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Post #: 281

HERE.ORG supports artists' INDEPENDENCE within an interdependent COMMUNITY which provides ACCESS, arts management INNOVATION and non-profit ENTERPRISE.

HERE started in 1993 as a shared project between Home for Contemporary Theatre & Art and Tiny Mythic Theatre Company. By pooling resources, we could support the work of a variety of resident groups and independent artists.

HERE offers artists creative work space at subsidized, below-market rates, which allows us to showcase a broad spectrum of programming 365 days a year.
In seven years, HERE has served over 7,000 artists, presenting over 600 original works, including nearly 100 exhibitions, and has created a home base for 40 core member artists and 23 emerging performance companies.

145 6th Ave
New York

Bill W.
a.k.a. Virtual Volunteer


Post #: 282

Virtual Volunteering
Did you know that you can volunteer from "virtually" anywhere - just by using your computer. Check out our "Virtual Volunteering" for the ARTS section!

Alianza de Artistas Inc


Post #: 283

ARTISTS ALLIANCE INC. - providing forums for arts and artists in New York City

The Artists Alliance / Alianza de Artistas Inc.
is a New York City based not for profit composed of artists from a broad spectrum of national backgrounds, working in a wide variety of different media. AAI is dedicated to promoting discussion and awareness of the visual arts, sharing information with the public, promoting interaction with local communities, and providing forums for artists.

Subkonchus Mind
a.k.a. Howl Festival


Post #: 285

Lower East Side Artists
lottsa color
lottsa subversive images
and Lady Bunny too !

a.k.a. Outdoor Sculpture Show


Post #: 288

CALL FOR ENTRIES: Application Deadline: March 31, 2004

22nd Annual Outdoor Sculpture Show
Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park, Brookyln, NY
August-September 2004

Sponsored by BWAC and the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation
Inviting all sculptors working in any media suitable for outdoor exhibition.
Important: This is a curated exhibition.

a.k.a. W. of. M. Deception


Post #: 291


To: President G.W. Bush

We are part of the global Gay and Lesbian movement seeking an end to injustice and discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Spreading Prejudice is a Weapon of Mass Destruction.

Bill W.

Virtual Volunteer

Dixon Place - July Arts Festival


Post #: 292

Dixon Place encourages and inspires artists of all stripes and persuasions, placing special emphasis on the needs of women, people of color, seniors, youth, and GLBT artists.

Dixon Place is posting a call for submissions for the 2004 HOT! Festival, The NYC Celebration of Queer Culture, a month-long festival of lesbian, gay, and transgendered performance art, theater, music, literature and dance. The HOT! Festival is in it's 12th year
All performances will be in July, and the festival will be presented as part of a city-wide "umbrella event," as we're combining marketing and publicity forces with Queer@HERE and the Fresh Fruit Festival (with potential other collaborators!).
For more information on the festival, visit our website at




Post #: 296


Donate your slides /Deadline for submission:March 15, 2004

After Italy, Turkey, and Holland, artist Serkan Ozkaya's What an Art Gallery Should Actually Look Like (Large Glass) will be exhibited atExit Art in New York City. We are looking for slide images of artworks from anybody interested in taking part in this project. All donated
slide images will be included in the project up to the required 20,000 35mm slides, constituting an unofficial map of images from New York.

Reception of public art curated by Michele Thursz and Anne Ellegood and opening at Exit Art in June 2004.

Please send slides to: Exit Art
Attn: Public Execution/Big Glass
475 Tenth Avenue, New York, NY 10018

Queen Esther & Uncle Mordechai
a.k.a. Festival of Purim


Post #: 329

Every mitzva contains in it aspects which allude to the deepest secrets of the universe and all of its spiritual realms. The fulfillment of a mitzva brings a degree of tikun, perfection, to each of these multileveled realms.

Create beauty from within.

a.k.a. Hudson Opera House & the Arts Council.


Post #: 340


Annual Juried Art Show of Sculpture, Painting, Works on Paper, Mixed Media, and Photography.

Hudson Opera House
327 Warren Street
Hudson, New York
The show will run through April 3 and works will be for sale, with the proceeds benefiting the artists, Hudson Opera House, and the Arts Council.


Olympics of Visual Art


Post #: 346

Fr: The Cultural Foundation / ARTIADE
To: artists worldwide & everyone with an interest in the Visual Arts.
Following the successful ARTIADE exhibition held in Atlanta in 1996 on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary Olympic Games, the "ARTIADE - Olympics of Visual Art" are now being held in Athens from 12 August to 29 September 2004. These are taking place in parallel to the Olympic Games being held in that city at the same time.

Six hundred artists from countries taking part in the Olympic Games will have their works exhibited.
The ARTIADE will document a harmonious meeting of nations, using art as its means of communication.

NURTUREart Gallery in Williamsburg
a.k.a. April 3 thru May 9.


Post #: 351

CALL FOR ARTISTS: NURTUREart / April 3 thru May 9.
We are very excited to invite you all to join in celebrating NURTUREart Non-Profit's first season in our new gallery in Williamsburg!

All NURTUREart Registry Artists are invited to participate in the upcoming Benefit Exhibition and Sale,
Nurturing the New 2004. This exhibition of donated small works will hang in the NURTUREart Gallery from April 3 through May 9. The Opening Reception will be on Saturday April 3, from 6-9 pm.

Artists wishing to participate who are not already members of the NURTUREart Slide Registry are welcome to join us by bringing their slides and resume with them when delivering their piece. There is NO FEE to join and enjoy the
benefits of NURTUREart membership, such as being considered for all of the exhibitions in our gallery, which are curated from the Slide Registry by Emerging Curators.

Bill W.
a.k.a. Puppets & Posters


Post #: 354

Put you creative energy to good use: March 20, 2004

Momentum is building for the Global Day of Action against War and Occupation on March 20, 2004 ? the one-year anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. On that day people all around the globe will take to the streets to say YES to peace and NO to pre-emptive war and occupation. In communities large and small around the United States and across the globe, we will call for an end to the occupation of Iraq and Bush's militaristic foreign policies.


GSA Network


Post #: 383

Free Zone is an arts for social change collaborative project of GSA Network and LYRIC. As If It Matters, High Contrast, and Liberation Ink were created by youth for youth to make change in our schools and communities.

Bill W.



Post #: 384

ACC Printmakers were invited to Univer Texas for the Steamroller Relief printing event:

Coney Island
a.k.a. Mardi Gras Style - June 2004


Post #: 394

Brooklyn's own Capt.Bob & the Coney Island 2004 Mermaid Parade :
Captain Bob, Coney Island historian and former Belize jungle guide will lead the June 2004 Mermaid Parade dressed as King Neptune.

Mermaids, Mer-men and other strange sea creatures will join hand & fin as we march together along Surf Avenue.

CONEYISLAND.COM is the official website CONEY ISLAND, USA.

AAI Lower East Side
a.k.a. Long Term Studio Program


Post #: 395

AAI Lower East Side Rotating Studio Program (LES-RSP/04)

Two Residency Sessions: June 5, 2004 - November 27, 2004, December 4, 2004- May 28, 2005

2. AAI Lower East Side Long Term Studio Program (LES-LTSP)
One Long Term Residency: Beginning June 5, 2004

Deadline for application materials: postmarked by May 1, 2004

Applications available at
Selected artists will have the opportunity to interact and engage with the more than 60 professional resident visual artists who currently work in the cultural center. This program underscores AAI's mission to support the careers of emerging and mid-career artists working in all fields

Lord Anubis

ancient among gods


Post #: 413

If Captain Bob is representing Neptune in the Mermaid Parade, perhaps he would also be willing to represent Neptune in a legal suit to change the slogan on US money, to "In the Gods We Trust."

It is an affront to Zeus, Neptune, et al. for US money to say, "In God We Trust," as if there were only one god. This national endorsement of monotheism is an insult to all of the gods. I hope Captain Bob will be willing to speak in his official capacity as a priest of Neptune in this matter.

Jerry Garcia
a.k.a. Book of the Grateful Dead


Post #: 414

The Art of Roberto Rabanne, famed 60's Rock Photographer is currently on display at:

Located in the heart of Park Slope Brooklyn, a very cool neighborhood in New York City at 228 7th Avenue,
A full service psychedelic emporium.

Fresh Art


Post #: 415

The mission of fresh art, a non-profit organization, is to provide expanded artistic, personal development, and entrepreneurial opportunities to New York City artists with special needs. We are also dedicated to enhancing public awareness of these artists' talents and concerns, their agencies' work, and on the use of art as a tool for healing, growth, and positive change.

fresh art collaborates with local New York City social service, community, and institutional art programs in an effort to bring the talented work of these marginalized artists into the public eye.

Deity Gospel


Post #: 416

As the Chinese Fortune cookie say:
"In God We Trust... all others pay cash, "

The ancient Roman God Neptune is a loser compared to the
great, angry & turbulent God Poseidon.

Homer knew how to spin a good yarn like his "The Iliad and the Odyssey". He showed the true Poseidon.

Poseidon used his trident with he-man style to create earthquakes, squalls or tornadic conditions.

Lord Anubis


Post #: 417

Deity Gospel,

I equally respect Poseidon and Neptune. I respect Zeus and Hera, equally with Jupiter and Juno and Jehovah.
That is why I object to the endorsement of monotheism on US currency. Clearly "In God We Trust," is a
statement of monotheism, whereas, "In the Gods We Trust" is a statement of polytheism.

Further, "God" was clearly meant to refer to Jehovah, and the implication is clearly that only one god is to be trusted, and that god is Jehovah. This represents "the establishment of a religion," and is therefore unconstitutional.

To the state worship of Jehovah over all the other gods, I object. I suggest the remedy is to change the slogan to "In the Gods We Trust," or else drop it completely, as the atheists have requested. The endorsement of Jehovah as the national US god is offensive to both atheists and polytheists.

Donald Trump



Post #: 418

No, No, No... you have it all wrong.

It's that damn tiny print on the dollar bills !
You're missing the dots!

It's " In G.O.D. We Trust ".

As in the American worship of the capitalistic system of
Gluttony, Obsession, & Decadence.

Besides the God(s) stuff is old hat unless you're in
the Top 10 on the media scale.
That's why so many Americans go to worship at the
Temple of The Shopping Mall on their Sunday Sabbath.
To worship the great labels of the Tommy Hilfiger
or the fertility goddess Barbie Doll.

Get with the program "Lord Anubis" !
Dust off those cob webs & get a better P.R Director !
In short.. You're Fired !

Goddess Bast



Post #: 419

RE: Get with the program---

Lord Anubis; I must sadly concede to "The Donald" on this one.

I've managed to keep my "Cult Of The Cat" going over these many centuries by changing with the times.

Today as we speak ... there are multiple felines living in numerous American homes feeding upon 70 cents per 6 oz can cat food while while human's own brethren starve in the street.

Lord Anubis


Post #: 420

The Donald,

Face it, ye are again headed for bankruptcy! The interest on thy debt is greater than $200 million per year, but Trump
Casinos and Resorts profitith not half of that. Thou cannot continue to lose $100 million each year; thy stock price is

It is thee who needs to get with the program, the ancient programme: bow down before Mammon, the ancient god of wealth
and commerce, and beg to be forgiven for thy hubris, thy arrogance, and thy blasphemy, lest the gods "fire" ye, and ye burn in the Lake of Fire for all eternity.

May Mammon have mercy on thy net worth.

Lord Anubis


Post #: 421

Goddess Bast,

Greetings and blessings upon thee and thy followers. I agree it is sad the commandment in the Egyptian Book of the Dead to "feed the hungry" has been ignored by mortals, as have they have ignored all ancient gods, and ancient wisdom.

Do not despair. Yes, we must keep current, as we both do by using the Internet to reach out to mortals. But we can also use this legal system of the mortals in our efforts. I urge thee and thy followers to join in a lawsuit to prohibit the intolerance of monotheism from being advocated as the US state religion. Let "In the Gods We Trust," become our rallying cry.

May Matt be restored on earth.



Post #: 422

RE: " as we both do by using the Internet to reach out to mortals. "

Wow... Lord Anubis MUST be in touch with The Higher Power(s)
because he's the only one on this BBS thread that can get
his web site Hot Linked !

Flash Light



Post #: 423

Lord Anubis may or may not, depending on one's beliefs, have higher powers, however anyone can make their links clickable by entering them as HTML code. If you look through all the Forum posts you'll see that many artists have take advantage of this feature.

Artists Space

Experimentation, Diversity & Dialogue


Post #: 424

Wednesday, April 7th
Secrets to Successful Slides: Practical demonstrations on taking great slides of your artwork. Workshop Leader: Millie Burns, Cross-media artist.

Monday, April 26th
This year, Artists Space will honor Laurie Simmons and Alredo Jaar at its 2004 Spring Benefit, to be held at Bridgewaters, 11 Fulton Street, South Street Seaport. Limited Editions will be produced by Janine Antoni and Mark Bradford.
38 Greene Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10013

George W. Bush

Leader of the Free World & NEA advisor


Post #: 427

I really respect the artistic culture that has put New York on the cutting edge of the arts.

It is this vibrant intellectual ideal that is an inspiration to creative free thinking minds everywhere!
A shining example of American Democracy.

I also feel that the contribution of the Gay Community
should be recognized with an equal rights bills.

APRIL FOOLS !..... Betcha I had you there for a second with all the Elite Liberal crap.

Queen Esther & Uncle Mordechai
a.k.a. Brooklyn Museum celebration & hava Happy Passover


Post #: 429

Come Celebrate the Brooklyn Museum's New Front Entrance and Public Plaza

April 17 and 18, 2004

Enjoy a fun-filled weekend of activities for the entire family and get a first look at four exciting new presentations:

Open House: Working In Brooklyn
Patrick Kelly: A Retrospective
Alexis Rockman: Manifest Destiny
Living Legacies: The Arts of the Americas

Bill W.
a.k.a. Central Park Sunday Jogger

Blessed Be


Post #: 441

Re: Virtual Volunteer 2004-02-24
Re: Donald Trump aka Nimbus 2004-03-28

Since Donald Trump seems to be apart fo this artist thread -
I'd rather focus on the hundreds of volunteers that joined
for Christo's vision. The value of the human spirit in a joined creative force. Joined in a common effort not common greed or pushed by fear or fame.

And that it takes SOMEONE to organize them.
And that Christo is a main part of his art.

Without the people to put up the Running Fence, or help drape the fabric, there would be no CHRISTO.

I think the art is in the organization of a fluid team which will only see the fruits of their labor (or the art, as the case may be) if they work together in unison.

Organizational art? Like that photog who shoots the thousands of naked people in settings around the world. ORGANIZED. That is where the skill lies, second only to compostition.

Donald Trump
a.k.a. King of Tacky Pink Marble Toilets with 24K trim on the rim


Post #: 444

"Art" -is- freakin everything.

To find your answers you need to step out of the contructed framework to critque the meaning or value of art.

Take anthropology classes, learn why humans have developed everything we're capable of doing.

It has nothing to do with the desire to create, and over human history, the issues have largely been related to power-struggle and culture conflicts between regions of the world as well as from tribe to tribe.

Appease not please !

P.S. You're fired now idiot !



Post #: 452

Want less carbs in your diet?
Got a closet full of pasta ?
Try The Atkins macaronni glue art contest.

Cupcakes for Kerry
a.k.a. Bake Sale


Post #: 468

On Sat., April 17, all across the country, thousands of people will organize bake sales to raise money for MoveOn PAC's campaign to Take Back the White House. While George Bush raises money mostly from wealthy donors, we will demonstrate the broad-based grassroots support supporting MoveOn PAC and John Kerry.

Democracy is a Piece of Cake

"I'll lose my cookies if Bush gets re-elected" Bake Sale

Bake for the Sake of the Nation

Brooklyn Bakes Bush


Baking for Reform

Defending the Sanctity of Sugar


Sweet Eating, Bush Beating

Kuties selling Kookies for Kerry

Brooklyn Brownies to Boot Bush

The People's Pastries

World Premier May 8


Post #: 491

On May 8 Kostabi World will host the world premier for the three latest Michel Gondry directed videos for Gary Jules, Steriogram and the Willowz. Everyone's invited. Videos and party.
Free admission.
May 8, 7:00 PM
Kostabi World
476 Broome Street, New York, N.Y.
RSVP Steve Gabe: (908) 273-1014

Atlantic Center
a.k.a. Deadline: May 17, 2004


Post #: 502

Since 1982, Atlantic Center's residency program has provided artists from all artistic disciplines with spaces to live, work, and collaborate during three-week residencies. Located just four miles from the east coast beaches of central Florida, the pine and palmetto wooded environment contains award-winning studios that include a resource library, painting studio, sculpture studio,
music studio, dance studio, black box theater, writer's studio, and digital computer lab.
September 6 - 26, 2004
Deadline: May 17, 2004 / This residency is sponsored, in part, by the National Endowment for the Arts, the Florida Department of State/Division of Cultural Affairs, and the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Williamsburg Arts Central April 30 - May 3, 2004


Post #: 503

"See More in Williamsburg" @ LunarBase Gallery
Williamsburg Arts Central
April 30 - May 3, 2004

Lunarbase Gallery:
197 Grand St. (Between Bedford and Driggs Avenues)
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Jennie Ling
a.k.a. local resident


Post #: 505

Can I TIVO that ?


>< OPENING MAY 1 >< -


Post #: 506

Oh Lord Anubis ! Ancient one among gods..
One of your disciples "Flash of Light"
will be at a gathering known as an "Art Opening"
Saturday May 1, 7 - 10 pm

475 Tenth Ave cor 36th st
Exit Art Opening

Webmaster's note:
This post was originally made on May 1 when our BBS was down.
It has been restored from back up data.

Lord Anubis


Post #: 525

Terrorvision? What do any of ye know about terror compared to the centuries of holocaust suffered by Pagans at the hands of Christians and Moslems alike?

Flash's piece, at least, suggests the US Pledge of Allegiance be amended to, "one nation, under the gods."

Donald Trump


Post #: 526

US Pledge of Allegiance be amended to, "one nation, under the gods."

U.S. Pledge of Allegiance...

Pledge to ?..the newer Gods: Yen, Euro and Greenback ?

Pledge to... Bush's Gods of the Environmental Apocalypse?

Pledge to my favorite - the multi headed, oil drinking, all consuming Corporate Gods?

Artist Commnity A.K.A. Artist-in-Residency
a.k.a. Educational Resource Center (ERC)


Post #: 545

Resource Report is brought to you by the
Educational Resource Center (ERC)

Artist-in-Residency, Art Farm, Marquette, NE
(402) 854-3120

*Newburgh Sculpture Project, Orange Arts, Newburgh NY
Kerry at (845) 457-5928 Exhibit of site-specific public art

Artist-in-Residence Program, The Studio Museum In Harlem, New York, NY

Artist-in-Residence Program, Byrdcliffe Arts Colony, The Woodstock /Guild, Woodstock, NY

The Core Artist-in-Residence Program, Glasell Schoool of Art, Houston,TX (713) 639-7500
The Core Artist-in-Residence Program is a postgraduate fellowship that invites 8 artists to participate in a nine-month residency, which is renewable for a second year.

Residencies, The Watershed Center For Ceramic Arts, Newcastle, ME (207) 882-6075

Open call for Artists (all media), Creative Artists Network,
Philadelphia, PA (215) 546-7775
Creative Artists Network is a non-profit arts organization that encourages the professional development of emerging artists. Applicants must live within a 100-mile radius of Philadelphia (this includes New York City and Baltimore)

Performance Art Awards, Franklin Furnace, New York, NY
Franklin Furnace awards grants of $2,000-$5,000 to performance artists allowing them to produce major works anywhere within the State of New York.

Franklin Furnace offers an honorarium of $5,000 and a 2-4 month-long residency at a physical or on-line venue appropriate to the proposed work.

Artist-in-Residence, The Chinati Foundation, Marfa, TX
The Foundation is situated on 400 acres of land, houses one ofthe largest permanent installations of contemporary art in the world.

Artist-in-Residence, William Flanagan Memorial Creative Persons Center, Edward F. Albee Founddation, Inc., Long Island, NY (212) 226-2020

The Foundation maintains the William Flanagan Memorial Creative Persons Center (better known as "The Barn") in Montauk, on Long Island in New York

Residencies, Women's Studio Workshop (WSW), Rosendale, NY
WSW offers a variety of residencies, grants and fellowships to both emerging and established artists.

Independent Study Program (ISP), The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY
The Independent Study Program (ISP), consists of 3 interrelated parts: Studio Program; Curatorial Program; and Critical Studies Program. The program begins in mid-September and concludes at the end of the following May.

Artist Retreat, New York Mills Art Retreat & Regional Cultural Center,New York Mills, MN
Private retreats for selected professional artists in all disciplines. Jerome Foundation Fellowships provide a stipend of $750 (2-week stay) or $1,500 (4-week stay).

Servicce Grant, Creative Artists Network (CAN), Philadelphia, PA
CAN is a OEservice grant to artists whose works are of consistent excellence.

