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Topic: Role of the Artist's Models

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Sunlit Shadows


Post #: 33

What is a model ? A Muse ? Mere flesh or a spark of inspiration ? A voyeur's dream ?
What do they truly contribute ?
What was the artistic input ( if any ) from Kiki - Queen of Montparnarsse ?

Peter Wang
a.k.a. 3rd year - NYU film student


Post #: 245

Does anyone know about the movie MONDO CANE filmed back in 1962?
It was a shock-u-mentary.
Gualtiero Jacopetti & Franco Prosperi collected this variety of film footage on a journey across the globe.
They tried to get the most unusual and taboo (for 1960s')footage possible. MONDO CANE claimed to be a collection of genuinely shocking scenes sandwiched in with "the unusual" (but lame footage) contrasting the "civilized" societies with so-called "primitive" ones.

One scene they made this big deal about live nude female models covered in paint rolling against a large canvas while a guy with a cello played his bow.
Compared to today's lap dancing this was just safe
bush-brush strokes. Or early nipple prints.

It would be interesting to update idea and have nude male models dipping their brushes in the paint and rubbing against the wide open canvas.
Maybe adding a spray fo colour.

Miss Janet Jackson


Post #: 256

RE: Topic: Role of the Artist's Models

To all my young fans of whom I am a true role model.

I would gladly expose my busom again in the name of creativity & fine art !

Maybe I'll rub my painted nippels against selected
CD covers of my newest matertial ( Did I mention my new CD coming out?).
These special nibble prints ( only $75.95 limited edition )can convey my deep, deep, inner love for all mankind !

P.S. Catch my web-cam !
Janet's search for inner deep-deep-deep meaning of life !

Mondo Jackson !

Alpha Omega


Post #: 350

The role of the artist's model is to connect the energy.
The creation from within as a shared bond of energy.
The inner soul sent to canvas.
The interstellar groove.
The cosmic wisdom from our extra-terrestrial selves.

Larry Poons Jr.
a.k.a. Rachel Welch as muse


Post #: 352

MONDO CANE = A Dog's world

"Peter Wang" ??
Is that your real name or the name you use in Porno ?
"3rd year - NYU film student"
I wouldn't brag about that either.
Hey...weren't you the guy down at "Two Boot's - Sin Cinema"
playing with his Peter Wang-wang while watching Rachel Welch...?
Musta loved the "stop-motion techniques" from 1966 "One Million Years BC".

Jennie Ling
a.k.a. local resident


Post #: 488

They gotta stand still for it to work.

Jet Puff Marshmellow-man
a.k.a. campfire pal


Post #: 583

I wanted to be some other color instead of white. I'm so pure and empty.... As boring as a life without friends...

Jeb Bush
a.k.a. brother of Dubba


Post #: 591

Role of the Artist's Models

I think our soldiers in Iraqi just got a little
carried away with their homo-err-otica photographs.
boys will be boys... and some of the girl soldiers look like boys anyway...

I know they were inspired by the Norwegian sculptor
Gustav Vigeland.
Vigeland's unrestrained romanticism and emotionalism of his numerous granite and bronze sculptural bodies piled upon and embracing one another... Dang.. You have to visit Frogner Park to see the central statue. Just all piled up with bodies inter-twined...and then you'd understand the what our kids were trying to achieve...



Post #: 610

I think "our boys" are sadist
and "Our Bush" is a fool.


Post #: 619

All a poet (or artist) can do is warn
That is why the true Poets must be truthful.
-- Wilfred Owen, 1918

Miss Janet Jackson


Post #: 624

The role of the artist's model is to express the flow of life's energy!

Usually anything skin tight works - on both sexes.

Flesh.. quality, not quantity....the closer, the better.

And expensive shoes can help.

Eye Mudd


Post #: 711

Role of the Artist's Models ??


To be styyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyylish !

Jeb -Dibbles- Bush
a.k.a. Florida by a landslide


Post #: 741

Oh..FAY WRAY... King Kong's Leading Lady died !
Yeah... she qualified as a blonde 1920's Erte style model.

I thought it was one of dogs that artist dresses up in human clothing and showing real human model hands.
Ya know..William Wegman.. I think he started @ Holly Solomon's in the 1980's when he was still a serious artist.

An On-Going Sketch Class
a.k.a. Soho Nyc


Post #: 819

The Spring Studio in Soho
with dir Minerva Durham
On going Drawing Sessions
at 64 Spring Streeet, NYC
Sketch Session Schedule:
7 days a week:




Post #: 831

Crosby Painting Studio **
is having an old-fashioned rent party
on Labor Day, Monday, Sept 6, 2004
from 3:00 - 7:00 pm.
Light refreshments and good creative company.
31 Crosby Street, New York City

** Crosby Painting Studio is an open studio for artists to paint or draw a live model or from still life.
It is an extension of the Spring Studio life Drawing Center, at 64 Spring St in SOHO.
** Study Drawing with Minerva in Soho: anatomy, charcoal, pencil, graphite, pastel, draw from the model.

Sol Goldman Edgies
a.k.a. Ernest Rubenstein's cousin


Post #: 844

Open House Wed, Sept 8. 5:30 pm
The Educational Alliance is a 113 year-old communal institution dedicated to the strength and vigor of the Lower East Side.
The Alliance provides educational, recreational, cultural, and social services in over 85 programs at 24 sites throughout New York City.
The school has provided instruction that merges the teaching of traditional materials and techniques with supporting each student's individual creative expression.

a.k.a. Fashion Week 2005 Spring Collection


Post #: 850

This week is FASHIONWEEK in New York's Bryant Park.
As a former F.I.T. student taking classes in drawing & sketching from both life models and fashion/costume models;
I post this to honour all those brillant artist that celebrate the human form in their work :
Betsey Johnson ! Kenneth Cole, Perry Ellis , Tracy Reese , Duckie Brown , Sass & Bide , Liz Lange , Carolina Herrera , Cynthia Steffe , Elsia Jimenez , Jeffrey Chow, Bill Blass, Esteban Cortazar , Yeohlee, Nicole Miller, Tommy Hilfiger , Yigal Azrouel , Vera Wang , James Coviello, Monique Lhuillier , Gustavo Arango , Custo Barcelona , Zac Posen , Fusha , Zang Toi, Alexandre Herchcovitch , Donald Deal , Atil Kutoglu , Mac Millan, Jeremy Scott , Lloyd Klein , Rachel Comey , Twinkle and Ralph Lauren.

Jennie Ling
a.k.a. local resident


Post #: 873

Fortune Cookie advice
for all super models
on the catwalk
of life:

When you fall down 7 times
to get up 8.

Sharon NA Twain



Post #: 902

Check out NIQUE!!!!!!!!!!!! HE is so SEXY!

a.k.a. Bye-bye Mr. Beene


Post #: 907

This posting dedicated to the loss of designer
Geoffrey Beene

- The designer launched his own company on a shoestring budget in 1963 and turned it into a fashion empire. Along with Bill Blass, Beene was regarded as one of the godfathers of American sportswear.
"The more you learn about clothes, the more you realize what has to be left off," he once said. "Simplification becomes a very complicated procedure."

a.k.a. Avedon .... Adieu !


Post #: 915

They say death come in three -
- FWD/Fashion Wire Daily October 1, 2004 - NEW YORK:
Richard Avedon, one of the giants of photography and fashion photography in particular, passed away today in San Antonio, Texas. Avedon created lively, fantastic and glamorous images for Harper's Bazaar, where he was the staff photographer from 1945 - 1965. Avedon never stepped far from fashion, however. After leaving Vogue in 1970, his studio earned commissions from advertisers such as Revlon, Christian Dior and Max Mara.
- Reuters-LA: "Richard Avedon, one of the most influential portrait and fashion photographers of the 20th century....From 1945 to 1965, he was staff photographer for Harper's Bazaar under a series of legendary editors, including Carmel Snow and Diana Vreeland, where he helped move fashion photography away from the world of stuffy mannequins into a more playful era. "

Miss Janet Jackson
a.k.a. Huckleberry friend


Post #: 916

If you must talk fashion...
be sure to add the Audrey Hepburn style of Holly Golightly at "Breakfast at Tiffany's".
The soft romantic touch that seems to be
wonderfully brought to life by some designer every year.

If you want ot learn REAL STYLE - watch
Brini Maxwell on the Style Newtork 118.
Whether its 1950's, 60' or 70's... Brini is hotter than electric pink boots and more butch than Truman Capote !

Martha Stewart... Eat your Betty Davis heart out !!!
It's gonna be a bumppy ride - and you might like it..

Foote Prints


Post #: 942

Prints exhibtion Nov 1 - 29, 2004
Manhattan Graphics Center
481 Washington Street, NYC
bet Spring & Canal Streets

Exhibition Reception Sat., Nov 13th 6-8pm
human figure / nudes
Prints by artist Julia Foote

figurative work


Post #: 957


"NIGHT OF 1,000 DRAWINGS" -A unique opportunity to collect works on paper by emerging and established artists.
ARTISTS SPACE - 38 Greene St, 3rd Fl., NYC
Saturday, Nov. 6, 2004
TIME: 3:00 - 8:00 pm

All proceeds benefit Artists Space programs; Works are priced by size: $30 and $50. $5 admission **
** Artists who donate work get in free between 3 and 6 pm.
Donation deadline 6pm Tues Nov 2nd



Post #: 1032

art exhibition
by painter ALEXI WORTH
724 Fifth Avenue @ 57th Street - NYC
"ONLY CONNECT" - Four paintings
Nov 30 - Dec 30, 2004



Post #: 1095

I`m a transylvanian concubine
I`m a transylvanian FatalBeauty
I`m a transylvanian devilishdoll
I`m a transylvanian fettish angel
I`m a transylvanian Lillybiscut
Wanna be reborn ? - SuicideGirls



Post #: 1204

The Third Street Sketch Group
exhibition of drawings, paintings & sculpture
@ Gallery 440 - Jan. 13 thru Jan. 31, 2005

Opening Reception: Thur Jan 13, 2005 6-9pm

Artists: Nan Carey, Shanee Epstein, Nancy Lunsford
Lizanne Merrill, Jules Peemoeller, Shiela White,
Erica Hope Charpentier, Audrey Frank Anastasi,
Bobby Roe, Joanne Manfredi, Jo Bidner, Robert Axlerod
Betty Sword, Laurie Lee-Georgescu & ....

Gallery 440
440 Sixth Avenue
Park Slope, Brooklyn NY



Post #: 1206

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL - The Jerusalem Municipality officials rejected a proposal to bring a replica of Rodin?s The Thinker because of haredi opposition because it is a nude figure, reported The Jerusalem Post.
Deputy Mayor Shlomi Atias (Shas) stated, "We cannot allow the placement of such a sculpture in a city like Jerusalem. If he was wearing a bathing suit, then maybe it would have passed, but he is totally naked."
'Le Penseur' by Rodin, sculpted in 1904.



Post #: 1211

Hasn't JERUSALEM ever seen a nude before?
We come into this world with nothing and we will take nothing from it when we go.
So Why not honor Rodin?s "The Thinker" for showing the true human. Our legacy of artistic culture and learning from science, math, creative spirit and the wonders of the complex human body.
Celebrate Rodin?s combination of mind & body.


Fashion Weak


Post #: 1264

Designer Helmut Lang has strained the boundaries of commercial viability with bondage inspired clothing that often appeared as if it should be accompanied by a safety-instruction manual.
Always intriguing... but challenging to sell.
Now the fur is flying at the Italian luxury goods group aka "Prada" has announced the resignation of Austrian designer Helmut Lang as creative dir of the brand bearing his name.
(eponymous label) This is the second blow job to the luxury fashion house's multibrand strategy in recent months.

a.k.a. ?Que ?..Why?


Post #: 1267

On Feb 18th ATOA will discuss the photographer; Arno Rafael Minkkinen. He has exclusively photographed his own nude body in locations around the world since 1971.

Reminds me of my cousin Glenn.
Glenn used to say he liked going around the world with Buck, his x-roomate from college.

One time Glenn said "The Buck stops here" and then bent over to pick up a dime from the floor.
I never understood why they were friends. Buck was always so so anal about things. Nothing seemed to penetrate his thoughts.

Billy Wilder
a.k.a. Little man in the boat


Post #: 1281

Oh Pleazzz ! Discuss more than just artist's models.
Go for THE Platinum Goddess herself, Marilyn Monroe!!

Marilyn Monroe Look-Alike Contest: February 5 at 8:00 PM
All candidates will parade on stage for the audience, and three prizes will be awarded.
I Wanna Be Loved By You:
Photographs of Marilyn Monroe
Photo Exhibition Thru March 20, 2005

200 photographic portraits of Marilyn Monroe by thirty-nine photographers, including:
Eve Arnold, Richard Avedon, Cecil Beaton, Cornell Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Andre De Dienes, Robert Frank,Milton Greene, Phillipe Halsman, Ben Ross, Bert Stern, Weegee, Gary Winogrand, & George Zimbel.

These portraits date from 1945 to images taken just a few weeks before her death in 1962 at the age of 36.

The Brooklyn Museum
Eastern Parkway

figurative work


Post #: 1320

This group is for those with a genuine interest in figure drawing. Figure_Drawing_Factory

It is the strong and stated goal and intent that this group will maintain the highest professional standards possible in this pursuit. Those who truly comprehend and appreciate this are the only members we seek.

