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Forum: ATOA Panels

Topic: Suggesting Panel Ideas

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Libby Seaberg


Post #: 18

The ATOA Programming Committee continually reviews proposals for future panels. If you have an idea for a panel that you would like the committee to consider, please post your suggestion here.

TATTOO >""I""<


Post #: 154

Do a talk on Tattoo art.
You can describe Classic (Mona Lisa) to Flash on Flesh.

You can converse about the cross cultural lines
that have been crossed over the last 10 years.
From Polynesian, Japanese, Ainu people
to American eagles & Harley.
From erotic to colorful cartoon dreams.
The Celtic Pics were noted by Roman officers during the
ocupation of the British Isles.

Morris Splatterguard


Post #: 159

How about current artists orgs like
NurtueArt, RidgeStreet Gallery, Pierogi,
or Victory Hall artists from Jersey City.
People actively, currently, creating and showing.
Striving for an artist community.

Jeb Bush


Post #: 177

One thing I like is the time and dedication
in making arts & crafts at the County Fair.

Nothing like seeing Macaronni art
or an Elvis face made of thousands of glued
rice kernels or seeds.

This is the kind of art you can bring your whole
family to see and not be embarressed.

Laura Bush


Post #: 187

Topic: Suggesting Panel Ideas
I have some ! A nice wood grain panel would go well in the kitchen. Although I like a half tile half painted wall.
Unless you mean ivory panels for the living room window?
I'd go to Bed-Bath-&-Beyond for some nice panels.
"Atoa panels" are they a Hawaiian design ? I just love
exotic patterns from foreign contries.

Oaxacan Chulerias


Post #: 192

Since Molly Barnes hails from El Pueblo de Los Angeles
maybe she could bring a little west coast Chicano
flay-va to Nueva York.
Like an October "Dia de los Muertos" panel discussing the beautiful and powerful spiritual alters created for departed loved ones.
Or Molly could showcase paintings from Olivera Street. Pottery made with a deep Aztec pride.
Or maybe a discussion of painter Freida Kalho and her haunting self portraits. Diego Rivera and the power struggle he suffered over his Rockefeller commssioned mural.

Manga & Anime artwork


Post #: 194

Los Angeles's "Little Tokyo" is great place to view Manga and Anime. Manga is more than just cartoon artwork. It evolved out of an indigenous tradition of illustrated manuscripts going back a thousand years. Some of the most talented Japanese artists and writers are engaged in producing manga. And two years ago a major manga exhibit was held in Paris drawing attention to the importance of this art form.

George W. Bush

protector of the free world


Post #: 195

When I was a kid we used to go down to the pond and collect Box Turtles and paint them.

That was a good, clean artform that kept us kids out of trouble.
Sometimes I would follow the natural shading of the shell and other times I would be boldly creative and draw a line right across the top. Just go on across ! No stopping me.

South Asian Culture


Post #: 203

Consider the Indo-American Arts Council.
There are many, many South Asians living within New York City.
The accent of New york is changing around you.
Embrace our foods & culture.

Push-push Inda Bush


Post #: 214

Christian artists whose work represent "academic style" as a modern serious artform. Eskimo sculptures are good too.
And maybe some Remington Indian-horse sculptures.
Or something with clouds and peaceful trees and inspirational mountains or sunsets or sunrise or flying birds...just painted with nice colors...that look good over a sofa...or goies good with wood panels and deer heads.

Flash Light



Post #: 216

TATTOO >""I""<
will be pleased to learn there is an ATOA panel titled, "The Body Beautiful," scheduled for May 7, 2004.

Manga & Anime artwork


Post #: 218

Okay tattoos would work for me as well.
The ultimate reward for the patience & pain.
I hope you cover traditional Japanese artwork/styles.
I enjoy designs based on Asian folklore like dragons, giant snakes and Chinese lions. I've also seen some very cool Bhuddas or other relgiuous figures like Fudomyo -the God of Fire- and Fujin and Raijin -the Gods of Wind and Lightning -and Kannon - Goddess of Mercy.
Tattos in general are a massive outlet of cultural expression.



Post #: 220

...."The Body Beautiful,"....
.... scheduled for May 7th....

Hope you have Dick Zigum the mayor of Coney Island on
that panel. Meanwhile here's a plug for his crew:

Tattoo art, body modification and bizarre theatrics
all rolled up into one equals:
The cast-n-crew of the

19 West 24th, NYC
Saturday, February 21st, 28th,
March 6, 13, 20 and 27, 2004

And..... Coney Island's Mermaid Parade
celebrating the Summer Solstice
June 26th 2004

Gotta Luv-me


Post #: 229

Suggestion for an art panel discussion-
First get someone from Sotheby's and then get someone from Christie's and then get either Morris Katz or Larry Poons.
Give them a bottle of wine and let them battle it out.

Judy Ling

local resident


Post #: 231

I am very excited by your concept.

Manga Anime artwork


Post #: 244

Okay a panel on illustrated cartoon art.
Cover the current Manga and Anime. Some old school Theodore Gisel with the sexual 1930 - 40's stuff.
And the 1960's represented by R. Crumb?s famous cartoon characters like Mr. Natural, Itsy and Bitzy, Flakey Foont, Meatball, and classic Fritz the Cat!



Post #: 280

RE::::::Cover the current Manga and Anime:::::::

How about adding Striparella, Freakazoid & D Vampire Hunter.



Post #: 287

Check out the competition @ The New York Studio School

April 13


Thomas Buckner, baritone: solo improvisation with sculpture of Alain Kirili
Leroy Jenkins, violin: solo improvisation with sculpture of Alain Kirili
Morton Feldman, Two Instruments, performed by Ludmila Konstantinova, cello; Jill van Nostrand, horn
Alvin Lucier: Opera with Objects, performed by the composer
Alvin Lucier: Kirilics (world premiere), performed by Mr. Buckner and Ms. van Nostrand

May 5


Zoe Kosmidou: Moderator - Cultural Counselor, Embassy of Greece
Sia Kyriakakos, Performer; Installation artist, represented Greece in the 2003 Venice Biennale
Stephan Antonakos, Artist
Despo Magoni, Painter; exhibited at Alternative Museum; The Museum of Modern Art, Guadalajara, Mexico; Ora Gallery and New Morfes Gallery, Athens, Greece

Greek Initiatives Towards a Global Culture

South Asian Culture


Post #: 290

@ The Queens Museum . Org

Sunday February 29
Tour of Crossing the BLVD with Sloan and Lehrer, followed by a dialogue on immigration and ?old? and ?new? Queens moderated by Amy Goodman, host of Democracy NOW.

Sunday, March 7
Festival of performances featuring high school students from EarSay's Cross-Cultural Dialogue Through the Arts project at the Queens International High School and other youth performance projects in NYC.

Saturday, March 13
Tour of Crossing the BLVD with Sloan and Lehrer, followed by an acoustic concert with members of NYC?s gypsy-punk-cabaret band Gogol Bordello performs.

Manga &Anime Artwork
a.k.a. Kafka Maus


Post #: 314

Back to the graphic novels aka comic books aka cartoon art.
Was Art Spiegelman ever at ATOA ?
He's been working on an opera "Drawn to Death":
The history of the American comic book.

a.k.a. FOTO LOG .NET


Post #: 320

> >"The Body Beautiful,"< <
> > > > May 7, 2004. < < <


Voc? gostaria de ter a foto da sua tattoo postada neste fotolog comunit?rio, mas n?o sabe como fazer isto?
? muito simples! Clique no link "Upload a photo to this group", localizado abaixo do t?tulo do Tattooland. Isto o/a redicionar? para a p?gina de postagem e da? em diante ? do mesmo jeito que voc? posta as suas fotos no seu pr?prio fotolog. :)

Te gustara que la foto de tu tatuaje apareciera en esta pagina pero no sabes como hacerlo?
Es muy simple! Clickea en "Upload a photo to this group",que esta debajo del t?tulo de Tattooland`s.Esto te re-direccionar? a la pagina de upload y a partir de ahi es igual a como lo harias en tu propio fotolog. :)

Manga & Anime Artwork


Post #: 333


Are the big oversized girlie eyes in Japanese animation giving you night sweats and manifesting themselves in your paintings? Are you fascinated with Japanese packaging materials? Perhaps you're entranced by the transcendental Zen art/culture of the rustic tea sipping, haiku reciting, island people?

artSPACE@16 of Malden, MA is honored to announce a call to artists for: JAPAN-O-RAMA, curated by Leika Akiyama.
Exhibition will be held May 1 - 29, 2004. The theme, JAPAN-O-RAMA, encompasses everything from Japonisme to Hello Kitty.
ELIGIBILITY: All visual artists are encouraged to apply. We are looking for NEW work in all media and all styles for exhibition consideration.
SUBMISSION DEADLINE: All SLIDE entries MUST be received by 5pm on Friday, March 12, 2004.
please send e-mail to

Gotta Love-Me
a.k.a. loss of all reason


Post #: 360

Okay..... ATOA did Ray Johnson/"How to Draw a Bunny"

Next will be "How to Draw a Bush"
As in "Weapons of Mass Destruction" Bush.
Or as he's known in the UK "the Shrub"

So in honor of March 20th
ATOA can have a topical panel on Protest Art.

How to create costumes from mass consumption.

Gotta Love-Me
a.k.a. Mermaid Parade & the Summer Solstice


Post #: 362

REFER:"Bohemian 2004-02-12"
Coney Island's Mermaid Parade celebrating the Summer Solstice - June 26th 2004

Thousands and thousands of people come to the
" Mardi Gras Style " Mermaid Parade. Many wearing their own
wonderful homemade costumes.

Be apart of the colorful fun.
Create ! Dream ! Play !
Become a Mermaid, Neptune or Sea creature. Join the other oddities on Surf Avenue in Coney Island, Brooklyn New York.

And... Captain Bob McCoy will lead this year's 2004 Mermaid Parade as King Neptune himself.

Famous Captain Bob's Coney Island Tours every Saturday & Sunday. Year round come rain, snow or sun.
Capt. Bob Coney Island , Brooklyn New York

Ionada Altranais Sh?ciatraigh
a.k.a. ?dar?s R?igi?nach - na h?ireann



Post #: 368

Re: April 16th, 2004 The British Invasion
A view of the impact and youthful power of British art since the 1990s.

Re: British Invasion

Just like Northern Ireland

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Pugga Mahon to all...

athos zacharias (facilitator: lynne Mayocole)



Post #: 375

Notes from a Futurist Point of View - AYOA in the future will be "cyberized". It will exist mainly in cyberspace as well as its on site panels with real human being in the audience. ATOA will have more than one face. When interested parties link onto they will be able to, for a fee, download any of hundreds of the panel discussions in the past. They will also, for a fee, be able to download the weekly poop on the New York, Soho, Chelsea, Williamsburg, Dumbo, and other scenes, digitized by Flashlight with his two assistants using their home digitized movie camera. These weekly segments may include short interviews of gallery dealers and artists during their openings, some gossip, some exterior day and night scenes including Socrates Park, the Noguchi Museum, and so on. The segments after editing would be fun, sexy, and illuminating and informative. People will be able to send in requests for interviews they would like to see. There are thousands upon thousands of artists and interested folks all over the world that have a keen interest in what the fuck's going on. After all, IT'S LIFE! There would be on that site, surprise little vignettes of artists in their homes and studios, a slice of life if you will. Some of the interviews would be by artists of other artists, even friends, all downloaded for a fee. I recently was invited by the presidents of atoa, lynne mayocole to attend a show titled "Tunnel of Love" on Valentine's day in Williamsburge. It was curated by Fran Kornfeld. It was a show of very small works in a very small space, so small, all the visitors could not fit in the gallery at the same time. That was to me, an odd special event that should have been filmed and documented including the musicians playing during that cold cold day. At least some still photos of the event could be put on the site for a FREE download. Other artists all overAmerican and dare i say the world could e mail some stills of their shows and share them with the rest of the global art world. After all, the art world is OUR world. It belongs to artists and sharing is what it's all about. ATOA may even hold panels at different places announced on their web site. This will result in ATOA being awash with fees from downloads and will have an office somewhere with their own servers, their own mini-bus, and Flash will officiate with his two assistants. I dare you to do it! Zach

Flash Light



Post #: 376


It's hard enough just keeping the ATOA site current. I'll leave the more ambitious plans to you.