Emerging Artist-in-Residence Program (EAiR), Pilchuck Glass School, Seattle, WA
(202) 621-8422
The Emerging Artist-in-Residence (EAiR) program is designed to provide artists who are at an early stage in their careers a place and the time to develop a particular idea.

BWAC Pier Show = May 8, 2004
a.k.a. Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition


Post #: 553

Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition
20,000 sq ft gallery space
300 artists
8 weekends
1 incredible harbor view

BWAC = May 8, 2004 Opening Reception
Live Music by Lovebutton

Saturday, May 8 - Sunday, June 27
Noon -- 6:00 PM
499 Van Brunt St., Red Hook, Brooklyn

Artist Commnity

art grants


Post #: 558

Curatorial Program, New Art Center in Newton (NAC), Newton, MA

Artist/Writer Residency, Camp Gina Creative Retreat, Idyllwild, CA
One visual artist and one writer will enjoy the month of August furthering their creative endeavors in an inspiring mountain environment.

Frank Annunzio Awards, Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation, Auburn, NY
The Work in Progress program bestows the $200,000 Frank Annunzio Awards to honor "cutting edge" innovation. The awards recognize individual Americans who are improving the world through ingenuity and innovation,and provide incentive for continuing research and/or a specific project.

Visiting Artist Program, The Weir Farm Trust, Wilton, CT
Weir Farm NHS was the home and workplace of American Impressionist painter, J. Alden Weir, and is the only historic site in the nationwhere the domestic and creative milieus of a prominent 19th century American artist

National Sculpture Society (NSS), New York, NY
Applications are reviewed by the NSS Education Committee, which is comprised off professional sculptors. All scholarship moneys are awarded directly to the educational institution through which the student applies, to be credited towards that student's tuition.

*National Sculpture Competition, National Sculpture Society (NSS), New York, NY
The competition for young and emerging figurative sculptors will be hosted by Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts in June 2004.

Artist/Writer's Residency, Camp Gina Creative Retreat, Iddyllwild, CA
One visual artist and one writer will be chosen to further their artistic visions in a scenic mountain environment. Clear skies, tree top views, wildlife, and the friendly small town environment provide artistic inspiration at Camp Gina Creative Retreat.

Fine Art Crafters & Writers Who Have Been Touched by
Cancer, Harvard Medical School Quadrangle, Longwood Avenue, Boston, MA - Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and its Patient-to-Patient, Heart-to-Heart Program are hosting a day of education, celebration andcommunity for people who have been touched by cancer. Celebration 2004,
now in its 11th year, will take place on Sunday, June 13

Artists and Fine Arts Crafters:
Sandra Pappas, 17 Longstreet Road, Peabody, MA 01960; 978-531-0450,

he Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
(514) 937-9225 or at
The objective of the Foundation is to promote an appreciation of the traditional expression in painting, drawing, sculpture and the graphic arts, by aiding worthy art students, artists or sculptors who need
further training or other assistance during theirr formative years.Awards are limited to candidates in the early stages of their careers working in the following: painting, drawing, printmaking, and
sculpture. Award is $10,000 (Canadian).

*Mini Grant, The New York Council for the Humanities Mini Grant applications may be submitted at any time, and a decision
will be made within four weeks. To insure inclusion in the State Humanities Month brochure and calendar, Mini Grant applications for an October event must be postmarked no later than May 15.

Yellow Bird Gallery, Newburgh,

Polich Art Works, 453 Route 17K, Rock Tavern, NY 12575
Yellow Bird Gallery, a unique gallery complex soon to be located on the Hudson River in Newburgh, New York and directly across the river from the Dia Foundation, Beacon presents an opportunity open to all artists
and sculptors.

Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York, NY
Storefront for Art &p; Architecture is committed to the advancement of innovative positions in art, architecture and design. Other NYC-based collaborating institutions include ArtistsSpace and Pratt.

Presentation Funds: Electronic and Film Arts Grants, Experimental Television Center, NY
The Experimental Television Center provides support to electronic mediaand film artists and organizations in New York State to encourage creative work; to facilitate te exhibition of moving-image and sound art

Hallwalls, Buffalo, NY
(716) 835-73362 Hallwalls, a center for contemporary art, reviews work of emerging and under-represented artists with an emphasis on experimentation and new
projects. Hallwallsmission is to serve artists by supporting the creation and presentation of new work in the visual, media, performing,and literary arts, and to serve the public by making these works available to audiences.

Art @ Artists


Post #: 560

*Artists Residencies for emerging NYC artists and writers, Anderson Center, Red Wing, MN
(651) 388-2009
The Anderson Center, an artist community in Red Wing, MN is currently accepting applications for residencies from emerging New York City artists and writers. Through a grant from the Jerome Foundation of St.Paul, The Anderson Center devotes every July to encouraging the work of
emerging artists from New York City and Minnesota by offering residencies from 2 weeks up to 1 month.

Living Archive Project, South Asian Women ?? s Creative Collective (SAWCC)
As part of their ongoing commitment to the professional advancement of emerging and established South Asian women artists

Creative Clash, Inc., New York, NY Creative Clash is a non-for-profit organization that provides an environment that encourages critique, networking and an open forum to
further the artist career.

Art in General, New York, NY
Art in General encourages artists to apply to the residency and exhibitions programs. Categories include: Individual Artists (AllMedia), Site-Specificc Installation, Single Channel Video, Audio Projects, and Window Installations.

NURTUREart, New York, NY
In conjunction with the Emerging Curator Program, NURTUREart
Non-Profit, Inc. is accepting proposals from curators who have thematic plans addressing contemporary issues in art and/or society

Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts (EFA) Studio Center Program Wait List, New York, NY
The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts ?? (EFA) Studio Center program provides 110 subsidized workspace studios in midtown Manhattan for visual artists. "Studio Wait List" to: EFA Studio Center,
PO Box 2670, New York, NY 10108.

Vallum: Contemporary Poetry, Cannada
Vallum is a literary journal published bi-annually out of Montreal.

Art Journal submissions, FATE in Review, the Journal of
Foundations in Art: Theory and Education (FATE)
FATE is seeking articles, book and video review submissions for its annual publication. Articles and reviews should address concerns of determining and teaching the core curriculum for the foundations in art

The US General Services Administration (GSA) Art in
Architecture Program, Washington, DC
The Program commissions publicly scaled artworks that are integral parts of the architectural fabric or surrounding landscapes of new Federal buildings.

ABC No Rio's - benefit event May 26
a.k.a. Lower East Side gallery


Post #: 564

ABC No Rio- the Lower East Side gallery and arts center, needs your help in fundraising for our Building Renovation Fund.

The City of New York has agreed to sell us 156 Rivington Street for one dollar, providing we raise the money for renovations--$600,000.
To date we have raised $200,000, primarily through small contributions and benefits.

As part of our fundraising effort we are planning a benefit art sale, the Clothesline Show, in late May. Work will be no larger than 9" X 12". All work will be presented on clothelines strung through No Rio's gallery space.
All this to make the benefit event attractive to smaller-scale collectors and we are setting prices at either $25 or $50, depending on the size and complexity of the work.

The sale will be held on Wednesday May 26, with viewing on Monday, May 24 and Tuesday, May 25.
Thanks so much for your support!
Steven Englander

Student Bodies
a.k.a. What ever happened to Connie Fox & Lucky Lindy


Post #: 575

Forum: Art Movements

Artists Talk On Art's Art Community
will make an Art Movement
to The School of Visual Art
in October 2004

a.k.a. JUNE 26


Post #: 580

NYFA is presenting a conference for visual artists.
It is scheduled for Saturday, June 26, 2004, at NYU.
For complete details, click
Or go to NYFA's home page
& link in the left sidebar - "Artists Workshops".)

a.k.a. right of free speech


Post #: 587

EFF's Blue Ribbon Campaign Fights Internet Censorship & Protects Online Free Expression

Support the essential human right of free speech, a fundamental building block of free society, affirmed by the U.S. Bill of Rights in 1791 and by the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.

Intellectual freedom (including freedoms to think, believe, read, speak, write, publish, perform, create art, produce software, and protest, among many others) is one of the most fundamental of basic human rights, and is protected by the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as national and state constitutions, amendments, and caselaw in democratic parts of the world. Unfortunately, it is also the most frequently attacked of those rights. Censorship comes in many forms, and from many sources, ranging from governments and corporations, to educational institutions and reactionary individuals. EFF opposes imposition of censorship laws and policies, and believes that the full democratic and empowering potential of the Internet can only be realized in a true marketplace of ideas and expression.

SONYA's 2004 Open Studio Stroll


Post #: 589

SONYA's 2004 Open Studio Stroll
May 15, 2004 to May 16, 2004

The 2004 Open Studio Stroll, 12:00 noon to 6:00pm, May 15th and May 16th, 2004. South Of the Navy Yard Artists, Inc. (SONYA), an Artists for Artists non-profit organization sponsors an Open Studio Stroll every spring. With an abundance of talent available, every tour is captivating, fresh, and unique! SONYA Open Studio Strolls attract hundreds of art lovers, artists, curators, and collectors: experienced and new. We invite the public into our creative spaces to meet us and see our work. This interaction fosters an ongoing dialogue between our artists and their ever-expanding audience.

Women's Studio Center Inc.
a.k.a. L.I.C.


Post #: 592

Women's Studio Center Inc.
All Events and Workshops take place
in the studio:
21-25 44 Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11101
For info & reservations: 718-361-5649.

Lori Sanford-Ross: Pockets of Serenity
-- The Hidden Landscapes in Queens --
an exhibition at Citibank, Court Square
Hours 9 am-6pm, thru June 30

Reception for the Artist:
Friday May 14, 5-7pm
In The Studio
21-25 44 Avenue, Long Island City

Life Session
Work from a Live Model
Saturday May 15, 11am-1pm
$9.50 General
$7.00 Women's Studio Center Members

Pastel & Watercolor Workshop
Learn techniques of combining Pastel & Watercolor
All levels, styles and other media welcome
Diana Willis, PSA Instructor - A noted New York award-winning oil, pastel and watercolor painter, Diana has acheived a reputatoin for excellence in her work. Her style is one that utilizes the glories of color in a mannger that is both unique and revered in the art world. It is this style that has led her work to be celebrated with awards and shows in the U.S. and Italy. She is also unique in being one of a handful of women artists painting in the tradition of the Old Masters.

Sunday May 16, 1:30-5:30pm
$100 General / $85.00 Women's Studio Center Members

Wednesday May 19, 7;00 pm
Estate Planning for Artists
Organize your art & take control of your legacy
Presenter: David Dorsky
Dorsky Curatorial Programs & art lawyer.
$12.00 General / $10.00 Women's Studio Center Members

Not in our name....
a.k.a. artists


Post #: 597

Ashton Applewhite (writer)
Ed Asner (actor)
Henry Chalfant (photographer / filmmaker)
Nina Felshin (curator)
Leon Golub (artist)
Joyce Kozloff (artist)
Sheila Levrant de Bretteville, Professor and Director of Studies in Graphic Design Yale University School of Art
Nancy Spero (artist)
Saul Williams (poet / artist)

Not in our name....

New York City, August 29 - September 2

Art History Index
a.k.a. World Wide Artists


Post #: 600

Study art: Art History Index of Artists:

The art history index of famous masters leads to imagery and indepth information to over 22,000 artists. Over 200,000 images from certain museums are directly accessible via this wealth of art historical information database. Direct links to images in museum collections, links to indepth art news, general links as well as the best collection of search engine results have been compiled for over 22,000 artists. Simply select a letter from below to start your research.
World Wide Artists Reg

Betty Tamara's friend
a.k.a. www . Theater For The New City . Net


Post #: 602

Tamara is currently in a group show
of Lower East Side Artists
at The Theater For The New City
155 1st Ave, (212) 254-1109
(First Ave between 9th and 10th streets)

More than 100 performing arts organizations converge on Theatre for the New City for a weekend of music, dance, performance, poetry, spoken word, plays, films, kids' shows, circus, and visual art. Performances on Friday from 6pm-midnight; Saturday from 11am-midnight; and Sunday from 5pm-midnight. There's a community street fair on Saturday nearby as well. Everything's FREE. Call 212-254-1109 or visit for information.

School of Visual Arts
a.k.a. Taller Experimental de Grafica


Post #: 605

04.01.2004 thru 07.18.2004 School of Visual Arts Embarks on Historic Collaboration with Art Center In Cuba
05.08.2004 thrug 05.29.2004 Senior Exhibition: BFA Computer Art
05.14.2004 thru 05.29.2004 Thesis Exhibition: MFA Illustration as Visual Essay
05.14.2004 thru 05.29.2004 Screened: BFA Fine Arts Printmaking Exhibition
05.14.2004 thru 05.29.2004 Revelation: BFA Fine Arts Exhibition

Exit Art
a.k.a. Terrorvision


Post #: 615

The New York Times - Weekend - Fine Arts Leisure
ARTS / ART & DESIGN | May 21, 2004
Sampling Degrees of Terror, From Al Qaeda to Cancer

"A strong thread in the show is American fear of American Power, exemplified in one interactive video installation by a New York artist using the "spiritual name" Flash Light. In his work "I Am Terrified of the Patriot Act", a video screen in very small print, statements of his fears about the loss of free expression. But as the viewer approaches the screen they disappear to be replaced by the American flag."

Bob Holman 's Dinosaur
a.k.a. Nuyorican Cafe 1996


Post #: 625

?Difficult days ahead? With nearly 800 U.S. soldiers killed so far in Iraq, Bush warned that the violence would continue. ((Don't even bother with the Iraqi figures))

?There are difficult days ahead, and the way forward may sometimes appear chaotic,? the president said.
?Completing the five steps to Iraqi elected self-government will not be easy,? Bush said. ?There is likely to be violence before the transfer of sovereignty and after the transfer of sovereignty.?((violence by which side was un-said))

He talked of the assassination this month of the president of the Iraqi Governing Council, Izzadine Saleem, and the beheading of American civilian Nicholas Berg. But he continued to express his resolve, saying, ?No power of the enemy will stop Iraq?s progress.?

?The terrorists will not determine the future of Iraq,? the president said.
We are the Dinosaur - by Bob Holman 1996

Blast open the gates to Kingdom come
Whoops - what happened to everyone
Planted a seed - grew into a gun
Dum de dum dum dum

The world is dialin 911
The Don't Walk sign just changed to You Better Run
What we are waiting for has long since come
Dum de dum dum dum

Hurray, disappear! Back to the Past!
Did you really think the Future was gonna last?
It's endin with a bang so let's have a blast
Let's dine cannibal - it makes a nice contrast

We are the dinosaur
We don't live here anymore
We got what we were askin for
Follow the dinosaur




Post #: 644

JUNE 11 - JUNE 13, 2004

Opening reception: FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 6 to 8 pm, Pratt Institute, 200 Willoughby Street, Steuben Galleries


Over the past couple of years, Clinton Hills growing community of artists has erupted - and art presesnters are establishing themselves in this area and hosting great exhibitions. The Clinton Hill Art Festival is sponsored by three galleries all on Grand and Lexington Avenues in Brooklyn.

Art + Bars + Downtown
a.k.a. June 8-25, 2004


Post #: 645

Art + Bars + Downtown = Downtown BART, June 8-25, 2004

In June 2004, the Downtown Arts Club will create a new
and unique art show by encouraging artists to hang their work in Downtown bars, restaurants, lounges and cafes.

Opening Night, Tues. June 8, 8pm on...
I will be showing at Mudville 9, a sportsbar on
Chambers St. 2/3 Subway bwt West B-Way & Church.

Closing Night will be Friday, June 25, 2004.
For more info and list of artists and venues:




Post #: 669

Brooklyn, New York
499 VAN BRUNT ST. RED HOOK, BROOKLYN (718) 596-2507
ALL WORKS $35 TO $900:



Post #: 672

The College Art Association's Art Journal is
calling for entries for "Special Artist Projects.">

A. Good Egg
a.k.a. TRIO 102


Post #: 680

Ranging from the unconventional to the poignant to the controversial "EGG" promises to be unlike any arts program you've seen before.

What is it about artist Jeff Koons' 42-foot-high flowering sculpture, Puppy, that makes some people so happy, and others so angry?

"EGG:the arts show" is made possible by The Pew Charitable Trusts, PBS, and the Fred & Ethel Mertz Charitable Trust,

a.k.a. EAt For ARt


Post #: 692
Join us at Chipotle for a burrito benefit!

Tuesday, July 27th from 5 pm to 8 pm
2 Broadway b/w Beaver and Stone

Did you ever think a burrito could make the world look better? It will on Tuesday. Check out the new Chipotle opening at Bowling Green between 5 and 8 pm.
A $5 donation pays for your meal and soft drinks while 1000f the proceeds will go to helping the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council in its mission to revitalize Lower Manhattan.

The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council serves artists and art audiences in New York City?s financial district and throughout the city?s diverse neighborhoods and cultural communities. Our grant programs support more than 200 projects annually, from experimental new works by emerging artists to exhibitions, readings and performances that preserve and transform traditions of cultural heritage for future generations.

Political -Non- Conventions


Post #: 699

Art BBQs hosting groups producing art in response to the Republican National Convention.

The Change You Want to See
84 Havemeyer St. at Metropolitan Ave
sundays 1-5pm

Tom Ridge
a.k.a. <>


Post #: 700

Hey.. You people in Boston ! Shuuu ! Go Home !
Stop encouraging the Axis Of Evil !
Just have faith in G.O.D. to handle everything
Government Ordered Democracy

George W. Pachyderm
a.k.a. Dumb Down D Voters


Post #: 701

Strength and Wisdom don't have to be treated as separate tactics against da "Evil Doers".

But if you have a President that can't chew gum and walk down the street at the same time... Then... I can see the mental over-load.

So just keep chanting on the road to ruin "America is stronger.. America is stronger...America is stronger...

Barack Obama
a.k.a. Reconstruction


Post #: 702

July 28, 2004: Only 97 days until Election Day!

But I thought this BB thread was "ART COMMUNITY"...
Not political rants.

Has anyone visited the Torf Gallery @ The Boston Museum of fine Art? July 21 - Nov 28 2004
Games for the Gods: The Greek Athlete and the Olympic Spirit
Ancient artifacts and images of contemporary sport
bring the Greek games to life.
Photographs Portray Views of Daily Japanese Life, Society at the Dawn of the Modern Age

George W. Bush
a.k.a. Monitoring, redirecting, & constraining


Post #: 708

July 29, 2004: Only 96 days until Election Day!
Since this is an ART COMMUNITY fore arm I would like to
continue with a very colorful subject !
The colors that Laura picked to symbolize the:
I am so proud of her artistic imput! I felt it would be a down-home touch to have my First Lady choose the color scheme. I'm sure that had it been left up to those upiddy Elite New York Liberals they would have used fancy-pants colors like Amber, Magenta or danged Turquoise stripes !
Some design those fairy boys would run to K-mart for !

Guidance for Federal Departments and Agencies
The following Threat Conditions each represent an increasing risk of terrorist attacks.

Beneath each Threat Condition are some suggested Protective Measures, recognizing that the heads of Federal departments and agencies are responsible for developing and implementing appropriate agency-specific Protective Measures:

1. Low Condition (Green). This condition is declared when there is a low risk of terrorist attacks. Federal departments and agencies should consider the following general measures in addition to the agency-specific Protective Measures they develop and implement:

Refining and exercising as appropriate preplanned Protective Measures; Ensuring personnel receive proper training on the Homeland Security Advisory System and specific preplanned department or agency Protective Measures; and Institutionalizing a process to assure that all facilities and regulated sectors are regularly assessed for vulnerabilities to terrorist attacks, and all reasonable measures are taken to mitigate these vulnerabilities.

2. Guarded Condition (Blue). This condition is declared when there is a general risk of terrorist attacks. In addition to the Protective Measures taken in the previous Threat Condition, Federal departments and agencies should consider the following general measures in addition to the agency-specific Protective Measures that they will develop and implement:

Checking communications with designated emergency response or command locations; Reviewing and updating emergency response procedures; and Providing the public with any information that would strengthen its ability to act appropriately.

3. Elevated Condition (Yellow). An Elevated Condition is declared when there is a significant risk of terrorist attacks. In addition to the Protective Measures taken in the previous Threat Conditions, Federal departments and agencies should consider the following general measures in addition to the Protective Measures that they will develop and implement:

Increasing surveillance of critical locations;
Coordinating emergency plans as appropriate with nearby jurisdictions; Assessing whether the precise characteristics of the threat require the further refinement of preplanned Protective Measures; and
Implementing, as appropriate, contingency and emergency response plans.

4. High Condition (Orange). A High Condition is declared when there is a high risk of terrorist attacks. In addition to the Protective Measures taken in the previous Threat Conditions, Federal departments and agencies should consider the following general measures in addition to the agency-specific Protective Measures that they will develop and implement:

Coordinating necessary security efforts with Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies or any National Guard or other appropriate armed forces organizations;
Taking additional precautions at public events and possibly considering alternative venues or even cancellation;
Preparing to execute contingency procedures, such as moving to an alternate site or dispersing their workforce; and
Restricting threatened facility access to essential personnel only.