We look forward to creating an environment that can be of benefit to all participants in the pursuit of improving artistic skills and artwork appreciation.



Post #: 1325

I love 7th on Sixth

I love the work of :

Fashion Week / Fall 2005 Collections

Larry Poons Jr.


Post #: 1330

I love 6 on 9



Post #: 1340

Harvard-Westlake School is an independent co-educational day school for grades 7-12 in Los Angeles and North Hollywood.

Independent coeducational college preparatory day school:

The Performing Arts Department recognizes the importance of artistic development in the individual and society. Artistic development includes creative artistic expression, technique, knowledge of the classics, a contemporary perspective, understanding of the forms and the discipline required of all artists, and implies an understanding and appreciation of an integrated arts program as well as the arts of various cultures and peoples.

Goth Gal


Post #: 1353

Got Goth ?

~Bloody Kisses~

+ Altar BabYdarK +

Doorway to the mind

THEY"RE COMING TO GET YOU!!!! hahahahahahahaaaaa.....

a.k.a. Hoogerbrugge nightmares ***


Post #: 1356

The interactive tale with Flip
Dr Doglin
and IMP
Is tooo weird

**a pile of dead hogs and a mad man with a clever

Goth Gal
a.k.a. Gee Wally...


Post #: 1362

RE Hoogerbrugge REFER: "mad man with a clever"

Wrong Spelling ! It should be cleaver
as in meat cleaver or Beaver Cleaver.

"Clever" is something you still have to work on... ha, ha!!



Post #: 1366

Hey Goth Gal - Thanks for the concern !

Below is a link to a cute teddy that bears my inner feelings: 0ve%20you%20(Your 0.000000riend)



Post #: 1459

Eadweard Muybridge conducted motion-sequence still photographic experiments and is often called the Father of the motion picture: Animation Action Analysis
View a model doing several common actions.
Each stage recorded per frame. Sitting, Standing, Jumping

Hugo Puccianto
a.k.a. painter & sketch


Post #: 1542

Where can i hire a sketch model in the NY area and what is the current rate?



Post #: 1566

Miguel Vieira fashion and flair
Resolu??o M?nima
Minimum Resolution

a space gallery


Post #: 1611

artist Robert Bunkin
acrylic on canvas
figurative work

moving to 1138 Broadway Brooklyn

figurative work


Post #: 1665

2 recent N.Y.T. articles (published only 1 week apart)
both dealing with the increasing trend in "Life Drawing" salons in NYC.

The NY Times (April 26,) article's main focus (hype) was on the Burlesk Queens working as part time ($20 per Hr.) "nude" artist's models and less said on the variety of body types/shapes (including males) sketched by serious artists.

The NY Times is basically pushing/writing their version(s)
of "The NEW/NUDE Hot Trend in ART!!".
-Or- Legitimize voyeurs! - Old Boys network & Naked ladies !

"Nudes on Stage, and Music to Sketch By"
Published: April 26, 2005
At a session organized by the Society of Illustrators, about 50 illustrators sharpened their skills by drawing nude figure models.

ARTS AND LEISURE DESK | April 17, 2005, Sunday

"ART; Go Figure"
By CAROL KINO (NYT) 1724 words
Late Edition - Final , Section 2 , Page 1 , Column 4

DISPLAYING FIRST 50 OF 1724 WORDS - THE mood was relaxed, even familial, on a recent Tuesday evening as the painter Will Cotton welcomed visitors to his Lower East Side loft. As he set out bowls of chocolate Easter candy, the artist Inka Essenhigh, who first made her name with paintings of anime-like creatures, pinned paper to..

a.k.a. a big fan of Burlesk Queens


Post #: 1683

- Miss Tina Undone -
Miss Tina Undone is THE "blonde bombshell" of the fishnet & stilletto avant-garde NY models. A gal with long lashes, long legs and a long...reputation as a fine arts model.
She has inspired many a painter to use long strokes and their spontinaeity can burst forth across the canvas.

works on paper & canvas
by artists Charles H. Connelly
and Linda Winters

exhibition thru May 26th 2005
at: 31 Crosby Street, NYC

a.k.a. more Hoogerbrugge


Post #: 1691

hoogerbrugge : reflect on the sociology of deviance brought on by white-collar stress.

NAILS: Interactive annimations
017 Obstinate
018 In esse - stirred not shaken
012 Hey Girl, Hey Boy
016 Appetite
015 Zombie



Post #: 1702

French scenes - vie parisienne paintings by Catherine Marche
La brune aux levres rouges
Lola plumes rouges
Filles de joie
La chanteuse
chapeaux a plumes
Les trois graces

Illustrations,Paintings, etchings, drawings...

Ms. Cherry Pitt-Grove
a.k.a. model lady


Post #: 1725

The Imperial Court of New York is a not-for-profit organization.

What sets us apart from everyone else ? Well,,, besides the big hair, bigger jewels and the biggest regal attire we can find -- is our attitude. The glitz, glamour is how we have fun, but while having a fabulous time.

Night of a Thousand Gowns Coronation and Charity Ball is more than just a chance for hundreds of our members to show off their divine and dashing finery to friends and admirers; it is the culmination of a year of fund-raising and visibility for those in the AIDS communities.

a.k.a. ( Its Good To Be The Queen)


Post #: 1729

Can you tell what it is yet?

The Australian artist; Rolf Harris will be painting an oil portrait of the queen (Queen Elizabeth) for her 80th birthday. He has done a number of art-based programmes for TV including Rolf on Art and Star Portraits.

Rolf Harris has been awarded both the MBE and OBE and is a Member of the Order of Australia. He is Patron of PHAB (physically disabled and able-bodied clubs throughout the UK) and CHATA (Children in Hospital and Animal Therapy Association).



Post #: 1792

Figure Models Guild of Washington, D.C. USA

"We Are Not a Muse", BLOGSPOT - An assembly of writings on life class and life modelling that have been written over the past two years. We hope this can be a useful by giving strength and wisdom and an interesting resource for models.

Newhouse Ctr. @ Snug Harbor


Post #: 1793

Portraits by Sylvia Sleigh
Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art
Exhibition thru October 2, 2005

Perhaps best known for her images of male nudes, Sleigh has a body of work that includes an exciting variety of late 20th century realist portraits. This exhibition of portraits features the paintings of an important artist still working at the age of 89.

Newhouse Center @ Snug Harbor, Staten Island, New York City
Snug Harbor is a cultural center set within an 83-acre National Historic Landmark district containing the finest collection of Greek Revival buildings in the United States, plus Beaux Arts, Italianate and Victorian style architecture.

Nassau Museum


Post #: 1851

Life Drawing Workshop
Beginners or advanced- -all welcome.
Sponsored by the Nassau County Art Museum at Roslyn
Monday evenings from 7:30 to 10:00 PM
Art Studio building on the Museum grounds.
No reservation necessary, just bring your own art materials and 10 dollars to cover the model fee.
The Museum is located a short distance west of the intersection of Glen Cove Road & Northern Boulevard [route25A]
Long Island, New York

figurative work


Post #: 1858

Open figure drawing.
Sponsored by Brooklyn Artists Gym
98 4th St., Bklyn
$10 for members
Fridays, 6:30-9:30. $12.
F or G train to Carroll St.



Post #: 1908

BBC.CO.UK: article:
"Swindon Life Model: The Naked Truth
Stripped naked and scrutinised for hours by a room full of strangers. Welcome to the world of the life model..."



Post #: 1909 -
"This is a dynamic changing web site that is continually updated to provide you with information on modelling in all its various guises and more importantly the work carried out by modelled me uk in support of Artists, Sculptors, Photographers, Tutors, Colleges, Universities and Local, Regional and Community art groups - and any like minded individuals and groups in pursuit of that most illusive subject - ART! "

The history of and attitudes to Modelling
Life Modelling
Portrait Modelling
Sculpture Modelling
Photographic Modelling
Cat Walk and promotional Modelling
Examples of The Female form as Fine Art Nude Prints for you to own

Twisted Accolades


Post #: 1991

Can true devotion be skin deep ? A nice tattoo ?
Here's something a bit more painful... but probably quicker -



Post #: 1994

All the works presented here were done by
Lúcio Tamino Hollander, São Paulo, Brazil
acrylic on canvas
acr?lico sobre tela
drawings of Tiahuanaco motif
aquarela e lápis sobre papel

Jack T. Rabbitt


Post #: 2090

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn: 81 Self Portraits
multi image animation by ? Dane Picard 2003

100+ Eyes
multi image animation by ? Dane Picard 2001

hand gestures / Examples from Flourish
photo mini film by ? Dane Picard

Who, Me? / Written, produced & directed by Dane Picard
"Who, Me?" is a mini-Twilight Zone story of a yuppie photo collector (Jacque Sturges) but suspected of being a pornographer.

DemBones Jangles


Post #: 2209

skeletal systems /character study of 22 present and past cartoon characters: Pikachu, Marvin the Martian, Baby Huey, Charlie Brown, Pluto, Homer, Peppermint Patty, Barney Rubble

artist: Michael Paulus



Post #: 2424

The Sunday Times / UK October 23, 2005

article; "The art of excess "
He was a highly respected society painter. He was also the master of X-rated art ? a 17th-century Tarantino. How did Rubens get away with it? Waldemar Januszczak reports

There's a Rubens show on the way. So I know what you're seeing. You're seeing huge mounds of pink cellulite rippling happily across some of the lardiest thighs in art. You're thinking fat women. You're thinking British actress Dawn French.
But the painting that beats least about the bush on the subject of Rubens's sexual appetites is his extraordinarily sleazy Samson and Delilah. Having been the world's strongest man, Samson has allowed Delilah to tire him out in bed. And as he droops across her in a deep postcoital slump, a gang of servants loom up out of the gloom to cut off his hair and unman him. It's a castration story, disguised so very lightly. Anyone glancing at it would know immediately that a loud masculine alarm is being sounded here about the seductive dangers of Delilahs.,,1-531-1824218-531,00.html

The exhibition Rubens: A Master in the Making opens at the National Gallery, London, UK

wikipedia info


Post #: 2448

Advice & define : Model (art)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Model Posing, Poses and Posing Techniques /The Extended Pose

Artist's models and art school models are often entirely nude, apart from inconspicuous personal items such as small jewelry. In a job advertisement seeking nude models, this may sometimes be referred to as being "undraped."

In Western countries, there is generally no prohibition on the sexes posing nude for or drawing members of the opposite sex, although this was not always the case in the past. In Victorian times some art schools allowed female nudes-- but only if their faces were draped.

Up into the present day some rare art classes prefer male models to wear a jockstrap.

Hazards Of Posing As An Artist's Model:
Lice, crabs, scabies, ringworm and a million other bugs have been picked up from model stands throughout history.

Young women who model successfully for any amount of time will be independent, reliable types with confidence and a healthy self-esteem. A chaperon is unwelcome in most situations.

Men and especially older men will find it difficult to find as much work modelling as women and particularly "young" women. A substantial prejudice exists in the iconography and culture of Western art against the exposed human penis and testicles.

Most exhibited work follows the paradigm of male artists, female models.

Modeling for artists is one of the a professions in which females typically have a financial advantage.



Post #: 2506

Memling’s Portraits
exhibition thru December 31, 2005

The Frick Collection in New York is offering a special treat for art lovers by being the only museum in the US to present the touring exhibition of paintings by the notable Flemish artist Hans Memling.

This international exhibition of Flemish portrait painting in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries brings together some twenty portraits by Hans Memling.

The loans derive from famous museums in Europe and the United States of America and will be shown successively at the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza (Madrid), the Groeninge Museum (Bruges) and the Frick Collection (New York). Each institution will highlight particular aspects of Memling’s portraiture.

figurative work


Post #: 2536

Artist discussing his art; Realist painter Lennart Anderson discussing his study for the Idylls:

Lennart Anderson Web Museum



Post #: 2542

VLEPO Gallery - A contemporary fine art gallery and
exhibition space featuring visual arts, moving images and the spoken word.

Oct2005 exhibtion was "Cobatct Series/ ?imperfect bodies?: Artist Robert Bunkin - teacher of FRESCO painting @ The Art Students League of NY
36 Richmond Terrace Staten Island, New York 10301



Post #: 2543

Correction to : Oct2005 exhibtion was "Cobatct Series/ ?imperfect bodies?

should be "Contact Series"
(my imperfect typing)


Post #: 2544

197 east broadway,nyc

every sunday afternoon in the painting studio
Sunday Afternoons 2:30-5:30pm

(Un-instructed, bring your own supplies)
usually starting with short poses, then
5 minute poses, then longer poses.
$10.00 per session

a.k.a. fan of provocative evenings...


Post #: 2550

Topic: Portrait of a Man, seated.

Is it me... or does Peter Trippi look like a young Noel from "Peter, Paul and Mary" ?

Jackie "Puff" Papers
a.k.a. Para Phern Alia


Post #: 2551

Forum: Artists - musical

photo: Noel Paul Stooky 1968:

On October 5th 2005, Peter Yarrow, Noel Paul Stookey and Mary Travers, along with their long-time musical director, Robert DeCormier, gathered at Mary's home to begin rehearsals for a very special Holiday Concert with the New York Choral Society that will take place on Friday, Dec. 9th in New York City's historic Carnegie Hall.

a.k.a. DarkSide


Post #: 2564

Should a scrawny gal be butt-nekid in a painting ?

Egon Schiele's models could have used a sandwich.