Larry Poons Jr.
a.k.a. AYOA in the future


Post #: 377

"Notes from a Futurist Point of View - AYOA in the future will be "cyberized"."

It seems that Athos Zacharias's first act will be to rename
ATOA as AYOA for the benefit of an ever shrinking Cyber-Global-Village.

Artists Yak On Art (for the Tibetans )

Artists Yabber On Art ( for the Australians )

Artists Yamen on Art ( Offical Chinese Govt. site )

Artists Yawp On Art ( The Religious Right - any country )




Post #: 380

There are thousands upon thousands of artists and interested folks all over the world that have a keen interest in what the fuck's going on. After all, IT'S LIFE! There would be on that site, surprise little vignettes of artists in their homes and studios, a slice of life if you will.

Some member's of ATOA's audience have already "cyberized".

Check out the spontanious Cell phone shots with a hint of photoshop:

Gotta Love Me


Post #: 387

Refer: 2004-03-21: These weekly segments may include short interviews of gallery dealers and artists during their openings

During a recent panel with AD Coleman ... the concept of gallery dealers and openings would be outmoded.
That in the future people would simply rent digitalized art images. Like a Pay-Per-View boxing match.
That art work would be like transitory televised wallpaper that people would rent by the hour as a backdrop to their
"Oh-So-Chic" cocktail party.
A brief glance. Something to spark a witty Oh-So-Clever line from the host

Refer: "The segments after editing would be fun, sexy, and illuminating and informative."

Warhol's famed 15 minutes of fame will be reduced to
10 seconds. 30 seconds for Courtney Love.

Refer: ATOA may even hold panels at different places announced on their web site.....

Virtual streaming media - hold it anyway and stream live feed everywhere. Stream directly thru ATOA's web page or
to large LCD monitors at a Sports Bar for artists.

Larry Poons Jr.


Post #: 388

REFER TO: Zacharias ---- These weekly segments may include short interviews of gallery dealers and artists during their openings.... The segments after editing would be fun, sexy, and illuminating and informative.

gallery dealers and artists.....

The segments after editing...

After editing ??... would be fun, sexy and illuninating...

SHIT !! that's gonna take - A LOT - of editing !!!!


Hawaiian Greeting: "Media Warhola Whore"


Post #: 404

2003-05-15 - The A.T.O.A. Programming Committee continually reviews proposals for future panels. If you have an idea for a panel that you would like the committee to consider, please post your suggestion here.-----------------------

Andy Warhol panel: "Andy's influence on Art as Media"
with Billy Name & Mark Kostabi & Sylvia Miles
(Miles has cult following: actress, knew Warhol's group & she was on "Sex In The City" a few times.)

And maybe either Courtney Love or Janet Jackson as the current reigning self promoting Media Warhola Whores.
Andy Warhol: Drawings from the 1960's
@ Anton Kern Gallery, New York
May 6, 2004 - June 20, 2004

Jennie Ling
a.k.a. local resident


Post #: 442

Topic: Suggesting Panel Ideas

Being intelligent and informed does help.

Larry Poons Jr.
a.k.a. The British got the hell out...


Post #: 446

Re: April 16th, 2004 The British Invasion
A view of the impact and youthful power of British art since the 1990s.

What a pity.. we'll miss hearing about Damion Hurst's
butchered animals preserved in formaldehyde or his nifty
rotting shark in the tank, or the odor from his fly insectocutor.

But then again I would have enjoyed discussing Chris Ofili's dung titted Madonna after Mel Gibson's movie.

Manga -N- Anime


Post #: 480

I will create a proposal for a future panel called:
"Worm's Meat" -or- "Decay thru Nature" -or-
"Deconstruction of Natural Forms"
And below are artists to invite:

1) Damion Hurst & his butchered animals.
2) Dr Gunther von Hagens (German artist & anatomist), who strengthens corpses with plastic, skinning them and putting them on show with the internal organs exposed, in a 'celebration' of art and science.
3) Mexican Folk Artists celebrating Dia de los Muertos
4) 3-D artists and/or Anime Vampire-D lovers



Post #: 482

Yeah there are more from the Saatchi Sensation exhibition. What about the sculpture who made a life-size mold of his own head. And it was filled with his own blood and then frozen. Decay & Defrost. And maybe find out what Walt Disney looks like frozen stiff waiting for Tinkerbell to wake him.
Or how about a talk on tradional funerary arts.
Cover the burial tombs, statuettes, mummification textiles, frescos, Gold-gilded funerary masks, China, Eygpt, Aztec, Roman, and prehistoric cave drawings. And then throw in a couple of restless spirit and underworld stories.

Gotta -Luv- Me


Post #: 485

Just go to The Roger Smith Hotel April 29 & 30th for a preview of next year's speakers:

Tony Martin, light artist & painter - currently working on a joint multimedia performance with pioneering CalArts composer Morton Subotnick.

Or LOU TRAPANI, actor / artistic & managing director of The CENTER for Performing Arts at Rhinebeck.

MOCA - The God Bless Graffiti Coalition

On the 8th Day...


Post #: 549

Open Call for Artists --- The God Bless Graffiti Coalition (GBGC), MoCA, North Adams, MA

GBGC is looking for artists who use posters, stencils, stickers & sign installations to send us their work for an exhibition project entitled "On the 8th Day..." wall. This project is part of a larger political art exhibition opening this coming May 2004 at Mass MOCA (the
Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art). The show, called "The Interventionists," is a collection of work by artists who "intervene" in public space. "The Interventionists" will be on display for 10
The "On the 8th Day..." project will be installed on a 69' x
20' wall which is located in the opening room of the entire "The Interventionists" exhibition.

Send all work up to 24" x 36" in size to:
Josh/GBGC PO Box 476971 Chicago,IL 60647. Send all work larger than 24" x 36" to: MASS MoCA (Attn: Nato Thompson), 1040 MASS MoCA way, North Adams, MA 01247.

Starving Artists


Post #: 557

2004 Starving Artist Award, Studio 42, New York, NY with the subject line 'SAA Inquiry'
The Starving Artist Award supports and promotes the creation of newwork by emerging artists living in and around New York City.

The award is designated on an annual basis and the recipient is officially announced at the Studio 42 Starving Artists Ball (SAB) at the end of
August each year.

The 2004 inaugural Starving Artist Award will be
designated to an artist/collective working in the performing arts in areas such as, but not limited to, Directing, Playwrighting,Performance art, Design, Choreography, or Music. In future years the
Starving Artist Award Committee (SAAC) intends to broaden the scope of the award to encompass more artistic disciplines. The winner of the Starving Artist Award will be given a trophy and a cash grant not toexceed $7,500.

Arte de Cuba
a.k.a. Sobre


Post #: 569

Cuban-American expression.

Check with Victory Hall in Jersey City for their active commuity events.

Or check with SVA for their historic exchange project (July) between SVA and Taller Experimental de Grafica, Cuba's foremost printmaking facility, in Havana.

Lord Sockuss Puppettuss


Post #: 579

What is the Lawwww....No Recording Without Permission:

There is no audio or video recording permitted during ATOA panels without advance permission from Lord Anubis.

Graven images - stealing of mortal souls via photography -may be taken, without the use of Mr. Flash.

You will be asked to turn off your equipment and leave if you ignore these rules... including your cell phones and pace maker... And the ancient ones may decide to bring a plague of roaches upon your cramped apartment.

Flash Light



Post #: 588

At one time ATOA was threatened with a lawsuit because someone recorded a video of a panel and used it inappropriately. We are therefore forced to prohibit unauthorized recording.

As far as I can tell, this has nothing to do with Lord Anubis, ancient among the gods, but rather with policies set by the Board of Directors of ATOA, ancient among panel discussions.

surprise little vignettes
a.k.a. painter


Post #: 590

RE: There are thousands upon thousands of artists and interested folks all over the world that have a keen interest in what the fuck's going on. After all, IT'S LIFE!"
After all, the art world is OUR world. It belongs to artists and sharing is what it's all about.
athos zacharias 2004-03-21

Curator's Choice 2004
The winners are:

Stephan Robert Johns
Claudio Kleefeld
Athos Zacharias
Anthony Satori
Ken Jackson

The British are crying...
a.k.a. Momart Warehouse destroyed


Post #: 636

RE: Larry Poons 4-10 The British got the hell out...
Re: April 16th, 2004 The British Invasion

Another idea for an ATOA panel is "Ashes" or what ever happened to...Or "Damion Hurst's butchered animals move to the next level:cooked"

last Monday's headline:" Fire 'destroys' Saatchi classics

Saatchi's collection also includes Tracey Emin's Bed
Millions of pounds worth of artworks in Charles Saatchi's famous collection are feared destroyed in a warehouse fire.
The warehouse was now "non-existent"."We can't get within 300 yards of the site. We are very upset, absolutely devastated."

At the height of the blaze, more than 50 firefighters were at the scene and 500 people were evacuated.

Momart's clients include the National Gallery, Tate Modern and Britain and Buckingham Palace.

The destroyed warehouse makes up 5-100f the company's storage capacity, she said.

Vincent Van Gough


Post #: 639

RE - Fire devastates Saatchi artworks @ warehouse fire.

Here's an irony --- aka Also gone to hell -

" The Chapman brothers' controversial work Hell is a series of nine miniature landscapes in glass tanks depicting scenes of disaster and destruction.

Saatchi commissioned Hell for a retrospective at his gallery for a reported ?500,000."

Gotta -Luv- Me


Post #: 664

Topic: Suggesting Panel Ideas

You could have Christo as your last panelist
fo A.T.O.A.'s 30th Anniversary year.

That way... he could wrap the season up !

Jennie Ling
a.k.a. local resident


Post #: 671

Topic: Suggesting Panel Ideas

I still like a lite Oak panel.

Hilla Grand Rebbay


Post #: 674

A.T.O.A.'s uptown annex @ The Roger Smith Hotel
501 Lexington Avenue 10017
presents: Art Critic, Eleanor Heartney
will talk about her latest book:
"Postmodern Heretics: The Catholic Imagination in Contemporary Art" Thursday, July 22, 2004

And on Friday, July 23, 2004
Photographer, Harriet Tannin will show slides and talk
about her new book based on the life of Hilla Rebay
"The Baroness, The Mogul and The Forgotten History of The First Guggenheim Museum"

Jib Jab


Post #: 675

Political satire thru animation
"This Land is your land. This land is my land..."
And the speed/power of the internet to convey opinions
thru humor.

Michael Jackson
a.k.a. Media Whore


Post #: 676

Advertising and the images of media on society.
The Spin on everyday life.
Selling a web page as a media concept - cookie tracker.