5. Severe Condition (Red). A Severe Condition reflects a severe risk of terrorist attacks. Under most circumstances, the Protective Measures for a Severe Condition are not intended to be sustained for substantial periods of time. In addition to the Protective Measures in the previous Threat Conditions, Federal departments and agencies also should consider the following general measures in addition to the agency-specific Protective Measures that they will develop and implement:

Increasing or redirecting personnel to address critical emergency needs; Assigning emergency response personnel and pre-positioning and mobilizing specially trained teams or resources; Monitoring, redirecting, or constraining transportation systems; and Closing public and government facilities.

Tom Ridge
a.k.a. FatherLand Security


Post #: 710

posting RE: 07-29 Re: "The colors that Laura picked to symbolize the: TERROR ALERT:ELEVATED."

The colors should be so that everyone can clearly understand them:

1) "I'm not too curiuos yellow"
2) "Red in the Face/bloodpressure rise"
3) "Panic-Pink"
4) "Shit-In-Your-Pants BROWN"
5) "Brilliant White - nuclear detonation"

Please note: Neutral colors don't apply to WMD.

Dr. Suess
a.k.a. T. Geisel


Post #: 714

Red and Yellow
and pink and greeenn...
purple and orange annnd bluuuee.
I can sing a Rainbow
I can sing a Rainbow
and so can UUUU

Horton hears a Who
Cheney hears a WMD
Bush sits in a tree on an egg waiting for it to hatch.

Donald -Lucky 11- Trump
a.k.a. Lord Anubis you're hired !!!


Post #: 745

First: Refer posting by me "THE" Donald Trump
aka Nimbus 2004-03-28

Then: Refer Posting by that smartass Lord Anubis aka ancient among gods 2004-03-28
RE: "The Donald, Face it, ye are again headed for bankruptcy! The interest on thy debt is greater than $200 million per year, but Trump Casinos and Resorts profitith not half of that. Thou cannot continue to lose $100 million each year; thy stock price is tumbling!

Okay dog-face.. I'll admit you got the inside track
on the poop! So let's cut the crap.. How would you like
to be my newest apprentice.. Get this Chapter 11 baby back on course ! I'll even give you 100f the action and all
the incense your temple can burn... Whaddya say?
Can I count you in as a team player? Lord Anubis de Apprentice ! Got a nice ring to it! Think about it.. You can move your worship alter to the middle of my TRUMP CASTLE Marina casino. The decor is already a golden covered tackie kinda classy joint. Perfect for the 80 yr old
anicent high-rollers and you.
Before you bark at my offer (no offense) I even got a couple of green card Eygptians working in the casino counting payouts.. You'll feel right at home.

a.k.a. ????????


Post #: 749

In honour of the great Olympics in Athens -
"The Donald" should have considered a liaison with Zeus.
Think of the publicity ! The icons of Titans os mascots.
And explore the great Greek culture covering a millennia of artistry..centuries of outstanding art...the achievements of the human spirit... and foundations of western civilization. Rejoyce in Greek Culture !!! from the antiquity up to your current mortal days !

ODYSSEUS's "Acropolis Nightclub & Casino Hotel" for the wherry travellers.

Bohemian Athens XXV111


Post #: 752

What's the chances of a serious art thread on either Greek Culture, Greek Art, or Greece's proud Olympic heritage????

How about -your- visits to museums (like "The Metropolitan") and viewing ancient Greek vases? Or learning at college the difference between "Black-figured" and "Red-Figured". Abstract-ish Minoan Cretan Pottery? Kerch Style?

And the modern Olympic sporting events are pale in comparison to the ancient "Pagen Pride" games. For instance - the contestants (all men) were nude and their bodies gleamed with olive oil. (as recorded on the vases)
Married women were not allowed to attend but unmarried ones might come with their fathers to scout the local talent.
The winners didn't receive golden or silver medals...
just a crown of olive leaves and the adulation of the public. And "Good Sportmanship" aside - finishing second meant losing. Not glory.. just shame.

a.k.a. Zorba De Forum-Geek


Post #: 753

I like the sound of "ancient 'Pagen Pride' games."

Now to continue with a have a serious discussion on Greek culture we'd need to go to Astoria in Queens...have lunch at a small Traverna...get a bottle of retsina...hear the music and the language spin around our ears... THEN we can discuss the black figure & red figure etched vases.
Then simply X Zorba the culture.

L.E.S. Fringe Festival
a.k.a. HOWL ! ' 2004


Post #: 757

Tuesday August 17th 2004
12:00 pm - 5.30 pm
L.E.S. Art Show @ AAI: Artists Alliance, Inc.,
107 Suffolk St, NYC

ARTERIES: August 17 - 24 2004
The entire East Village becomes an open house with gallery openings, outdoor art installations and public art projects.

FEVA : Federation of East Village Artists was formed in 2002, is dedicated to the preservation of the neighborhood's great cultural legacy and to promoting opportunities for the next generation




Post #: 769

i like this idea - keep an eye out for our "Interactive Canvas On Wheels." It will be rolling around FringeLand to the special events & FringeCENTRAL. A whacky opportunity to put your imprint on FringeNYC 2004? Yeah..literally... Joining other paint-grubby people in creating s one-of-a-kind finger painting that will go on display at FringeCENTRAL.
Eighth Annual New York International Fringe Festival
August 13th ? 29th, 2004.

Donald ??s?b? Trump
a.k.a. hot lunch


Post #: 770

I saw the "Vomitorium" covered on GalaVision cable TV.
What a decadent performance piece!
The artists were all dressed to the 9's in suits and ball gowns spewing off this balcony thing.
Reminded me alot of the senior citizens visiting my casino buffets trying to get the most out of their $9.99!!
Vomitorium 2004 - Make Room For More!
What: Vomitorium2004 is a theatrical performance, modeled after the opulent parties of the Roman Empire, where guests will engage in consuming astounding amounts of food, and when stuffed to the limit, vomit so that they may gorge themselves again and again. For one evening we will transport the participants and audience to those long-gone days in order to reflect on the fate that eventually befell the Roman Empire, and heed the warning signs of history repeating in the current decline of the American Republic. Created by artists Wendy Tremayne, Marina Potok, and Dawn Ladd featuring the works of many contributing artists from the lower east side. Where: St. Marks Church Tickets: Free

RNC Visual Resistance
a.k.a. guerrilla postering


Post #: 771

Hey RNC activists!
We want to promote your work - if you have a poster, send it to us.

These are posters for specific events or organizations working against the Republican National Convention

Artists retain the rights to their work. Feel free to download, print, post flyers, but please use only for free, non-commerical, or informational purposes.




Post #: 830

Crosby Painting Studio **
is having an old-fashioned rent party
on Labor Day, Monday, Sept 6, 2004
from 3:00 - 7:00 pm.
Light refreshments and good creative company.
31 Crosby Street, NYC

** Crosby Painting Studio is an open studio for artists to paint from the model or from still life.
It is an extension of the Spring Studio life Drawing Center, at 64 Spring St in SOHO.

Ernest Rubenstein Gallery
a.k.a. - Ashcan Sept 8 - Nov 11 2004


Post #: 836

?The Ashcan School comes to the Lower East Side:? Prints & Drawings from the Ken Ratner Collection: Sept 8- Nov 11 2004

This exhibit pairs prints and drawing by the ?Ashcan Artists? who came to the Lower East Side of NYC to draw the ?gritty? life of the poor immigrants, alongside artwork by early 20th century artists associated with The Educational Alliance. The artists from the Educational Alliance were Jewish artists who grew up in the neighborhood and developed into the leading social realists of the generation after the Ashcan artists, including Moses Soyer (1899-1987), Abraham Walkowitz (1878-1965), Philip Reisman (1904-1992) and Haim Mendelson (1923- ).
Helping People Help Themselves Since 1889
THE EDUCATIONAL ALLIANCE ART SCHOOL - NYC, is a center for visual arts offering quality instruction in a wide range of disciplines to people of all artistic levels

Rockaway Artist Alliance
a.k.a. Gateway


Post #: 898

Rockaway Artist Alliance
Fort Tilden
Exhibition Studios 6 & 7
Saturday & Sunday

"Digital Splash"
till November 7th, 2004
till November 7th, 2004

"Halloween Extravaganza"
Fort Tilden 5:30 - 8:30pm
Sun Oct 31st, 2004
members of the Rockaway Artist Alliance,
Rockaway Theater Company & Nalt Park Service



Post #: 904

The Creative Capital Channel, an online venue for information about Creative Capital grantees, with artwork, essays, streaming webcasts, and exclusive "in context" articles.
October 28 - 30, 2004, Pamela Z will be performing her Creative Capital funded project Voci at The Kitchen (NYC) Voci (Voices) incorporates live singing, real-time digital processing, vocal samples, and projected video. The work is a presentation of the human voice as anatomy, character, identifier and communicator. In it, Z weaves stories about the voice together with arias, non-verbal utterances, cries and whispers, and choruses of real and synthetically created voices, using her gesture-triggered Body Synth to trigger the sampled sounds.

Candy Korn Allhallowmas
a.k.a. Blessed Be ...


Post #: 918

Halloween Parade & ATOA's own vision...
WebMaster Flash Light will dress as
"Weapons Commander Death" from the film "Pollock Squared"

"Dress as your favorite artist or artwork and join us (ATOA) marching in the Annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade! To publicize our panel series, we'll have a float upon which Jackson Pollock (11/19/04) performs an action painting. We'll have banners with book covers from "The End of Art" (12/10/04) and "A Sweeper Up After Artists." (01/28/05). Painter Donna Marxer plans to march as a pointillist figure from "La Grande Jatte." Tamara Tornado is thinking of marching as Andy Warhol for 15 minutes, if she can find the right wig and glasses. How will you dress?"

a.k.a. Arts Exchange


Post #: 1024

November 29-December 6 , 2004

BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange?arts and artists in progress - is a multi-arts non-profit organization in Park Slope, Brooklyn, founded in 1991 (as the Gowanus Arts Exchange).

Our mission is to provide a nurturing, year-round performance, rehearsal and educational venue in Brooklyn that encourages artistic risk-taking and stimulates dialogue among diverse constituencies. - Artist BBS [トップに戻る]
In our 75-seat theater we present the work of artists in dance, theater, performance, and film/video. Since 1991, MARYA WARSHAW has been the Executive Director of BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange

Art BBS??[使いかた] [ワード検索] [管理用] アーテBBS??Artist BBS?NY?Artトップに戻るBBS?Artist?BBSトップNYC?BBSに戻る[使いかた][ワード検索][管理用]artistsト掲BBS.



Post #: 1028

Westbeth Gallery Annual Holiday Show:
Part 1 - Painting, Watercolor & Fine Art Prints
until December 26th 2004 -

The "Westbeth Annual Holiday Exhibition" features works of art from residents of the world's largest artist colony.

The second part runs January 15th-February 13th and will feature sculptures, photography and drawings.

The Westbeth Gallery NYC was established in 1970 and is a part of the Westbeth artist community housed in the historic Bell Labs building (erected in 1894) and redesigned by the well-known architect, Richard Meier.

Victory Hall Dec 4th


Post #: 1034

Saturday December 4th, 7:00 - 10:00 pm
VICTORY HALL INC. presents: 2nd Annual ART AUCTION
"BLACK & WHITE & RED all over"
- The tricolors of the season are black, white, and red. discover myriad artistic perspectives in all media, as revealed in works themed in these three elemental colors.
Victory Hall is located at 186 Grand Street in Jersey City, near the corner of Marin Boulevard and York Street.

Donald Trump
a.k.a. Mr. Solid Steel


Post #: 1041

Do you think it was easy starting my empire?
No! I took classes. Starting with a "Do-it-yourself" Steel Gerter 101, architecture & beams.
This is where I really started "building" my empire from the bottom up !
The best and cheapest welding studio for artists in nyc.
The Educational Alliance Art School
197 East Broadway, on the lower east side of Manhattan
other classes:
clay sculpture, stone carving, photography, ceramics, oil painting, figure drawing, watercolor painting.
So get a gift certificate for a christmas/Hanukkah present for the artist in your life.

World AIDS Day - December 1st


Post #: 1051

Day Without Art (DWA) began in 1989 as the national day of action and mourning in response to the AIDS crisis. To make the public aware that AIDS can touch everyone, and inspire positive action, some 800 U.S. art and AIDS groups participated in the first Day Without Art, shutting down museums, sending staff to volunteer at AIDS services, or sponsoring special exhibitions of work about AIDS. Since then, Day With(out) Art has grown into a collaborative project in which an estimated 8,000 museums, galleries, art centers, AIDS Service Organizations, libraries, high schools and colleges take part on both the national & international levels.

In 1997 - We suggested Day Without Art become
a Day WITH Art,
to recognize and promote increased programming of cultural events that draw attention to the continuing pandemic.
We added parentheses to the program title, Day With(out) Art, to highlight the proactive programming of art projects by artists living with HIV/AIDS, and art about AIDS, that was taking place across the country. It had become clear that active interventions within the annual program were far more effective than actions to negate or reduce the programs of cultural centers.

By mobilizing the visual arts communities, Visual AIDS raises money to provide direct services to artists living with HIV/AIDS. - Visual AIDS - Postcards from the Edge

a.k.a. fromage, pain et vin


Post #: 1059

CONCEPTO - - - Gallery
___ ___
|_| BOX SHOW |_|

ART GALLERY: Opening Recept: Thur Dec 9th 2004

Box Show: December 9th - Dec. 19th 2004

Gerard Barbot aka BOBART aka Mail Artist aka male artist
Bruce Boyd
Irene Christensen
Micheal Gessner, Kiyoshi Ike, Salvatore Mateo, Takako Nagai, Gilda Perving, Mark Planiseck, Teri Richardson, Jennifer Ryan, Stephan Sherdrowitz, Barbara Schafer, Linda Stern

613 Vanderbilt Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11238

Boisvert Gallery - 24 artists


Post #: 1061

Come celebrate with us ! Art Opening & reception:
Thursday December 9, 2004 - 6 to 9 PM -

Diane Boisvert Gallery is pleased to present
the December Group Show 2004:
A Visual Explosion by 24 artists.

Elise Tak with the double illusion of her imagery movie stars re-establishing the power of pop culture imagery and continuing her light footed satire on our present times, will show one of her several imaginary magazine covers

Hendrika ter Elst with her new series ?Short Stories? oil on hand made paper will show ?Milk botttle with spilled milk? and ?Glass and aspirin ?character for her tales.
Florence Bass with her new series: ?Shoe? clay sculptures and ?Ladies of the World? water color paintings.
Len Morris . Hendrika ter Elst. Florence Bass. Ersilia Z. Crawford. Monica K.Ani. Thibaud Thiercelin. Ellen Stockdale-Wolfe. Ron Taylor. Valerie de Montvallon. Alan Rosner. Tracy Phillips. Sophie Sejourne. Catherine Delbueno. Paula Hollins. Barbel Moellmann. Elise Tak. Diane Boisvert. Beth Ann Bovino. Fabrice Covelli. Kay Divant. Jessa Damora. Alessandra Nichols. Ignacio Salinas. Charlotte Corini.

Diane Boisvert Art Gallery
619 Vanderbilt Avenue

Book Art exhibition


Post #: 1205

Book exhibition : any type of book design including 'altered' books / 'artist'books / 3D books
Theme: Meeting in the Middle*

Size: 15cm x 21cm (6inches x 8inches approx) or smaller
Media: any media can be used - the more experimental the better!
Final submission date: 31st March 2005

University College Northampton Gallery,
St.George's Ave, Northampton, NN2 6JD, UK.
Exhibition dates: 3rd May 2005 - 19th May 2005



Post #: 1224

Creativity is a human instinct.

By exploring the arts, one learns how to fight with one's own ego and how to deepen oneself; it is an important, necessary education that a human being should receive in the process of growing up.

Unfortunately, that fact is not well recognized in the current societies of either the U.S. or Japan. But we believe that many social problems, such as the decaying of people's minds, the increase of juvenile crime, more vicious crimes, etc., are partly rooted in this lack of respect for the arts.
Deance Project Sequence, Inc. / DPS NY
The Arts Cure Online Magazine

+M i r a n d a +


Post #: 1277


For me it conjures up images of being stuck in suburban small town hell. The old ladies with their pastel pet pictures or the men with bushes of hair growing out of their ears doing the sunset on the mountain in watercolors.
Then they display everything at the library or the church during "Pancakes & Arts & Crafts Sunday"



Post #: 1290


CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: New Rivers Press invites Minnesota women to submit3-5 poems for possible inclusion in a new anthology of Minnesota women poets to be published in 2006.

New Rivers Press is a not for profit literary small press founded in 1968 by C.W. "Bill" Truesdale. It has published over 300 books and is now a part of Minnesota State University Moorhead, where its dual mission is to continue to publish enduring contemporary literature of every character and to provide academic learning opportunities for MSUM students.

a.k.a. - Arty Fartsy Film Maker


Post #: 1304

I don't currently have any political angst to talk about right now... But I was working on my next film in my head..and my head is like a bad neighborhood...
its scarey to be there alone... Anyway,,, it seems to me like people in the land of the American Mall$ like to walk as spread out & as slowly as a herd of grazing Buffalo...and sometimes they stampede at freebie giveaways...
It's surprising there ain't more "Mall Rage" incidents...
So that's why my film will show that shopping in the temple of greed on the Sabbath will lead to a return to animal heathen ways.... "TARGET AT TARGET"

When there is no more room in hell.. the dead will walk the earth.. and rent my movies....

Miss Janet Jackson


Post #: 1307

Happy Super Bawls Sunday !

AAWAA Gallery


Post #: 1311

Celebrate the Year of Rooster

Current Art Exhibition: "Identity"
thru March 6, 2005

A group exhibition of visual arts and Lunar New Year Celebration, as part of New York City Cool Festival. This exhibition will explore the notion of ethnic and social identity in a range of media.

AAWAA Gallery/Alternative Space, 136 15th Street, Brooklyn,

Participating artists: Mija Bryen, Seema Christie, Soonok Jung, HeeJung Kim, Wheiza Kim, Risa Kojo, Yan Kong, Donah Lee, E-Anna Soong.



Post #: 1363

Some people obviously think art is just about pretty portraits and pleasant landscapes. WRONG !
Our ART COMMUNITY(s) needs to invoke more passion with the work we create.

The art that sells and modern artists themselves are shaped by the tastes of their teachers. A creative revolution is badly needed.



Post #: 1365


So what bitter, frustrated, mid-life-crisis rock did you crawl out from under?



Post #: 1544

Come Sunday I hope you all enjoy
The Passion of the...
pagan fertility symbols like chocolate bunnies and marshmallow eggs.



Post #: 1591

Move over A.T.O.A.

its time to scream !

It's the peculiar nature of art blogs that those who write them can simply decide to stop whenever it becomes inconvenient to continue.

ArtsJournal daily digest of arts, culture & ideas

Roberta Fallon & Libby Rosof's ARTBLOG

MOCA, Culver City, LACMA and more
RE: Knight on Rich "Resignation"
If only the LA Times were free, then everyone could read Chritopher Knight's take on the LACMA/Andrea Rich resignation. Instead, everyone will read the New York Times versions of the story because, sigh, they are free. Come on LA Times, get moving! In the meantime, read excerpts below...


Ashcan fan


Post #: 1606

The Armory Show
Thesis by Linda Larson
"In the early 1900s, America was a nation in transition, ripe for evolutions in politics, social systems, literature, and certainly art. It was an era of world war, prohibition, prosperity, the Great Depression, and a time of decadence giving birth to a daring and lively generation that challenged the lifestyle and ideals of the past."

Ashcan School, George Luks, Everett Shinn, John Sloan
Maurice Prendergast, Ernest Lawson, Arthur B. Davies



Post #: 1671

Union237 Gallery

We have what we consider to be a simple, yet important goal. UNITE (hence the name) the communities with our artistic endeavors.
As Philadelphia?s premiere multi-media facility we find ourselves very fortunate to be able to bring people together through our multi-cultural events, film screenings, music festivals, and art exhibits.
UNION 237 Gallery
237 Market St., Philadelphia, PA

Hoboken Arts & Music Festival - May 1


Post #: 1678

Mayor David Roberts & the City of Hoboken proudly present the Hoboken Arts & Music Festival Sunday, May 1, 2005 -11am - 6pm

Featured performer: Herman's Hermits, starring Peter Noone.

Over 300 artists, sculptors, photographers, and craftspeople will be featured, as well as lots of great food.

Artists display oil paintings, watercolors, sculpture, and photography. Crafters sell pottery, dried flowers, jewelry, metalwork, batik clothing, hand painted furniture, candels, blown glass, and much more.

Sunday, May 1, 2005 - 11am to 6pm

Music Stage: John Sonntag, Buzz Universe, Verdict,
Martin Y Su Rico Tumbao with the dance group "Bailatina"
Zydecoal, Polka Dot, Dawn Allynne's Silly Critter Talk
Everlounge, Ice Wagon Flu, Skanatra, Swingin Neckbreakers
4:45pm to 6:00pm: Herman's Hermits starring Peter Noone

The Festival will take place rain or shine, but in case of inclement weather, Peter Noone will perform at an indoor location TBA.