Post #: 2565

Suggest U see Lucian Freud's work with model Leigh Bowery.

Anatomy 101



Post #: 2631

Gettin down to barebones ??

"BODIES ... The Exhibition" is a 32,000 square foot exhibit that features 22 whole body specimens, as well as more than 260 additional organ and partial body specimens.

South Street Seaport is a slice of timeless New York.

This exhibition is a slice of people.

Premier Exhibitions, Inc. is NOT affiliated with any other organizer of human anatomy exhibitions, including Gunther von Hagens, Gerhard Perner, or Genlife Biomedical.

BODIES ... The Exhibition should not be confused with "Body Worlds," "Body Exploration," "The Universe Within," "Bodies Revealed," or any other human anatomy exhibition.

a.k.a. DEC 2 - OPEN HOUSE


Post #: 2635


NOT FRI, NOV. 25, 5 - 8PM

Our "Last Fridays" is a First, so come have some wine. We also have a CONTEST! See the events page, win free figure drawing!

every Monday and Wednesday eve, 6:30-9:30.
Open to all !



Post #: 2685

Roberta Smith is the current head art critic for the NY Times. Considering she works for such a prime paper in a prime Art city - it's a waste. Smith's predecessor Hilton Kramer was an eletist snob - but at least he knew something.
And before him - John Russell was formerly the Chief Art Critic of The New York Times.
Russell was educated, well rounded and a friend of Lucian Freud. His writings refelected all that.
Roberta Smith has her own limited agenda and an even more limted ability to write about it.

Currently the cities (NY, London, Washington DC, San Fran) are going thru a rebirth of interest in figurative art.

Current NY exhibtions:
The Metropolitan Museum of Art has: Vincent van Gogh: The Drawings Thru Dec 31
and Clouet to Seurat: French Drawings from The British Museum thru Jan 29

The Frick Collection has
Memling's Portraits thru Dec 31

And there are numerous ateliers drawing from a live model..

ATOA will have a panel focused on the limited period of 150 RE: "How drawing from the live model has evolved over the past 150 years."

We can be thankful to the The Dahesh Museum for saving an overlooked period in art history. Dahesh Museum is arcane but still highly academic. Extremely dull and romantisized work compared to the Expressionist that followed. But this allows us to understand the transfer more easily.

Regarding the panel "Drawing from the Live Model"
It is a shame that ATOA is limiting itself to a mere 150 years and ignoring the great masters like the Flemish baroque painter Peter Paul Rubens or Rembrandt van Rijn or Johannes Vermeer.
Most portrait artists worth their salt would be proud to say who they studied under and who their teachers studied under.
A great legacy anyone would be proud to trace back 100 years or more.
But all claim the hours spent at a good museum viewing the work by Rubens, Rembrandt, Van Dyke, or American painter John Singer Sargent van be their greatest teachers.



Post #: 2690

I was asked by someone why I was so hard on Roberta Smith.

Because she represents a large important paper in a very diverse city but she writes within her tunnel vision.
She never liked drawing or classic figurative work and won't bend toward reveiwing the rebirth of drawing from the human figure. She wishes it would go away or worse just ignore it. Too bad.



Post #: 2691

Don't forget Titian's work. Very sensitive. Plus I find the fact that many of Ruben's portrait drawings are of his two wives. A lot of well-known artists of the past used their wives and lovers as muse. A person to add something to the creative process rather than just "a live model".



Post #: 2694

I just realized I left out the word amazing.

As in Plus I find the fact amazing that many of Ruben's portrait drawings are of his two wives.



Post #: 2698

Recalling basic art history - most of the great works were commissioned by aristocrats for private viewing or church patronage.
Once the great museums were open for public viewing - only then could artists learn by copying the old masters.
The proper respect of one artist for another is shown thru hours of dedicated observation. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
Now the museums have been cheapened to a Mall Stroll.
Just meet a friend for lunch and a quick once around the MET
to prove your sophiscated side. No great attention to brush stokes. God forbid your cell phone does off and 500 feet is spent on inane dribble as you pass a lifetime of Flemish history.

He said - She said
a.k.a. Hey..what's up?


Post #: 2724

Embarassing inane dribble ?
Why not try the new cell phone protector with splatter guard !
Keeps your phone as dry as your humour !
Order now and get a can of O.F.S. A specially formulated aerosol (aka Old Fart's Spray) that keeps eavesdroppers, pretentious asses, and dorm roomates 50 feet away.



Post #: 2732

Role of the artist model ?

Get Nekkid!
Get Paid!
Get Out!

Some truths behind those naughty models!
fan of pulp novels and cheesecake artwork



Post #: 2812

Exhibit "Most Muscular" thru December 17, 2005

SVA Alumnus Brian Finke flexes his photographic muscles.

Mr. Finke has been traveling across the country photographing male and female bodybuilders at both professional and amateur competitions.
531 W 25th ST, NYC

B. Nekkid
a.k.a. DarkSide aka Jelly Roll Morton fan


Post #: 2848

Is that Role of the Model
or Roll a Nekkid model ?

Cause.... Life is all about asses !!!

you're either covering it,
laughing it off,
kicking it,
kissing it,
busting it,
trying to get a piece of it,
or behaving like one ....

Happy Holidays and stay warm



Post #: 2852

These type of postings are a lot of crap considering how hard modeling for real artists can be.



Post #: 2859

BAMA Galleries offers an array of classes, helping to promote the ways in which the education of art making can enrich our lives.

One of the most rewarding forms of expression, Drawing from Life (nude model) allows for a range of creative outlets.

Drawing from Life is offered:
Tuesday Evenings
7:30 - 10pm
Cost: $10/class

BAMA Gallleries
946 Bloomfield St.
Hoboken, New Jersey



Post #: 3013


Oh... u r such a godess...!!!

Miss Chamada Amor >}}}


Post #: 3031



I AM " ... U N I Q U E ... "

Feliz Natal -y- Boas Festas !!!

DBZ **

solamente TATTOO


Post #: 3059

U N I Q U E ???

? keep the sarcasm

Any BODY will do as model or living canvas


Tattoo/ .::onward to - the batlefield; death fo victory::.

CELTIC TATTOO --- Santo Andr?

knockover's Fotolog / Tattoo

mystic tattoo's Fotolog:

Tattoo/ Coretta's Fotolog




Post #: 3075

? I love, I have loved, I will love. ?

Oh Lord, help me to be pure,

but not today....

my pc was dead so I'm a litte late

merry xmas :)


Frohe Weihnachten und viel Clück im neuen Jahr

Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año Nuevo

Joyeux Nöel et Bonne Année



Post #: 3076



"That it shall never come again is what makes life so sweet"

~Emily Dickinson

Prettige Kerstdagen en een Gelukkig Nieuwjaar

C.S. Stardust


Post #: 3077

artist's models ???? when in doubt DRAG out only ze best !!!

DBZ **


Post #: 3084

Star Dust Mammories ??

DBZ **


Post #: 3102

your flesh is my canvas

AkemiTattoo Brazil: akemi, tatuadora desde 2001 e body piercer h? 8 anos. gosto de tatuar todos estilos, mas tenho preferencia por desenhos coloridos e com tra?o bold... minhas influ?ncias: mauro nunes, jim? litwalk, joe capobianco{ pinups lindas} marcio duarte, mauricio teodoro, mordenti, aleks punk, alphonse mucha.. e v?rios outros..estou estudando muito

Jams N. Jellies


Post #: 3111

RE: "I worked as an artist's model for several years. There was nothing I hated more than the pretence of sterility they had in art classes. Because the people who run them are uncomfortable with nudity, we get personality-free models, sterile grey rooms, no talking, and (Picasso help us) no fun."

The content presented on this website is copyright Molly Crabapple ? 2005 or earlier. All graphic and web work by Malloreigh Antithesis.

RE: "Now, you might see a Molly Crabapple original in Art At Large, Bamboo Lane Gallery, The Coney Island Museum or The Museum of American Illustration."

Jams N. Jellies


Post #: 3113

Why not draw models with that extra touch of.... style

Where and what is the School Of Shimmy ?

Keeping burlesque alive, The Red Hots is a celebration of creativity, comedy and intellect.

burly-q education: learn basic choreography, practical tips on how to build or assemble the perfect costume with personality, how to create a persona, props, hair & make-up, and pastie making.

Every Sunday Night! 10pm, Rififi (11th st)
Red Hots Burlesque presents
the best bump and grind!
Jan 8th 2006

And check out Vintage Swank's selection of over 12,000 swanky 1920s-1970s items from designer couture to just plain funky will help you put together the perfect ensemble for any occasion.



Post #: 3115

Oh my ! All The Lovely Artsy People !

E. Vill Kidd


Post #: 3117

Artsy Activity by A.V. Phibes

Raised on Mad Magazine and Looney Tunes, A.V. Phibes had no formal art training (unless you count those ten years of art classes.) Raised poor in the deserts of New Mexico, she moved to The Big City in 1998, bought a Mac, taught herself Photoshop and within two years was working full time as a commercial artist. Two years after that, she had her first solo art show.

The "Hades and Gentlemen" series 2002
Stabbing out your eyeball and raping your skull
Robot Loves Kitty More
Billy Goes to Hell
Zombie Eskimo

also... *Evilkid of the Month*!



Post #: 3118

January 2006 DRAW-A-THON!! -- 8 hrs, 12 models and 3 djs

Michael Alan and Artistic Revolution Gallery invite you to our third energetic, alternative eight-hour figure drawing marathon session.

This one-of-a-kind art event will feature 12 models wearing costumes, taking theatrical, improvisational and dynamic poses and DJs sets featuring alternative, dramatic, classical and punk music to spark a creative vibe and set the stage for a truly unique and dynamic drawing experience.

Over 100 artists attended our last event and everyone had a blast!

Nude, partially nude and costumed models will take short, long, interactive and moving poses through out the evening in a variety of alternative drawing scenarios including: break-beat ballet, cardboard chaos, surreal landscape, re-interpretation of Caravaggio and opera death scenes. This month we will have one model holding a long pose during each session so that there is always something to draw!

The Draw-a-thon will take place January 12th 2006
at Fix in Williamsburg at Bedford & N.11th, Bbrooklyn NY. Doors will open at 7pm.

Stoned Age
a.k.a. Yabba Dabba Doo


Post #: 3119

In response to all these nekkid latex & lipstick pin-ops girlie models ATOA will have it's own "provocative evening" exploring drawing from the live model. Probing speakers include America's only institution devoted to HOT TOPIC of academic style 19th century art. This cutting edge alternative view akin to "Life Drawing" will be presented as a serious critical discussion and well analized.

Our appetites for provocative drawings from the live models should be as moist as a freah coat of paint on a firmly stretched canvas...dripping colors of optical pleasure..



Post #: 3129

365 and counting down

Hy Koo
a.k.a. . . . . .


Post #: 3133

Peter can
be trippi

Sir. Reel Styles


Post #: 3134

Not only an ART ezine, this site is also the home of very trippy, detached (but loveable) skewed dialogue.

Jams N. Jellies


Post #: 3137

"The difference between naked shots and porn is spreading..." /NEWS & COLUMNS: View BY Molly Crabapple December 28, 2005 - During my first two years of college, I worked as an artist?s model. Urged by poverty and bolstered by caffeinated bravado, I dropped my robe at damn near every sketch session in the city. I posed for paintings of girls afloat in clouds...

CONTERFEIT DETECTION: View BY Molly Crabapple /Dec 7, 2005
I first saw it in Chelsea. I was sitting with a friend at the since-closed Espresso Bar, drinking something iced and girly, gesticulating wildly about French Expressionism. There it was, across the street: yard-tall magic-marker letters across a sad, '80s-style storefront. Neckface. It didn't ...

"PIN-UP OR SHUT UP:Is SuicideGirls bleeding to death?"
By Jos? Ralat Maldonado / October 5, 2005

The difference between naked shots and porn is spreading your legs,? Molly Crabapple tells me. We?re sitting in Clem?s, a Williamsburg honky-tonk, along with two Press editors and a friend of Molly?s who?s a former freak-show girl. Molly is 22 and striking, olive-skinned with an aquiline nose and breasts with the curve and...



Post #: 3140

Refer: "NAKED IN THE CITY" Crabapple Vol-18 Is 52 12/05-1/06

RE: "No wonder so many models are out-of-work actors or homeless."

Okay,,I'll go along with the "actors" but NOT homeless.
The work puts too much of a strain on the human body for a sick or weak or homeless person. You need proper food and sleep or you'll fail at holding still.

The article is sour grapes.

Sir Reel Styles


Post #: 3145

Remeber JEN IS FAMOUS ? JEN modeled at MadArts in Park Slope until last Spring 2005.



Post #: 3146

Wanna see great legs?

Check Ms Kay Sera
at the 440Gallery
Thur., Jan 5th 6-9pm
ART EXHIBIT opening "Bursting OUT"
440 Sixth Ave, Bklyn cor 9th Street

followed by a party at the Hope & Anchor.
Van Brunt Street, Red Hook, Bklyn

see what trans inspires a gal.



Post #: 3150

Jen Dziuria will be famous, get in on the ground floor, so you can say you sketched her before she sold out.

In the meantime she seemed to have an awful lot of problems with the subway last April - May - June. Hard being a working girl. But I remeber some nice photo pics Feb 2004 Fotolog Eric the Front man.