Every year SVA bestows the award to a groundbreaking visual artist, designer, photographer or illustrator who, over the course of his/her career, has been recognized as a great visual communicator of our time.
Ed McCabe is the 2004 recipient of the Masters Series Award. Exhibition will be on view at the Visual Arts Museum from October 25- December 4, 2004.
209 East 23 Street, 212.592.2145

a.k.a. The Baroness, the Mogul & the Forgotten History....


Post #: 679

Maybe ATOA should do a censor panel reflecting the rise of German fascist ideas of a pure Germanic Empire and the attempt to purge itself of "degenerate" art.

One form of "degenerate art" would be "Non-Objective Art"
Art created from pure imagination. Not representing any object, figure, or element in nature, in any way; nonrepresentational.

The mistress of Solomon R. Guggenheim - Hilla Rebay was director of the Museum of Non-objective Painting from 1939 to 1952. And with Sol Guggenheim's financial support
moved (saved) some of that "degenerate art" to the USA to a nice car garage that later became the base of the Guggenheim Museum.

Maybe the panel could be held around Mid March ?

Create Your Vision
a.k.a. Act on it


Post #: 683

A.T.O.A 2004 - Curator's Choice
Juried Show Winners

Opening Reception
Friday, July 30th 2004
6:30 - 9:00 PM

Athos Zacharias
Anthony Satori
Claudia Kleefeld
Kenneth Jackson
Stephen Robert Johns

@ The Lab Gallery
501 Lexington Avenue
New York City
212 339 2092

Artists Talk On Art Critical Dialog in the Visual Arts.
Happy Thirtieth Anniversay A.T.O.A. !!

Artists Talk On Art

a.k.a. Forum Lurker


Post #: 686

Topic: Suggesting Panel
a.k.a. topical subject like a 2005 Guggenheim exhibition
** Art of Tomorrow: Hilla Rebay & Solomon R. Guggenheim **
May 19?August 7, 2005 (dates subject to change)

This is the first exhibition dedicated to Hilla Rebay (1890?1967), one of the founders of the Museum of Non-Objective Painting, the forerunner of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. She was its first curator, director, and educator until 1952, as well as an accomplished artist. Rebay embraced non-objectivity?or non-representation?in art as both a style and aesthetic philosophy.

The exhibition will also reflect the extraordinary collaboration between Rebay and Solomon R. Guggenheim, which resulted in one of the world's finest collections of early twentieth century modernism.

The exhibition is organized by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in collaboration with Museum Villa Stuck, Munich and Schlossmuseum, Murnau and travels to Germany after its New York presentation.

Penny Cent
a.k.a. Art In Context


Post #: 687

Refer: Graarying 7-23 "The exhibition will also reflect the extraordinary collaboration between Rebay and Solomon R. Guggenheim"

Hilla Rebay embraced non-objectivity... and EMBRACED Sol Guggenheim when his wife Irene wasn't around.

At the very least... ATOA should promote a panel that really keeps the SVA students off their cell-phones...
"Heralded as an embodiment of classic elegance and art-deco sophistication, The Essex House is a New York City luxury hotel and the 'Love Nest' of Baroness Hilla Rebay and her head patron Solomon R. Guggenheim."

Did Baroness Rebay believe in theanthropism "all art comes from/thru GOD". Did she ever tamper with artwork to full-fill her own visions of perfection? And was her brother really an SS officer?
Interview with Hilla Von Rebay
Conducted by Bruce Hooten 1966
The interview took was conducted by Bruce Hooten for the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. Photo: Frank Lloyd Wright shows a model of the Guggenheim Museum to Baroness Hilla Rebay in 1947
Wright received the commission to build the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City in 1943, which would eventually house Guggenheim?s collection which consisted mainly of what curator Hilla Rebay, termed non objective art, that is art which spoke through the universal language of abstract color, line and form. This new art demanded a radically different kind of space and thinking. Here, where Central Park meets the Upper East Side, Wright provided that space in architecture which appears as pure geometry: surface, volume and space.

Or was the design really inspired by a 'snake pit' mental institution located on Roosevelt Island in NY's East River ? Did Wright's visits to this building of madness inspire his genius?

a.k.a. Blessed Be


Post #: 695

Re: Penny Cent: "Did Baroness Rebay believe in theanthropism 'all art comes from/thru GOD'".

I can't speak for "keeps the SVA students off their cell-phones" but I'd like to hear how many artists feel that way.

I also know many artists that think thru every detail and are still lead by their own instincts of happen-stance.

So - is the God energy trapped inside a hunk of marbel waiting to get out or is the energy inside the human waiting to reshape a hunk of rock that God created in the first place.

Barack Obama
a.k.a. Affirmative Art Shown


Post #: 704

Refer:PennyCent7-24 "Did she ever tamper with artwork to full-fill her own visions of perfection? And was her brother really an SS officer?"

Can't people just be taken at face value?
The love of art be Hilla Rebay's legacy ?
Must you really dig this dirt on her to have a valueable art discussion? Art should help replenish the soul not
destroy it !
Can't we all just get along ??

Rabbitt Runn
a.k.a. Marlborough Man


Post #: 735

Topic: Suggesting Panel Ideas

How about artist civic duty toward enlightening
people on the plight of the homeless?

Or working toward the social injustice of
displacing people in Brooklyn by RealEstate developers.

One artist very aware of the importance of "SPACE"
was interviewed on FOX News today.
It was sort of a quirky report (smelled of P.R.) about the New York artist that had tooo.. much space - 50,000 sq feet.
And this whole crap about him neeeding to design
and fill the rooms for him and his birds and one cat.
He had to go sooo far as have "artists Friends" loan him objects and furniture...
What about inviting some of these "artists Friends" to use a corner of the "100 rooms" part-time as a studio and share in both the burden of filling the space as well as creative sharing of ideas.
Personally.. there are at least 3 homless guys hanging out in front of the Korean grocery that would make fine live sculptures. Have them hold candleabrum like in Jean Cocteau's "Beauty and the Beast" film. It would be a win-win situation. The artist wouldn't have to spend sooo much time straining his brain on how to fill up this huuuge space.. and the homeless people would get a warm place to sleep at night without fear of being knifed.

After the Fox Network's "private tour" the news caster
finally mentioned the "New York artist" (spin buuld up)
and the fact that he had upcoming show at the MArbough gallery for the pieces he didn't have enough room to hang (camera pan to unhung canvas... Oh my! Heart be still!!
Oh the shame.. it has no proper home!!!)
Int. Herald Tribune: "NEW YORK After a long search through high-priced downtown real estate in Manhattan, the artist Hunt Slonem found new quarters to rent that were worthy of his ambition to live large and paint a lot: 50,000 square feet, or about 4,600 square meters, including a terrace, on far West 10th Street."

Robin Leech
a.k.a. living off And this whole crap about him neeeding to


Post #: 737

RE: "And this whole crap about him neeeding to"

Pish-posh !
As former host of a High Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous"tm
I can tell you that creative people need the room to
have their energy flow without the burden of modern
living encrouched upon them

a.k.a. $$ urvive


Post #: 739

"This is the forum to discuss your favorite artists, as well as those whose work you love to trash."

Trashing dead (or nearly dead) artists is easier when everyone has been subjected to study their style(s) at school.
But a word of advice.. non-profits best watch their Ps&Qs when dealing with living artists with living gallerie$$ that can help out during lean years.

Why insult an artists that can afford 50,000 sq feet?
His crumbs maybe larger than your entire shoe-string and bubble gum budget.
Just Kiss-N-tell - all later in a book.. 30 years @ ATOA
Title " Before the paint even dried '

Manga -N- Anime
a.k.a. dogugaeshi fan


Post #: 906

Inspired by Japanese puppet theater and blending centuries of tradition with his own inimitable style - innovative puppet artist Basil Twist had been obsessed with the rarefied and dying tradition of Japanese dogugaeshi stage mechanism technique ever since he saw it in a black-and-white film years ago.
With a commission from Japan Society, he is finally given the opportunity to delve into its rich intricacies.
After immersing himself in Japanese Awaji Puppet Theater, the origin of what has come to be known as ?bunraku,? and the only modern practitioner of dogugaeshi, Twist unfolds abstract and modern imagery inspired by Japan. This intimate performance features original shamisen compositions created and performed by authorized master musician Yumiko Tanaka. November 17-23, 2004:
Schedule & tickets

CC 9


Post #: 917

October Animation festival in Guangzhou

Spigot S. Squidley
a.k.a. Mascot


Post #: 933

The golden age of animation is marked by the great 1930s and '40s productions of Snow White, Pinocchio, Fantasia and Bambi.
Since the huge success of The Little Mermaid in 1989 and later, The Lion King, animated feature films have roared back into popular culture, culminating in the banner year of 2002 when the Oscars finally designated a category for Best Animated Feature Film.

SVA's students of this unique art form could not be learning at a better time - the second golden age of animation. Technology is taking animators to creative places they could never go before, and SVA is in the forefront of offering best-of-breed, state-of-the-art technology to beginning animators.

SVA has recently built a new stop-motion studio, adding classes in techniques like claymation, and teaching miniature set construction and design. Students have access to the same equipment they'll use as working professionals, like Video Lunch Box, Pro Tools and related effects software. Each computer in our digital compositing lab has its own scanner, enabling our students to work independently.

SVA is considered a primary source of animation talent for both coasts. Our graduates work at Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks skg, Blue Sky Studio and Nickelodeon.

SVA students learn from more than 30 directors, animation and special effects artists, character designers and writers. Legends and prominent animators like Ralph Bakshi (Lord of the Rings, Fritz the Cat), Bill Plympton (Mutant Aliens, The Tune) and Yvette Kaplan (Beavis and Butthead Do America, Ice Age) are here to give you instruction, feedback and to nurture your artistic vision. A recommendation from a faculty member can lead to an interview for a job; you take it from there.

The greatest gift an education at SVA gives you is the chance to find out who you are.
By teaching you to be a total animator, a tech-savvy storyteller, we make sure you'll be ready !



Post #: 938

To Christopher Reeve, the actor, the superhero
Thank you for making my comic book hero come to life.

Larry Poons Jr.
a.k.a. Mr. Warmth


Post #: 953

The greatest gift an education at SVA gives you is the chance to find out who you are.

Geezzz.. If that don't scare the crap out of you nothing will...

"who you are"-- Okay.. where's the freakin mirror at ?

"Find out who". NO ! NOT if you conform to "a course syllabus".
"Education" of the mind and soul comes from the Ups, Downs and life's other Fuk-ups. The pains, the pleaures, the limits and losses . Not from ass pleasing a teacher who doesn't have the drive anymore to go out and create on a film on a shoe string budget and grub all the cheese they can eat at Art Openings.

My grandmother was an old drunk that had 5 hellraisers of her own. Now she was was a savvy storyteller.

"we make sure you'll be ready !"
What a freakin hollow promise....

Freida Kalho -&- Diego Rivera
a.k.a. Los Forum Lurkers


Post #: 985

Feliz Dias de Los Murtos !

Manga -N- Anime


Post #: 1000

How about the graphics & design layout work of video games.
The market is huge. Check out Halo 2 Xbox. This sequel is an absolutely superb.

Manga & Anime
a.k.a. _____________________


Post #: 1037

I?ve been siezed by a severe case of the warm fuzzies today.
Wanna art career that will pay back your student loan?
Then get with the big money to be made in an animated films
'Robots: the few, the proud, the machines',
or big screen "SpongeBob SquarePants"
plus from the creators of 'Shrek': 'Madagascar' coming out
in summer 2005 about animals escaping from Manhattan's Central Park Zoo.