You can't enjoy without "nj"

Devi Mahatmya


Post #: 1703

::: feliz dia das m?es, mamma gothz :::

a.k.a. Australian Artist


Post #: 1706

Who am I? Well, I'm an Australian Painter, Dion Archibald. My art is about a personal exploration of the subject and the materials used to create the work. Regardless of whether the subject is something as mundane as a toothbrush or as awe inspiring as the beauty of nature, it has to speak to me in some way.

Why is enjoyment of contemporary and old art so often seen as irreconcilable? - Jonathan Jones art critic

The Archibald Prize: Awarded annually to the best portrait, "preferentially of some man or woman distinguished in Art, Letters, Science or Politics, painted by any artist in Australasia during the 12 months preceding the [closing] date ..." Value: $35,000

? ? Artists # ?


Post #: 1709

mike's art + stuff

paintings - mixed media on board:

# j is for jelly
# g is for gun
# i is for illogical
# H is for
# P is for Prometheus
# b is for borazine

mike: artist and wannabe

LIC Arts


Post #: 1717

Crane Street Studios
Open Studios
Saturday and Sunday, May 14-15th 2005
from 12 - 6 pm.
Five floors of professional artists working in various media will exhibit finsihed works and works in progress.
Take the 7 train to 45th road/ court house square.
46-23 Crane street, the graffiti building.
Crane is located across from PS1. PS1 will also feature parties and events all weekend long.

PS1 Contemporary Art Center, an affiliate of The Museum of Modern Art, is the oldest and second largest non-profit arts center in the United States solely devoted to contemporary art. Recognized as a defining force of the alternative space movement, P.S.1 stands out from major arts institutions through its cutting-edge approach to exhibitions and direct involvement of artists within a scholarly framework.

Dee Tomiyaka



Post #: 1804

- Omotesando, Tokyo
- Shinsaibashi, Osaka
- Nakasu, Fukuoka

2005.6.25(SAT)-6.26(SUN) OPEN/18:00-CLOSE/27:00
The Biggest Club Night of The Year!

Performing Live PLUS MANY OTHERS !

Including guests and hottest models from LA, NYC, and HAWAII!


**ADVANCE TICKETS 3000yen FOR VIP's (Save 1000yen)

For Advance Tickets or More Information:




Post #: 1806

RE: "Tokyo"? "Osaka" ? "BROTHEL" ???
I don't see what this posting has to do with an ART COMMUNITY. Not even life drawing.
RE: "BROTHEL" ?? How about Rue des Moulins Brothel painted by
Henri Toulouse-Lautrec ? Or Botticelli nudie paintings?
I love the idea of 15th & 16th Century painters hiring hookers to pose as breast feeding Madonnas. After all - nice girls wouldn't sit nude for old men with wet tipped brushes.

RE: "Including guests and hottest models from LA, NYC, and HAWAII!
Why would I go all the way to Japan to see American models?? I'd rather explore traditional Japanese SHUNGA (erotic art) paintings. Or Kama Sutra prints.

Since theres no way I can list all the LA, Hawaii and NY clubs; I can mention a few in NYC I've visited.
217 East Houston Street NYC
6 Delancey, NY, NY 10002
125 E. 11th Street, NYC

Flash Light



Post #: 1812


I let this slide because of the list of performance artists:


I won't ask what acts they're performing.

Miss Miya Bawlz- Hurtz
a.k.a. fan of SPEEDY (the mouse) GONZALEZ


Post #: 1818

A bit of useless trivia - "THE GOLDEN WEB SPIDERS ENT"
named itself after a predator:
"The predatory behavior of the golden-web spider Nephila clavipes (Araneae: Araneidae)."

RE: "CLUB BROTHEL" - So the club eats you alive once you've entered ?


And more good vibrations to ponder:
"The wheel shaped orb web is the ultimate use of silk to catch prey. When a victim blunders into the web, it is snared by the silky threads. The spider, on feeling the vibrations, quickly trusses it up in silk to prevent it tearing the web. A male Orb web spider may announce his presence to the female by plucking the strands of the web."



Post #: 1819


just get some sleep




Post #: 1833

Artistic & very creative party pics: Goddess Ball, Corset Show, Cabaret Magique, Wigstock, ANNE RICE BALL(S), Salute To BETTY PAGE

UTOPIA PARKWAY (club-within-a-club) SATURDAYS

CBGB & Omfug + CB's 313 Gallery + CB's Lounge
Cybercasts - Live Stream - Archives

CB's 313 Gallery's archived Art Shows!
Artists include: Joseph DiNunzio, Ron English, Jim Houser, Michael Shapiro, Norman Westberg, Lisa Dipietro, Deems, Kevin Kelly, Frank Kozik, Zito, Shig Ikeda, Ben Mathews & Coop

. . . . . x


Post #: 1836



Post #: 1850

New York City is the world's center for contemporary art, and home to some of the finest art galleries anywhere.

Insomniac 240
a.k.a. Barfly barbarian


Post #: 1880

The "ARTIST COMMUNITY" was out in droves today at Coney Island. The annual MERMAID PARADE had many amazing homemade costumes.
This year's king and queen was David Johansen...
Ummm... I mean.. This year's king was David Johansen (aka Buster Poindexter) and the Queen was Karmen Guy!!!
Ruby's Bar was the place to be... cept for the sun fried brains standing next to me screaming at nipple glittered mermaids.

Tommorrow is the The 36th Annual PRIDE MARCH in manhattan.
More glittered nipples. And still more guys wearing coconut shell bras. I just hope the pace of the parade isn't dragged out!

And Billy Graham's Crusade is in town. Hmmm.. Great timing !!! I wonder if they're into the "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" style or do they have their own Billy in shinning armour deal? Ya know... with white horses and knights running into Jerusalem to save us from the evil non-Christians. So retro 1095 AD !!!

Insomniac 240


Post #: 1893

Coming out of a 3 day golden Bud haze.. I rememeber now.. I saw painter Chris Pelletiere at Ruby's bar. They had hung his painting of the boardwalk (landscape) there for years until Ruby's had a little fire. Myron Heise was at Ruby's too...for the Mermaid Parade and to admire the curves of creativity that abounded on the boardwalk.



Post #: 1997

"Pieces For Peace"
Mosaic Mural
Students Create An International Dialogue



Post #: 2188

EN-DUR-ANCE /N./ 1. The act, quality, or power of withstanding hardship or stress. 2. The state or act of persevering; continuing survival.

Endurance Artists:
Jacqueline Tarry
Bradley McCallum
art exhibtion thru September 24th, 2005

Aljira, a Center for Contemporary Art
591 Broad Street, Newark, NJ

Eddie Alfaro


Post #: 2235

FOR REAL. Be there. Witness and Participate. Find a way to
go that you did not know.


Bring your instruments, your paints & brushes,

bring a need to connect,

a global consciousness, witnessed in the GLASSHOUSE GALLERY

Thank you. You get there, and then you feel it.

Friday Night
Glass House Gallery
10:00 PM
38 South 1st
(bet. Kent and Wythe ave.) Williamsburg, Brooklyn



Post #: 2239

Pratt Institute's Annual Art Fair
Saturday, October 15, 2005.

The event will be held from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. on Hall Street between DeKalb and Willoughby avenues, adjacent to Pratt?s Brooklyn Campus.

Pratt Institute is organizing the event along with the Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership, which will hold its first annual Myrtle Main Street Festival featuring local merchants, restaurant tastings, children?s activities, and live music simultaneously on Myrtle Avenue. The event also will coincide with Pratt?s annual Alumni Weekend and Family Weekend festivities.



Post #: 2257


NOV. 2 - "Then and Now - 25 Years of The Original Art Exhibition"
Leonard Marcus, Connie Rockman, Pat Cummings and Martha Rago
Moderator: Dilys Evans

NOV. 9 - Children's Literature and Book Museums
Jerry Mallett, Mazza Museum
Nicholas Clark, Eric Carle Museum

NOV. 16 - "Would I Get Published Today?"
Etienne Delessert, David Macaulay, Arthur Levine, Scholastic Books

NOV. 30 - "Educational Publishing - An Unseen Market"
Mela Bolinao - HK Portfolio

Museum of American Illustration at the Society of Illustrators, 128 East 63rd Street, NYC



Post #: 2293

View the abstract musings of artist Patricia Gutierrez

Cocktail reception on October 14th from 6 to 8PM
at The Puccio Gallery
1202 Second Avenue @ 63rd Street, NYC

Patricia Schnall Gutierrez has achieved a significant reputation as both an abstract and a figurative artist over the past 30 years. Her work has been exhibited extensively in gallery and museum venues and is part of collections throughout the world.

Exhibition thru Oct 18th, 2005


Post #: 2315

Sound off on our message boards, and interact with others interested in glassblowing. Just select a discussion topic below, or start a discussion on a new topic by linking below:
Hot Glass Info
Glassblowing Message Board
Glassblowers Artist Dialogue
9 Susan Lane
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

NY Arts Magazine . com


Post #: 2327

NY Arts Magazine
473 Broadway, New York, NY 10013



Post #: 2535

*TRIBES GALLERY * *Art Contest Call for Entries*


*Celebrity Judge*
*Robert Storr is curator for the upcoming 2007 Venice Biennale and a curator at the Museum of Modern Art.

*Your Eligibility*
Open to all artists worldwide with original artwork in all creative processes and forms.

First place winner will be given a solo exhibition at the TRIBES Gallery to open our Fall 2006 exhibition schedule. Robert Storr's name will be used in all promotional and press materials.

Second and third place winners will be given a two person exhibition at TRIBES Gallery. Robert Storr's name will be used in all promotional and press materials.

*Entry Fee*
A fee of $35US must accompany up to five slides or jpegs; $5 for each additional slide. No maximum. Checks or Money Orders or for artists outside the U.S. send an International POSTAL Money Orders in U.S. dollars payable to *A Gathering of the Tribes*.

Questions, Contacts and Website
Tribes Gallery
285 3rd Street, New York, NY 10009

a.k.a. Join the Revolution!


Post #: 2584

Gen Art - is the leading arts and entertainment organization dedicated to showcasing emerging fashion designers, filmmakers, musicians and visual artists.

With offices in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami and Chicago Gen Art produces over 100 events annually ranging from a week-long film festival to massive star-studded fashion shows, DJ competitions, art exhibitions, multi-media events, and much, much more.

Gen Art has showcased the works of over 300 visual artists over the past ten years.

Gen Art not only wishes to expose new audiences to emerging visual art talent, but to cultivate new collectors for such talent's works. Artists including Ryan McGuiness, Will Cotton, and Paul Henry Ramirez have had some of their first exhibitions with Gen Art.

Gen Art is closely supported by the peer group of the artistic talent it showcases.

It has cultivated a loyal following of 21-39 year olds who want to keep in touch with new developments in the arts and who strive to be in-the-know about new happenings in their city. They enjoy life to the fullest ! !

P.D.A. Bluetooth


Post #: 2652

Join the Revolution!

Stand apart with 100 percent cotton T shirts made in a
Chinese sweat shop!

Join the Revolution!

Wear your heart on your sleeve ! Or at least a Che Guevara T shirt on your back... Everyone at StarBucks will be impressed with your conviction as you sit their posing with your cell phone and researching impovished nations on your PowerBook G4.

Larry Poons, Jr.
a.k.a. Can u spot d artist


Post #: 2716

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.
Yup,,that's what happened at 4am.
Around 3:30,,after sharing a fifth of bourbon with my old friend Louis from Port-au-Prince and then hearing the "Last calls"...I went home to have breakfast...fell alseep slumped over my stove and...slowly but surely.. my Chestnuts were roasting over an open fire ! Smelled like chicken too.
Damn that smarted...
Happpy freakin holidays to all you artists out there.

Muse Fuse


Post #: 2774

Muse Fuse: slide night and holiday party.

Wednesday, December 14 at 7:00 pm
Leonard Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY

Muse Fuse is an informal forum
for the NURTUREart Registry Artists.



Post #: 2928


Can anyone give me a ride into Soho if there's a strike.

I'm depending on the good vibes I feel from the "ART COMMUNITY"



Post #: 2977



Post #: 3091

Flint Butera has been a part of the New York City art scene for the past sixteen years. His provocative work has appeared on the SCI-Fi Channel and at a Number of art venues in and around New York City.

virtual view of the gallery zoom-in-zoom-out





Post #: 3127




Post #: 3128




Post #: 3131

Show me a normal person and I'll show you a bore.

Post "HO-Ho-Ho" to all my truely creative yet angst driven friends. And a shout out to Bill Double"U".


Christmas Carols for the Psychiatrically Challenged::::

Schizophrenia ---
Do You Hear What I Hear?

Multiple Personality Disorder ---
We Three Queens Disoriented Are

Amnesia ---
I Don't Know if I'll be Home for Christmas

Narcissistic ---
Hark the Herald Angels Sing About Me

Manic ---
Deck the Halls and Walls and House and Lawn and Streets and Stores and Office and Town and Cars and Buses and Trucks and Trees and Fire Hydrants and ....

Paranoid ---
Santa Claus is Coming to Get Me

Borderline Personality Disorder ---
Thoughts of Roasting on an Open Fire

Personality Disorder ---
You Better Watch Out, I'm Gonna Cry, I'm Gonna Pout,
Maybe.. I'll tell You Why

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ---
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells .............

Agoraphobia ---
I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day But Wouldn't Leave My House

Senile Dementia ---
Walking in a Winter Wonderland Miles From My House In My Slippers and Robe...and ...uh...

Oppositional Defiant Disorder ---
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus So I Burned Down the House

Social Anxiety Disorder ---
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
While I Sit Here and Hyperventilate
all our troubles will be here by morning.

a.k.a. LES Nueva York


Post #: 3132

RE: "truely creative yet...."




OW OW OW 'All Images Copyright 1998-2005 S C SHRYOCK
Images may not be reproduced without consent of the artist.

a.k.a. reasonably " normal person"


Post #: 3135

Physician, heal thyself

Ninni Poopie


Post #: 3136

Burp !

Alpha - Omega


Post #: 3144

mortal of mere human flesh
beware thy ego.


Post #: 3147

Victory Hall

short PATH train ride
across the Hudson
in New Jersey


Post #: 3148

Sunday Jazz Brunch

Coming UP January 8th 2006!

2:30 pm-5:30 pm

Presented by Victory Hall and Rise Up Productons

$12 Advance $15 At Door Includes -
Continental Buffet Brunch & Complimentary Glass of Wine

Victory Hall / Arts Center
186 Grand Street
Jeresy City, NJ

Kung Hai Fat Choy


Post #: 3302

Guandong Museum of Art, 38 Yanyu Road,
Er-sha Island, Guangzhou 510105, P.R.China

Since its opening in 1997, the Guangdong Museum of Art has continuously supported research and exhibitions on Chinese contemporary art. It has curated and hosted a series of scholarly ambitious exhibitions of Chinese and foreign contemporary art.

The Guangdong Museum of Art consists of twelve indoor exhibition halls covering an area of 8,000 square meters as well as an outdoor Sculpture Garden that is 5,000 square meters in size.



Post #: 3355

Is it me... or

does the photo of Ruth Kligman....
in that wide rim hat and sweet smile look like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm ? The Shirley Temple version fo course.

Film: Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (1938)

Oakland Berkeley
a.k.a. { "_" } . 510


Post #: 3365

Have a look

Dark is the Brush




Post #: 3369

To the ATOA folk
here is a chance to "[edit]" the Wikipedia page:

Ruth Kligman
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Ruth Kligman is most commonly known as the girlfriend of several important American artists of the mid 20th century (Jackson Pollock, Willem DeKooning).

DeKooning named a painting for Kligman ("Ruth's Zowie"), and she was the sole survivor of the car crash that killed Pollock.

She published a book, "Love Affair: a memoir of Jackson Pollock" about her relationship with Pollock. In the Ed Harris film "Pollock" from 2000, Kligman was played by actress Jennifer Connelly.

Kligman is an artist in her own right, and as of January, 2006 was still creating new work and living in New York City.



Post #: 3436

Is it me... or does Ken Kimmelman look like Elmer Fud ??

Ken Kimmelman

Elmer Fud

a.k.a. can't get enough A.R.


Post #: 3437

January 21st, 2005
Aesthetic Realism:

The Opposites in Art and Life

The panel looks at their own work and that of Picasso, Calatrava, Stella and Oceanic art and shows what they learned from poet and Aesthetic Realism founder Eli Siegel about the great relation of art and life.

Moderator: Carrie Wilson, art historian, Terrain Gallery
Panelists: Chaim Koppelman, printmaker, SVA, National Academy of Design
Marcia Rackow, painter, lecturer Aesthetic Realism Foundation
Dale Laurin, architect, Urbane Architects, P.C.
Ken Kimmelman, Emmy Award winning filmmaker, Imagery Film, Ltd.


May 12, 2006
Aesthetic Realism:

The Opposites of Technique and Feeling in Film
The noted Emmy award-winning filmmaker Ken Kimmelman, President of Imagery Film, Ltd., will screen his latest film, Hot Afternoons Have Been in Montana, based on the 1925 Nation prize-winning poem by Eli Siegel. Kimmelman will also show his short social and political issue films, some produced for the United Nations, and speak about what he's learned from Aesthetic Realism.

Moderator: Marcia Rackow, artist, Aesthetic Realism consultant
Participants: Edward Green, composer
Jennifer Basnyat, digital artist
Bernie Hayden, sound designer
Organizer: Ken Kimmelman, filmmaker

a.k.a. some of my best friends are....


Post #: 3438

Considering how many Gays there are in the ARTS...
Maybe ATOA should check out the real "Realism" agenda.

1971 The H Persuasion: How Persons Have Permanently Changed from Homosexuality through the Study of Aesthetic Realism with Eli Siegel is published, containing essays in which Sheldon Kranz, Ted van Griethuysen, Roy Harris, and Tom Shields give "the principal reason for the change from H" and present "some of the details of that change" (pp. xi, vii). The Introduction notes that James Greller and John Stern are also men who changed. And the book contains Siegel's short explanation, "Aesthetic Realism; or, Is a Person an Aesthetic Situation?" The book includes first-person case studies.

Sir. Reel Styles


Post #: 3439

Sooo that's why Elmer always looked so pissed-off when Bugs Bunny sneaked a big wet kiss on him. That wascally wabbit ! ! !



Post #: 3443

ammend my 2006-01-25 posting

Is it me... or does the photo of Ruth Kligman
look like the star of the new indie film "The Lady in Question"

Film Opening in New York city
March 24, 2006 at The Quad Cinema
"Truly a New York institution, the Quad Cinema has been showing the best of foreign and independent films for over 25 years."

The Lady in Question is Charles Busch website:

In Catania and Ignacio?s first feature documentary we look deep inside the world of one of the most prolific, talented, and outrageous New York theater artists of the last two decades, beloved playwright, actor, novelist, drag artist, and leading lady, Charles Busch.

Splashed on the map in 1984 as one of the burgeoning artists of New York?s East Village arts scene, Busch?s scandalously sex-charged, cross-dressing classic, Vampire Lesbians of Sodom became a theater phenomenon, running an unprecedented five years and securing its place as one of the longest-running shows in Off-Broadway history. His legendary Theater-in-Limbo plays, produced originally at the dingy yet inspired Limbo Lounge, brought together an eclectic troupe whose talents are on display in rare archival footage.

a.k.a. can't get enough A.R.


Post #: 3444

On the ATOA listing
RE ATOA panel May 12, 2006
Aesthetic Realism:
The Opposites of Technique and Feeling in Film

Oppss... you forgot a credit:
Participants: Edward Green, composer
RE "Edward Green has been on the faculty of the Aesthetic Realism Foundation since 1980."

a.k.a. P.S.


Post #: 3445

RE: "Kimmelman will also show his short social and political issue films, some produced for the United Nations, and speak about what he's learned from Aesthetic Realism."

Learned ? why be so modest... he has a "FACULTY" page.



yeah.. me again


Post #: 3446

ATOA panel Date: 2005-01-21
Moderator: Carrie Wilson, art historian, Terrain Gallery




Post #: 3447

you missed the Grammys last night.

Maven Haven


Post #: 3456

Longwood Arts Project
is the contemporary art center of the Bronx Council on the Arts with the mission to support artists and their work, especially emerging artists from underrepresented groups such as people of color and women, through Longwood Art Gallery @ Hostos, Digital Matrix Commissions Program, and public programs that provide opportunities for free and open dialogue.

"Do You Think I'm Disco"
Exhibition is on view through March 18, 2006

Longwood Art Gallery @ Hostos
Hostos Community College/CUNY
450 Grand Concourse @ 149th St, Bronx, NY 10451

Maven Haven


Post #: 3457


The Artisans Initiative, a program of BCADC, is designed to provide outreach, services and training to underrepresented artisans of the Diaspora. The program's goal is to cultivate a viable cultural and economic asset within our communities by providing technical assistance, tips on marketing and valuable small business training.