Jen is famous

Jen can also be infamous



Post #: 3151

correction on year 2005

Fotolog Feb/March 2005

galante bikini & refrigerator

Sir. Reel Styles


Post #: 3152

RE: PREVIOUS POSTING *__* 2004-12-14


MOVIE : DOC : scheduletmcTMC XTRA
January 02, 2006
All Times ET/PT
12:25 AM Suicide Girls: The First Tour TVMA

"Suicide Girls: The First Tour"

The pierced and tattooed strippers known collectively and affectionately as SuicideGirls hit the road in this documentary that charts their series of popular shows that mix skin with a post-modern attitude and plenty of emo, goth and punk rock music. "They're the girls next door but more colorful and with better record collections" -Spin.

TMC Advisories: (Nudity, Adult Language, Adult Content)
Rating: TVMA - SLD
Stereo / CC
1 h 43 m

Showtime Networks Inc.
The Movie Channel



Post #: 3153

I just realized ATOA's panel is Friday the lucky 13th, 2006
"Dahesh Museum: Drawing from the Live Model"
with artist Will Barnet (b. 1911).

I guess they had to state "the live model" to clearify the ONE that outlived all the others Barnet drew in the 1930's, 40's, 50's, and 1960's.



Post #: 3154

For all those artist that studied under such great teachers as Hans Hoffman this media circus style "I Am Famous" is an affront to the proper art schools, the gallery system, resumes and bios. To truely learn your craft and learn to see you must apprentice yourself several hours a week at a fine museum observing and copying from the great masters.
All else is a cheap Barnum and Bailey Charade.



Post #: 3157

Back to some serious discussion on "Life Drawing"
aka role of the artist's model.

RE: "If you know anatomy as thoroughly as a doctor, but don't know structure, you will not be able to draw the body correctly.

If you don't know any anatomy, but thoroughly understand structure, you will be able to learn to draw like an old master." - Ted Seth Jacobs

RE : Dictionary of Human Form, by Ted Seth Jacobs

RE: 2 of Jacobs's books: " The first, Drawing with an Open Mind, presented my ideas about the processes of human visual perception, and a great deal of information on the theory of drawing. That book was essentially designed to point out the difference between what the eyes transmit, and what the mind registers.

Light of the Artist explained how the phenomenon of vision requires the interactions of light and forms. As far as possible, I will not repeat material already presented in those books, unless it is pertinent. Anyone unfamiliar with these books should not find any difficulty in following the ideas found in the present work."



Post #: 3158

The Art Renewal Center is devoted to the following principles and beliefs.

Below are 6 of the 12 principles :

1 - To create the largest on-line Museum on the internet, with hundreds of thousands of oversized high quality images of all the known works of the greatest painters and sculptors in human history, cross referenced to the largest encyclopedic online art reference library of historical texts, essays, biographies and articles.

2 - To promote a return of training, standards and excellence in the visual arts.

3 - To provide responsible views opposing those of the current art establishment when warranted, especially as expressed in critiques of current art exhibitions, and in aesthetic philosophy.

4 - To disseminate the rich artistic heritage of 2500 years of accumulated knowledge in creating traditional, realistic images touching upon universal and timeless themes.

5 - To advance the understanding that Great Art begins with great themes and expresses them poetically through mastery of all aspects of technique.

6 - To repudiate the idea that development in art requires destruction of boundaries and standards, pointless emphasis on 'newness,' or pursuit of the bizarre and ugly as ends in themselves, and to expose as artistic fraud those works conceived only to elicit outrage.



Post #: 3159

The Art Renewal Center's Second International
2nd International ARC Salon?
Glenham, NY 12527
All winners will be notified by February 28, 2005.

Overnight the ARC Salon? has become the single most important worldwide competition.

Jury of Awards:

Peter Trippi: Director of the Dahesh Museum of Art in NYC, the only institution in the United States devoted to collecting, exhibiting, and interpreting works by Europe's academically trained artists of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Mr. Trippi is the leading authority on John William Waterhouse and the author of J.W. Waterhouse published by Phaidon Press Limited.

Jacob Collins: In 1997, Jacob Collins founded the Water Street Atelier, as a vital new center for the realist movement. He has been awarded numerous significant commissions, such as portraits of former President George Bush and former Chief Justice Warren E. Burger.

Paul W. McCormack: Award winning portrait artist represented by Portraits Inc. in NYC. Mr. McCormack has been an instructor in the art of portraiture for over 15 years.

Fred Ross: Current Chairman of the Art Renewal Center and well-known collector of 19th century European and Victorian paintings.



Post #: 3160

Incase you missed it the first time

# 6 - To repudiate
the idea
that development in art requires destruction of boundaries and standards,
pointless emphasis on 'newness,' or pursuit of the bizarre and ugly
as ends in themselves,
and to expose as artistic fraud those works conceived only to elicit outrage
aka cheap thrill of self-imposed celebrty exabitionist.


Transcript: June 7, 2001 -- Fred Ross, Chairman of the Art Renewal Center, addressed a crowd of over 700 portrait artists.

ARC Chairman speaks at the Met:

Ladies and Gentlemen ... Artists,

The art of painting, one of the greatest traditions in all of human history has been under a merciless and relentless assault for the last one hundred years. I'm referring to the accumulated knowledge of over 2500 hundred years, spanning from Ancient Greece to the early Renaissance and through to the extraordinary pinnacles of artistic achievement seen in the High Renaissance, 17th century Dutch, and the great 19th century Academies of Europe and America. These traditions, just when they were at their absolute zenith, at a peak of achievement, seemingly unbeatable and unstoppable, hit the twentieth century at full stride, and then ... fell off a cliff, and smashed to pieces on the rocks below. Since World War I the contemporary visual arts as represented in Museum exhibitions, University Art Departments, and journalistic art criticism became little more than juvenile, repetitive exercises at proving to the former adult world that they could do whatever they damn well wanted ... sadly devolving ever downwards into a distorted, contrived and contorted notion of freedom of expression. Freedom of expression?

David Lettermanesque
a.k.a. JeN FUn FAQs


Post #: 3166


1- Her favorite color is celery

2- She read Susan Sontag's "Regarding the Pain of Others"

3- Her best friend Molly commented over coffee that her "eyeshadow skills" have improved !

4- JENISFAMOUS would sooner stab herself in the trachea with a fork than attend a poetry reading.

5- She is addicted to eye cream in little pots, regardless of its efficacy.

6- She will make sad-kitty faces in exchange for a sitcom.

7- She wonders profound thoughts like: 'Why hasn't some Japanese hip hop artist put out an album called "Rapanese"?'

8- JENISFAMOUS is a freelance writer, spoken word performer alternative comedian, occasional model, and general urban revolutionary !

9- JEN hates lettuce, but it turns out she digs spinach !

10- Jen -IS- John Singer Sargent's Madame X.



Post #: 3167

After all the great childhood post-holiday memories have flooded my brian...(and Old Crow soaked the rest ) I post this link in tribute to "your friend and mine.. Mr. Teddy":

as Frankenstein's monster once said "friend goood..."

Zum Zick Baseturd


Post #: 3168

ATOA should do a follow-up drawing/sketch panel in 2007

"Drawing from the Dead Model"


German anatomist Professor Gunther von Hagens
British Human Anatomy Experts: Burke and Hare
Saatchi Sensation artist Marc (blood head) Quinn
Artist, Damien Hirst (Sensation formaldehyde shark
and sciencephotorealism Autopsy room fr SPL medical stock photos)
Mexican "D?a de los Muertos" artists: Dem Bones, Dey Rattle, and Dey Bleach.

Benifits of using "Dead Models"
Rigamortous will help the model keep their pose, shorten breaks (except for their rigid arms), add a new cheap sensation interest to the whole traditional dry subject of "sketching & drawing", and add new creative pigment hues of green and blue to the "flesh" category.


Millions long for immortality who do not know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon. - Susan Ertz

The only thing wrong with immortality is that it tends to go on forever. - Herb Caen

Art Sake


Post #: 3169


You wrote, "To repudiate the idea that development in art requires destruction of boundaries and standards."

Would you therefore repudiate the work of Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Robert Smithson, Donald Judd, Sol LeWitt, Nam June Paik, Bill Viola and all the other innovative artists whose work destroyed the boundaries that existed before them?

If so, maybe you should daub these principles on a cave wall instead of posting them on the internet.



Post #: 3171

RE principles on a cave wall

Lascaux is a beautiful example of Paleolithic art.
And a tad better than splattered paint.



Post #: 3172

RE: "Would you therefore repudiate"

Art Sake - I Sir am but a humble soul. Your clever observation should be brought to the attention of a more - Mr. Peter Trippi
during the Artists Talk on Art's "Q & A" Jan 13th 2006.

After all, I'm sure The Art Renewal Center which is devoted to those 12 principles (including # 6) would only choose a jury member (2nd Intl. ARC Salon?) intellectually worthy of upholding their high standards and beliefs.

I am sure Mr. Trippi is well versed and up to the task of such a high caliber of critical discussions in the visual arts.



Post #: 3173

Ahh come on. We all know everything run in cycles.
I'm even sure Og the Bison painter got static from his tribe
when the herds thinned. That's when he invented a diffrent shade of burnt umber.

Right now we're back to the re-development of the classic realist figure. The heavy duty challenge of painting in 2-D from a 3-D subject and breathe some life into the results.

Nam June Paik's use of electronic TV's was cutting edge but now it gimicky next to a prime LCD monitor and some decent standard software.

And remeber kiddies.. as with most things in life....
Those that can paint... those that can't preach and teach and bet the subject into boring submission until the next generation rise in protest.

Human being will always be reinvented by our need for creativity.



Post #: 3174

"need for creativity"
Yes there is a need for original creative inspirations.

Donald Judd ? Didn't he design book shelves for IKEA ?
Or was it the prototype of refrigerator cooling coils?

Robert Smithson does less interesting "crop circles" only in mud and rocks. Hurricanes Katrina created several profound and extremely emotionally moving earthworks.

Sol LeWitt is a combination of parque floors, phallic stalagmites, studies of ice cracks in a pond, and some pieces are a mix of O'Keeffe Georgia meets Warhol and Dorothy Gillespie.
(Only each one of them did it better.)



Post #: 3178

RE: Og the Bison painter

Personally I prefer the work of Og's predecessor
"Moog the Grinder".

He was the first to grind cadmium for pigments.
He also would grind rose petals, fresh grass, marigolds, clays, fish heads, berries, wild pig's bladders.. Basically he's grind anything he could get his grubby hands on and then smear it free-hand over tanned deer hides.

Not many people know this but he invented the first mural house coverings and rain poncho.

And Moog's cousin (and wife) Allie Opp was the Martha Stewart of her day. She would collect fresh urine from family members to add a touch of "Indian yellow" to the palette during the dark seasons.



Post #: 3179

you really do enjoy yourself



Post #: 3180

Why that is a such a concise yet highly observant statement coming from you! And to my surprise you've been sounding far less self-righteousness than usual. Who would have thought you had it in you ?



Post #: 3196

Life Drawing in New York City
at Spring Studio-Figure Drawing

Spring Street Studio in Soho, NYC
offers figure (life) drawing seven days a week,
year-round, for beginners and professionals.

Instruction also available.
RE: "Nicolaides' Natural Way to Draw"

Prices:$12 per session

5 sessions $50
10 sessions $90

Spring Studio is located East of Broadway,
between Crosby and Lafayette in Soho in Manhattan:
64 Spring Street, New York NY 10012.



Post #: 3203

Og the Bison painter was too much of a Primitive Painter.
Consider the work of Lothar of the Hill People. His early earthenworks were impressive. I believe he perfected the "pile of rocks" method long before Smithson.

Rod Serling, Jr.
a.k.a. wish people out into the cornfield


Post #: 3204

Submitted for your consideration; artists posting on a forum , arguably... with too much spare time on their hands... Most men (P.I.C.) would accept this simple fact and get on with their lives. Not this group. An obsession builds, not an obsession of the flesh but of the mind, mouse and keyboard.. Theres a sign post (posting) up ahead... "I have the feeling about 60 percent of what you say is crap.".

David Letterman - On January 4, 2006, O'Reilly appeared on the David Letterman program. When O'Reilly began a discussion on the alleged War on Christmas, Letterman replied, "I think that this is something that happened here, and it happened there, and so people like you are trying to make us think that it's a threat." Leterman accused O'Reilly of making up some of his claims on particular points on the supposed War, and O'Reilly replied with, "Then I could write for your show." When O'Reilly attacked the motivations of Cindy Sheehan, Letterman took exception, saying O'Reilly had never lost a family member in a war, and therefore O'Reilly could not speak for Sheehan's motivations. Letterman eventually said, "I have the feeling about 60 percent of what you say is crap.". The next day on his program, O'Reilly called Letterman "a card-carrying member of the secular progressive movement"".'Reilly_(commentator)

And thanks to: Jim Heid

Seamos Creativos


Post #: 3206

The Style is pure_leopard

visit & upload leopard related stuff

be creative and show some DIFFERENT shots :)



Post #: 3224




Post #: 3225

So it appears you would just like to kill off anyone who disagrees with you.


itchy wool gatherer


Post #: 3228

gather the sacred stones in a circle. bring feathers from the mighty hunting birds. fresh beeries with juice redder than blood. this palette celebrates life.

a.k.a. son of Bea Itch


Post #: 3229

Don't let Mum fool you. She really shops at

virtual Store Tour

Artist's Models


Post #: 3232

Classic Pin-Up Girls

? Pin-ups by: Elvgren, Vargas, Driben, De Vorss, Runci, Armstrong, Buell, Frahm, Frush, Bass, Moran, Ballantyne, Medcalf, D`Ancona, Ekman, Elliot, Bolles, Petty, Willis, Withers etc.