Foster's Home


Post #: 1067

Hi Hi
Puffy AmiYumi & Kaz Toonami
code: StaticShock
Mucha Lucha !!!
Have a Warm and Fuzzy Christmas!

Willis Maiellaro


Post #: 1098


Gabriel Maia - Rock-On ! ! !


Post #: 1130


Willis Maiellaro


Post #: 1140

I totally have a fetish for this...totally digging the intelligence

Manga & Anime


Post #: 1241

Dallas Society of Visual Communications
(DSVC) is an organization founded by visual artists, for visual artists.

With more than 900 members, we're the largest local club of visual communications professionals in the nation.

2005 Dallas Show Call for Entries
The Dallas Professional show is one of the preeminent creative competitions in the country. It showcases the very best of the past year's accomplishments in design, advertising, photography and illustration.

candice jeanette gough

graphics and modern art drawing


Post #: 1309

that surrealism is the only art form that focuses on message rather than the work itself isnt that what art is about?

Art Sake



Post #: 1314

candice jeanette gough,

Surely the early forms of art, from ancient times to the 19th century focused on message. Relatively recently artists became interested in art which conveyed impressions, or expressions, rather than messages.

The surrealists, although they seem to depict "messages," have found a way to express the subconscious
not by avoiding objective images, but by recontextualizing them. Their "messages" are surreal.

Thus, it seems to me, surrealism is more in the camp of the impressionists, expressionists, and dreamers rather than the realists and story tellers.

Manga & Anime


Post #: 1355

Remeber those little wooden Chinese/Asian nesting dolls?
Geisha ? Have a look at this serious Flash design.
Sparse - basic Red & Grey graphics - simple -
but very wild...

awards winner best animation flash in the can film - festival 2003 canada - winner best 3D website flash forward film festival 2003 san francisco - finalist: rockstar upload 2003 - winner: best animation people's choice award sundance film festival 2004 - winner best animation flash in the can 2004

?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
a.k.a. clap clap clap


Post #: 1380

?? ??

?? ?? ?? ??

?? ?? ?? ??
?? ??

ki lindooooooooooo

Howard Hughes, Jr.
a.k.a. O.C.D. Poster Boy !!


Post #: 1382

A.T.O.A should do a panel with a very Hot TOpic theme
such as O.C.D.
Show some artists that wash their paint brushes over and over.. Or Artists that use obsessive repetition in design like Saffron colored squares and are compulsive is completeing the idea even if it takes 20 years.
Show the fine line between genius and madness.
Show the fine line between the Blue States and the Red Necks.

Manga -n- Anime


Post #: 1391

Check it out: The Mysteries of Love

Strange but likeable.If you're into weasles flying vintage planes... This toon is 4 U.

manic busy 101
a.k.a. buzz kill


Post #: 1395

Went to the Tokyo Plastic web page.
It took time to get past the Venus Fly Trap & wall walking white square with the black frog legs but the whole thing is trip.

Krazy Kazari


Post #: 1413

Food as art / Food as SCulpture

A "How to" web guide on turning an ordinary hot dog
into a oragami style elephant or shark or daisy.

Manga -n- Anime


Post #: 1550

Deadline April 5, 2005
Are you the next Molly Crabapple Girl?

Calling all Victorian vixens, tarts, trollops, and Gibson Girls gone Bad. The first bimonthly Molly Crabapple Girl contest is about to begin. Send in pics to get a chance to win an original, gilt framed Molly Crabapple portait of your very self. Click !!Contest!! for details.
Rion Vernon: pin-up artwork
Fetus de Milo: artwork
Lenora Claire: model/actress/performance artist
Rachael Huntington: art
Mimi LeMeaux: scream queen & performance artist



Post #: 1564


manic busy 101 ... kick sum but t!!!


Post #: 1582

Forum: ATOA Panels
Topic: Suggesting Panel Ideas

"Advanced Negotiator Course"
21-22 JUNE 2005
Shelby County Training Center
Prerequisite: Basic Negotiator Course

PLEASE NOTA: *Tactical Training may be restricted to REGULAR ATOA members only.*

TOC 2005: ATOA Tactical Operations Conference
Training, Seminars, Competition, Vendor Show

And remeber: It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed. Get action. Seize the moment. Man was never intended to become an oyster.- Theodore Roosevelt



Post #: 1592

Why travel to 3rd Ave on a Friday night when I could be chillen LapTop style on-line at Starbucks with a Java tall.
Why not just BLOG each other after footin round Williamsburg oe Chelsea?

From the Floor by Todd Gibson
I trained as a literary critic, but I sold my soul and now work for The Man. I keep it fresh, though, by giving gallery talks for the Whitney Museum of American Art.
From the Floor - Writing about looking at art. From the floor of the gallery, the museum, and the private collection


Founded in 1996, is an internet-based platform for the global new media arts community.


Zack Primary Kolors


Post #: 1636

The name of the org is " Artists - talk on - Art".
That means: artists talking on and or about art !

Not curators talk about their curating.
Not not art historians talking about their museum's fine collections.
Not "Historians" DIALOG ! on their view of what the artist really freakin meant.
Not "MFA Department chairs" striving to enlighten their students so they can go home and impress their parents with names.
Not "Art Critics & Historians " talk about art history
while pushing their new book agenda.

You guys are missing it...You've gotten so removed...The Christos actively engaged young artists /volunteers in their projects. A sense of creation. A sense of belonging to a shut out system. They had a great lively turn out at SVA. They didn't preach about their glory days to the great unwashed masses of college students. They were'nt sterile and uninvolved in their art.

Flash Light



Post #: 1667

You're right we're missing it. ATOA would love to have artists of the stature of the Christos speak on every panel. Unfortunately ATOA does not have the funding to pay panelists, so we rely on the generosity of
artists who appear for free, like the Christos, for our best panels.

If you can persuade a famous artist to speak for free at ATOA, you can help us to avoid "missing it." If you can contribute to an endowment to help fund us, you can help us to avoid "missing it."

If not, try to have sympathy for our difficulties in being an under funded non-profit presenting the best panels we're offered.

Zack Primary Kolors


Post #: 1668

RE: The name of the org is " Artists - talk on - Art".

RE: "persuade a famous artist"

"famous" is your criteria; not mine.

Tesla Coil
a.k.a. artist of stature


Post #: 1669

1st Annual Harlem Open Artist Studio Tour
Saturday, April 30, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.&
Sunday, May 1, 2005, 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The Harlem Open Artist Studio Tour (H.O.A.S.T.) is a community-based arts organization that was established in 2004. Our mission is to foster artistic expression by uniting and promoting the visual artists of Harlem and to strengthen the community by stimulating awareness of the contemporary arts movement.

See the studios & meet the artists on the annual
TriBeCa Art Walk
Saturday April 30, Sunday May 1, and Monday, May 2, 2005
1pm to 6pm each day. It's FREE

The TriBeCa Open Artist Studio Tour is one of the most eagerly anticipated downtown NYC events of the season, offering a great experience for anyone interested in viewing artwork at the source -- the artist's own studio. It's an opportunity to walk around the neighborhood and meet directly with the artists -- and often see artwork not accessible in gallery settings.

Ian Alexander Groom
a.k.a. MMP 03-12-04


Post #: 1670

Mad Molly Press

An independent printing press and book arts studio.

At Mad Molly, you provide the raw material (i.e., text, photos, ideas, etc.) and we create the books to satisfy your wildest biblio longings.

We can create a book to meet any budget, whether you want a single copy of a wedding album to rest on the mantle, or a hundred hand-bound family recipe books for your next reunion.

Or... Sketch Books, Day Planners, Photo Albums, Wedding Albums, Poetry Books, Travelogues, Scrapbooks, Portfolios, Giftbooks..



Post #: 1700

The Smithsonian Institution, is world's largest museum complex and research organization.

Composed of 16 museums and the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, and 2 museums in New York City, the Smithsonian's exhibitions offer visitors a glimpse into its vast collection numbering over 142 million objects.

Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum:
James Renwick Gallery:
Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden:

Jonathan R. Bates


Post #: 1705

#2005--0-4- If you can persuade a famous artist to speak --

The question arises, "Who" are the famous artists and how do you define famous?. The Soyer brothers were famous in the 1920's but pushed aside in the 1950's by Abstract Expressionism. Would Peggy Bacon have qualified?

- artists who appear for free, like the Christos, for our best panels.-

Best panels?? as in... Best dialogues? Best turnout?
Best raconteur? Best gallery and dealer representation?

a.k.a. impressed by impressionist


Post #: 1712

Asking "Who" are the famous artists?

Thomas Kinkade !!! He is known as "The Painter of Light".
Famous for his "Kinkade glow" he has enormous popularity as a published artist. Some say he is the foremost American living impressionist painter.

Even people who have never had much of an interest in art before find themselves captivated by Thomas Kinkade's wonderfully warm and inviting visions of quaint, cozy cottages and sophisticated, impressionistic cityscapes that are among the artist's signature subjects.

ATOA should do a whole panel on this famous AMERICAN artist.

Cyber Monkey


Post #: 1721

famous = absolute populism

"Populism: Artists Reflect This Contemporary Political and Cultural Phenomenon" 2005-04-29 until 2005-08-28
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, , NL

The Populism project tries to formulate concrete spaces for experience, reflection, and discussion linked to a contemporary political and cultural phenomenon that is as complex as it is widespread.

Many different things can be called populism for very good reasons. We may not necessarily agree on the meaning of the term populism. And maybe the term populism should not necessarily have only one meaning. The usefulness of a term with different meanings resides in the fact that it may hint at family resemblances between different phenomena called populism. Therefore, in any project on populism, it might soon appear that the contributors ? artists, academics, writers and other intellectuals ? will use the word in many different ways." Dieter Lesage, ?Populism and Democracy?, 2005, in The Populism Reader

There is little doubt that populist movements gain large parts of their persuasive power from their ability to play on affects and desires that are supposedly exempt from the procedures that mark official democratic politics.

Key questions are how forms of populism ? whether left wing or right wing, progressive or reactionary ? promote themselves and their quest for mass appeal through a stylistic and aesthetic consciousness.

Populism includes new works and projects by around 40 international artists and artist groups, bringing together challenging works in a multitude of artistic strategies. The exhibitions take place in parallel at the following venues:

The Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius. Opening April 8 through June 4 National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo. Opening April 15 through Sep 2 Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Opening April 29 through Aug 28 Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt a.M. Opening May 10 through Sept 4

a.k.a. Ansa


Post #: 1726

In the film "Taxi Driver";
DeNiro's (now famous) lines are: "Are you looking at ME ? ".
Robert De Niro was in Rome for the inauguration of his deceased father's art exhibition.

"Are you looking at me" could be a title for an ATOA panel with DeNiro eulogizing his father's art work. He could also cover the career of his painter (lesser known) mother Virginia Admiral.
And actress Meryl Streep could give her artistic Inspiration.

Galleria delle Esposizioni Benucci
Roma, via del Babuino 150/c.
16 maggio - 30 luglio 2005
Apertura: dal luned? al sabato 10- 19

ROBERT DE NIRO inaugura a ROMA la Galleria delle Esposizioni BENUCCI:

Dark Lord of SVA
a.k.a. Student Vader Artists


Post #: 1727

famous artists working on a hot topic like the team that worked on Star Wars.