Artisans Marketplace at Hostos Community College Atrium
March 1, 2006 -- 5:30-8:30pm

Bronx craft artisans assemble in Hostos' Atrium with a fine selection of hand-crafted, contemporary & traditional art. Enjoy affordable, collectible handmade crafts by the artists who created them. Craft items include: Art collectables, bath salts, beadwork, candles, ceramics, clothing, crafts, crochet accessories, crochet hats, crystal jewelry, evening wraps, favors, folklore dolls, fragrances, greeting cards, jewelry, oils, personal care products, religious worship articles, scarves, soaps, textiles, woodcarving, and woodwork.

Hostos is located at 450 Grand Concourse at 149th Street
Bronx, New York City, USA

Sir. Reel Styles


Post #: 3466

Celebrate the 78th Annual Oscar night !! It's almost here - Sun March 5, 2006 !!

RE: "Kimmelman will also show his short social and political issue films"

ATOA should focus on the film studies dept. Discuss pivotal moments in film history and utilize the Visual Arts Library Film Scripts collection. The SVA library maintains a great collection of over 700 film scripts, ranging from such classics as Rear Window and The Searchers to more recent films like Blue Velvet, Short Cuts and Quiz Show.

ATOA should cover the visual arts classics and leaders in the field of film history like Sergei Eisenstein - The Battleship Potemkin or Leni Riefenstahl - Filmmaker - Actress - Photographer / and her effective use of propaganda films or DW Griffith - The Birth of a Nation, 1915, silent film

Mardi Gras / Feb. 14


Post #: 3471


In response to a letter sent out through National Association for Schools of Art and Design, (NASAD) in October from the head of the art department at Louisiana State University, a Mardi Gras will be held on Feb. 14, Valentine?s Day, at the Lang Student and Community Center, 55 West 13th Street, from 7:00 to 11:00 p.m., as part of a fundraising initiative called Ripple Effect.

A Parsons Illustration Department initiative, the fundraiser is to benefit displaced art students and professionals of Louisiana, particularly the Baton Rouge area. All money goes to the purchase of materials for those art students and professionals suffering from Katrina. The event is being held in cooperation with New School Responds, Katrina Relief. The cost of admission is $20.

At this event there will be live music, cajun food, confections, beads, a king cake, and silent auction featuring nearly 40 works from art and design professionals including many New Yorker cover artists; designers like Milton Glaser, Gary Kelley, Peter De Seve, and artists for the New York Times and The Nation. The artwork of more than 100 Parsons students will also be projected throughout the party.

Following this evening of food, music, and fun, there will be an exhibition of all the artwork being auctioned at The Society of Illustrators Museum of American Illustration from Feb. 25 through March 1.

D. Nang


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Me love you long time !




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What would Mrs. Astor do ??

The 11th Annual Shelley Novak Awards
Monday, February 27th 2006 at Midnight

Crobar's Back Door Bamby 1445 Washington Avenue



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ARTtalk ; is a monthly eight-page newsletter available online and FREE-OF-CHARGE from participating Art Material Retailers in the U.S., Canada and Bermuda.

Each month you?ll find informative articles that deal with a variety of subjects such as drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, matting and framing, arts and crafts, and more. These explain various techniques?how to work and paint with watercolor, oils or acrylics; how to use pastels or pen and ink; how to work with different surfaces/grounds; how to paint with the airbrush and compatible materials; how to use projectors/light boxes in your work and more.

You?ll also find information on artists and art history, current events and art world news, competitions and workshops, and a bi-monthly ?Kids? Korner.?
(Established 1990)

ARTtalk is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian.


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UrbanGlass offers three Visiting Artist Fellowships to international artists wishing to work in glass.

Two fellowships are offered to Emerging Artists and one fellowship to an Established Artist. Fellowships are for an eight week period and include access to all areas of the Studio on a scheduled basis, technical support and materials as stipulated in the Fellowship Agreement. The Fellowship does not include room and board. In addition, each Visiting Artist may receive an honorarium up to a maximum of $2,500 for his/her discretionary use.

The Emerging Artist Fellowship is designed to provide recent graduates with a bridge between the academic and professional world. The Established Artist Fellowship is offered to working artists with established careers. Both fellowships afford artists the opportunity to develop a new body of work and explore new techniques. Artists will be chosen on the basis of past work and plans for utilizing UrbanGlass facilities. A selection committee of artists, staff and critics will review applications and notification of selection will be made no later than January 31, 2007.

Artists who are interested in this program should complete the Visiting Artist application form and submit it with required materials in the format described to:

Visiting Artists Program
647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217-1112

The deadline for submission of materials is
December 1, 2006.

UrbanGlass is a not-for-profit international center whose mission is to promote the use and appreciation of glass as a creative medium and to make glass accessible to an increasingly diverse audience of professional artists, amateurs, collectors and the just curious through its programs, educational initiatives, and publications. Founded in 1977 as the New York Experimental Glass Workshop, UrbanGlass was the first artist access glass center in the United States. Previously those interested in working in glass could only do so at art schools, in factories or by building their own studios. When UrbanGlass opened its doors, glass as an art medium became available for the first time to a wide range of artists at an affordable price. Soon after its debut, a gallery, classes, artist residencies and GLASS: The UrbanGlass Art Quarterly were added to the mix, making UrbanGlass the most important East Coast center and resource for artists wishing to experiment with glass. UrbanGlass is located at 647 Fulton Street in downtown Brooklyn within easy access of the cultural riches of New York City.


UrbanGlass' 17,000 square foot facility contains a complete glassworking studio including: two hot glass furnaces (that melt 2000 pounds of glass daily), seven glory holes, 13 annealers, a mold shop, cold shop, lampworking and neon shop, a flat glass area for slumping and fusing, mosaics and stained glass, and a sandblaster. All areas of the studio are available to artists for rental at an affordable hourly rate.

JC Fridays


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artist; Chris Pelletiere
wine & cheese reception
7:oo-9:oo pm

March 3rd 2006,
part of Jersey City's
"First Fridays"

Gallerie Hudson
197 Newark Avenue
Jersey City NJ

JC's First Fridays: Visual Arts,Performance, Music, Film
Jersey City NJ



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In GOOD AND EVIL, "Someone's value to the community depends on primary on how far his feelings, thoughts, and actions are directed towards promoting the good for his fellows. We call him good or bad according to how he stands in the matter. It looks at first as if our estimate of a man depends entirely on his social qualities. And yet, such an attitude would be wrong. It is clear that all the valuable things, material, spiritual, and moral, which we receive from society can be traced back through countless generations to certain creative individuals. The use of fire, the cultivation of edible plants, the steam engine - each was discovered by one man. Only the individual can think, and thereby create new values for society - nay, even set up new moral standards to which life of the community conforms.

Without creative, independently thinking and judging personalities, the upward development of society it is as unthinkable as the development of the individual personality without the nourishing soil of the community.




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Join the Art-wow! community

Joint the Art-wow Community

Become a member of the growing Art-wow community and significantly increase your exposure on the internet.

Soon you will be able to register your studio, gallery, web site, or any art related business in our giant data base and search engines. Art-wow! is the web site where students, professionals, collectors and teachers and art lovers come for everything about art!

Free online art instruction

Improve your artistic skills right here for free. We offer a complete range of art lessons for beginning students, teachers and home schoolers, professional artists or people who simply enjoy drawing and painting.

Our free step by step drawing lessons will teach you how to greatly improve your artistic skills. We have tons of tutorials that show how to easily put life, light and energy into your drawings. You will see immediate improvement, we guarantee it! For Free!

Geometric Shapes and Shadows

Draw the Human Eye

Draw a Flower in Detail

Draw A Perfect Human Face

Hoos Yo Dada


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"Day de Dada 2006"

Saturday. April 1,
from 2:00 - 4:00 pm

NYC Arts Cypher
12 Broad Street
Staten Island, NY 10304

NYC Arts Cypher is committed to building and developing the community.

Cy Pher


Post #: 3648

Tamara Wyndham’s will be part of the performance art event; "Day de Dada 2006"
Saturday. April 1, from 2:00 - 4:00 pm

Her piece is titled
“"no time for TIME”"

@ NYC Arts Cypher
12 Broad Street
Staten Island, NY 10304

a.k.a. __**SAVE-THE-DATE – April 4th***__


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**SAVE-THE-DATE – April 4th***

THE FIELD presents a FREE SEMINAR about the Artist-Manager Partnerships Program

Artist-Manager Partnerships (AMP) responds to two important needs of the New York City arts community.

1) To help artists develop arts management skills so that they can support themselves by working in the arts.

2) To respond to the need of nonprofits and arts groups to find administrative help.

AMP provides a curriculum of seminars and workshops for manager-trainees, followed by a four-month internship wherein the manager-trainee works directly with the non-profit organization or arts group.

Application Deadline: Monday, April 17.

Tuesday April 4, 6-7:30 pm

Brooklyn Arts Council
55 Washington Street, Suite 218

Capacity is limited to 25 people. Please RSVP to
or call 718.625.0080

by subway: F toYork St.
A,C to High St.
2,3 to Clark St.


Founded in 1966, Brooklyn Arts Council is a service organization dedicated to helping artists, arts organizations and community groups promote and sustain the arts. BAC is unique in the borough in that it assists artists – both amateur and professional in all disciplines.



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Art Party 2006
A benefit for the Whitney Independent Study Program

Thursday May 11, 2006
9pm?1am cocktails and dancing
9pm?11pm silent auction
Music by The MisShapes + special live performance
Skylight, 275 Hudson Street

* $575 Benefactor(s) includes one ticket and one membership to the Whitney Contemporaries
* $200 Patron(s) includes one ticket
* $175 Friend(s) Whitney Contemporaries only

Tickets available for purchase online soon!
Silent Auction Artists



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"Life is very much about rule-breaking, about confrontation. Otherwise history would just stand still. Someone has to come along and break the rules and try, for whatever reason, to go about things in a different way. Even if it is a simple sense of adventure, a sense of exploration. You explore concepts and things that interest you, but you are also exploring inside of yourself." - Ed Paschke

Vic Torious
a.k.a. MAY DAY !!!


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International Workers' Day (aka May Day) is the commemoration of the Haymarket Riot of 1886 in Chicago, and a celebration of the social and economic achievements of the international labor movement.

Espana / primero de Mayo



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aka good-natured-ribbing

text taken... err.. borrowed from;
"The Nearby Caf?"
a.k.a. a quiet, relaxing cyberplace where you can engage with diverse projects and ideas in the visual arts, literature and writing, politics, food and travel, health and wellness, love and lust.

Surf's up!

The Nearby Caf?'s crack team of 'Net scouts, composed exclusively of lapsed members of Surfaholics Anonymous, continuously compiles, reviews, revises, and updates its own hot list of preferred cyberspace venues. Their often eccentric recommendations ? organized into subject areas including (but not limited to) the Caf?'s own structure ? we've gathered here.

We don't understand why anyone would want to leave the Caf? for even a minute (we're here 24/7 ourselves), but if you desperately need an unreality check, we'll hold your table until you return.

? The Management

Artists Talk On Art
Virtual Furnace
College Art Association
Worldwide Arts Resources
FineArt Forum
Los Angeles Country Arts Commission

Coagula Online ; "WE at the Caf? are the very soul(s) of discretion . . . while THEY'RE NOT. And thank God for that, we say. Because gossip is a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it. And no one, absolutely no one, does art-world gossip better than the inquiring minds at Coagula Online. "The LowDown on High Art" is their slogan, and they deliver."

The First National Church of the Exquisite Panic, Inc.
Journal of Contemporary Art
Arts Wire
SITO Artchives and Collaborative Rituals

and wacky uncategorizable websites (aka Miscellaneous)



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AFLAC duck
AFLAC duck
AFLAC duck


Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

get listed for modernity................



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Scientist tell us the extra dimensions must have collapsed into a really tiny space smaller then the atom. next they will say they were mistaken and the planet really is flat.

what do you fear?

RE: "The Edge of Knowledge" @
# Members: 19,280

Group URL:

Type: Public Membership
Founded: Jun 5, 2004
Location: Atlantis,
Dim 4, Phase 5 - CX
Members: 19280

For topics at the cutting edge of human understanding. (Quantum theory, Resonance theory, Cosmology, Metaphysics, Higher dimensions, Brain & Mind study, etc.)

And for the sharing of on topic creative works that expand mind and help it grow. Poetry, art, stories, discoveries, etc.

S. A Ericsson
a.k.a. StudioE9


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WPS1 Art Radio is the Internet station of P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, a MoMA affiliate, featuring an MP3 stream of music, talk, and historical recordings and a free on-demand archive of over 1200 programs.

Art Talk : Conversations, lectures and discussions between artists, collectors, curators, authors, musicians, filmmakers and others.

DJ Sessions: Dance tracks from the WPS1 archives from Warm Up, the Winter Music Conference, Halcyon, and in-house Clocktower sessions.

Historic Audio: Voices from history restored from private collections and the audio archives of the Museum of Modern Art.

Sonic Adventures: Music and audio art both new and old and from near and far... plus rare, out-of-print and unreleased work.

P.S. 1 Audio Tours: WPS1 has partnered with Time Out New York to bring you exclusive audio tracks to accompany special exhibits at P.S. 1. These audio companions have been selected by the artists to creatively refract and/or amplify the viewer's experience of the exhibit. Only in some cases do they actually describe the work and are not intended to replace the P.S.1 Guided Tours.

Please note: WPS1 and P.S.1 have partnered with TIME OUT NEW YORK to bring you exclusive audio tracks to accompany exhibitions on view at P.S. 1.

D. proof


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Do-U-have-the-proof.comming June 2006

see Eric Kim painter Detroit MI

Sir. Reel Styles
a.k.a. sin & cinema


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So did anyone see DaVinci Code? Any thoughts on the art, use of art history, the murder mystery angle, or feedback on the blasphemy stuff.

Or did the film "Art School Confidential" float your boat?
Again,,, Any thoughts on the art, use of art history (name dropping), the murder mystery angle, ect.



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What bothers me is we used to call "The Mona Lisa" great art. But now its been dumbed down to DaVinci Code wallpaper.
Read promo text: Decorate your phone with lush wallpapers inspired by Da Vinci?s masterpieces, choose dramatic ringtones from the movie soundtrack and more.

I seriously hope no idiot fan of the movie vandelizies the Mona Lisa by trying to pull back the canvas.
So dark the con of man.?
Why wasn't this written in Latin, Italian or French?

But interesting to me that both recent films are SONY produced.

A-1 !

world famous artist


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Artists Talk on Art
Join us for the Fall Season starting Friday September 29th from 7-9pm at School of Visual Arts, 209 East 23rd Street, 3rd floor Auditorium, NYC

Save the Date: November 8, 2006 is ATOA's Art Auction Benefit which will be held at Wooster Projects Gallery 418 West 15th Street, between 9th & 10th Avenue. Meet world famous and emerging artists, and buy their work! All proceeds support visual arts education.

Katherine Scripps
a.k.a. Kundalini, Weltschmerz & Ursprache, Ltd.


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NYC : Museum Mile Festival: June 13, 2006 from 6 - 9 p.m.

Which Museums Participate in the Museum Mile Festival?:

All participating museums are located along Fifth Avenue.

* El Museo del Barrio - 105th Street
* Museum of the City of New York - 103rd Street
* The Jewish Museum - 92nd Street
* Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution - 91st Street
* National Academy Museum and School of Fine Arts - 90th Street
* Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum - 89th Street
* Neue Galerie New York - 86th Street
* Goethe-Institut New York/German Cultural Center - 83rd Street
* The Metropolitan Museum of Art - 82nd Street

Maven D. Haven


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"Art of the Word"
June 5 to 30, 2006

Bronx Trolley Evening,
June 7, 6:00 to 8:00pm

Artists' Reception June 9, 6 to 9:00pm

235 E 141st Street, Bronx NY 10451

A haven for the arts

Sir. Reel Styles
a.k.a. film fanatic


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06-06-06 I was compelled to post this !
tag line heedtheomen so check out -

W. Keys
a.k.a. 2.0


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Flickr : Explore / Tags / artisttalk

Sort Flickr by: Most recent •or • Most interesting

Sort Flickr by: Explore / Tags / artopenings

What is Flickr? Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world.

Note: basic Flickr accounts are free!

Wanna keep your favorite websites, music, books, and more in a place where you can always find them ?
The answer is simply



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Brainstorming is like creating art. It moves like a flowing river taking along both conscious and subconscious impressions.

The "ART COMMUNITY" is no longer that gang at the gallery or limited to THE BAR frequented by de Kooning and Larry Rivers on the corner of E. 10th Street. The 2006 "ART COMMUNITY" is where ever you make your niche. Artists from around the world exchange e-mails with pics & web address. Welcome to 2.0 !

The Web 2.0 era has embraced the power of the web to harness collective intelligence. The new "peer-to-peer environment"
Sites like and Flickr have pioneered a concept that some people call "folksonomy".

RE: "Blogging and the Wisdom of Crowds"

O'Reilly Media, Inc.: RE: "If an essential part of Web 2.0 is harnessing collective intelligence, turning the web into a kind of global brain, the blogosphere is the equivalent of constant mental chatter in the forebrain, the voice we hear in all of our heads. It may not reflect the deep structure of the brain, which is often unconscious, but is instead the equivalent of conscious thought. And as a reflection of conscious thought and attention, the blogosphere has begun to have a powerful effect."

RE "It is a truism that the greatest internet success stories don't advertise their products. Their adoption is driven by "viral marketing"--that is, recommendations propagating directly from one user to another. You can almost make the case that if a site or product relies on advertising to get the word out, it isn't Web 2.0."

Artists talking everyday, every hour, everywhere.

MonkeyBites/ Fri, 9 June 2006
The New Yahoo Photos
Now Playing: Brightblack Morning Light
Topic: cool sites

RE: "When Yahoo purchased photo-sharing site Flickr last year, the speculation about how the acquisition would affect the impending re-launch of Yahoo Photos immediately began. Now, the new Yahoo Photos has been unveiled ? the beta went live Thursday afternoon."

Yahoo Photos Beta Launches Today / Michael Arrington; RE: "The new functionality brings in the best of Flickr (lots of Ajax, features like tagging and sets, and the ability to drag and drop photos) as well as new stuff that Flickr doesn?t have. Unlimited free uploading and bandwidth, full quality uploading (and downloading), and point and click tag editing."

Abe Errant
a.k.a. - Your Ad Here -


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Art - community of artists and those devoted to art:
Digital art, Photography , Traditional Art, Skins & Themes, Icons , Artisan Crafts , Visualizations , Pixel Art, Nude Photography, Fetish Photography, art-n-themes, wallpaper art, poetry & prose.... all good !

Join deviantART @



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Journal of Contemporary Art

From the horse's mouth: edited by Klaus Ottmann, the Journal of Contemporary Art specialized in presenting artists' ideas in their own words via interviews.

Christo & Jeanne-Claude
Takashi Murakami
Howard Arkley
Sean Scully
James Hyde
Mariko Mori/Kuni? Sugiura
Julian Opie
Jeff Koons,
Wolfgang Laib,
Miwa Yanagi

Sir. Reel Styles


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Loew's Exhibition
at The American Museum Of The Moving Image
June 2006

“From Penny Arcade To Megaplex??? is the title of a current exhibition at The American Museum Of The Moving Image in Astoria Queens celebrating the 100th anniversary of Loew’s Theatres.

This exhibition includes over 75 historic photos, artifacts and archival film footage from motion picture premieres.



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SVA and Pace/MacGill Gallery present

Self-Portraitr: An Interactive Exhibition Curating

June 30 - August 25, 2006
Pace/MacGill Gallery
32 West 57th Street, 9th fl NYC

Pace/MacGill Gallery and School of Visual Arts? MFA Photography, Video and Related Media Department are pleased to present an interactive exhibition of self-portraits drawn from, the online digital photo-sharing network. Flickr?s user base consists of over one million members who share images and image-related information.

Two leading forces in the New York art world -- a major photography gallery and a top art school -- have joined together to observe this online conversation of image making. The mining and showcasing of this material strives to engage and expand a rapidly growing virtual arts community.

One can choose the role they wish to assume: curator, artist, etcetera. With every click of the mouse, viewers become participants; the interactive community defines the exhibition. The hope is that the final result will be a 50 print exhibition of images chosen by the community.



Post #: 4091


The School of Visual Arts
MFA Photography Video & Media

June 30 - August 25, 2006
Self-portraitr: An interactive exhibition curating the community

Flickr; online photo management and image sharing application

T S.


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paintings by artist:

THRU 08.31.06

The Times Square Information Center
7th Ave, between 46th & 47th St., NYC

Artist Tom Christopher celebrates Times Square with a series of paintings inspired by the Crossroads of the World’s eclectic and frenetic streetscape. Christopher describes his work as a "mission to capture the narrative, the beauty and the magnetic pull of the epicenter of this modern city."

Christopher Stonewall
a.k.a. friend of Dorothy


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The Leslie/Lohman Gallery
is in a new location:
26 Wooster Street, NYC

The Essential Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation
Celebrating FIVE decades
dedicated to perserving the visual legacy of gay men and women.

K. Udos
a.k.a. κύδος


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ATOA Curator's Choice 2006
Contest Winners'
August 31, 2006

Artists Talk On Art (ATOA)
"Curator's Choice" contest winners
to be shown @ Caelum Gallery
508-526 West 26th Street, Chelsea, NYC

Beginning: August 29th

followed by the artists reception:
August 31, 2006 from 6-8 pm.