A Tribute to the Masters of Classic and Contemporary Pin-up and Glamour Art; The Pin-up Files is a free site and currently contains over 1500 pin-up and glamour art images.

The Birth of Aphrodite

Mademoiselle H?lo?se Gen?ve


Post #: 3247

Models should have the glamour of Erte's Art Deco or the Art Nuevo female face surrounded by black wavy hair. Vintage style and grace.


a.k.a. seeking "a provocative evening"


Post #: 3253

January 13th, 2006
Dahesh Museum:
Drawing from the Live Model

This provocative evening explores how drawing from the live model has evolved over the past 150 years. Speakers include the director of the Dahesh Museum, America's only institution devoted to 19th century academic art.

Peter Trippi, director of the Dahesh Museum of Art

Will Barnet, artist, ?minence grise (b. 1911)
Carol Kino, art reporter
Inka Essenhigh, artist

Artist; Will Barnet was born in 1911. By 1936 he had established himself as a professional printer and the youngest instructor of graphic arts ever to hold a faculty position at the Arts Students League.

Dahesh Ventures Elsewhere / Friday, January 13, 7 - 8:30 pm
School of Visual Arts, 209 East 23rd Street, Manhattan

a.k.a. revise 01-06


Post #: 3259


Life Drawing in New York City
at Spring Studio-Figure Drawing


2006 Prices: ** $14 per session **

5 sessions $55 Good for 1 Year
10 sessions $100 Good for 1 Year
25 sessions $225 Good for Unlimited Time
50 sessions $385 Good for Unlimited Time

Draw from the model all day, every day, and six evenings a week in NYC.
Learn to draw the figure by relating disarticulated bones to the living body in Minerva Durham's anatomical drawing classes Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30am. Improve your portrait drawing skills Sundays at 1:30pm in the Portrait Workshop taught by Robert Diaz. Practice approaches from
Nicolaides' ?Natural Way to Draw? with Julia Foote Wednesdays at 9:30am.

Bring soft vine charcoal, an 18" x 24" newsprint pad and enjoy long and short poses,gestures and croquis in figurative drawing workshops in the company of serious and
congenial artists at all levels of skill development.

Spring Studio (*** basement entrance ***)
64 Spring Street, New York NY 10012.

64 Spring St., SOHO, NYC
near Broadway, between Crosby & Lafayette Sts.

Spring Studio's Year-round Model Sessions.
Beginners are welcome.
Walk-in, first-come, first-served.

Meetup @ Art Murmur, LA


Post #: 3275

Figure Drawing Meetups: Los Angeles, CA / 23 Members
Organizer: Alex

Wednesday January 18th, 2006 at 7:00 pm
Art Murmur Gallery
129 E. 6th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Art Murmur will be hosting the Nude Model Drawing Session.
There is a $5.00 cover, this will help us pay for the nude model, wine, coffee, snacks, and other goodies

artist: Alex Felicianos'light box
surreal figure / surreal portrait /fantasy



Post #: 3284

Madarts Studios 2006:

Figure drawing show ; February 11th, 2006

MADARTS Spring Group Show; March 4th, 2006

Exhibit: "The Vanishing"; April 22nd, 2006
Solo Show by Carol Itzkowitz-Neiman

MADARTS STUDIOS: 255 18th Street near 5th Ave, Brooklyn NY

Madarts Studios is a 14,000 square foot arts facility on two floors of a former Renault factory/home furnishings warehouse in the community between Park Slope and Sunset Park that we affectionately refer to as SoSlo. About 30 artists work in 22 art studios, recording studios, a darkroom, a woodshop and a gallery.

Madarts Studios, 255 18th Street Bklyn
MAD ARTS STUDIOS, 18th Street Brooklyn



Post #: 3286

Who are the Brushmeisters of Brooklyn?

Brushmeisters of Brooklyn is a group of three Brooklyn-based artists who have come to their art in different ways. The unifying theme of the group is Sumi-E, or Japanese brush Painting.

Eva G. Mihovich, Carol Itzkowitz Neiman and John Dilgen have at one point or another in their artistic careers, studied this ancient, expressive and spiritual art form.

The Brushmeisters collective works reflect a fusion of Eastern and Western sensibilities.

Carol Itzkowitz-Neiman
Solo Show; " The Vanishing "
opens April 22, 2006 @ Madarts 255 18th Street, Brooklyn



Post #: 3292

2006 update to topic:

Topic: Role of the Artist's "Virtual" Model.

((J. - no more "I'm running late the train's stuck"))


Modelalisa; interactive LIFE DRAWING WORKSHOP online

Modelalisa; interactive figure drawing workshop and virtual 3D nude models for life drawing workshop and sculpture classes.


Drawing the human figure, recent drawings, portraits and sketches and how to draw them.

Visit the entire web site to see portraits, figure drawings, pet portraits and life studies. Life Drawing Pet Portrait Portrait The figure drawing page has examples from art history. The life drawing pages are recent studies from a weekly life drawing session. The links pages have links to figure drawing information, life drawing sessions, materials, forums, models and other artists who draw or paint the figure. Or Purchase a drawing from the portfolio or order a custom drawing.

Life drawing from nude models

Figure drawings, portraits and life studies



Figure Drawing - Life Drawing Tips and Lessons
Articles & Resources

Sort By : Guide Picks

Figure in Charcoal Demonstration

Gesture Tutorial - Stick Figures and Gestural Sketches

Sketching the Head from Life

How to Draw Eyes

About, Inc., A part of The New York Times Company.

Cyrano de Bergerac


Post #: 3298

To be a successful artist model you must have character, stage presence, nerve, a few theatrical gestures and an overall "panache" is important to succeed.



Post #: 3309

Life Drawing Sessions

Every Wednesday from 7:30 p.m.-10 p.m.

$7 non-members $5 members
Madarts Studios
255 18th Street, Brooklyn NY 11215

Madarts Studios is a 14,000 square foot arts facility on two floors of a former Renault factory/home furnishings warehouse in the community between Park Slope and Sunset Park that we affectionately refer to as SoSlo. About 30 artists work in 22 art studios, recording studios, a darkroom, a woodshop and a gallery.

a.k.a. oh baby, baby !


Post #: 3356

Seeking "a provocative evening"??

Description # 1: This provocative evening explores how drawing from the live model has evolved over the past 150 years.

Description # 2: The subject matter of their projects includes the transvestite demimonde, rural Catholicism, matrilineal culture, prostitution, and the urban nightclub and music scene.

Sir. Reel Styles
a.k.a. Jack Twist fan


Post #: 3367

RE: Seeking "a provocative evening"
Check out ATOA panel Feb 10th. I like the speaker's description; "Mariani's entire career from his earliest efforts as a precocious adolescent..." And I like the posted image of Carlo Mariani's "The Hand Submits to the Intellect". Reminds me of ?Brokeback Mountain? meets Italian Ticklers.

I wonder what precocious adolescent hanging out in churches could learn from a kindly old cleryman? Did his hands submit to an Intellect ? Alter the boy ?



Post #: 3398


Sculptors Who Teach: Creating Figurative Sculpture Today

Harvey Citron, Cynthia Eardley,
Anthony Visco & Robert Taplin
with moderator: Mark Mennin

Thursday, February 2, 7:00 pm
New York Academy of Art
Lawrence and Josephine C. Wilkinson Hall, 111 Franklin Street, NYC 10013
(Between Church Street and West Broadway). Open to public, please RSVP:



Post #: 3441


Facilitated by Leah Reid
--- at ---
Haven Arts
235 East 141st St., 2nd Floor
(Between Rider Ave. and Canal Place)
Bronx, NY 10451

- At the inception of this new program where a live model will be available for drawing, sessions will be every Thursday starting January 5th, 2006, from 6 to 9pm. Ms. Reid can offer instruction to those who would like it.

Sessions will be free of charge at first, but may evolve to require your gift of one drawing each session.

HOURS: Monday-Saturday 12-5 (and by appointment)



Post #: 3474
Weekly Observer. Feb. 13, 2006 observer/index.
Copyright ? 2005 The New School


With funding from the Coby Foundation, Ltd., the New School Libraries have digitized more than 1,500 fashion design sketches selected from the vast collection in the Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Archives Center for Parsons The New School for Design. Drawn by Claire McCardell, Norman Norell, and Mildred Orrick, these sketches form the basis for the Fashion Design History Collection, a growing electronic resource documenting the history of 20th century fashion.

The Fashion Design History collection images reflect the metamorphosis of women?s fashion from the 1920s through the 1950s.

Exploring themes of functionality and form, the designers whose work is represented in the collection demonstrate how fashion has evolved along with women?s changing roles. The collection provides users with primary source materials that illustrate the design process from concept to production to market introduction.

The database?s images have been scanned at a high resolution, enabling researchers to view erasure marks and line starts and stops, allowing the process of design, as well as its object, to be examined.

The Fashion Design History collection, which can be accessed at will continue to grow as images are added to the database in the coming months. This collection is supported by a grant from the Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO).

The Fashion Design History Collection is made possible through the generosity of the Coby Foundation, Ltd.



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My cousin, Mbot started life as a simple artificial intelligence program.... Sadly, his life generally involves being made to do menial labor around the shop, such as sweeping, shelving, and Suicide Girl wrangling...hmmm.

Thru February 27th:
Art Exhibit: Tarts and Flowers
a Valentines Day Art Show of work by Molly Crabapple

Ink, Babes, Irony"
Jigsaw Gallery. 2/26/05




Post #: 3530

like this forum but should be in newest date postings at top.too long to scroll down .

Flash Light



Post #: 3538


If the newest posts were at the top, everything would read backwards. You would read the answer before the question, the witty comeback before the snide criticism.

Perhaps you're using the downward arrow to scroll down the page? That does take a long time. Just left click on the "slider bar" at the right side of your browser, drag it to the bottom of the screen, and then release the mouse button. You'll be at the end of the page in less than a second. You'll also find that with a little practice, this is the fastest way to move anywhere on the page you want to be.

You're not the first person to complain about scrolling to the bottom, so I just added a link at the top of each topic page which will take you down to the last posts at the bottom instantly.


old goat of mayhem... STILL seeking "a provocative evening"


Post #: 3541

RE: Is this Post, Post Modern Art? COVER ART WORK aka IMAGE


Now... THIS... IS a provocative evening.

RE: What educated predictions will they make about the direction of contemporary art in the future?
Moderator: Chris Twomey, artist, writer
Participants: Lea Rekow,Francis Hwang,Joel Beck,
Ben Goldman and Tamara Wyndham

Artwork credit ; title: "My Name is Skinny, I am a Horse," watercolor and oil pastel on paper by John Lurie, at Roebling Hall,

Roebling Hall : Manhattan
606 West 26th St., NYC

Roebling Hall : Brooklyn
390 Wythe Ave (at South 4th St)



Post #: 3545

Anatomy 101 revisited!

Meet Dr. Gunther von Hagens: Inventor of Plastination and an Innovative Exhibit (Lecture)

Dr. Gunther von Hagens, creator of BODY WORLDS 2
Come hear the pioneer who invented the plastination process, a process that halts decomposition of the body after death and preserves it for didactic eternity.

Dr. Gunther von Hagens will discuss his life, the evolution of the science behind the preservation technique and his motivation to start a public exhibition of authentic human bodies. The lecture is followed by questions and answers from the audience.

Thursday, June 1
7:00 p.m.
Phipps IMAX Theater
Free, but advance reservations are required.
Seating is limited.

Tuesdays, April 4–May 9, 2006 (Class)
Comparative Vertebrate Osteology
Sue Ware, PhD, department associate, Earth Sciences Department
Explore the science, mystery, and beauty of the skeleton. Using lecture, lab work, and visual aids, learn about the vertebrate skeleton and examine various species based on their osteological profiles. From aardvarks to anteaters, pandas to pikas, and wolves to wombats, discover why the skeleton is a fantastic storyteller.

Tuesdays, April 4–May 9
6:30–8:30 p.m.
Zoology Department
$120 member, $145 nonmember

Denver Museum of Nature & Science
2001 Colorado Blvd., Denver, CO

Miss Jams N. Jellies
a.k.a. virtual gallery voyeur


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Molly Crabapple !

images: eye | downtown-clowns | caterpiller | birds | More...
Molly Crabapple : lady-etheldrina

Mondo: Kirsten Easthope !

images: Lucky-Cowgirl | Lady-Luck | Chicks-Love-Tattoos | Cherrybomb | ect...

Mondo: R.K. Sloane !

images: Still Life With Madonna Candle | Sicko Mobile | Satano | Admit One | more...

Mondo: Don Spiro

images: Kitten-de-Ville-w--trailer- | Kitten-de-Ville-the-corkscr | Kitten-de-Ville-onstage-in- | 033.-Dita | and more !!!

PODpublishing is a New York City based publisher of fine art prints. POD offer thousands of images for sale using own web-based Print On Demand system.

PODpublishing @ Sumo Graphics
40 Lispenard Street,
New York, NY 10013.