Star Wars: Feel the Force,

Bantha Blog


Post #: 1731


Art of Revenge: Concept artist TJ Frame rendered this bird's-eye view of the enormous Mustafar collection facility.
Views such as these were instrumental in planning out the action of the film's epic lightsaber duel.

Zack Primary Kolors
a.k.a. Cyan narra


Post #: 1734

Check out the DIA web page for their "Artists on Artists" lecture series. This weekend March 21st is Spencer Finch
on Sol LeWitt and in Sept David Reed on Blinky Palermo.
Dia Art Foundation's artists talks take place at the
548 West 22nd Street @ 6:30 pm



Post #: 1735

Refer back to statement - "ATOA would love to have artists of the stature"

Orson Welles's film F for Fake was great and should be screened at an SVA panel. Art forgers like Elmyr de Hory have many, many paintings in world famous museums.
This leads to the question "what makes great art". And just as important "what makes famous artists".
In Welles's film "F for Fake"; Welles reflects on the fate of Elmyr's talents absorbed by his own forgeries.
Elmyr suppressed his ?real? talent. He had an amazing eye but he lacked (or feared?) his own vision.

Julie Exner


Post #: 1779

I don't come to these art web pages looking for famous artists. I come to see what will work for me. Tips, advice, suggestions and creative concepts to build and reshape into my style. Warhol, Dali, Frida Kahlo, Che Guevara, and Elvis are all famous, copied, mass marketed and stale icons.
I don't want to be making status derivative art.
I have enough talent to gather my own creative influences.

Art brut Brut


Post #: 1782

The Age of the Outsider : AdBusters Magazine
Systematically Distorted Information
#51 Jan - Feb 2004

In times like these, artists often serve as mirrors of our culture, offering signposts in the search for meaning. But today?s high-profile artists don?t seem up to the task --

Instead of Picasso?s wrenching Guernica, we get Damien Hirst?s intricate gags: barnyard animals in formaldehyde! Instead of the complacency- bursting chaos of Pollock?s drip paintings, we?re given the majestic yet onanistic films of Matthew Barney ? never allowed to stand alone, of course, but packaged with flashy backstory about his modeling career (J.Crew), football glories (Yale) and rockstar bedmate (Bj?rk).

"Why" outsider art speaks so clearly to this time in history. Why is this art coming of age now?

Having seen such horror and lost so much... "perhaps" we?re witnessing a subtle shift toward a post-ironic age, where earnestness and personal honesty are ascendant and self-congratulatory cleverness is waning. Or maybe we long for creations that from the outset defy the machinations of commodity culture. In a world where advertisers conflate no-excuses thinking and boundaryless living with a new SUV or a pack of cigarettes, those who really do think outside the box offer us an authentic way out. Or perhaps it?s simply that in an era when ?normal? means a chronic case of cultural cognitive dissonance, we need voices that speak from a vantage point that?s less than sane.

If our minds are coming to resemble the world ? its anxiety, disjointedness and instability ? then these artists, attuned to the madness, are now our perfect guides.

These ?outsider? artists are driven by a singular impulse to create; unlike their contemporary art counterparts, their motivations have little to do with securing gallery representation, pulling in grants, selling work or paying off student loans on the obligatory MFA degree.

What they lack in training (MFA Degrees), outsiders make up in raw conviction and an unwillingness to stifle their inner voice.

- Paul Schmelzer,

Manga -N- Anime


Post #: 1800

I'm posting this again cause its damn good.

Animation & vocal artist, Antony and the Johnsons

Antony was featured in the 2004 Whitney Biennial; he collaborated with Charles Atlas to stage a 3 night series at Saint Ann's Warehouse in NYC called "TURNING."

Antony first presented his songs after-hours at the Pyramid Cocktail Lounge in NYC. After receiving a N.Y.F.A. fellowship for "performance art/emergent forms," Antony assembled the Johnsons and recorded his first album. Antony and the Johnsons have since performed at venues including the Bloomsbury theater, the Warhol Museum, the Wexner Center, Townhall, and Royce Hall. Recently, Antony has also performed solo at Carnegie Hall for Phillip Glass's Tibet House Benefit and with Hal WIllner at the Sydney Opera House.

Manga -N- Anime


Post #: 1801

correction to posted credits

Animation: theworldofadam - The World of Adam Shecter / Jerbear

vocal artists: Antony & the Johnsons(Mystery of Love &The Lake)



Post #: 1809

The Gay&AIDS panels listed on your video list are dated 1993 & 94. Its time for an update don't cha think ?

suggest: Robert Mapplethorpe, Vivienne Westwood, Andy Warhol,
Tom Of Finland Foundation, Laurence Jaugey-Paget, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, The Leslie-Lohman Gay Art Foundation,

Manga -N- Anime


Post #: 1866

MUSIQES: Cado et noix de coco ? Guillaume Joire - Dume

Panasonic CQ : POETRY MOVIES & FREESTYLE : Animation and sound work for the Panasonic CQ web site which features on the entertainment contents specifically designed for a small size display such as mobile phones and laptop computers.

Nice patchwork active design to sell music:

Gen- 5


Post #: 1874

regarding artist of the stature; Leonard Nimoy's Photography is at Bonni Benrubi Gallery 41 E 57th St. in Manhattan and his web page is
Billy Dee William's 'Abstract Reality'paintngs are at; and they've both acted in Sci-Fi movies.

Donald Wainwright


Post #: 1891

Do a discussion on "beloved animals". There are endless paintings of dog portraits, folk art calicos, watercolor horses, original oil cats, big eyed puppies, Pop-art, abstract color swirl and so on. You could fill your room with just the artists talking about themselves and how special their prescious seated subjects are. And there are many portraits of done departed family pet members.



Post #: 1892

suggest Alexi Worth interviews Philip Pearlstein.



Post #: 1897

"Pearlstein's principal point is that an artist's career is vulnerable to a critic's power."

Dealer's weal: Alexi Worth on "From Pop to Now"
ArtForum, Summer, 2002 by Alexi Worth

The insider's outsider event of the year.
By Alexi Worth Posted Thursday, April 3, 1997

...." paintings and drawings at DC Moore"

Adam Ribbs


Post #: 1900

Sara Kay can interview Kay Sera

Sara sells art.

Kay knows the art of selling
a good performance.

And...."Kay Sera's Zippy Bee Honey" ** Twenty percent of the net proceeds from his honey go to designated charities Doctors Without Borders and Heifer International.



Post #: 1987

Topic: Suggesting Panel Ideas: "Nazi Era Provenance"

"From 1933 thru the end of World War II in 1945, the Nazi regime orchestrated a program of theft, confiscation, coercive transfer, looting, pillage, and destruction of objects of art and other cultural property in Europe on a massive and unprecedented scale. Some confiscated objects were sold to fund Nazi activities, while others were retained for the private collections of high-ranking party officials."

"Following the war, tens of thousands of confiscated objects were recovered by the Allies and returned to their countries of origin. Nevertheless, some recovered objects never made it back to their original owners, and other objects were not recovered at all."

"Over the past decade, US museums have recognized that objects appropriated during the Nazi era without subsequent restitution?that is, with neither return of the object nor payment of compensation to the object?s original owner or legal successor?may have made their way into US museum collections in the decades since the war."

The Nazi-Era Provenance Internet Portal Project:
Quick Search, Advanced Search, Search Instructions
There are currently 15746 objects from 126 participating museums listed in the Portal:

Manga -N- Anime


Post #: 1995

Tutorials : ART

|| Drawing || Sculpting ||

|| General || Photoshop ||

|| General || 3ds Max || Lightwave || Maya || Rhino3d || ZBrush ||

How to get High off of 3d with the help of winAmp
How to get High off of 3d with the help of winAmp PDF
Maya 4.x UV Map tutorial for characters.
Maya 4.x Advanced UV Map tutorial
The Power Of Diffuse
What is Gmil for Lightwave 7.x

{( * _ * )}


Post #: 2060

art panel with Monsignor Eugene Clark of the Archdiocese of New York interviewing artists Chris Ofilie, photographer Andres Serrano ("Piss Christ"), and photographer Renee Cox ("Yo Mama's Last Supper")



Post #: 2070

With the rebirth of interest in "Life Drawing"
ATOA should honor the sincere teachers and hard nosed holdouts that kept going thru the lean years:

The On-Going Sketch Class . . Established 1969,
by Joseph Catuccio (the mole man & his stinky but loveable cats)

Minerva Durham, Director of Spring Street Studio in SOHO NYC

The Educational Alliance, Lower East Side, NYC

The Art Students League of NY



Post #: 2071

And suggest a panel to honor a real teacher's teacher.

Honor the memory of an amazing artist, teacher and human being: Jack Potter.

J. Apeel


Post #: 2073

Dia in Beacon, New York is presenting a gallery talk:
" Jan Avgikos on Agnes Martin (Minimalist Painter, 1912-2004)"
Date & Time: August 27, 2005, 1pm /

{( * _ * )}


Post #: 2082

real teachers

"How wonderful to be wise, to be able to analyze and interpret things. Wisdom lights up a person's face, softening its hardness." Ecclesiastes 8:1

Amel Hayaty
a.k.a. - Arousty -


Post #: 2102

"The Dahesh Museum Of Art Celebrates 10 Years In Manhattan"
by Shazia Khan

The Dahesh Museum celebrates 10 years of art by academically trained artists from the 19th and early 20th centuries. NY1's Shazia Khan paints a better picture of the museum's rich history in the following report.

?In the 1940s and 1950s people were pretty busy looking at high modernism like Jackson Pollack or Eve Klein, and they really weren't interested in someone who was painting a classical subject 100 years before,? says Dahesh Museum Director Peter Trippi.

However, Salim Moussa Achi,a Lebanese writer and philosopher who wrote under the pen name Dahesh, recognized the art's worth. During the mid-1900s he traveled through Europe, amassing a rich collection of 19th and early 20th century paintings, sculptures and drawings produced by artists trained in Europe's renowned art academies.

?The pictures were available for not much money, and they were in many cases being sold for their frames,? says Trippi. ?So he knew that, and he was able to buy very smartly at good prices. He was not a rich man by any means.?

Dahesh, which means "inspiring wonder" in Arabic, indeed inspired. He would display the art at his grand house in Beirut and would invite people to view the collection.

?He did rotate the collection to make it interesting, sort of like you do at a museum,? says Trippi. ?He wanted to create a public museum, but that never happened because the civil war broke out in the 1970s and things got very dangerous, and the collection was brought to the United States for safety.?

In 1995, 11 years after Dr. Dahesh's death, the Dahesh Museum of Art was established in Manhattan. ?The Dahesh Collection: Celebrating a Decade of Discovery? runs through September 22nd 2005. Info. @

Figgy Leeph


Post #: 2106

BOMB LIVE! :::Three consecutive Wednesdays:::
October 26th, November 2nd and November 9th 2005
A series of discussions between visual artists and writers.

Eric Fischl by A. M. Homes
Wednesday, October 26
7:00 - 8:00 pm

Dana Schutz by Mei Chin
Wednesday, November 2
7:00 - 8:00 pm

Lorenzo Pace by Patricia Spears
Wednesday, November 9
7:00 - 8:00 pm

Lectures are held @ New York Academy of Art's
Larry & Josie Wilkinson's Hall
111 Franklin Street, Tribeca, NYC
7:00 - 8:oo p.m.

The goal of the series is to expose students to a wide range of ideas and topics that will enrich the day-to-day academic discourse in the classroom and impact the contextual decisions shaping each student's studio practice and impress the shit out of their parents who are paying for the whole sha-bang.