Donna Dodson, sculptor
Ben Fink, photographer
Stephan Fowlkes, artist
Myrna Minyrt-Forster, artist

ART Dialogues


Post #: 4190

New Art Message Boards

Looking for artists to join a new community of art forums !

They are completely FREE. Join under:

- Show or Sell Your Art
- Promote Your Shows
- Network With Other Artists & Art Businesses
- View List Of Art Contests & Events
- Exchange Your Web Site Link With Others
- Discuss Art & Technique
- Get Your Work Critiqued
- And Much, Much More...

Join here:

Newsletter / Gallery Newsletter :



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A star-studded night featuring some of today's most recognized names in indie-rock, literature, and comedy, including SUFJAN STEVENS (in a rare solo acoustic performance), JON STEWART, DAVID BYRNE (alone, onstage, with a guitar), DAVE EGGERS (best-selling author of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius), SARAH VOWELL (best-selling author and This American Life contributor), JOHN HODGMAN (Daily Show regular and author of The Areas of My Expertise) and JOHN RODERICK (The Long Winters) and special guests to be announced in an evening that promises once and for all to settle the debate: words or music - which is better?

The evening will benefit 826NYC, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting students aged 6 to 18 with their creative and expository writing skills and to helping teachers inspire their students to write.

August 23, 2006
The Beacon Theater
New York, NY


August 26, 2006
Royce Hall
Los Angeles, CA

August 28, 2006
Palace of Fine Arts
San Francisco, CA

September 1, 2006
Bumbershoot Presents
People Talking & Singing
McCaw Hall
Seattle, WA

Savannah Eve Skye
a.k.a. Savvy1007

Art Model


Post #: 4240

Date: Saturday July 22, 2006
Time: 8pm ? 4am
Place Victoria Keen 357 Lafayette Street (corner of Bond), NY, NY
Direx: F, D, Q train to Broadway & Lafayette / 6 train to Bleeker St / N train to 8th Street OR A,C,E train to W4th St
Price: $16

Ginger Le Monn
a.k.a. refresher


Post #: 4245



I'm more than just a woman.

balance the scale between heart and mind.


(e.g. ect.)

David George DeLancey


Post #: 4256

All reasons proceeding on nothing situates exprection 2-23-2006 11:58P.M. about ART ECONOMICS HISTORY > and a Relaxing Venture with the Ability of Thought Thank You 'T'-_-TO / 'H'-_-Help / 'A'Another / 'N'-_-Needed / 'K'Keeper / 'Y'You / 'O'Oughto / 'U'Understand / ...12:02 P.M.

Fiorello LaGuardia
a.k.a. korner d market


Post #: 4276

120 Essex St. between Rivington and Delancey Sts.

'Y'-_-yous/ 'O'-_-orta/ 'U'-_-understand/'R'-_-riffraf/'E'-_-eventually/ 'W'-_-will/ 'E'-_-emulate/ 'L'-_-learned/ 'C'-_-constituents/ 'O'-_-owing/ 'M'-_-many/'E'-_-elustrious/ 'E'-_-errors

..11:51 EST

a.k.a. Arty Fartsy Film Maker


Post #: 4353

It was a foggy haze but I mentioned some of this in my posting of 2005-02-05...

I don't currently have any political angst to talk about... well,,too much... umm right now this moment... But I was working on my next film in my head... those keepers of the peace didn't understand .. my head is like a bad neighborhood... its scarey to be alone there...
I've been thinking aloud... It's surprising there ain't more "Mall Rage" incidents... I mean RAGE is great way to express one's self .. FOLKS, Am I right here !! My next film will show that shopping in the temple of greed on the Sabbath will lead to no more room in hell.. the dead will walk the earth.... or wear sheriff outfits and sway the innocent to spew words of false hatred toward the children of Abraham and Mrs. Lincoln. Do I hear an amen? I'm A-ming toward truth and justice box office returns.. How would I look in Red/white/ and blue leotards ? Seriously.. give peace a chance and my career a second chance... I'll call Friday after sundown when the rates are lower.. I'm a sensitive guy.

George W. Bush
a.k.a. master of misdirection


Post #: 4354

I'm with ya Mel ! The Good folks out there ortta NOT worry their pretty little heads about things like money spent on oil wars or my staff's minor missed judgements. No ! Focus on the real source of E-vil... Road Rage !! And Doggie Rage ! Like what that devil dog done in BRiT-TAN to Elvis' Teddy Bear!!! Now that's an American tragedy if ever I here-ed one ! Blair better get hid butt over to that museum ! How many true blue American hero icons can we afford to lose !

RE: From Associated Press / August 02, 2006 3:11 PM EDT
"Dog Destroys Elvis' Teddy Bear at Museum"

LONDON - A guard dog has ripped apart a collection of rare teddy bears, including one once owned by Elvis Presley, during a rampage at a children's museum.

"He just went berserk," said Daniel Medley, general manager of the Wookey Hole Caves near Wells, England.

Barney (dog) ripped the head off a brown stuffed bear once owned by the young Presley during the attack, leaving fluffy stuffing and bits of bears' limbs and heads on the museum floor.

The collection, valued at more than $900,000.

Copyright 2006 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

A. Conitum- Wolfsbane


Post #: 4355

Have a look at web page

RE: "complete with highly-trained GUARD DOGS, patrolling the tranquil paths"

Have a look at the photo of the guard dog with the yellow glowing eyes ! ..... Maybe he was a "hold-rover" from "The Omen".


East Blue


Post #: 4374

Topic: ART COMMUNITY 2.0 the social internet

Tired of Myspace? First was Flickr, then but now there's TagWorld; building the true Social Network!

; )


Post #: 4376

The last time i looked in a WOOKEY HOLE my mama slapped me!

a.k.a. fresh water foul


Post #: 4408

Got modernity ?


Pollock Squared -meets- Wikipedia,the free encyclopedia.

Mr Death's Posting ( @ Pollock Squared) used several hot links to explain and enhance the readers knowledge of art terms; Dadaism, Theater of the Absurd, Fluxus and Duchamp's urinal ("it?s a real pisser).

I applaud Mr. Death's enlightened enginuity ( but I must refrain from shaking his hand ) in his use of the text.

RE: Mr. Death: "However you have distilled all this art historical context down to a single phrase, "the most idiotic movie I've ever encountered." Pure critical genius on your part. I hope you don't mind if PollockSquared quotes you in its advertising.I look forward to eventually meeting you.
Sincerely, Death "

And in looking at Mr. Death's photo-op page I read :

" Weapons Commander Death has plans to weaponize Pollock's spirit as the ultimate aesthetic force in the universe.
If the pen is mightier than the sword, then the paint brush is a potent weapon. Pollock began painting his drips using brushes to throw skeins of paint, but eventually he made holes in a bucket and filled it with paint to increase his ability to drip.
In Commander Death's view, this invention is to a paint brush as a machine gun is to a rifle, a major advance in the arsenal of aesthetic weapons.."
Uhhh,, yeah....


hope the meds kick in...

More "Pollock Squared" Viewer Comments can be viewed at

Morris Splatterguard


Post #: 4409

I have been asked to announce
on behalf of the parents of
that we will be Sitting Shiva
for his film career
starting Monday night.

The parents of MAD MAX GIBSON
wish to apologize for their
arty fartsy Mr. Big Shot Hollywood son's mouth.

And he won't be getting any kugel this year !


L. Modernus / aka F. Modo 202


Post #: 4422

The Humanities and Sciences Department of
the School of VISUAL ARTS Presents:

RE : "Reassessing the Modern, Modernity and Modernism"

The Twentieth Annual National Conference on Liberal Arts and the Education of Artists

Keynote Speaker: Robert Storr

Robert Storr is Rosalee Solow Professor of Modern Art at the Institute of Fine Arts at New York University and consulting curator of modern and contemporary art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Storr was recently named dean of the Yale School of Art, where he began a 5-year term July 1st, and he will be the director of the 2007 Venice Biennale, a post never before held by an American.

Conference dates:

* October 18-20, 2006
The Algonquin Hotel,
59 West 44th Street, New York City

* October 9: $260.00 registration fee due

Modern, modernity and modernism are the trinity of terms by which we name ourselves, our culture and art and our times.

Is modernity a French, avant-garde reaction to mass culture or an on-going struggle for personal autonomy? Is it a capitalist phase of culture or the fallout from the tradition shattering discoveries of science? And which are modernity?s core concerns: consciousness and language, the nature of reality, a globalism that redefines boundaries, the implications of technologized culture; or, is its true significance our separation from the wholeness of the classical world, a social, psychological and spiritual fragmentation that we welcome and bewail?

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Active Artist Alliance : composed of artists, designers, musicians, writers, students and progressive thinkers who wish to share ideas and communicate with other creative minds.

Upcoming Events in the Area:
Sept 15 & 16 / Ripley NY

S Q. Uidley


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Artists Talk on Art presents:
- Contemporary Chinese Artists -

Friday, October 6, 7pm

A panel discussion surveying leading contemporary artists in China,
with artists Xu Bing, Zhang Jianjun and Lin Yilin, and art critic and International Center of Photography curator Christopher Phillips.

Location: Amphitheater
209 East 23 Street, 3rd floor

Admission is FREE for SVA students, faculty, & staff.

Others: $7 regular admission;
and $3 for SVA alumni, non-SVA students and seniors.

For more info see: / events



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Topic: Artists Community

Memorial Service for: Barbara Schwartz

Thursday, September 28, 2006

7:00 pm @ S.V.A.

A memorial service to honor BFA Fine Arts faculty member Barbara Schwartz.

SVA Amphitheater
209 East 23 Street, 3rd floor
New York City

Free and open to the public.


Barbara Schwartz (died May 8, 2006) was an American artist of the Pattern and Decoration movement.

She was an instructor at the School of Visual Arts beginning in 1978.

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some folks outside of 'silicon valley' may not know it, but there's a web revolution going on. its called Web 2.0 a 'folksonomy' collaboration & community - all in perpetual beta or 'stealth mode'. No need to wait for one night a week.

but then again - there also appears to be a counterrevolution going on in the midst of all the feel-good interconnectedness.

David George DeLancey
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Art Economics History

David George DeLancey


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HELLO Insomniac at the head of an attack or are you you doing ok with your exprection's any way i should of started with first things first 9:11 P.M 9-2-2206 9:12 now well this is about money currencie God and LORD ANUBIS how you doing still with the program heres a thought i'd like to share to you everyonelse is invited if the comprehention does not go your way or anyone else's then if you don't mind you may keep your opinion to yourself if your a deciding person or challenge an idea of thought and nothing else then do share so a desired this is the way ok here is GOD since god came before Money and Currencie i'm sure theres a lot more involved though Lord Anubis consist of these catergorries, I am inclined to agree with my'thinking' God is Dead i'm not being cruel think of the dead a hole lot of years ago keep going STOP ok there dead who's dead you might wonder well the creative first there was POSSIBLY one or within a Period there was Many possibly meaning a few desighned the erea of culture or time some had or haved servived depending on this legnthly periodical venture words were anounced though the thought of anounced not so relaxed as it may require to be even the word require not exsist come on what about just the Large Big Enormous Huge Terriffic Bowl the some how kept from breaking when under fire or the sittuation of grasping the wave and acctually thinking something would be stable in it or just a leaf a float in a pond not all in family or ordinance recognized i talking about the gettaway secret pond who dares to leave camp who may be called a certain name back or within the romance of security even when knowledge is limited announcement is procceedural or just the naming of something a few more words in this paregraph as well as paregraph just may not have been used before other's or the discrption of a dealing like me for instance would i have been doing this explaining early period of life i think not atleast not at first and or even at a great speed didn't exist great speed action did spelling is second hym it's the performance but great speed ya some time was perhaps a greeting to one romance or acctivity now i die someone else comes-along in same peformance and others are as well to a degree more challenged as of building stuff geting from one place to another and recognizing that the help of productivity of the same thing would lead to a helpfull situation a situation that is complete wich leads back to the me the one who does the same thing after i go or pass on die another will do as i did and others will reach a challenge of nesecity and product and soon before our eyes and mainly sences also for we do like it there is alot of, and the ones that acomplished these tasks be it as one or a few or families and or alot of will also be challenged of remembering the situation of there is what you are guessing wright i hope there is a bit out there that have thought of the respect of it what is it am i now confusing you in this simple task of not mentioning it all the writing is disrcribing it now it is called god how much can you say in one for i it is a thought so in god we trust if there is more gods then the discription of that god is theres if i decide to spend my giving as a gift at christmas or remembering a birth or degree then it is i who then chioce the degreeing task if god is not recognized be it just a word of description and conference of what was and is or what then would you describe all that had and has given to aech other remember theres a hole lot of them out there what is it now since i recognize and degree my aknowledgement of the word God i'm ok with that and jehovah did i spell it wright oops theres the h ok looks good where does it say on currencie this word it does'nt someone as well as you sugested this as the declaration of independence some of it to me is a sucjestion is there a g in sugjestion na c looks ok and it seems i should described money before currencie may im on the wright track money is a description of to me end or question as m may stand for may other necesities express you currencie a current cie may challenge big word so is god trust a word that enables all to succed i agree all a tool as money is a tool figure out what tool mean and we all shall have it though not the case a tender and binding well is described on currencie and issued though issued in a tottal different manner study more as 1754 three rivers with johnson search grid DeLancey Faction Indian Lands a 13 page artical and Chief justice James DeLancey Requesting to the public of new york issue of currencie and then theres how to tax did'nt happen and that was the end of next seccion then there was independence to me independence means new so now theres a new but from who till next time have a nice secure day trust me i'm working on it10:18p.m

David George DeLancey
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Art Economics History

David George DeLancey


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10:37 P.M. 9-2-2006 I'm on today to see what came up under my name and ATOA came up on yahoo have'nt noticed it for a while just getting hooked with computers mostly on yahoo i found some great things with the search of David George DeLancey must be the letters ya i know sounds dumb perhaps it is but atleast it worked any confersation or remark anyone has cocerning my paregraphical efforts are infact going to get a responce with the best of my response did you know theres a lot of great information with that person is realy neat heres an art value i paint music perhaps it may be as some may art a peice on an album cover and it may relate it's all about the art now if i put my art into puzzels and late at night while all are about to relax and sleep they awake and well different portion of these puzzels are within the thought of music and culture then theres the degree of putting it all together even as we speak ya portions are limited though it's the escape of thought that will single out the comparesen of perception and of course ones self romance or sort to it, i shall continue with this and get these artafacts out there gotto establish that capital though slowly but surly in proceedure then theres the artist who wrote and sung the songs hym what will they pay for a piece recognized have less then seven somehow seems againgst some law or something to draw a blank i'll tell you though the fleetwood mac wow may seem other see some of there music in something of my paintable art i have'nt completed it yet thogh talk about tight led zepplin is easy have three corresponding with that lisening and looking is the kye getting bored not going to happen 10:57 P.M.



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Uhhh... was that meant as highly crypt code ?

REFER;" if i put my art into puzzels and late at night while all are about to relax and sleep they awake and well different portion of these puzzels are within the thought of music and culture then theres the degree of putting it all together even as we speak ya portions are limited though it's the escape of thought"

Okay,,I sort of comprehend the concept.

Can you slow down your mind ?

Seriously,, the flood of thoughts is too fast for me.

Images too many.

Are you pushing your body too hard..

mind follows thru the black hole.

Voices become limited to the painted pixctures and not beyond.

Lord Anubis


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David George DeLancey,

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated, largely by the minions of Christianity, who slaughtered my priests and my followers during the Dark Ages.

Repent! Follow me: give food to the hungry, water to the thirsty, and clothing to the naked. Do no evil, and I will reward thee with eternal life in the Netherworld.

Have yourself embalmed in the ancient Egyptian manner, and I will grant thee resurrection at the end of the journey of millions of years, which is at hand!

David George DeLancey
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David George DeLancey


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9-4-2006 2:44 p.M. ok Insomniac i'll try to represent my thoughts with ease, it's not a code for me concerning my artistic vrtues as i intend to manufacture puzzels concerning my oil paintings and possibly other drawing's or canvas art the thing is of thought and putting the pezzles together and the lisening of music that may correspond the artistic degree realy i think it's compareble and i'm not at a degree to be absest by it or then again noticeing something and being absest likeing it the thing is if your relative is far away and you both agree to see a portion of art either a puzzele or durect picture of some sort and relate to a time or prtion of day to lisen to a song and a portion of said picture will the mind escape to another portion of picture is all i had of thought when i paregraphed that before sorry if i did'bt explain it clearer well maybe in time i'll realy get my act together and perform this act of artistic culture hym retire realy expresing tallent in rightuos expeirience have you ever thought of why ance is at the end of some words and did you know early english era as england and portion of erea such as other countries france ireland whatever have to study maor well the ance was used they sy in history that it was an established form of baby names i don't know how that was confermed though IT is very interesting ok here's a peice of art i shall share at time did'nt as usually compare it with music though it may of been a dream cause of that solution while driving at truck then was'nt ya was sleeping i awoke as if this perticular thoght was of existance perhaps through a older person anyway here it is let's see how artistic the mind is porportionatly picture a clock at 11 o clock is a crane with magnet lifting a limosine motor making it lean towards norht east of course and a clown holding 8 baloons of different colors ofcourse representing the hard hats white of course for the crane operater that is parcialy visable cause the frame work and at 4:30 a femal faceing south a male durectly at her attentionfaceing the norththough has her full attention constantly anyway theres a tool box to her left hodling 2 hard hats to the left of IT our right and perhaps i like a yellow for her and probably 2 of chioce for me red or green there seems to a format alonging this picture of her aquaintance at about 6 o clock a sider block wall a DUDE open it and drops it on top of his atteding haed hym there are to opening to the center of this setting 9 o clock for somehow an entrance and 1 o clock for exit ok 3 o clock may be of something to perhaps a bit of song of or stability i know that sounds a bit to much if so try to leave it as nothing Nothething the most important thing in the world oop's did i spell that wrong the heck with it i'm leaving it3:22 during this paregraph i had to sort of interuptions first by me a female 17 years old and then again towrds the end a female older then me her interuption well first was longer second not ereasecond was right after the o clocks stuff first was after word older person just thought i'd mention it cause time invovlment personaly it's the detail oops just looked out the window before personaly ofcourse im the type to read it also well onough of that jiber the thing is also amongst this picture the center of it o ya all the figures came fast s just got interupted again is this what your going to do all day i said no ok lets get back to the portional art work 9 1 and 3 came afterwards a few days or more at that the sinder block dorpings was same day shortly after other figures came about tool box came way later darn it interupted again ok tool box may be just the name and relation of some song female singer at that now i gotto read this last part starting at 9 1 and 3 ok i think i'm done hay here's another crazy freakin thought and thew last at this paregraphical setting the sandelles a group from the sixties and i love that durty water Boston yuor my home just a thoguht now not conceeded or nothing a art form at that I Think know how they wrote it see it was a december day in the hottest part of the dorchester hospital near the Charles river window is open and i'm under alot of preasure well others as well ha ha and all of a sudden pow there i went through the hands write into the charles river aperently the faom from the water some how secured a diper type portion to my bottom i think it was time and then there was froggy pads no forgs they were sticky plunged my way up the wall and looked in and said die trust me no-one was there only once you see for some reason i stayed at the same spot hym faceing east about 7 o clock to me left of the building someone is standing there well there could be fog strange ok till next time and no i'm not rearly trhere darn it 3:43 P.M Happy Independence Day i think Independence means New 3:44 P.M David George DeLancey

DAVID George DeLancey
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David George DeLancey


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4:04 P m Readers I forgot the 2 hard hats upsidedown next to the tool box concering the artistic venture of clown limosine crane and clock figured setting to had pepresented this peice the clock is not acually there and some how niether is the sinder nlock wall but some have to paint it there is someone in the driver sear also of limo just cant freajin see it the way it is porportioned oops soory about that maybe the driver left hym see ya 4:09P.M

David George DeLancey
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David George DeLancey


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4;14 p.m. O Ya I Almost Forgot Concerning The ARt Work OF THE CLOWN And Toolbox and wall where ajurning Sinderblocks are just rite under nieth there is tunnel for the kiddies you know ok yuonger folk and it goes straight to the center thats all, heres a poem or song for all those air craft carrier personal out there did'nt start for them and changed one word to acomedate to it word turd here it goes Hair bone hair bone have you heard tour bud got hit by a flying present can not swim cannot strock cause all that present got caught in it's coat and perhaps standing rite at the edge of the Ship 4:20P.M o ya left out throught

David George DeLancey
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David George DeLancey


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Travel Channel september 3rd 2006 about Philidelphia the Liberty Bell and it's crack first wrung then cracked then melted down and cracked again to get rid of the chatter inserted a screw type bolt to it and sounded ok for a bit then cracked upwards again put out of commition well sort a it was kept great now to find out who funded it and the persons involved totally with the building and transport currious because at time of transporting the congress from new york to philidelphia then to washington is of interest the part of the mid late 1700's is time when new york's congress apropreations went to pensalvania during the war so it's about the goverment a mobile stable venture had to be goverment really never stopped if you can't see it it's of nothing the most important thing in the world sorta sounds like build or building 4:46 P.M

Hedda Hopper
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Crowded-Crowded-Crowded !
Last night heralded the opening of the Chelsea gallery season.
The streets overflowed with "A Who's Who" of well-elbowed artists, friends, patrons, and wannabees. Many had their trek at a stand still waiting on line for the lift !
Hedda always uses the back entrance... serive elevators regularly deliver service.