Noah Whatzhappening
a.k.a. Miss Da Boat


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Way back when there was a posting

The Suicide Girls have been seen as many things from Performance Artists to soft porn to the rebirth of Burlesque. Whatever you call them they celebrate the female figure and creative sillyness.

Now fast forward to March 2006 : The Suicide Girls Video Downloads numbered 1/2 million downloads in the first 24 hours for new Suicide Girls Video iPod ... Shit... if only ATOA had booked these playful nymphs for a panel instead of the comatose version of drawing from the figure. if you're gonna play academics then do the math. This type of figure drawing ( Molly Crabapple, ect) would have drawn in an overflow crowd and then some. Even the freakin SVA students would have hung around !

Tooter Turtle


Post #: 3639

Drizzle, drazzle, druzzle, drome... time for this one to come home.

Roger N. Mee


Post #: 3654

THUR., MARCH 23, 2006

12:00 NOON


An Enlightened Artistic Experience about the Nude Figure.Back by popular demand at the Roger Smith Hotel. This informal talk will include both the analysis of the figure and the relevance of life drawing to contemporary art. Are these skills obsolete or is there an analogy between these artists and the monks saving the written word in the dark ages?




Post #: 3655

Steve Brodner: The Satiric Eye
or How Pictures That Make People Crazy Could Really Be Good For Them !

A lecture by Steve Brodner, caricaturist and BFA Illustration Department faculty member.

Thursday, March 23, 7pm

SVA Amphitheater
209 East 23rd Street, 3rd floor
New York, NY

Free and open to the public.

Miles J. Bennell
a.k.a. Santa Mira, Calif.


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Why not concede to a new logo: SVA(TOA)

The exponential law of absorption is the basic working relationship, but specific terms such as absorbance, absorptivity, and transmittance are widely used.

A. -Terminally- Punk


Post #: 3663


YO WAKEUP ! Molly Crabapple??? NO WAY! Tila Tequila has taken over the internet via the world?s most popular web page @ MySpace !!!


The Tila Tequila -WorldDomination Interview with



Post #: 3664

Rather than discuss Tila Tequila, paris Hilton or Suicide Girls - I'd like to mention last week's ATOA panel dedicated to "Performance: aLive Art".


"An evening of live, digital & virtual performances with video, recorder music, butoh, mysterious props, movement, stillness, costumes, nudity, no sex, sex, voice, text, tinfoil, crying, singing, love, noise, sound, silence and so forth.The theme of the evening? (though not the performances) to be performance art in general & the 7 Years of Living Art in particular; how it came to be & what it means to our work. Annie Sprinkle & Elizabeth Stephens, performance artists, art-lifers, creators of Loveartlab project will appear virtually."

Firstly Kudos to Annie Sprinkle and all she has done as a performance artist. She is recovering from breast cancer surgery so we only saw the DVD of her work. All and all she's the kind of woman I'd rather praise that just Cyber Marketing gawk gals.

Another NY rock was Martha Wilson playing the fomer first lady Barbara Bush. She played her character well but the material (writing) wasn't funny enough.
(Actually I find the real Bush family hilarious and totally surreal - you can't write some of his fuk-ups and still have people find it believeable)

And the one thing I totally hated was Aman playing the experimental clarinet in an obnoxois high pitched tone.
His female partner played this lame folksong on guitar.
But maybe I misunderstood. Maybe our booing was part of
evening's performance ? Audience participation ?
Like Bush voters finally realing in pain at the sound of one more Good Ol George-Boy Bush speech ?

George W. Bush
a.k.a. hail to me !


Post #: 3665


Martha Wilson as
Barbara Bush
March 11th, 1991
Upstream Arts
Staten Island C.T.V.

Martha Wilson as
Nancy Reagan
"Nancy Reagan Director"
Atomic Gospel Hour
April 12th, 1987

Martha Wilson as
Tipper Gore
"Beauty and the Beast;
The Weight Thing"



Post #: 3688

The Nude: Boucher, Courbet, Renoir, and Degas

April 05, 2006

A look at the treatment of the idealized female body by great artists of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Christine Haley @ the MET
11:00 a.m. Gallery Talk Stanchion, Great Hall

The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
1000 Fifth Avenue. New York, New York 10028.

Gallery Talk Free with Museum admission


creative men-ass


Post #: 3712

Dress and drag gothtroopers or create a new wardrobe for fashionistatroopers.

Oi, goff!!! To dress your trooper, drag and drop items onto the skeleton. The applet uses a layering system, so if you try to put knickers on over your coat, you?ll probably find it won?t work!

Girls can stalk the catwalk ! click wardrobe :

Johannes Gutenberg , Jr.


Post #: 3720

Role of the Artist's Model ?

Used for life size Japanese prints;



Post #: 3743

web page of Len Gifford
Finne Art Sculptor I working for Rootstein making original sculptures for display mannequins;



Post #: 3752

There is an opening tonight at and I like Judy Glantzman's work - * * * * * * * * * * * JUDY GLANTZMAN Thursday, April 20 ? Friday, May 26, 2006 The Betty Cuningham Gallery will open an exhibition of the recent paintings and sculpture of Judy Glantzman. Glantzman is a native New Yorker and a 1978 graduate of Rhode Island School of Design. Shown in New York since 1983, Glantzman is distinguished particularly by her early shows in the East Village with Gracie Mansion and subsequently at BlumHelman and Hirschl & Adler Modern. On exhibit will be approximately twelve recent oil paintings dating from 2004 to 2006 accompanied by thirty small figurative sculptures dating from 1990 to the present. While these paintings, which range from small, intimate pieces, to larger, wall dominating works, represent Glantzman?s most recent creations in oil on canvas, this will be the first time her sculptures are exhibited.



Post #: 3758


The 18th Annual DRAW-A-THON at PRATT Institute -- Bklyn NY

Friday, April 21 -- 7:00 pm to 7:00 am (ALL NIGHT!!!)

17 MODELS!! -- Short, Medium and Long poses

$10 in advance or $15 at the door.

To make reservations, contact the Foundation Dept at Pratt, 718-636-3617 or e-mail

Pratt Institute,200 Willoughby Ave., Brooklyn NY

Posted Craig's list
Date: 2006-04-19, 7:52PM EDT



Post #: 3830 - KYO, The organisation of nude models of Arts, in Sweden. Konstmodellernas Yrkesorganisation, was founded in the year of 1982. The total member number is over 200 and of them are 80 working models. The others are artists.

GALLERI MED KROKIER - sketch images;



Post #: 3878

The artist's world is limitless. It can be found anywhere, far from where he lives or a few feet away.
It is always on his doorstep."

Society of Figurative Artists
Dallas TX

Fine Artist

Sparkill, NY




Contemporary Figurative Oil Paintings
Vancouver, Canada



Post #: 3909


an alternative art event

Williamsburg in Brooklyn



Post #: 3972

25 Models - 3 Floors - Live music! and Art! Art! Art!
@ Victoria Keen - 357 Lafayette St. NYC, NY
Admission: $16

Thurs., June 15th
7:00pm ? 3:00am
@ Fix Cafe on Bedford & N11th, Williamsburg - Bklyn, NY
Admission: $14

www. michaelalanart .com / Drawathon - June/July 2006



Post #: 3974

From The Village Voice / SHOPPING /NYC GUIDE:

REFER: "Sure, Parsons grad Victoria Keen is a designer--but even more so, she's a textile artist, silkscreening her trademark vivid spirals on jersey knits she later fashions into tube dresses, tees, and blazers. Her shop is a MASSIVE LOFT on Lafayette, with her easily recognizable handiwork in the window."
(ZAPPIA) Copyright ? 2006 Village Voice LLC,,3.html

"Victoria Keen" is located in Noho
357 Lafayette Street
New York City, NY



Post #: 3980

Figure Drawing at Spring Studio, Soho

An open drawing studio with three drawing sessions Monday through Saturday, two on Sunday. Open for artists who use watercolor, pen and ink and charcoal. ...

Jams N. Jellies


Post #: 4033

AVIVA 4 mins

Quick Time video clip of artists model
"AVIVA STONE : La Grande Dame des Ateliers""




Post #: 4037

Call for Artists: Step into Leonardos Shoes Anatomy Drawing

University of New South Wales,
School of Medical Sciences, Sydney, AU Australia

Want to draw real human anatomy specimens at the University of New South Wales, Sydney?

Once again the School of Medical Sciences in the Faculty of Medicine is offering the opportunity to draw specimens under the guidance of anatomist Associate Professor Brian Freeman and artist Susan Dorothea White, author of Draw Like Da Vinci. Discover what's under the skin, gain a greater understanding of the human form and acquire new drawing skills at the five-day workshop,
from the 10th to 14th of July 2006.

Read Indepth Article at:



Post #: 4038

and a selection of drawings and notes to whet the appetite

anatomical position lower limb, basic anatomical terms fr Latin or Greek origins, ect...

Anatomy Links:

Bernhard Siegfried Albinus
Human Anatomy Online
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Human Anatomic Variation
Bock's Atlas of Human Anatomy
Atlas of Human Anatomy in Cross Section
Anatomy Atlases
Arnold's Glossary of Anatomical Terms



Post #: 4044

F.Y.I.: from new york Craigslisting 172244620:

Figurative Artists and Models Weekend

What: Figurative Artists and Models Weekend
When: August 11-13
Where: Touchstone Center for Crafts in Farmington, PA
Fee: $250 for workshop/$310 for workshop and lodging

Artists of all sorts have the opportunity to work with a variety of live models in multiple settings throughout the weekend.

We have at our disposal a photo studio, rustic cabin and Touchstone's secluded grounds. There's woods, water, rocks and even a waterfall for plein aire painters and landscape photographers. This is a great opportunity to create source material or develop a new body of work.

This is more of a facilitating weekend than a how to workshop but bodypainting and photo studio lighting techniques will be covered for those that are interested.

Visit the following links for detailed information.

Savannah Eve Skye
a.k.a. Savvy1007

Art Model


Post #: 4239


I'm an art model and I enjoy it immensely!!!

- Carpe Diem - Savannah Skye...

George W.


Post #: 4241

and they call me bush !



Post #: 4279

SVA Marathon Drawing

M,T,W,TH, Jul 31 - Aug 03
Hours: 10:00AM - 05:50PM
Location: 133/141 W. 21st Street

Open to all levels, this two-day workshop is virtually nonstop drawing. Work with multiple models and props as well as from imagination. The purpose is to not only loosen up, but also to fearlessly approach drawing. Students will work quickly, drawing with various media. Restating and reworking of drawings will be encouraged to create complex works. Ink, paint, oil stick and dry mediums will be used to blur the distinctions between drawing & painting. This workshop is drawing intensive: students will be expected to work hard and will gain a keener understanding of the drawing process.



Post #: 4309

was at the july drawathon manhattan. too hot and too crowded. couldn't get any serious work done. friends recommend i give their regular brooklyn location a try again next month.



Post #: 4324

When I have worked with a model I seem to first draw with my eyes only, but now and then.. I come across a great model, perhaps only a brief gesture, which has a meaning for me, and it becomes part of me and thus my art.

P. L. Agiarized


When I read a book I seem to read it with my eyes only, but now and then I come across a passage, perhaps only a phrase, which has a meaning for me, and it becomes part of me.

W. Somerset Maugham, 'Of Human Bondage', 1915

a.k.a. Sha-bu-ya !


Post #: 4340


My life is brilliant
My love is pure.
I saw an angel.
I began to draw

She smiled at me from the runway
She posed with another man.
But I won't lose no sleep on that,
Cause I've got a plan.

She's beautiful.
She's beautiful, it's
I saw her face in that crowded place,
And I know what to do.
I'll take the L train to Bedford
and get another view

She caught my eye,
As she walked
on by
so hot in late July.

But we shared a moment
placed on canvas
that will last 'till the end.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

Thanks to James Blunt -
and You?re Beautiful Lyrics
Unknown album

S. Stone


Post #: 4351

artist Daniel Edwards @ "Museum of Sex"

A presidential bust of Hillary Clinton
is set to be unveiled
at the Museum of Sex
on August 9, 2006 at 10 am.

Accentuating her sexual power and bolstered by the presidential seal, The Presidential Bust of Hillary Rodham Clinton: The First Woman President of the United States of America will be officially open for public viewing on August 9 for a limited six week run.

Artist Daniel Edwards describes this new sculpture as capturing Clinton ?with her head held high, a youthful spirit and a face matured by wisdom. Presented in a low cut gown, her cleavage is on display prominently portraying sexual power which some people still consider too threatening.?



Post #: 4380

Role of the Artist's Models ?

To Be Immortalized... have a look at these
actual statue pics around New York City
of the great classic model and muse Audrey Munson.

Book: American Venus:
The Extraordinary Life of Audrey Munson, Model and Muse
by Diane Rozas,Anita Bourne.

In 1915 she was so well established that she was chosen by Alexander Stirling Calder as the model of choice for the Panama-Pacific International Exposition (1915)

Sir. Reel Styles
a.k.a. larger-than-life


Post #: 4381

RE : "Censorship & Visual Storytelling"

Model Audrey Munsen

"Filmmaker Clifford Howard was assigned the task of writing a scenario where Ms. Munsen could expose herself to the public. The movie Purity was one of the most costly films they ever produced, and also one of the most profitable. While critics trashed it, and banned in many cities, it became another early motion picture propagating censorship in film."