Major Functions
a.k.a. wallflower, social deviance & accomplished artist


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And for fans of the Louis K. Meisel Gallery
specializing in Fine Contemporary Realist Art:

Cume Celebrate original Pin-up art!
In the style of Alberto Vargas...
The New York Academy of Art's own
The T & A ( teachers & admins)
"Take Home a Nude art auction"
at Phillips de Pury & Company

Check out the advert poster... Hubba-hubba...
That butt was made for bouncing.. only class-i-er!!
"Vargas Girls" for a new generation ! !
In January 2002, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales conferred his Patronage on the New York Academy of Art. This Royal Patronage is the first of its kind bestowed on a visual arts institution in the United States !! Usually the The New York Academy can only boast about a few poor Queens.



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I see you're back to the old piss an' vinegar style.



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Alexi Worth is pat of the discussion series at NY Academy on Sept 21

Miss Ionary Po Sition


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A.T.O.A. New York should do an exchange with a sister city.

ATOA should get away from stuffy Northern European influenced art and loosen up and explore the beauty of fluid Polynesian culture. The human figure in natural dance movement.

At "A Taste of Aloha" San Fran, Calif
The show is a Polyhesian Dance Review, which will visit
the islands of Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa, New Zealand & Tonga.

ATOA - Matahere, Eyes of Disire



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I suggest a panel on the West Indian American Day Carnival Parade. Many professional photographers have tried to capture the spirit over the years. The colors and textures of the costumes. A celebration thru the hand-sewn costumes designed and created over a period of weeks and some times months.

The history goes way back to the French, Spanish and British colony aristocracy that held big grand and lavish Playing Mascostume balls with feast and small street parades.
Slaves were not permitted to participate.
But after the abolishment of slavery, thousands of freed slaves celebrated by lampooning their former masters and mimicking the dress and behavior of the European people.

Now the "Labor Day Carnival Parade" has grown over the years from thousands of participants and tourists to over 3.5 million people in attendance. It has be come more boisterous and noisy while at the same time getting more colorful and spectacular with magnificent and huge elaborately designed costumes.

Eastern Parkway will show the pride of every Caribbean island on Monday.



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Artists are citizens if the world. They ask where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? Paul Gauguin's paintings were influenced by the tropical setting and colourful Polynesian culture. Artists like Andre Derain and Pablo Picasso were inspired by the bold abstract designs of tribal African masks. They used the African culture to refresh their tired styles of traditional European figure painting.

The visual language was re-born and it was good.



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Alexi Worth interviews Simon Dinnerstein

Simon Dinnerstein: Paintings And Drawings showcases the impressive and original work (1967-1999) of a significant contemporary American realist. Dinnerstein's style reflects a thoroughly modern eye for abstract design combined with social commentary. This 126-page compendium of his work features 81 color plates (including 3 gatefolds), and 20 black-and-white reproductions on permanent alkaline paper. book: Simon Dinnerstein (Paperback)
by Rudolf Arnheim

Of particular interest for the students and connoisseurs studying the man and his work are the brief, informative essays by Guy Davenport (The Art of Simon Dinnerstein); Miller Williams (Coming to Know Simon Dinnerstein: The Art and the Artist); John Russell (In Dinnerstein's Painting, an Echo Chamber); Robert L. McGrath To See and Be Seen: The Fulbright Triptych of Simon Dinnerstein); Rudolf Arnheim (Pictures of the Lasting World); and Edward J. Sullivan (The Urban View in the Art of Simon Dinnerstein.

Simon Dinnerstein's art reflects his affection for the Northern Renaissance, but also incorporates the modern elements of abstract design and social commentary. This text presents his work, which ranges from still lifes, portraits, landscapes and city views, to a series of nudes.

And... Simon Dinnerstein currently teaches at a private painting atelier located in Brooklyn, NY

a.k.a. AKA Mario Moreno Reyes


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You should do a panel on the life of Juan Santiago Les.
And maybe this famous Mr. Alexi Worth can do the interview.
You can call it the "Worth Les panel"
So my suggestion gives you Juan Les artist to think about.

a.k.a. Mighty Sparrow fan - old skool ya'll


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I saw huge costumes at yesterday's West Indian Day Parade that looked like Dorothy Gillespie designed them. A lot of lime green, orange, turquoise and gold.

Check out this web link an imagine if they were 10 foot tall with a human dancing along with wheels:



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Focus on the Figure 2005
A celebration of the Human Form

Edward Hopper House Art Center, Nyack, NY November 5th-27th

This exhibition has been held in the Galleries at the Boyhood home of the noted American Realist painter
Edward Hopper for over 20 years

This years award for excellence is $500.
For Prospectus/ application please email:

Eddie Alfaro


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the glass house gallery friday night art jam hangout has been going on every friday night since november 2004, bring your instruments, your paint and brushes. history in the making. the glass house gallery. 38 south 1st (bet. kent and wythe) williamsburg, brooklyn



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Philip Pearlstein
Exhibition Dates:
September 15 - October 22, 2005

Chelsea Art District
541 West 25th Street,

On September 15, 2005, the Betty Cuningham Gallery opened an exhibition of Philip Pearlstein's recent paintings.

The exhibition includes approximately fifteen paintings completed by Pearlstein within the last three years, ranging in size from 24 x 36 inches to 60 x 72 inches.

The exhibition is accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue
with an essay by art critic and painter, Alexi Worth.

Pearlstein has been exhibiting in New York since his first one-man show in 1955 at Tanager Gallery on East 10th Street.

He is the artist of his generation who understood, and briefly explored, the tenets of the Abstract Expressionists, but whose style and methods of expression led away from the abstract to a more concrete, initialized view of the world and the human body.



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I miss Hunter S.Thompson, the great gonzo deity. The sound and the fury ! ATOA should try a one-on-one with Arnold Schwarzenegger aka the steroidal cartoon and killer robot anime character aka "dream politician for the Time of the Rapture"
- VS -
Gary Indiana and his political rant(s) that seethes with paranoia.

Comrade Slowass Riga Mortus


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It's almost October.

What is the first ATOA panel of the fall 2005 season and
when is it?

Flash Light



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The first panel of the Fall season is Mark Stevens talking about the Pulitzer prize winning autobiography of de Kooning he co-authored.

That panel is on October 7th at 7 pm, and by-the-way it is mentioned on the current homepage, sorry you missed it there.

I am still waiting for the ATOA office to send me all the details of Fall calendar so I can post them online. Just for the record, I have been diligently trying to get the ATOA office to upgrade to at least 20th century technology so calendar information can appear online sooner. However, I currently still have to wait for the carrier pigeons to arrive, and the ATOA president has informed me that, unfortunately, her dog ate them.

Dr. Irwin Coryish Rammblings
a.k.a. Doppelganger


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REFER: " carrier pigeons to arrive"

note: carrier pigeons can be set off their course by strong tropical winds. Grounded during hurricanes or "bag of wind" art critics and prominent esoteric philosophers.

But carrier turtles (aquatic) stay their course !
Leatherback Turtles are the way to go.
Drawing (a beed)on Course 101: Delivery.

a.k.a. innoxious bystander


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REFER: "least 20th century technology so calendar information can appear online sooner. However, I currently still have to wait for the carrier pigeons to arrive, and the ATOA president has informed me that, unfortunately, her dog ate them."

Ate which ? Chewed the paper calendar copies - or - the actual Courier Pigeons ? A squabble with the squabs ?

Shouldn't this event be reported to PETA
(Perpetual Ego Tyrate of Artists) for not publisizing the events in a more timely fashion.

RE: "ATOA president has informed me that, unfortunately, her dog ate them.."

Yeah... and betcha the perky pooch had a quick briefing by White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan for that line of... But it could have been worse... the dog could have reverted the entire mailing to yellow journalism.

Stachy Botrys De Chartarum.
a.k.a. Intoxicated Bicoastal


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REFER: "The first panel of the Fall season is Mark Stevens talking about the Pulitzer prize winning autobiography of de Kooning he co-authored."

co-authored an AUTO - biography ??

Wow... was the info channelled by the little green spirit guide Miss Absinthe Trenet ?


Of all the painters in that group, de Kooning worked the longest and was the most prolific, creating powerful, startling images well into the 1980s.

The first major biography of de Kooning captures both the life and work of this complex, romantic figure in American culture. Ten years in the making, and based on previously unseen letters and documents as well as on hundreds of interviews, this is a fresh, richly detailed, and masterful portrait.

In the 1980s, as de Kooning slowly declined into what was almost certainly Alzheimer?s, he created a vast body of haunting and ethereal late work.

a.k.a. push-up bazooms fan


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The hell with the "Pulitzer prize".
Me likie the down-n-dirty reviews !! : "Gossipier than any tabloid, as scholarly as Vasari, luminously illustrated and illuminating as a lightning bolt, Stevens' and Swan's landmark biography is one of the most stunning art books I've seen in seven years of"

"It's a page-turning tale: raised by a mom who beat him with wooden shoes, de Kooning escaped Rotterdam as a stowaway on a freighter and found a second family in New York's rampageous art bohemia. He subsisted on ketchup and booze, and broke through around 1950 with dazzling abstract expressionist canvases inspired by what was in the air: cubism, surrealism, jazz, and film noir."

"de Kooning stubbornly defied purist abstraction with the startlingly quasi-figurative Woman paintings. Stevens and Swan artfully show how much went into these notorious works. De Kooning's Woman is "part vamp, part tramp," a Hollywood pinup girl with push-up bazooms, a dirty joke and a scary goddess based on a Mexican deity to whom hearts were sacrificed. She is also part Mom and part Elaine de Kooning, his artist/muse wife, and the numberless women he juggled."

"Now I finally get what essentially distinguished de Kooning from his rivalrous pals Gorky and Pollock, and more. I also know what de Kooning was like in bed (loud), how he managed to cheat on five steady lovers at a time(different doorbell codes), why he slept drunk in gutters even after he got rich, and how deeply he loved and how coldly he used women.":
--Tim Appelo, Editorial Reviews

To read for yourself - Link thru De Kooning /Stevens & Swan

To: De Kooning: An American Master by Mark Stevens,Annalyn Swan
Edition: Hardcover : Reviews, recommendations, and more:

Distinguished critics Stevens and Swan are indefatigable in their factual chronicling, vivid in their characterization of an immense cast of colorful characters, measured in their psychological interpretations, and sharp in their explications of the visions and politics that drove New York's striving art world from 1926, when the handsome young Dutchman arrived as a stowaway, to his death in 1997. Stevens and Swan tell wild stories about de Kooning's part in the much mythologized Cedar Tavern-anchored, abstract-art heyday, and they cover in painful detail his many affairs and complicated marriage to the vivacious, talented, and pragmatic Elaine.
From Booklist Donna Seaman / American Library Association.



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Refer: "measured in their psychological interpretations"

Oh boy! And what subjects will be rest of the OCT calendar cover?



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RE: gossipier than any tabloid, as scholarly as Vasari.

Well it sounds promising. Maybe not "artists talking on their art" but definiatly not dry academics talking on regurgitated history.

Maybe regurgitated ketchup and booze a La Romaine Jackson Pollock.

REGARDING:" raised by a mom who beat him with wooden shoes"

I have a pair of Candy Apple Red Fetish Stilettos I would be willing to loan SVA / ATOA for a reenactment to benefit the students on the mental anguish that propels certain artists.
It could be a useful demo... tool.

But then again... regarding the wooden shoes.. Once you've gone Dutch you can't always go back.