Among the throngs ; Critically-acclaimed author of
"How the Amazon Queen Fought the Prince of Egypt"
was over heard comparing Tanna Leaf recipes with Lord Anubis at the Veridian Gallery. Annubie (as his mummy used to call him) was heard to say "Ye have lost sight of the ancient knowledge, and this old family recipe is guaranteed to shake the cobwebs!"

David George DeLancey
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David George DeLancey


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Sunday 9-10-2006 12:58 P.M. hours of Cape Cod community Library 1-5 cloudy day a couple of rain drops early morning while working at sea camp end of the M.S. they had a walk day was great worked for 2 hours got paid for 4, Well it is also Marston Mills Day he formed the town of Marston Mills this is on the Cape early period of 1600's Art Economics History is ofcourse an interesting task to culture and keep up as of the armour from abroad and the ships at a new place it is usually a promotion to some and a traveling venture for others most of a local congregation are attaching there's, the indians clothing agreement's and land weather is of curiosity when adjusting to civilization building of cabins and certain roads the relaxation of culture i'm sure was a great thing ofcourse there were the termoils of representation to other's still my investment with this paregraphical liturature is the formation of Art Economics History all in line with living and the perception of time as an artist with oils pastels and some other idems involving permenant visual structure it must be of degree , color is prime , the additude of curiosity would have to be with clothing i may look into that a little further, purhaps this is of interest it is said the DeLancey Brigade wore a green uniform then changed, the musician's wore the opposit this is when the brigade changed there colors though some grouping still chose to ware there old style it was mixed with the zuelles and another type group when about this time the DeLancey Brigade was New York's first Police Force so it's said though i've read the word in certain style about the erea of 1600's when the towns people the merchant's few at that and mostly the council seat position were at policing the erea well it is all the same this started when british took over the erea, now in the 1700's when the brigade were shifted to a more higher proceed the town erected a police force the building was already established though now as a force for there own the men that is and seamingly within the public this is of great establishing the police force started out with long black coats and as there erned pieces went to there clothing it may seam not only the men involved though the hole town ' if the reputation was at ease and comfort then a button was added then another sometimes two at once then it goes on from there it stayed that way for quite some time the first of Kennedy was of this establishing within the town although he had land, merchant skills, it was the possition of this ordinance that fit such as a council seat status ok now it may be my history is lapsing for some reason now i think Kennedy may have been the superintendent of the fire dept well i'll look in to that, it is for sure the first gangs of New York were the fire dept they were anyway before the police starnge and then when the kiddnappers brought over the very first people invovled with gangs these are the sons and daughters of the scholerd, rich, politicians, docters,and they hung out within London through time they had children well some learned some did'nt and to secure this the colonies were to inherit these people and were to live here five years then given land for five years work it and after the next five years pay there rent , most of the land owners did'nt accept the rent as of they may of waited perhaps due to the economy here's where Art Economics History becomes realy Strong the Art of making Money the Economics of Equal The History of the past and future mostly all to do with art seems like though that darn intreeging economics floats around ok i know what i'm doing now is economics you art was never compleeted at that time and history prooves it by the economics i Can exlpain later, 'Cuase'this piece is geeting to long well till next time 1:34P.M. ok i've reread this paregraphcial piece of literature and added commas to there position and also added and they hung out within london -forgot that -o ya i'm leaving the extra e and o for now 1:47P.M.

David George DeLancey
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David George DeLancey


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2:19 Pm eastern time to look through the dictionary or it was , Word is Performance Per=By meanig of;by;through',I am sending the recipe per messanger according to, in accordance with: per your. [1580-90; < L ; through, by,for,foreach,See for. Form=in one dictionary there are 39 numbered explanatories of form the last numbered as 1 being 39 and then 1 is Substance and theres -form a combing form meaning "having the form of" eruciform. [ < L -formis ] #13 is Logic. the abstract relation of terms in a proposition, and of proposition to one another , Ance=ancient -ance a suffix used to form nouns either from adjectives in -ant or from verbs;brilliance; appearance,[ME

David George DeLancey
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David George DeLancey


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2:19 Pm eastern time to look through the dictionary or it was , Word is Performance Per=By meanig of;by;through',I am sending the recipe per messanger according to, in accordance with: per your. [1580-90; < L ; through, by,for,foreach,See for. Form=in one dictionary there are 39 numbered explanatories of form the last numbered as 1 being 39 and then 1 is Substance and theres -form a combing form meaning "having the form of" eruciform. [ < L -formis ] #13 is Logic. the abstract relation of terms in a proposition, and of proposition to one another , Ance=ancient -ance a suffix used to form nouns either from adjectives in -ant or from verbs;brilliance; appearance,[ME

Visiter Ysiter Visitor


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Seriously... when do your freakin meds kick in ?

Gladus DeLancey
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David !!!!..

David George !!...

DeLancey George DeLancey !!!!..

Youngman ! You make NO freakin sense and you've lost my interest.

Howard Hughes, Jr.


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David do you smell like P and scare the libarians talking to yourself ?

David George DeLancey
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Art Economics History

David George DeLancey


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ARTISTIST'S TALK ON ART TOPIC I've lost your interest says grandmother DeLancey you've oviously read the rest of the other notes from some of these people , sounds like if anybody was of interest you would be do share your artistic views i had my chance and who's to say were interest is a conduct , maybe there are no views at-all if i described my self as frogelent would you then recognize me NEXT





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I Could'nt beleave it i searched for progressive cercomstance on and 17 then 18 profiles within the first of it was Chester Chapter Va you think some of the writings on these panels are bad you oughta check out some of that _ _ _ _ , _ _ _ _ _ _ A.

Art Rage

dunk tank regular


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For G-d's sake use a freaking spell check !!!!


I'm glad to hear you're passing something.

Word is Performance
Word is Performanc
Word is Performance
Word is meaningless gibber gabber
Word is taunt
Do not taunt him
he can not stand someone stealing the show.

By the way,, Are you related to Pineapple-head from Aussie land ?



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cruelty doen't pass for humor

David George DeLancey
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---- --- TOPIC --- ---- ART 6:42 P.M Cape Cod Community College Library 9-12-2006 searched THE ART OF REPRESENTATION 1-30 of about 22,900,000 here are some pickings from (the art of Painting - art history)-#23, (ornamentation,the art of Desire)#16,(The Siege of Rhodes made a representation by the art of Prospective in scenes,and the story sung in Recitative)#2 in search (the art of Stuart & Revett)#30,TAW:: The Art Of Warfare ____ The art of Doing Nothing.#53 another interesting art format ___ARTPRINTS.COM HERE'S A Good One Representation of the People Act 1884 am a member now go to 1832 and user talk this forum you can't screw around with if INTERESTED in ART ECONOMICS HISTORY show up if not flank it, it's kinda like plank 6:58P.M. est

D. G. DeL-
a.k.a. Dorchester Mass


Art Economics History


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Can a sea shell be submerged in water and filmed or x-rayed and as well finding the age of it from it's texture it is being of very light weight a Conch Shell seems it may be very old 8:25 p.m.est

Issa Delooney
a.k.a. submerged in body dysmorphic....


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RE: "FEVA Dream ; The East Village's Howl festival collapses amid mudslinging, debt, and broken promises"

writtenby Jessica Winter / V.V.

RE: "Angel-headed hipsters looking for their fix of East Village fun were disappointed late last month by the abrupt cancellation of the fourth annual Howl festival."

RE: "Some of the artists and patrons who devoted time, money, and energy to the FEVA vision now feel disillusioned, with several suggesting that Hartman capitalized on nostalgia for the area's gritty glory days to further his own business interests."

David George DeLancey
a.k.a. from Worcester Mass to Art Rage

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2:17A.M. Ok Art Rage U figured out performance and passing through mix excelent here's a artistic thought, Mid 1700's The Indian's and the Albany Congress the issue of Paper Money ? and the manufacturing stuff that was going on or maybe did'nt get the chance, as of, now this is just a thought ,When during affairs ajourning with congress the literature was kept by all parties these are the six nations New York and the rest of some deligates ,During the cession and at end they would wrap it up, well the art the indians gathered at these proceeding's were of great nature they would establish a string to twine the edge or boarder's of there manuscrip's or pamphlet's the string was conducted from the conch shell seems two different color's were adjusted a purple and pinkish white or possibly just a pink or white sorta forgot though it is of sequence all the same , the theory of this is if congress led to there establishing then maybe the method would of been tendured towards the Paper process it is in fact a method of correspondence when the ancient vertue of such a talent can be organized and the recognized within combining culture's set forth some kind of skill 2:48A.M.

I. S. Bored-Tu


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Hey DeLancey ! Your Muddah is call'in ya !

David George DeLancey
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2:58P.M. shrewsberry Mass Library, across the street is a land mark where Henry Knox Passed through 1775 1776 theres a congregational church a fire station and ' the Muddah i'm thinking this word from reply of L.S.bored-Tu 2006-09-16 might mean something in relation of Historical maybe a part of a cemetary like ancient or something i apreciate that and back to you with you MUDDAH being mud as to dig it and dah as wanting to ask something great now muddah has some representation of not doing anything what the 3:07 P.M.

Outta Here


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PLEASE TAKE YOUR MEDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David George DeLancey
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9-18-2006 12:00 P.M. how do you figure i'm bored or even out of here replying to 2006-09-17 outa here ,trust me i'm not upset and figure maybe for a small % that your bored and can't notify me on any other basis just to.'? just to place an example describe bored, tommorow i do may have to talk to a doctor ,i'm going in for surgery i'ts a hernia and perhaps while under the anesthesia those clowns around will be ,well i realy don't know perhaps i'll freakin get there early put my meds on walk crawl act like a spy roam the bloody halls for discription of who is who and maybe just maybe while under the stuff a finger or something will arise just as my foot as boot to some unsuspected entrance from the status, How's That now for freakin getting back to the place were a could reside a 12:14 P.M.

Juli G


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I feel this is a sad lot - lacking creativeness, thought thinking or inventiveness. It's not nice having fun at somebody's expense.

David George DeLancey
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Art Economics History


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Realy, just trying5:43P.M. 9-18-2006 tryed looking up the word Presedent this i got from John Locke's Carolina Constitution 1699 i know what it means thoughdid'nt get the internet to follow through it describes this as presedent of a country well i'll keep trying



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well gang it's been fun.

David George Delancey
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Dum Dum dum dum dum be due a oo oo oo wo wou oo ah I Did'nt do it for outta here I read it "Replying" and it sounds Dramadic seriuosly from view to view I'm in good humor this is to >2006-09-17 [({2006-09-18})]

David George Delancey
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ya it's been fun fun enough to have forgotten about you in my last reply oop's 1:01 P.M.est

David George DeLancey
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Art Economics History


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9-21-2006 2:00 A.M.est. Found It Very Exciting.

joe wei lin
a.k.a. joe



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what i can say ,is too long for me to read all the answer.
what i can do just to learn.

Flash Light



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Joe Wei Lin,

The only product you may advertise in these forums is fine art, and related services such as art shows and gallery openings.

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RE "what i can say, is too long for me to read all the answer."

Somehow.. I feel he a robot. That's a disjointed statment with no real lead-in question. And we're supposed to help out the poor little guy's English.

Moe Shunn Zickness


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FOLK FEET: Circle ‘Round Brooklyn

October 8, 2006
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

The circle dance event is a performance by soloists whose traditional dance relate to the circle theme.

Cliff Matias performing the Native American Hoop Dance, Yasser Darwish performing Tanoura, an Egyptian spinning dance, and Rita Silva presenting a Brazilian candomble invocation.

Five teachers will then successively demonstrate, teach, and lead participatory circle dances. Traditions to be represented include Greek, Swedish, Lebanese, Palestinian, Polish, and Nepalese. Circle dance is the oldest dance form dating back thousands of years.

Many cultures throughout the world retain circle dance traditions and here in Brooklyn a number of communities still come together in the round at weddings and festivals to dance their love and commitment to each other in ancient forms such as debkeh, syrtos, and sili.

Tobacco Warehouse
1 Main Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Rain date: 10/15/06

The Brooklyn Arts Council, Inc. (BAC) is a service organization dedicated to helping artists, arts organizations, and community groups promote and sustain the arts. BAC is unique in the borough in that it assists artists -- both amateur and professional -- in all disciplines.

David George DeLancey
a.k.a. "''''Art Movements""""

Art Economics History


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Art 101


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Artists, critics and others talk on ART.

New York Studio School Lecture Series

FALL 2006 / Lectures begin at 6:30PM

The Evening Lecture Series is Admission-FREE and open to the public. The Lecture Series is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

October 10 ; Garth Evans on his work
Sculptor; New York Studio School Faculty; upcoming exhibition, Lori Bookstein Fine Art, NY, September 14 - October 21, 2006

October 11 ; Ken Johnson
Art Critic, The New York Times
Art, Criticism and a Theory of Dreams

October 24 ;Cora Cohen on her work
Painter; Recipient of 2006 Gottlieb Foundation Award; forthcoming exhibition, Michael Steinberg Gallery, 2007, in cooperation with Jason McCoy, Inc.

October 25 ;James Panero
Art Critic; Managing Editor, The New Criterion
Painting with the Ouija board: Symbolism Past and Present

November 1 ; David Carrier & David Cohen: The Craft of Criticism XXV

David Carrier: Art Critic; Champney Family Professor, a post divided between Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Institute of Art; Senior Fellow, National Humanities Center, 2006-2007
David Cohen: Art Critic and Contributing Editor, New York Sun; Editor and Publisher,; Gallery Director, New York Studio School

November 7 *
Ellen Landau
Andrew W. Mellon Professor of the Humanities, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH
Action/Re-Action: The Artistic Friendship of Herbert Matter and Jackson Pollock
*Please note this is a Tuesday

November 8 ; Avis Berman
Writer and Art Historian; Editor of My Love Affair with Modern Art: Behind the Scenes with a Legendary Curator by Katharine Kuh (Arcade, 2006)
Katharine Kuh, Champion of the Avant-Garde

November 14 ; Gerard Mosse speaks on his work
Painter; recent solo show, Galeria Janet Kurnatowski, NY, 2006

November 15 ; Richard Kendall
Curator-at-Large, Clark Art Institute, Williamstown MA, where he is organizing the 2007 exhibition of Monet's little-known drawings, pastels, sketchbooks and prints
Claude Monet: The Unknown Draftsman

November 21;Mario Naves on his work
Painter and Art Critic; represented by Elizabeth Harris Gallery; Instructor at Pratt Institute and the Ringling School of Art; Art Critic, The New York Observer

November 28: Gideon Bok speaks on his work
Bok Painter; Recent exhibition, Plane Space, NY, October 13 - November 12, 2006

November 29th
Panel Discussion: The New Criterion at 25

Moderator, Michael J. Lewis: Architecture Critic, The New Criterion; Professor of Art History, Williams College; author of American Art and Architecture (Thames & Hudson, 2006)
Hilton Kramer: Founding Editor, The New Criterion; author of The Triumph of Modernism: The Art World, 1985-2005 (Ivan R. Dee, 2006)
James Panero: Art Critic; Managing Editor, The New Criterion
Karen Wilkin: Curator; Art Critic; New York Studio School Faculty; writes for The New Criterion, Art in America, The Wall Street Journal; Contributing Editor for Art, Hudson Review

December 5 : George Kelly
Sculptor; shows at Spring Gallery, Queens NY and Belgrade Lakes, ME (an affiliate of Modern Art Foundry, Queens)
Sculpture and Humanism

December 6
Jeffrey Weiss
Curator and Head, Modern and Contemporary Art, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.; Curator, "Jasper Johns: An Allegory of Painting, 1955-65", National Gallery of Art, January 28 - April 29, 2007
Cy Twombly: Why Sculpture is Boring

December 12
Susan Walp
Painter; represented by Tibor de Nagy
On her work

December 13
Arthur Danto
Philosopher; Art Critic, The National; Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Columbia University, NY
Lives of the Artists Today

Art 101


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New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture
8 West 8th Street, New York, NY 10011

Lecture Series 2007 ; The Evening Lecture Series is admission-Free and open to the public.

The Lecture Series is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.


January 9 2007
Painter ; Deborah Kahn speaks on her work
Kahn Faculty, American University, Washington D.C.; Recipient of 2004 Guggenheim Fellowship; Bowery Gallery, NY

January 10 ; Roger Kimball
Art Critic; Essayist; Social Commentator; Co-Editor and Co-Publisher, The New Criterion; Publisher, Encounter Books
New Figurative Painting

January 16 ; David Stern & Karen Wilkin: A Conversation

David Stern: Painter; recent exhibition, Thomas Williams Fine Art, London
Karen Wilkin: Curator; Art Critic; New York Studio School Faculty; writes for The New Criterion, Art in America, The Wall Street Journal; Contributing Editor for Art, Hudson Review

January 17 ; James Watt
Brooke Russell Astor Chairman of the Department of Asian Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Materials and Form in Chinese Art

A - R - T


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artist; Sing-Si Schwartz

exhibition opens in the
Friday Oct 20th

show: October 20 thru Nov 19

Salmagundi Art Club
Forty-Seven Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10003

David George DeLancey
a.k.a. Arrt Movements

Art Economics History


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2006-10-15 2:39 P.M. E.S.T. Was in a conversation last weak about a Roller coaster i do not know why though for some reason the means of speed arived and then we were sugjesting why a wooden coaster to a metal coaster is faster, i then sugjested perhaps it;s the stability of of the wood then the other said well the stability wood be the same then i then altered the conversation with the thought that maybe it is the thickness or cappacity of the wood wich the eliminates some kind of gap so then the air wood conduct a sort of speed , i'm not sure if it was the apsence of the air really not being there though the other wood be in suspence for a bit it may be the reply was possible , still i am currious of why the sugjestion of a wooden roller coaster to a steal roller coaster wood be faster or does anyone know wich one is Faster ok i'm out of here 2:47 p.m.

Hedda Hopper
a.k.a. Mummy Dearest.


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Kudos to the critically-acclaimed author of "How the Amazon Queen Fought the Prince of Egypt". She has returned to work on an excavation of the pyramid of Pharaoh Ahmose as techincal illustrator. She'll be sleeping in a quaint little mud brick house with a picturesque view of desert while brewing a fresh pot of Tanna-Leaf tea and visually searching thru the lost shadows of antiquity ! Meanwhile the rest of us will freeze our "sacred scarabs" off in the dropping temperature of a New York winter.

World AIDS Day


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Artists Talk on Art (ATOA)
presents a critical discussion:

The Day After World AIDS Day
Creativity and Determination

Looking beyond December 1, 2006: Using creativity and determination in a time of greed and prejudice.

Moderator: Wayne Snellen, director of the Leslie Lohman Gay Art Foundation
Participants: Elliot Bassman, artist
Yoshua Eyal, artist, photographer of AIDS caregivers
Eric Rhein, artist
William Donovan, artist, member of Visual AIDS

This panel will be held on 12/01/2006 at the School of Visual Arts (SVA), 209 East 23rd Street, New York City, NY. Doors open at 6:30 PM, panel starts at 7:00 PM. $ 7.00 general admission, $ 3.00 students, seniors & SVA alumni with ID, free to passholders, SVA students, & faculty. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to AIDS activism.

O. P. Tional


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RE: " Artists Talk on Art (ATOA)
presents a critical discussion: "

Critical discussion of who? Critical of which ?
Critical of a mass media marketing system that links everything it sells to SEX but shys away from contributing profit percentages to funding S/E/X programs in schools.
Critical of the smug holier than thou politician & tele evil-hand-gelist that are experts on "GayS" Lifestyle because they actually experience it first..umm..hand.. on weekends themselves.

Raven Loonatick


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Ode to "Pollock Squared" Updates

Plumbing the unconscious?

Jackson Pollock, Jedi Knights, George Washington & Will Smith in "I Am legend"-- Hero's all -- with a sense of idealism.

This project I'm told is beyond anything penetrating so deeply into Manhattan & of course I'm therefore taking the time to video document things from my bird's eye view.

Great numbers of passing people seemed to enjoy our various little filming episodes including our specific interactions.

Deep into that park's darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing, Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.. Pollock Squared bought by MOMA, But the silence was unbroken, and the darkness gave no token, and the only word there spoken was the whispered words, "R U filming this ?" Merely this and nothing more.

If I were to add a bit of this to my Pollock Film or perhaps to another film I'm working on -- why not --- guilty of copyright infringement ? This I sat engaged in guessing, but no syllable of lawyer expressing..To the foul whose fiery legal eagle eyes now burned into my bosom's core... like dollar signs, jail time,,,nothing more...
This and more I sat devining, with my head at ease reclining
On atree stump's velvet moldy lining that the nearby lamplight gloated o'er le drunk's golden urine.

