. 2381?2323 B.C.

C?zanne's Astonishing Apples; Have some fun while you play with shapes, listen to a story, and learn all about C?zanne's "Still Life with Apples and a Pot of Primroses."

How Van Gogh Made His Mark ; This interactive exploration of four landscape drawings introduces young visitors to the creative genius of Van Gogh the draftsman.

Romare Bearden: Let's Walk The Block; See Harlem street life through the eyes and imagination of Romare Bearden.

Childe Hassam, American Impressionist; Games, a movie, and more?have some fun while you learn about paintings by Childe Hassam, American Impressionist.

Timeline of Art History;



Post #: 3812

PARIS (AP) -- The reopening of Paris' Orangerie Museum, which holds eight of Claude Monet's famed water lilies paintings, has been delayed until May 17 instead of this Friday, as originally scheduled.

A $31M, sun-drenched gallery is built for the impressionist's famed water lilies in Paris.

The Orangerie, which houses eight mammoth murals of water lilies by impressionist master Monet, will open following a six-year renovation.

ART_ORANGERIE_MUSEUM/Copyright 2006 Associated Press.

Abby Normall


Post #: 4233

Portrait Illustration Maker:
Self-portrait icon maker

Now you can be your own Picasso !

With this easy-to-use site, simply choose from a vast selection of features to recreate your own likeness. Or create a whole new you! Save and place it anywhere—your Web site, email, etc.

The part of a face or the body is choose and a portrait icon is made on-line.

tracey felicia


Post #: 4274


trendy manga


Post #: 4282

Gamora Vinyl

random fictitious names


Post #: 4424

spandex shorts

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