Ann Lydecker


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As of Today - here are the dates still available:

The following are the available dates for the upcoming flyer for winter and spring 2006.

January 27
February 3, 10, 17 and 24
March 3, 17, 24 and 31
April 7, 21, 28
May 5 and 12



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RE: " Also - Ed Adler had the idea of doing a panel on "Art and the Beat Generation" "

Correction not "had" ... has the idea... as in.. on-going.
Good basic art history (with Ed's flair) and always new to the next group of wet-behind-the ears freshmen.

" lectured at many universities and conducted numerous seminars and conferences on the Beat Generation, a subject in which he is generally considered an authority, having both been a beat in his early youth and continues to be one today, in his middle youth."

ATOA/ Date: 2004-01-23
Title: Art and the Beat Generation
Panelist: Dawn Ward, professor of art at University of Oklahoma, author of "The Abstract Expressionists of the Beat Generation"
URL to archive:

ATOA/ Date: 2000-10-13
Title: The Influence of Jack Kerouac and the Beat Generation on Contemporary Art and Society
URL to archive:



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RE: "Jonas Mekas and the independent 'art world' film"

At the moment,,,PBS is doing a two part broadcast....
of a A Martin Scorsese Picture (NOT film)...

The film is all the talk among the 55-70 yr old disgruntled hippies and PPS contributor$$$. Jonas Mekas is listed among the picture (film's) contributors.

See if Jonas Mekas can help bridge the ever widening generationS gap and make a bunch of wannbee film students happy.

Date: 2004-01-30
Title: Williamsburg Artists and Dealers
Panelist: Jonas Mekas, Head of Anthology Film and Video Archives
URL to archive:

Date: 1997-12-05
Title: Art, Performance & The Cinema
Panelist: Jonas Mekas
URL to archive:

Date: 2003-10-01
Title: Fall Season at ATOA
Description: Fall is upon us, and the ATOA calendar for the season is now online. Please take a look. We start with a screening of "Man Ray," by Hollywood director Mel Stuart. There are panels with artists such as Wolf Kahn, Larry Poons, and filmmaker Jonas Mekas. We've included art dealers such as Stefan Stux, Jim Kempner, and Molly Barnes. We expect you'll find at least a few panels of interest to you, and we hope you'll be able to attend if you mark those dates on your calendars now.
URL to archive:



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RE: "The new German curator of MoMA"

How about the "Themes in German Expressionist Prints"
Web Site: Artists of Br?cke: Themes in German Expressionist Prints. This site is the Museum?s first exhibition created exclusively for the web and showcases its unparalleled collection of German Expressionist prints and illustrated books. This web site presents over 110 prints arranged into thematic groupings to highlight the issues and motifs central to this seminal movement in the history of modern prints.

RE: "The Berlin phenomenon"

Which one ???? The American Association of Museums (AAM) has launched the Nazi-Era Provenance Internet Portal, a central registry of objects in U.S. museums that could have changed hands in Europe during the Nazi era, 1933-1945. The Web site,, is the first to centralize information about such objects in U.S. museums.

REFER: "Some 'star' ideas for programs in the next semester"

Stars & Semester... not Fall season.. Spring calendar season. Or gallery exhibtion season./

You have to ask yourself Who is the ATOA audience?
Who are you trying to reach?
Artists (mid-career) talking about art??

Or "Stars" wowing kids..



Post #: 2270

I like Ed Adler. He's well-versed on "The Beats" and he is very approachable before or after lectures.
Bill Viola and Nam June Paik can be classified as film artists or installation artists. Each has something special to say. Methods of media manipulation. Maybe Viola and Mekas together?

Louise Bourgeois has been a role model to many people I know. Yoko Ono too; but in a different way and not as broad a time period. "Bad Girls of Art" sounds dated and trite.
Wearable Art sounds commercial and gimicky and dated.

Grateful Dead Tie Dye Night ? Retro 60's counter-culture?
Not so heavy on the cute. I could see Wavy Gravy as anti-war dada hippie explaining the Vietnam protest posters. And sadly "The Draft" (retro-pending?). Or how about remebering Leon Golub's work ?

I guess interview John Chamberlain, Louise Bourgeois and Robert Indiana, Fred McDarrah, Mark di Suvero before they join Leon Golub. How many artist role models do you have under 70 ?



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How Ageist is this forum? I find the text on the SVA web page appropriate including the word "contemporary". It still fits well. And "Panel and dialogue subjects are as diverse as the art world itself."



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RE ATOA Jan 13, 2006 / Drawing from the Live Model
Participants: Will Barnet, b 1911

And add a few more long term figure painters like:
Harvey Dinnerstein, b 1928

Dinnerstein began his career by studying with the artist Moses Soyer, and was later a student at the Art Student's League of New York and the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia.

Utter J. Hogwash


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The upcoming flyer cupboard sounds wide open January 27 May 12, 2006

Try a survey of the BWAC, LI CITY, Skylight Gallery, Gowanaus, Artists Breakfast Circle (meeting this Thur morn @ Delphi Restaurant), and other established art audiences.
How bout a show of hands at your SVA venue this Friday ?
Hope the flyer PR mailing got out in time.

Shame ya hafta pole "Art blog-MANIACS"

Here are some sane-er artist sites. :
Abstract/Contemporary Art, Acrylics, Airbrush Art,
Animal & Wildlife Art, Art Business, Art History,
Art Schools/Students, Artist Marketplace, Cafe Guerbois,
Classical Art, Color Theory & Mixing, Colored Pencil,
Composition & Design, Computers/Technology, Critique Center,
Debates, Art & Society, etc., Decorative Arts, Digital Art,
Drawing & Sketching, Fantasy/Sci-Fi Art, The Figure,
Glass Art, Illustration, Inspirational Art, Landscapes,
Marine Art, Miniature Art, Mixed Media/Alt, Oil Painting,
Pastels, Pen & Ink, Photography, Plein Air, Portraiture,
Printmaking, Sculpture, Still Life, Studio Tips & Framing,
Teacher's Toolbox, Watercolors,
and.... Wearable Art !!!

965 registered users

dART Community / Here you can network with other art enthusiasts, dealers and artists.

ArtScuttlebutt Discussion Forum : Artists Talking to Artists, brought to you by ArtCalendar magazine:

Jahsonic, a testament to the value of serendipity.

Or..... check for Artists blogs on TRIPOD hosting service:
(but not ..... )

Crazy Purple Rubber Squeaky Octopus

A small selection of test prints taken by Benway's late grandfather back in the 1940s and '50s. These have been included as Benway has always admired his grandfather's skill and vision, and finds the pictures quite inspirational.

Mallory Gallery Artist's Diary

ArtDuJour a daily bowl of fresh creative juice.

V?lkommen ! art links / Swedish

At SKYJETT studios we have a moderated FORUM where aspiring artists, anime and cartoon arts fans and people who like to draw as a hobby are invited to put in their two cents on a post board.

Miss Polly Theists


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Hey gang.. here's an idea !
How about a mixed panel of artists.

David Kandel, renaissance quailty original woodcuts.

Flash Light, Neo-kinelic, Gizmodo-Gadgets and modern video installation.

Harvey Dinnerstein, painter of the human figure

Simon Dinnerstein, affection for the Northern Renaissance figure painting.

Then you can title the panel:
"Kandel, Light and Dinnersteins"

Except... Kandel, David (Strassburg, 1520 - 1592) is kinda a little older than the usual ATOA age bracket for panelist.
But then again.. so is the ancient g_d Lord Anubis.



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I have a serious sugestion for March 2006.
"Muse-Fuse" The flip side of Jan's "Drawing from the Live Model"

A panel from the model's point of view. Valuable collaboration explored 50/50 ! Less artistic ego and more giving credit and recognition to the artist's MUSE.
More than just another pretty face passing thru the studio.

Have a panel with contemporary artists like Alexi Worth and
his current male model (portrayed in nebbish sympathetic characterization).
Minerva Durham, Director Spring Street Studio and Human Anatomy art teacher. Minerva has had many, many models come thru Spring Street over the years like Arthur Aviles from the Arthur Aviles Typical Bronx Dance Theatre.
Or have artist and teachers like Burton Silverman, Harvey Dinnerstein, Joe Catuccio and their recent working model. Someone that does more than hold still but actually inspires the students toward capturing humanity.
The panel could cover the mystery of what makes good "chemistry" in a "working" artist/model relationship.
And examine why artists like Pearlstein choose to work so disassociated and abstracted from the nude female figure.

Explore the vulnerability of a standing nude.
Taboos and stereotypes...(aka Hollywood movie Titanic) "Bad Girls of Art ... whatever that means today".
Meerly "Paid by the hour" models or indispensable teacher's aids. Talented artist's models -vs- frustrated performance artists ?


opening Sunday Oct. 9th


Post #: 2285

Jerilyn Jurienk @ Spring Studio
Oct. 9 - thru Nov 2, 2005
exhibtion: "My Mother's Front Porch and Other Narratives"
paintings and drawings
Opening Reception Oct 9th. 6-8pm

Jerilyn Jurinek :
B.F.A. student at The Art Institute of Chicago 64-68
Early 1970's studied with Esteban Vincente.

Teaches drawing thru traditional figurative art at Masson Gross School of Arts at Rutgers Univer for theatrical design.

Also worked as a model for Philip Pearlstein / 9 years.
Posed for Raphael Soyer, Ropert De Niro Sr., Alfred Leslie, Selina Trieff, Lois Dodd, Robert Henry and posed at Spring Studio for 13 years.

Spring Street Studio
64 Spring Street
SoHo, Manhattan
New York, NY 10012

Gyana Ichha Kriya


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RE POSTING: 2005-09-25 by webmaster

RE: Fall calendar (paper form)..."carrier pigeons to arrive, and the ATOA president has informed me that, unfortunately, her dog ate them."

I reread this posting because the ATOA Fall Calendar still hasn't arrived. The first panel was yesterday and Monday is the Columbus Day Holiday.

RE: "dog ate them". This caused me to reflect...
I also remember the Kali Madonna II & III sculptures (8" x 10" mixed media) displayed on the ATOA summer pages. Sculpture by Lynne Mayocole
? 2005. Hmmm... I see the connection now. An artist that creates images of " Kali " the destructive and creative aspect of God must also influence those around her... even her energetic, watchful, determined, alert, fearless, loyal and obedient dog. Dog must be named Son of Sam-peck-n-paw.

"I look for the edge, using figurative sculpture to find it, and being there walk on it through imagery from the slightly twisted side of humanity," thus Lynne Mayocole describes her multi-media sculpture.

Shofar Shogood


Post #: 2290

Topic: Suggesting Panel Ideas

How about an ATOA program on the many contributions of Jewish culture to the artworld.
Many are NYC art teachers, control private charities, foundations, nonprofits that contribute to the arts and cultural education.

Mayor Bloomberg is a good example.

A panel to educate people on the significance of the culture that has spawned many great artists. (too many to mention here). Maybe even examine the significance of current (October 2005) Jewish High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

Hopefully becoming more sensitive to the over all culture like the fact Rosh Hashanah began at sundown October 03, 2005.

I was busy eating apricot, strawberry and chocolate rugelach Monday night. My cultural priorities are important.

a.k.a. Dermatofibromas


Post #: 2291

Take # 5. Leon Golub - by Lynn Mayocole to the next level. make it highly topical. And give it some balls.

Panel Title:" What Every Boy Should Know About The Draft"
The Art of Protest / making Protest Art.
panelists: Wavy Gravy, Lynn Mayocole and poet Robert Zimmerman.