RE : " In 1916, probably as a result of her exposure in California at the PPIE, Munson moved to California and entered the movies. In all Munson starred in four silent films. The first of these, Inspiration, the story of a sculptor?s model, featured the first time that a woman took off all her clothes on film. Recreating scenes from classic paintings, the censors were reluctant to ban the film fearing they would also have to ban Renaissance art. The films were a box office success, with audiences eager to expand their new found interest in art. The reviews, however, were very polarized. Unfortunately, only a single print of one film, Purity has survived."


Audrey Munson : aka New York's "Civic Fame" and "Miss Manhattan," San Francisco's "World's Fair Girl," and our "Miss America" or "American Venus".

Toulouse U. Trecht:
a.k.a. L' Voy Eur


Post #: 4402

Saw this one on Craigslist. "house crayons and make a masterpiece" ( with pizza). The figure drawing Al-fresco groups are getting very whacky.. No butt seriously.. I did like the pics on their anti-art school web page :

drsketchy. blogspot. com

RE" Craigslist Posting:
Burlesque Life Drawing- This Saturday
Date: 2006-08-09, 11:14AM EDT

http :// /brk/ats/

Re: "Yesiree, Dr. Sketchy's this weekend! Dr. Sketchy's is a cabaret/life drawing combo, where artists sketch glamorous burlesque girls and compete for wierd prizes. We've been in Time Out and the Village Voice, and have developed our own tiny cult following. Goly we'd like to meet you.":

RE: "Not only do we have the fantabulously awesome Lady Rigel posing, but she's opening the session with a classic fandance. We also have trinkets galore from beer mugs, dice sets- why, if there were custom Dr. Sketchy's condoms, we'd have a full set of vices."

RE: "So haul yourselves over to Dr. Sketchy's. And if you're not a pro-artiste, don't worry. We're selling the very first offiicial Dr. Sketchy's sketch pads. Scribble in them with the house crayons and make a masterpiece."

Saturday, August 12, 2006
3-6 pm
Lucky Cat Lounge
245 Grand St, btw Driggs and Roebling

$10 bucks admission, $15 for a reserved table
www. drsketchy. com

see past madness at drsketchy. blogspot. com

And, what's this I hear? Oh yes- the Lucky Cat has pizza!

a.k.a. monkey


Post #: 4431

Updated pics ! Last drawing session featured Beefy cakes " Lady Rygel ". And Next Time ... on the 26th, Super-Star The WORLD FAMOUS BOB will be gracing the Dr S.k.e.t.c.h.y's stage.

DrSketchys is what happens when cabaret meets art school.

Observe the Art Monkies in a simulated natural enviroment!

This is the official Doctor S.k.e.t.c.h.y. 's Blog.


D r S k e t c h y
. blogspot
. com

# : )
a.k.a. fond of contorted positions


Post #: 4437

New York Times / Aug 18, 2006 - Arts - News

"Life Lessons: A Beginner? s Guide to Walk-In Art Classes"


RE: "I have a day job, and I don?t look back on my misguided hope of becoming an art star. Still, making art ? even bad art ? can offer some balance in life, something like exercise or meditation. And I was craving it."

mentioned in the Fri Aug 18th NYT article:

CHELSEA SKETCH GROUP 136 West 24th Street

SPRING STUDIO, 64 Spring Street, SoHo

PASTEL SOCIETY OF AMERICA at the National Arts Club,
15 Gramercy Park South

PROJECT OF LIVING ARTISTS 30 Bushwick Avenue, at Devoue Street, Brooklyn

Salmagundi Art Club, Fifth Ave., NYC

Hedda Hopper


Post #: 4447

Famed indie actress ; Collette (aka Pollock's Lover Indie film Pollock Squared ) was seen today on west 21st street in a lovely long and slender purple asian style robe talking to both top-notch school "Parsons School for Design" and "School of Visual Arts" model coordinators.



Post #: 4461

NY artist Alexi Worth was the catalogue essayist for Philip Pearlstein's last show. But now Mr. Worth is having his own
one-person show at the DC Moore Gallery gallery ( 2nd time), featuring a dozen paintings depicting men and women looking at mirrors, monitors, magazines, and each other.

Alexi Worth
exhibtion "Couples"
September 7 ? October 7, 2006

Opening Reception Thurs., Sept 7 from 6:00 to 7:30 pm

RE: "Both comical and somber, the new paintings embody Worth?s preoccupations with narrative, with cartooning and caricature, and increasingly, with photography."

"Several of the new paintings were made under what Worth calls "an obtuse, slowed down version of photographic flash." Worth placed bright photo-studio lights directly behind him, so that his models? bodies were brightly lit, but their faces eclipsed by the artist?s own shadow."

"Art historian Svetlana Alpers comments, "Alexi Worth is a terrific image-maker. His paintings stick in the mind. What you remember, however, is not quite what you get. For all the smoothness of surface, clarity of outlines and elegance of design, Worth doesn?t make it easy to grasp what is going on. Much of the interest lies in the puzzling nature of what you are given to see. And that springs from a heightened and quirky sense of relationships -- between things, between people, between the artist, his tradition, and himself."

* * *

The DC Moore Gallery specializes in twentieth century and contemporary art.

724 Fifth Avenue, NYC

Barr Gaynes Gallore
a.k.a. trapeze artist


Post #: 4839

Flea Market @ Crosby Painting Studio, Soho
October 12, 13 & 14 2006
3:00 - 7:00 pm

items: stretcher bars, books, art supplies, yarn samples, CD's, Bric-a-Brac, X-mas Tree Ornaments and other stuff

Location: Crosby Paint Studio
31 Crosby Street
between Broome & Grand Streets
Soho, NYC

a.k.a. 10 -14 - 06


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12: noon to 10:00 PM

Michael Alan's Draw-A-Thon: An alternative art event were figure drawing is recast by adding narrative, theatrical
and musical components to create context and energy in a public space where artists can meet and form a community while making art.

Themes include : Tug of war, vampire, DIVA, bride, boxing, punk rock heaven, protest, super boy & zombie

Location: 76 Greene Street, 2nd floor
between Spring & Broome Sts, Soho, NYC.

$18 with invite 20 with out -3 model stands in one huge room
gesture stand, 15 minute stand and two four poses.

LIVE music by John Biz, The bones of Davey Jones
AND Kasson the Zen monk

a.k.a. fan of Takeuchi


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RE BLOG ; "I tried to correct the chalkiness in the light of the body and uniform the values within the light to give more even skin tone. I noticed that the face starts looking strange and stopped painting and decided to leave it for a while."

Jo -Z-
a.k.a. Josie


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Random House book's title: " Undressed Art - Why We Draw "
written by Peter Steinhart

- "David Quammen, who models in Washington, D.C., knows of two dozen drop-in groups in the Washington, D.C., area.

In New York City, there are Minerva Durham's Spring Studio, the Art Students League, the Chelsea Sketch Group, the Salmagundi Club, the Society of Illustrators, the National Academy School of Fine Arts, the Tompkins Square Branch Library and many others.

You can find drop-in drawing groups in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, Bali and Jakarta-indeed, all over the world. "

Minerva Durham's Spring Studio, Soho NYC



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Using Line in Figure Painting
by Dawn Whitelaw

" This reclining figure has been drawn well and exhibits good, simple color harmony. The composition is quite effective—the diagonal line extending from the pillow in the upper-right section of the painting, moving over the hand and hip, and ending in the lower-left corner of the painting is particularly lyrical. "

American Artist Magazine / Nov. 2006
© 2006 VNU Business Media

a.k.a. just another artist talking on art


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American Artist magazine is an essential link !

American Artist issue December 2006
- Pastel & Watercolor Painting Demonstrations

" Cover artist Malcolm T. Liepke talks about his figure paintings, Simon Gunning finds beauty in unexpected places, Gordon Wetmore explains how mental discipline improves commissioned portraits, and watercolorists Carole Hillsbery shares how she finds time for her art."

American Artist / Back Issues

RE: " In the fall 2006 issue of Drawing, we explored how the best lessons in value, light, and form are clearly visible in Sargent's drawings. We present a excerpt from the article that discusses how he taught drawing classes."

Sigmund Abeles' Five-Minute Drawings
by Bob Bahr - Nov 2006
© 2006 VNU Business Media

In a recent workshop, Abeles stressed the importance of good beginnings by having the students execute five-minute drawings of various nearby objects.

“This will teach you to compose,??? he said. “You must be able to see things as a whole instead of a collection of details. Working for such a short time, you are forced to do that.

The quick drawings revealed fundamental problems in each student’s approach, enabling Abeles to address the basic issues. By having each student draw a rectangular border on the paper to delineate the limits of the composition, the instructor reinforced the notion that compositional choices are crucial in these quick sketches.

© 2006 VNU Business Media

P. L. Aagiarism
a.k.a. professional tassel whirler


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As seen on Craigs List newyork. craigslist. org mnh/ats/

REFER: Date: 2006-11-13

- " Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School Featuring Aprella " -

RE: "Hey Kiddies,"

"If you missed The last Dr. Sketchy's session with the lovely Lady J doing her best Mexican whore impression, then I highly reccommend that you rectify that terrible error!

Continuing in the Dr. Sketchy's tradition of bringing you the finest in overwhelming hotness for you, our loyal art monkeys to draw and drink over do we have something special for you. This Saturday November 18th from 3-6 pm at the Lucky Cat Lounge we have internationally renowned fetish model Aprella!

Come join us to draw this gorgeous green haired vixen while partaking in the drinking and all around debauchery that is Dr. Sketchy's! As a double bonus, this Dr. Sketchy's is being filmed for Finnish TV!

Now you too can say you are still popular in Finland ! ! !

As always seats for this Saturday are 10 dollars at the door, 15 if you reserve ahead of time and can be purchased at the Dr. Sketchy's website, and while there put in a pre order for the Dr. Sketchy's Rainy Day Colouring Book, Where we show you how to start up a Dr. Sketchy's of your very own, just in time for the Holidays!

This weeks sponsors are Sweet and Nasty Burlesque, bringing you the best in burlesque every Sunday night at 10 pm at Rififi, and Neighborhoodies. com your one stop shop for all you personalised local hip clothing needs!

We'll see you all on Saturday! "

Hedda Hopper


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Artist Nancy Chunn, shows at the Ronald Feldman Gallery is preparing for a big exhibition next November. Chunn was overheard speaking of SVA's colorful costume classes to the young Burlesque Queen Ms. Dirty Martini.

Ms. Crowquill
a.k.a. Kr?? Kwil Penn


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Hedda Hopper
a.k.a. Elda Furry from Hollidaysburg !


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Overheard at B&N 23rd Street Starbucks during finals week that the newest chair within BFA wants their NYC art school to wake-up and shape-up ! to the classics of skillful drawing to compete with schools like Yale for serious BFA candidates. Less free expression of the lost & unfocused minds.



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" I hate flowers. I paint them because they're cheaper than models and they don't move."

- Georgia O'Keeffe

Miss Judy Doll


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Sugar and spice
and everything nice
That’s what little girls are made of.

durable material,
and anatomically correct
That's what inflatable artist's models are made of.

Sal A. Ciousness


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New York Press:
Taking it all off at Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School

By Sheila McClear / Jan 2007

When Bettie Page began posing nude in the 1950s for New York City’s camera clubs—amateur photography groups for gentlemen—scandalized critics whispered that they didn’t even have film in their cameras: They were simply using them as an excuse to look at a naked woman.

That said, nothing cures a hangover at 3 p.m. on a Saturday like drinking more beer and admiring sequined, sporadically costumed models—you know, the kind of girls who wouldn’t go home with you after that one night at Piano’s—all in the name of art. Refreshingly, Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School admits its sketchiness upfront—whatever happened to the old, weird New York?—and on Saturday afternoons twice a month, amateur and professional artists, scarred by memories of art-school dullness, gather for their own kind of life-drawing session.

Thanks to the power of the Internet and clever self-promotion by its founder, illustrator Molly Crabapple, and her co-host, cartoonist/illustrator John Leavitt, one-year-old Dr. Sketchy’s has expanded to 16 cities, including Toronto, Berlin and Melbourne.

Ress Allusions
a.k.a. So what do I do in my spare time?


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Village Voice

RE: "Fly Life - Perfect From Now On.."
New Year's resolutions, many of which are likely to be broken by the time you read this
by Tricia Romano / January 1st, 2007 9:34 PM

New Year's resolutions can be a way to start the year with a clean slate—or they can be self-imposed guilt trips. But dreams can come true: Trinity's Aimee Phillips points out that last year's goal was to get a boyfriend, and "I did it!! I now have a cute, sweet boyfriend, which I believe is the only New Year's resolution I've ever kept." There's hope after all—so I resolve to stop sulking.

As for everyone else . . .

RE: Dirty Martini: "This year, I want to share that love of myself and the love I feel for my very unique New York family, with their wonderful values of peace and nudity for all, and spread it across the globe! And when I say spread, I really mean spread—in 2007, I take off on tour with the Sex Workers Art Show!"

RE: Peppermint Gummybear: "I resolve to spend extra time taking care of my friendships and the people whom I love—and this time, to ask if he's a cop before taking the money!"

RE: Singer Lizzy Yoder: "To eat like I'm going to the chair, drink like the bar's running dry, and smoke like the tobacco crop is dwindling. No, wait, the opposite of that. Oh, and to sing my ass off all over town."