They shall press charges, ah, nevermore!

David George DeLancey
a.k.a. Art Movements ````````------````````` Art Community

Art Economics History


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12-11-2006 . 7:47 P.M. . E.astern S.tandard T.ime A Reply of some sort towards O.P. tional 2006-11-27 I Don't Know after i had the answer, at first i would sugjest that the reason why there is'nt any participation in the event of Sex for mysself just as a reply is kinda like this , these terms are relavent "media" "marketing" "systems" "Programs" and even the word school and as it may even be perticular to a word as polotician the verses they carry represent a sort of freedom especially if used the correct mannor school would forsure come before polotician and such is the sequence of anything else since age is somewhat a facter , and the representation of freedon being a free type society the willing of it's course is well then established pertaining on how the culture or culturistic ventures are to hold such a setting , if when it is challenged the theory of example is set forth let it be know sort of speek , then now we may have something to challenge this in all a challeng of challenges a challenge may then have a right of way , the promotion of acctivity is a lengthly process though if it is involving a term or termination of choice it then is a culture for society the entrance of a school is a society for the reconing of choice if a choice was to cultivate a mind or schooling towards the achievements of necesity in other broadened ventures such as something outside the household such as purchaseing stuff or equalling a performance of and allowing an entry of matter wich by law will then be free to all to attempt then the aquisation of authority is a task of choice note the age differance when submitting a media , mercantilism, and or carrector of study , the porportion's are limited """limited""" meaning freedom of choice and capability if one shall enter then the freedom of spechh sort a say will then have the choose , freedom is realy in some sence's something that is givin or received . I may continue with this if challenged all well of it till next time. 8:06 p.m. e.s.t.i am not rereading it submitting message 8:07 p.m.

Ben Zoe Diaz -Epines
a.k.a. Al Lergic Reeachons


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Geeezz Zuss Kriss-mass !

Pleeze Mr. Web master... do something with D. Looney.

David George DeLancey
a.k.a. Art Movements Art Community

Art Economics History


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REPLYING TO BEN ZOE DIAZ-EPINES 12-13-2006 AL lergic Reeachons I AGREE WEB MASTER... who the heck is D.Looney does people remumber yo for your slang type issue or do yo just think this gus if so the matter your yo your of matter of carector abreviations no realy knows whow the how you doin are unless if you unlease your priorities buisness is a big thing and for minding yours realy would'nt be so bad dun't'l let'anyyoo one tell yo different i'm sorry is my penmenship authoritisin yo way of looney time provision yo later dude i'm fallin asleep yo wake me up later friend yo it's looney for you you know where i'm at yo show some stuff here yo hay man ya man i partied with that dude your right man he can't plat for 19 8 9 20 alfebit numeral check put that and this together if you would 8 5 1 4 . don't care i don't care go haed web league master take all of my stuff off here but if i go it's almost as if i'm being threatened does anybody know about Marshal Art and i'm not talking about after the name was made of Marshall Art is a Defence on Statistics and when Marshall Law was not an effective addvantage because of economical Standrads it then was still represented as a Defensive though in a Country calculus meaning can be used though in what country still haveing a situation of exsistance it is an ocation to notice it so for now in all actualaity one can not realy say What Is Marshll Law or Marshall Art unless the discription is of conduct with the proper authority of inventing the Matter and since Law is not a forfilling Agreeable state or action we have this who did it and then we have this . 8:08 P.M. David George DeLancey.

Leo Sayer Offa DeLaww


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RE: " What Is Marshall Law or Marshall Art"

What is the law ?
Not to go on All-Fours unless the bitch wants it doggy style ! ; that is the Law. Are we not men?

What is the law ?
Not to suck up Drink from bar floors; that is the Law. Are we not men?

What is the law ?
Not to eat Fish or Flesh or bearded clams; that is the Law. Are we not men?

What is the law ?
Not to claw at the porcelain throne; that is the Law. Are we not men?

What is the law ?
Not to chase other Men.. unless they're really HOT ! ; that is the Law. Are we not men?

David George DeLancey
a.k.a. Art Movements Topic Art Community

Art Economics History


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12:57 a.m. e.s.t. Law Learning A Wisdom Law is the Protectant of Nothing to the beginings and continues as gathered accuraneces protected by it's Law, marshall Law is an Ordinence of capability of a securance Marshall Art is a situational acomplishment involving the perception of standard wich is made a legal legal is a Lesson Expieriencing Guidence Amongst Lesson which may describe a Marshall and or Marshall Law, if seeking, a Marshall will set forth, when Captioned, a Marshall Law would be in effect describing 'Would be' is a category of combined effort to be a discription of Law, a marshal law in the terms of Lesson expieriencing Guidence Amongst Lesson would be of the end part sentance and perhaps just word Lesson and or Amongst Lesson as where Law exsist's and then Marshall searches it, so Lesson Expieriencing Guidence is a good term of Law, David George deLancey i actually just made that up,David George DeLancey. art community Art Movement's 1:17 A.M. E.S.T.

David George DeLancey
a.k.a. Art Movements Topic Art Community

Art Economics History


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12-16 2006 6:32 P.M. e.s.t. This Is A Short Piece So I'll Try To Add Some At The Begining, A long long time ago within a community a movement of a of consideration, this person was to set forth about a tall and or highest portion of the community to see if all was safe , onwards the person went to the latter climbing about and continueing the portion becomes a bit smaller as climbing continues upward about the mast an opening is within a carrosel platform for securance for the established lookout spot as the person grasps the lid with the tip of the lid appearingly there is a handle and then gently lowers the lid while then slipping the tip of the boot from it now closes it and taps the lid with foot hesitating to tap the other foot for a time laps to quickly look about with no hesitation the laps is still there, the gathering of thought while observing the about's erea and distand curioucity also realizing the aprouch satisfactory and with the clinb making it available continues with observation meanwhile while time is lapsing the availability is of some sort wich appearingly is the standard of the time consumed to such an effeort now sort of quickly studying the climb only has a faulty thought amongst memory it apears the silence of the climb would be of smoe compareability time is lapsing still lanceing the creativity of the lid is now in dispare gently at thought realizes if when climb was of gently carrector then the aprouch would be the same perhaps with still hesitation the thought of the lid is varyable this foot standard controll semms to be of a disadvantage it appears that possibly one may have gently aprouched the erea with the knowledge of grasping the lid handel now it is perhaps time to consider weather lid is secured from other side a measure one would have at hand, perhaps nobody is there since if when the lid is closed who then would aprouch it a consistancy of a movement within a comunity, a sence of comical humer is present perhaps and also the thorough dare to try the lid, while the preservation of the idea is within the comunity and the art of consideration, well till next time 7:04p.m.e.s.t.

a.k.a. relevant and irrelevant situations


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complex cognitive task: Results from a sample.

The Cranky Professor aka You type, and I tell you why 4,500 years of written history shows you're wrong. / archives

RE: " That's DeLancey House -- you really can't see it in the summer for the trees. Geneva's Main Street is a pleasant, shady place. And below is the corrected bronze plaque -- sorry I didn't get a picture of the incorrect one (you can read my complaint about the mistake). For the alumna reader DeLancey House is the Temporary Admissions Office because an anonymous donor ponied up something like $850,000 to build an expansion (in the most tastefully imitative architecture possible) onto what used to be called William Smith Admissions. So the Admissions folk are partially displaced for the next few months."

Posted by CrankyProfessor at June 19, 2005 8:44 AM

Dorian Gray
a.k.a. DGS


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Modern art is the art of self.
Creating your own life size SIMS world.
Cell phone, I-Pod, Starbucks camping out, ect..
and now Welcome to the Mii Plaza!

3,606 users, 4,147 Mii characters, 4,902 relationships, and growing!

The Nintendo Wii just hit the world by storm, and with it, came a new feature for customizing your gameplay experience called "Mii." The Mii Plaza is built into every Nintendo Wii console, and ALLOWS YOU you to create characters for use in certain games that look LIKE YOU, YOUR friend, or YOUR favorite celebrity.

PERFECTD0RK and Mulanzo are both being added to the profile section this week, as the number of Mii artists on the site far outweighs the number of weeks in the year. We'll have to come up with a better schedule if the submissions continue as they have.

Wikipedia article regarding pathological narcissism and its manifestations in art and life.



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Re: Narcissistic_personality_disorder

Wait ! for most of the artists I know that's not a disorder
it's just their personality !

Seriously.. what drives a person to spend hours, days .. if not weeks and years.. to paint, to sketch to mold an image.

What drives a person to find that inner voice at the expense of food, rent money and any social contact.

In other words I'm working on MY Thesis Statement !

The one that will change how Humanity views itself.

MY Narcissistic answer for what ails ya.

I'm working on dual titles. The first will reflect the heavy scientic jargon. I've realized Professors are like mother birds; they need to see the complete regurgitation process.

My studies for this Thesis involved Neantherthal Man, recent skull discoveries suggesting cross breeding with modern man, What characteristics are strictly human -vs- basic animal instincts, repetitive motion disorders (OCD), Modern Anxiety Disorders, Obsessive Artists, Visual Stimulus -vs- gathering wild berries, what makes a gifted painter, compulsive behaviors, creative people's response to modern pressures -vs- modern evolution (aka what's the next step ?) and basic DNA testing.

Underlying question: Is modern OCD behavior a normal hunter-gatherer response (survival mechanism) inherited from creative Neanderthal Man set-off under 24-7 CNN (Apocalypse story) survival pressure.

Also,, how does the CONSTANT pressure of 24-7 living effect the human nervous system and will more cases of OCD (Obessive Compulsive Disorder) flourish as a backlash to modern living's pressure to conform ?..

Do laptops, Starbucks's caffeine & I-Pods trigger OCD behavior ?

Got it ?

My second title for this Thesis is simply
" My Inner Raccoon "



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what drives a person to spend hours and days posting on this forum ?



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Why vex me thus, when it avails thee nought?



Post #: 5557

some people just like to paint and prefer talking art.

a.k.a. bipedal bipolar


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is the inner raccoon a like Rocket Raccoon ? read wikipedia -/Rocket_Raccoon - The character first appeared in an abandoned colony for the mentally ill where the animal companions were genetically manipulated to grant them human level intelligence and bipedal body construction for many to become caretakers of the inmates. Rocket was a guard who protected the colony against various threats.

Flash Light

digital artist


Post #: 5568


Neanderthal man had a brain 20% larger than modern man. Maybe we've gotten it backwards. Perhaps Neanderthal man was too smart for his own good, too sensitive to survive.

Perhaps survival requires obsessive compulsive behavior: wake, hunt, gather, eat, sex, sleep, wake, hunt, gather, eat, sex, sleep, day after day, year after year.

Maybe Modern man beat out Neanderthal man by repeating these activities obsessively and compulsively, while Neanderthals sat around wondering what it was all about, what was the purpose of it all, why bother doing the same thing everyday just to keep doing the same thing every day?

Hedda Hopper
a.k.a. MoMA and Brooklyn Go Guerrilla


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Quoted from;
Art web blog on Art


Attention All Feminists! MoMA and Brooklyn Go Guerrilla

Art Radio, the Internet radio station of P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, will streamcast a live audio feed of The Feminist Future, Jan. 26-27, organized by The Museum of Modern Art.

The sold-out symposium features such speakers as Lucy Lippard, Linda Nochlin, Anne Wagner, Marina Abramovic, Griselda Pollock, Martha Rosler, and, of course, the Guerrilla Girls.

If that whets your appetite for visual sisterhood, you can visit the Brooklyn Museum's new Center for Feminist Art, opening Mar. 23. Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party

CultureGrrl specializes in pungent, informed commentary, cutting through the hype and tripe with good writing and good humor.




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4:32 p.m. e.s.t. a microwave in use a bowl and it is in a plastic bag wissles out of air cat below is eating though second's after a couple i guess it drops something from it's rite side of lip and falls on edge of dish i am now lauphing and behind it and it expresses the term halarious look that way anyhow when graped for it.

David George DeLancey
a.k.a. Art Movements topic Art Community

Art Economics History


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1:20 p.m. Yesterday i was traveling on the great Massachussetts Highway's allthough there's a section of 128 and or same 93 that is very patchy, well this is concerning the noticing og Gueese while trafficking north i notice 18 large ones flying north slightly a brease to the east not much then while approuching a bridge notice two strings of birds peched about the wires just after it 40-60 feet perhaps while under the bridge i apply the steering horn echoing it appeared load enough noticing nothing darn it could of been the speed , well then i applyed the air horn ya about under the wire by now captured the rear veiw from the side mirror though appeared not a one had moved , the temperture was a bit of a chill , o well the golf greens are exciting for tooting the old air horn though did'nt happen the erea's traveled are i don;t know , i am now procceeding south and west goes 5 small gueese continnueing from 93 to 495 westwards about a hole bunch more then 18 were heading southwesterly mostly south i freakin continue and yep but what else 3 now small gueese headed westboth times the small ones were in a staight line , and now just to the right of breakdown lane heading north a lot of large gueese perhaps more then six got cut off from the roof of vehicle and then lastly after thinking is this all for the day a rabbit crossed can't say wich way it was going i think eastsmall road made it anyway that;s all for animals captured what interested me was the fact the two time ordeal of the totall of eight small gueese going the opposit of the large ones, i am now worried of what will happen today there is only time for another hour on the computer and yesterday found out i may have acouple of weaks off for the route i'm to travel will be Northboro mass to memphis tenn and it's a team operation i jump for joy , the pay is better but, well i guess i'll deal with it more concerns on highjean i know i spellrd that wrong but just think all those truckers out there paying attention at me neglecting to call home from being abscent minded that's gotto be funny perhaps a time long ago while trucking with an old friend , all we did was have fun he sometimes wanted to jump out i allways thought a godd snow bank would work he kinda looked like santa clause or nastrodamas i hope he's still serviving good old Leroy Moore he said he changed his name it used to be Leroy Brown the guy from the song Leroy Brown the Baddest man in town o my mind was it from Jim Croche or John Brown, i think i was told it was a guitarist named john brown, it may be the dude who wrote and sang in the later 80's a tune versed and i sat under a shaded tree drinking some wine i also may be he did'nt sing ithas that line made in a chevy, i'll listen for it though these radio station's are realy , well for instance 103.3 the oldies but goodies boston had played a realy cool rockin tune i mean this musical venture still plays on like zlx 100.7 and 103.3 seems to be a older stuff then 105.7 thats it the last one thats where i'll find that tune great o the guy who perhaps wrote this song i'm in search of was in amado arizona and gave me his guitar to play a led zepplin tune not sure if i commpleted it though sounded great according to him and then me agreeing that stuff realy can't be emotioned as liked though i'm preaty sure it was him the erea provided all the stuff he was a cook at a resort close by i rode 1976 spirit harley davidson to work with him off road ofcourse and his name was john brown he did mention he wrote some music this is aprox early 1980's haven't got my truckers license yet what a great time and ten meating up with leroy 1990 to 2002 when we parted for now at new york city , why i ended up back here in mass mom thing and stuff well taking to much now , till next time remember i am an artist , and just sometimes like to connect with stuff trust me i can do it,1:57p.m. e.s.t.

amoy painting
a.k.a. amoypainting



Post #: 5655

??Greatly welcome to !
Xiamen is the biggest oil painting production center in China,Amoypainting is located Xiamen Oil painting Village.There are thousands of full-time painters work at various kinds of oil-painting creation as well as famous painting copy. We can provide more than 4,000,000 oil paitings per year, all oil paintings are handicraft designs. The quality is ensured with a reasonable price and the works are in great demand in the world, which brings great business chance to art businessmen domestic and abroad.
The main business of AmoyPainting is to provide oil painting with high quality and to become your favorite supplyer and develop oil painting market together.

David George DeLancey
a.k.a. Art Movements Topic Art Community

Art Economics History


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1:23 p.m. I Had A Dream A Young Person Was Collaberating With The Folks Seems There Had Been Alot Of Funds Secured Through The Tecniques Of The Household Matter, Inquired Within The Escape Of Forfillment |,| The Youngster Proceeded Outside To An Erea Of Largeness ||,for then when the muscle of greatness appeared through joy though a Baseball Bat and a very fast ball in mid air Excitement The only Excitment here is the freiking extra words established after Youngster Proceeded Maybe , if explai'n-eded'nation needed it be i shall relate,. had to reread and correct some small era's time thing still 1:33p.m.wasoop's 1:34p.m. i know what it is it's the relation of stairing while actually doing nothing what is that 1:35 sec 10p.m.e.s.t.

Person With a Difference

Was'nt Happening yet


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The Underground Graffitti motional pictures the tallent of sound through a machine wich just clicks

amoy painting


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Greatly welcome to ????????

Xiamen is the third oil painting production base in world
Xiamen can provide more than 18 percent oil paintings in world
Amoypainting is located Xiamen Oil painting Village

a.k.a. Sub-Basement


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The Fashion Institute of Technology ; college of art and design


Joanne Arbuckle, educator, fashion designer, and writer, has been appointed dean of the School of Art and Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). She has been acting dean since 2005.

Dean Arbuckle oversees the 18 academic departments comprising the School of Art and Design, which has an enrollment of approximately 4,000 students, taught by 79 full-time and 437 adjunct faculty members. The school offers programs leading to both the AAS and BFA degrees, including Accessories Design, the only program of its kind in the country, and two other pioneering programs?Display and Exhibit Design, now known as Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design, and Toy Design.

Its most acclaimed program, Fashion Design, was established when the college was founded in 1944.

David G. DeLancey
a.k.a. Forum Failier

Art Economics History


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12:24 p.m.e.s.t.Leroy Moore Past Away8-{}-2007

David G. DeLancey
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12:26 p.m.e.s.t. This month of 8-_-2007 That Guy That was represented through a song Leroy Brown the Baddest Man In Town had Passed Away he was in his sixties from Salt Lake City Utah i David George DeLancey new Him and his Daughter For Twelve Years while spending time there though realy it's been seventeen .
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Dick Wanker


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I was so poor growing up ... if I wasn't a boy, I'd have nothing to play with.

Dick Wanker


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Refer: "Baddest Man In Town had Passed Away "

My uncle's dying wish was he wanted me on his lap.

He was in the electric chair.

D. G. DeLancey
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Lets Have it Do You Acctually Know Who Invented The Electric Chair,
And where the term Electric came from
if not heres a hint tricity
and a combinational effort of three capacity's in one exepting formational act wich means it had to be agreed on though some may think that an act is a self indulence of a performance and a conclutional factory of to be excepted
carry on
3;11 p.m.

I. Dunno


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blah, blah, blah....



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There are no favorites in my art studio. I treat all assistants with the same general inconsideration.

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The Art Students League

Talk : November 14, 2007

Clark Hulings, League alumnus and contemporary landscape artist.

For the past 40 years, Santa Fe-based painter Clark Hulings has celebrated the rustic people and landscapes seen during his extensive, world-wide travels. His works have been acquired by museums and numerous collectors, and awarded by The Allied Artists of America, the Hudson Valley Art Association and the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. Mr. Hulings studied at the League as a teen with George Bridgeman and later with Frank Reilly.

A revised edition of his 1986 book, A Gallery of Paintings by Clark Hulings, was published in 2006. Copies will be for sale after the talk.

Talks are held in the Art Students League's
second-floor gallery and begin at 7 p.m.
215 West 57th Street
(between Seventh Avenue and Broadway),
New York, NY 10019

Alex Vigilante


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Miami, FL (October 9, 2007) From November 30, 2007, to December 16, 2007, a cultural phenomenon will unfold in the Wynwood Arts District when Alejandro Vigilante unveils his first ?E-mail is My Art? Exhibition. Not only will a series of emails from ?Miami Mavericks? be on view, witticisms by dead and living celebrities, movie and music icons, and politicos will fill the walls of the gallery space at 2045 NW 1st Avenue (at 21st Street) in Miami. The opening party will be on November 30 between 7 and 11pm. The Art Basel Miami Beach party will take place between 7 and 11pm on December 8.

More than 100 paintings will be on view for the length of the show, and there is truly humor and satire for everyone?s taste. In the ?WiFi in the AfterLife? series, Jim Morrison croons, ?Baby, don?t delete my e-mail; try to set the text on fi-yer, yeah!? Robin says to Batman, ?Holy Spam, Batman!? And the Buddha cautions: ?If you see a Buddha in Cyberspace, delete him!?

In the ?Go-To Gossip? series, Paris Hilton, in prison garb, laments: ?I missed the last exhibition (in handcuffs); not this time!? And in the ?Music is the Answer? series, Mick Jagger states: ?I can?t get no; no connection??Cause I try and I try and I try and I try. I can?t get no?oh no, no, no!? On the political front, Che Guevara emails Fidel Castro: ?Be prepared: death has a way of opening your eyes. (And we?ll forgive you for the jogging suit?not exactly tr?s chic, boludo!)?; and our now unpopular President, Dub-ya, grins his way to disastrous world relations (image attached).

To schedule a studio visit in advance of the show, call 917-385-8143 or email Mr. Vigilante at Images are available upon request and the artist?s web site can be accessed at You can see a sneak peek at

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