RE: Roxy Cottontail: "To become bicoastal in Miami and/or L.A. On New Year's Eve, I will be living it up in Miami."

a.k.a. VV


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Fly Life
Perfect From Now On
New Year's resolutions, many of which are likely to be broken by the time you read this
by Tricia Romano
January 1st, 2007 9:34 PM,romano,75423,22.html

James Beard - Ed Clam
a.k.a. friends of Harry Mollusks


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From Jan 2007 NY Press RE:

"On a recent December afternoon, for example, burlesque performer Clams Casino posed with boughs of tinsel and holly, her shapely bottom adorned with a bow, a flute of champagne sitting just out of reach. There was a basket of homemade gingerbread cookies for the taking and, if you ignored the camera crew, Williamsburg’s Lucky Cat felt homey and warm."

From The New York Press / 2007
Taking it all off at Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School
By Sheila McClear

Ann Atoemi
a.k.a. stiff academic vein


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Michael Alan Art - Drawathon Feb 2007

The Draw-A-Thon Theater happens six times a year
and the next session will be on
Thurs February 15th
6:00 pm- 2:00 am

8 hours with 12 models nude & costumed performing
in 4 unusual stories. Written and directed by Michael Alan and Matt Brennan.

@ Teatro Circulo
64 East 4th Street
between Bowery and 2nd Ave, Manhattan
Admission: $20 / Drawathon

Miss Miya Bawlz- Hurtz


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Ann Atoemi only draws flys. Sometimes up and sometimes down.

Art Meritorious
a.k.a. all-but forgotten milieu of artists leftists & Bohemians


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Michael Alan Art, Dr. Sketchy, Molly Crabapple...

Let's talk about the real pioneer in New York's bohemian sketch groups ; The Project of Living Artists . . . established in 1968 by Joe "Mole Man" Catuccio !!!

Almost 40.. yes count em ... FORTY YEARS !!!

In the early days of 1968... The Museum of The Project of Living Artists was formed by unique hippie artists in Greenwich Village.

The Project was originally intended to be a communal artist space, So it became one of the first alternate spaces in the city. Then, throughout 1969—1971, the members drifted different ways—since as a communal space, it was unworkable. So in 1971, Joe was looking for a new space, in order to keep The Project going. And he found a basement space in the barren and budding canyons of Soho.

Housed in its previous address at 133-135 Greene Street, in New York city, and starting in 1971, it became legendary that, ever since Joe first landed on the island of Manhattan, the Project has been home to a multi-faceted array of creatures and causes ranging from a 24-hour exhibit space, an original buyers club, a center for poetry readings and cinema screenings and a shelter for fourteen oddly hued cats.

Thru-out this prolific 3-decade tenure, from the renegade phase of Venice Biennale protest shows to the penniless months when Joe could barely afford coffee yet always prevailed with payments to the models; through the years of fire and water coffeehouse culture forward to the onslaught of punk and the advent of cybersex, Joe's loyalty to life drawing in a mayhem-infused metropolis has been unremitting.

Art Meritorious
a.k.a. Scroll Down for More Info On: The Project of Living Artists


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In June of 1997, Joseph Catuccio relocated from Greene Street (Manhattan) to Williamsburgh Brooklyn.

For 10 years ; the funky "Project of Living Artists" has been offering an "Alternative Space" * for Life Drawing Sessions in Williamsburg.

Saturdays 10:30 am - 2:30 pm
30 Bushwich Avenue, Brooklyn NY
* Note : must likes cats...

Lady MaxMara Muffdiver


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This is from the British new service Guardian Unlimited © Guardian News and Media Limited 2007

The first solo exhibition of American artist Margaret Salmon, winner of the inaugural MaxMara art prize for women in association with the Whitechapel, is at the Whitechapel, London E1, from January 25 to February 11.


Iwona Blazwick ; Guardian News
"Why women artists need prizes of their own"
Saturday January 13, 2007

In 1871 the poet Arthur Rimbaud made a prophecy that would not be fully realised until the 20th century: "When women's unmeasured bondage shall be broken, when she shall live for and through herself, man - hitherto detestable - having let her go, she, too, will be poet! Woman will find the unknown! Will her ideational worlds be different from ours? She will come upon strange, unfathomable, repellent, delightful things; we shall take them, we shall comprehend them."

Perhaps the greatest of the modern avant gardes came with the rise of women artists, writers, film-makers and performers. Having been excluded from the canon, women artists had no choice but to embark on the strange, the unfathomable, the repellent, as well as the delightful.

But it was only from the 1960s onwards that feminism and art really joined forces. Through a series of radical actions and experiments, women artists ranging from Louise Bourgeois to Mary Kelly made the transition from object to subject. With all the oedipal drive of the modernist avant gardes, some took direct aim at the enemy.

Women DECLINED THE ROLE OF NAKED MUSE and of the countless variations on the Madonna/Whore riff that have played throughout western art, to reclaim their bodies.

In 1975 Carolee Schneemann appeared naked in a Long Island gallery. Having first adopted the pose of a life model, she then read out feminist texts inscribed on a scroll that she pulled slowly from her vagina.

In 1979, at the Whitechapel Gallery in the East End of London, audiences could witness Eva Hesse's redefinition of painting and sculpture in installations that fused the two. Others jettisoned the paintbrush and the chisel in favour of the camera, pioneering a new vision in film and photography - we have only to think of Chantal Akerman's meticulous portrait of a widow's survival strategies in Jeanne Dielman (1975) or Cindy Sherman's uncanny self-portraits.

Women artists also insisted on the place of political thought, anthropology and, perhaps most significantly, psychoanalysis within art theory; and that issues of gender could not be seen in isolation from issues of race, class, sexuality and geography.

Representations of women continue to reinforce their absence from spheres of power. And on an individual level, it is without question a challenge for women to continue making work, to earn a living and to remain visible in the art world while having children.

- Iwona Blazwick Saturday January 13, 2007
Guardian Unlimited © Guardian News and Media Limited 2007,,1989308,00.html



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rough crowd !



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Ella Fitzgerald Postal Stamp Is Unveiled; Jan 2007

Performers from "Jazz at Lincoln Center" sang some Ella Fitzgerald classics Wednesday to commemorate the unveiling of a new stamp bearing the jazz legend’s image.

Fitzgerald grew up in Westchester County where she earned recognition for her singing and dancing. In the 1930s she became famous as a scat singer and worked with the top jazz musicians and composers of the era.

Friends and family say the stamp, based on a 1956 photograph, captures the joy that Fitzgerald once brought to music.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg marked the occasion by making Wednesday "Ella Fitzgerald Day" in the city.

Fitzgerald is the 30th inductee in the Postal Service's Black Heritage stamp series.

Ann I. Mee


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Manga for Dummies (For Dummies)
by artist ; Kensuke Okabayashi

MANGA for DUMMIES, drawing for graphic comics
course starts next week @

is the best community based art school in NYC !

Located @ 197 East Broadway
half a block from the F-train
or near the JMZ trains and B, D trains

MANGA is a phenomenon, not just a style of artwork.

MANGA features youthful characters with oversized eyes and outsized emotions, expressive graphics, and a wide range of genres, Japanese manga (comics) and anime (animated cartoons) have taken the world by storm in the last few decades.

"Manga for Dummies"
by Kensuke Okabayashi
Publication Date: January 2007
ISBN: 0470080256



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FYI Here's a recent posting from Craig's list

It seems the Boston Life Models groups pay better than some of the NY groups.

RE : Harvard Square, Cambridge. Local artist sponsoring two art groups a week. These are small, friendly groups that are usually students and professionals. We are drawn together because we love to draw.

We study the human form in the tradition of the Old Masters. We are in need of models to pose nude for 10-30 minute poses. The pay is $20 cash per hour.

The times we meet are Tuesday 7-9 pm and Saturday 2-
4 pm. Please send a pic, experience, and dates you are available. will get back to you.

R. Crumpler


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Draw-A-Thon Theater Feb. 15, 2007

The Draw-A-Thon Theater happens six times a year,
aka every other month.

The next session will be Thursday February 15th
6:00 pm- 2:00 AM
@ Teatro Circulo 64 East 4th Street near Bowery

The Draw-A-Thon will last 8 hours with 12 models
both nude and costumed; performing in four unusual stories.

admission cost; $20

David George DeLancey

Art Economics History


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HERE IT IS PAUL MCARTNY SPELL THAT RIGHT WELL WZLX 100.7 WORCESTER MASS LISTENING TO A MUSIC OF CERTAIN PORTIONS OF THE ARTIST IN LONDON AT THE DARN IT WELL MEMORY WAS GREAT GOOD PERFECT OOPS KEYS ARN'T THOUGH NOT SURE YA IT'S LIVE STILL MUSIC IS A SIMPLE GOT TO SHAKE YOUR HAND HEAD HEAD HEAND HAND DARN FREAKIN A SOUNDS LLLIIKe i'm not paying attention owell perhaps yep i think i'm in yrouble well till next time don't laugh o and what is this spell check mean realy for some reason i 10 5 18 11 see ya dude forget i aint paying attention here it is i'm all shook up hym hym hym ya ya waiting oop's was wnna know typed some-thing Quit 11:48 P.M.

Michael M Ward

visual artist, BFA, art model


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looking for work - male art model with 30+ years experience. I love to travel. I live on Vancouver Island, BC.

Any art groups in Canada & US interested in hiring an experienced male art model.




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Friday, April 13th 2007
Abril 2007 - Nuyorker

The Pratt Draw-a-thon

next weekend @ Pratt's Brooklyn campus
is the serious granddaddy of these NY "Alternative-life drawing a-thons.

Pratt Institute, una de las escuelas de arte de Nueva York, el ya cl?sico marat?n de dibujo.

Auntie Bellum Reform


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In my day you wouldn't have all this celebrity drawing nudity ! Not in proper society ! No sir ! I hear tell that New York City burlesque personality... ' Miss Clams Casino " is really the daughter of Dolly Parton and Charles Nelson Reilly ! Imagine that !!

So far... Miss Casino has been wirling her tassels at some of the vamp venues in New York City ... like the Slipper Room, Rififi, Galapagos, Coney Island USA, the Cutting Room, Mo Pitkin's, Happy Valley, Don Hill's, Union Pool, the Lucky 13 Saloon, CB's 313, Bowery Poetry Club, Collective Unconscious and... the Vital Theatre.

Heavens to Betsy.. what is this world cumin to !

Charles McCollister

male art figure model


Post #: 5892

I model for life drawing ,painting , sculpture classes thru out Los Angeles, but love to travel , if you can use a male model, email me, cheers,

Russ Meyer Suporvixan


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The Coney Island Mermaid Parade is the nation's largest ART parade and one of New York City's greatest summer events !

Congrats on the parade's Silver Anniversary !

The Mermaid Parade celebrates the sand, the sea, the salt air and the beginning of summer, as well as the history and mythology of Coney Island, Coney Island pride, and artistic self-expression.

Kudos to all !

George Hunt
a.k.a. "A Realist View"


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Last fall, the retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor sat for "The Painting Group" in Soho.
Their work was on exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. The group includes David Levine who is famous among the literati for his iconic, crosshatched caricatures in the New York Review of Books. And former Esquire editor; Byron Dobell also paints with the group.

Doktor Sketchy
a.k.a. Larry Poons, Jr.'s evil twin !


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Welcome back ATOA forum ! ! !

To update you after that long sleep...

the great Molly Crabapple & Dr. Sketchy

have made it to the Art & Design Section
of Sunday "New York Times" ( Oct 4th )

Yup... a big time write-up !!

RE: "A World Drawn From Wild Tastes of Molly Crabapple"
article by CAROL KINO

Re: On a recent fall night in Manhattan, the artist Molly Crabapple convened a group of people with drawing pads
for a meeting of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School, a group she founded in 2005 that now has branches all over the world.

A cross between old-fashioned life-drawing sessions and new-wave cabaret, it usually meets every other Saturday
at the Slipper Room, a burlesque-themed bar on Orchard Street (NYC).
Typically, about 50 artists, Web designers, cartoonists and hipsters alerted by word of mouth or the Internet — pay $12 each to draw a downtown personality like the alternative model Raquel Reed or the performance artist Amber Ray.

Wanna read more ?? check out the full version ;

http:// www.nytimes. com /2009/10/04/arts/design/04kino.html

Or something like that.....

John Doe


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Coming up at ATOA panels in Dec. 2009

Portraits:Artists with Disabilities

This panel discussion begins with the introduction of the NY Portraits project by artist and panel moderator Gordon Sasaki. Over the past few years, he has been compiling a collection of portrait photographs of New York City artists with disabilities. The series explores these artists at an intimate and individual level. Simultaneously building on the tradition of portraiture while challenging issues of representation and stereotype of the disabled.

Joeblow Smith- Sonian


Post #: 6385

challenge ideas of traditional " portraiture "

The exhibition at the Smithsonian's "National Portrait Gallery" posted the winners of their current exhibition.

So please take time and vote your favorite portrait piece...

People's Choice award:.

Outwin Boochever


Post #: 6386

Portraits: with Disabilities ??

The new Exhibition at the US National Portrait Gallery/
Smithsonian Museum
includes a painted portrait of a burned former US soldier.

RE: SAN ANTONIO (Oct. 19) - Retired Army Sgt. Richard Yarosh has gotten used to the stares. His face is blanketed in knotty scar tissue. His nose tip is missing. His ears are gone, as is part of his right leg. His fingers are permanently bent and rigid.
All is the result of an explosion in Iraq that doused him in fuel and fire three years ago."

Assoc Press writer

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