Sample artwork images to be shown:
"Napalm 1" Leon Golub 1969
"Vietnam II" 1973 (wall-sized) (Brooklyn Museum of Art archive images)
"Moratorium" by Jasper Johns 1969
"Vietnam Scene" Duane Hanson 1969
"Vietnam!" Antonio Frasconi 1967
"Disasters of War" Francisco Goya
"Third of May 1808" Goya
"Guernica" Pablo Picasso 1937

Background information:a.k.a What our boys are fighting for!

New York Draft Riots (July 11-13, 1863)

One hundred years later: The Vietnam War or Second Indochina War : Small-scale opposition to the war began in 1964 on college campuses/ Staged public burning of a draft card in the United States.

Reinstatement of the draft 2006 ????
" What Every Boy Should Know About The Draft"
The Art of Protest / making Protest Art

The U.S. military is in a quagmire in Iraq /connect the dots

TV media, video games/ the routinization of violence. The banality of evil and the ways it is impressed on the public.



Post #: 2292

Sometimes you take the "Critical Dialog in the Visual Arts" a little too serious.

a.k.a. on behalf of Google users


Post #: 2295

Kenneth Snelson / ARTIST STATEMENT:
My art is concerned with nature in its primary aspect,
the patterns of physical forces in three dimensional space.

Hirshhorn Museum



Post #: 2296

Forum: Art Movements
Topic: Architecture / Architectural Designs

REFER: Posting by Rod Weaving 2005-09-14

Art & the nature of structures: Outdoor Works, Bamboo Works, Towers, QTVR / 360-degree images,Panoramas of Paris, Venice, Rome, Siena and Kyoto

figurative work


Post #: 2298

I attended a walking tour of The Met Museum of Art last Friday evening. It was given by art teacher Andy Reiss. He has a genuine passion for the subject of figurative painting and sketching. The crowd numbered about 30 students and I know the last time he gave a tour and allowed friends of students the number was closer to 90. I mention Andy because he would add a more current view of figurative art to next year's "Drawing from the Model" discussion.
There is a strong rebirth of interest in learning the craft of drawing from the living model and "walk in ateliers" are thriving.

Ann Lydecker
a.k.a. on behalf of Barnaby Ruhe


Post #: 2306

"Ruth Kligman, her New York art career" interviewed by Barnaby Ruhe, PhD.
Ruhe examines the abstract and the spiritual sides to Kligman's oeuvre. This controversial and incredibly charming woman has a wild intellect that must be savored. The muse to Pollock and later deKooning, she captivated them with her wit as well as her historic beauty. She does so now. Her art is a revelation. "

Luster Wax


Post #: 2310

Encaustic sounds like a honey of a panel.

a.k.a. on behalf of Miya Fantasy Tryst


Post #: 2311

The book review from the ATOA season opening "de Kooning" panel: "gossipier than any tabloid, as scholarly as Vasari."

Now artists talk moves between the sheets.. of canvas.
Not your parents dry academia.

RE: "Hardly anyone at the Cedar who heard that de Kooning had begun seeing Ruth Kligman could believe it. Or perhaps it was poetic injustice. Kligman was the sole survivor of the car crash that killed Pollock and Kligman?s friend Edith Metzger. In the eyes of most artists, she was the hot young thing who had swooped into the drunken Pollock?s deteriorating life, driving away the painter?s wife, Lee Krasner, and behaving with a va-va-voom flamboyance new to the art world."

DeKooning named a painting for Kligman ("Ruth's Zowie"), and she was the sole survivor of the car crash that killed Pollock.

Jackson Pollock Unauthorized Books /
The Story of Jack the Dripper

Love Affair: A Memoir of Jackson Pollock: by Ruth Kligman. Written by Pollock?s mistress/lover.

Something to have people slipping off their seats in excitement.



Post #: 2312

What was Jackson dripping ?



Post #: 2313

I prefer to hear an artist talking on their art more than tabloid exploitations. Like where did Kligman study painting ? Was she always interested in expressionist work? Minimalist abstractions ? Crayon & colored pencil Jungian line drawings ?

Besides - it takes two to Tango.



Post #: 2318

Pureist art views are great but it takes more than ART101 to get me away from my WiFi Hot Spot.

DKS fan


Post #: 2320

REF Topic: Suggesting Panel Ideas
REF Art Blogs and their blog-maniacs


BY NYC Neighborhood

New York City Art Openings Listing
Each card lists art openings happening in New York City

Quote" Seriously, everyone with a connection to the internet seems to be doing exhibition listings and round-ups - my inbox is overflowing with this information. What I've always tried to do on abLA is give you my picks of what I think would be interesting to see. I've also always said that the LA Weekly is probably the best place to get your calendar listing and I'm sticking to that...for now anyway. So, get your art hats on because I actually think there's a lot of good work to see this weekend in Los Angeles. Be prepared."

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Conscientious -
a weblog about photography, art, and life.

Quote: "I am a writer and one time scholar-in-training who suffered many years of obssessive research compulsion. I have worked as Latin American languages and literature professor, translator, editor, critic, actor, journalist, marketing communicator, technical writer and corporate training developer. I've covered many topics in my bouts of research (and in no particular order)"

"In a sense, this blog is a very public salon, or as I thought of it when I came up with the name, a very busy kitchen. Some of the most intense conversations about art, culture, sex, politics I have had, have happened in kitchens. To me kitchens are the original cultural centers."

Giornale Nuovo

The In-Flight Leader in Omni-Directional Intervention

Hello? exits and entrances (video blog)

"I Get My Show on the Road!"

Tokyo Art Beat (2004 - 2005)

Culturebot is founder, publisher and executive editor Andy Horwitz. Andy is a writer/performer/producer and general jack-of-all-trades artsy type living in NYC.

DKS fan


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ART, ART and more art.
Shows, Openings, Public Programs..Oct, Nov, Dec and beyond:

Quote from DKS web page:
" Now is the time to drop in the Magic Ball into the special Haunted Antique-Mystique DKS Premonatory Psychic Safe-Assumption Automated Clairvoyant Divination Hit Show Prognosticatitron. And around and round it goes, where it will stop, nobody knows....
Clink, clank, clunk, zip, whiz, plink, plank, plunk. Boing-Boing! Ding!

You're lucky numbers and events for tonight are: "

DKS Links to: ArtBlogs, Newspapers, Book Reviews, Arts Magazines and more.

Arts & Letters:


ART COLOGNE 2005 28 October - 1 November
Quote: "This year, everything's new at ART COLOGNE. That's because Germany's leading art fair is leaving the Rhineside Halls and moving into new halls on the Cologne exhibition grounds. That's probably the most fundamental change the world's oldest art fair has experienced since it was founded in 1967."



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RE Posting: 2005-10-14 Like where did Kligman study painting ?

Quite obviously she studied UNDER Pollock and UNDER DeKooning.
Sometimes her art would be mounted on a stretched frame. And I heard she really enjoys oil on canvas.



Post #: 2324

Regarding the subject of "Encaustic" art; Danny Simmons had a piece at the Fall 2005 "Gallery D3" show.
Danny Simmons is an artist, curator at the Corridor Gallery and involved with "Rush Philanthropic Arts" exposing a new generation of urban youth to the arts.
He's all around "hands-on" and he can bring a contemporary feel (aka modernity) to an ATOA panel.



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Posting: 2005-10-04 more programming ideas 2006
# 11. Harlem Based art - Public Art -

Instead of all uptown aka Schomburg Center for Research, artwork of Romare Bearden, Aaron Davis Hall, Jazz Studies @ Columbia, ect... Think Bed-Stuy, Clinton Hill, Society for the Preservation of Weeksville, BAM, or the Spike Lee Theater at LIU for film studies.
OR think contemporary artists with the earned title of simply Painter, Sculptor, Photographer.



Post #: 2328

Kuddos to brothers Russell, Danny and Joseph Simmons for founding Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation.

Russell Simmons and HBO have created a major TV outlet: Def Poetry Jam. Free expression of the spoken word using poetry, slams, and haiku.

Def Poetry Jam is very sophisticated and slowly revealing a new generation of WordSmith.

Also check out the ART of the spoken word at "THE MOTH".
I've watched it on TV and as it moves venues from The New York Player's Club to Joe's Pub or to Brooklyn's BAM Cafe.
Always interesting "Urban Storytelling".



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Wednesday, October 19, 2005 Meet at 7:00 pm

GUEST SPEAKER: Sina Najafi, editor-in-chief of Cabinet Magazine

Sina Najafi is the editor of "Letters from Mayhem," co-editor (with Sasha Archibald) of "Presidential Doodles" (Basic Books, fall 2006), and editorial director of "American Photographs" (Cabinet and Princeton Architecture Press, fall 2006). Najafi has also curated several exhibitions, including "Philosophical Toys" (Apex Art, summer 2005), "Odd Lots" Revisiting Gordon Matta-Clark's Fake Estates" (White Columns and Queens Museum of Art, fall 2005; in collaboration with Jeffrey Kastner and Frances Richard), and the traveling exhibition "The Paper Sculpture Show" (in collaboration with Matt Freedman and Mary Ceruti).

Cabinet is an award-winning quarterly magazine of art and culture that confounds expectations of what is typically meant by the words "art," "culture," and sometimes even "magazine." Like the 17th-century cabinet of curiosities to which its name alludes, Cabinet is as interested in the margins of culture as its center. Presenting wide-ranging, multi-disciplinary content in each issue through the varied formats of regular columns, essays, interviews, and special artist projects, Cabinet's hybrid sensibility merges the popular appeal of an arts periodical, the visually engaging style of a design magazine, and the in-depth exploration of a scholarly journal. Playful and serious, exuberant and committed, Cabinet's omnivorous appetite for understanding the world makes each of its issues a valuable sourcebook of ideas for a wide range of readers, from artists and designers to scientists and historians. In an age of increasing specialization, Cabinet looks to previous models of the well-rounded thinker to forge a new type of magazine for the intellectually curious reader of the future.

229 Leonard Street, Williamsburg, L Train to Lorimer Street, walk up Metropolitan Avenue (away from the Manhattan Skyline)

Muse Fuse was conceived to encourage the pooling of resources to create a professional support and networking association for emerging artists who, even in the art beehive of New York City, frequently struggle in relative solitude and isolation. Hosted by artist and NA Board of Directors member Karen Marston, Muse Fuse is envisioned as a creative salon where artists, curators and other arts professionals meet to exchange ideas and information, discussing everything from the philosophical to the practical.

About Muse Fuse's Studioforum:
Studioforum is a work in progress. Relative strangers critique work and artists rely on participants feedback, both positive and negative. Experience diversity of artistic strategies and relative experience. The essential quality of Studioforum will be a lively, civil, and straightforward response to the hosting artist?s work. It is hoped that overtly curatorial or careerist intent will be avoided-rather, the goal is informal- just artists talking shop.
Studioforum visit guidelines:



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Prisoners of Information by Carl Skelton

"Our urban civilization is witness to an ever-accelerating procession of generations of products, appliances, and gadgets, by comparison with which mankind appears to be a remarkably stable species. This term can arouse in various individuals of the present day feelings of the most contrary character."

a.k.a. UK


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Lecture: "Edvard Munch: Behind the Scream"

The ScreamLecture given by Sue Prideaux,
author of the first biography of Munch in English,
published last September 2005

Sue Prideaux, art historian and novelist, will examine the man behind the universal image and his formative psychological experiences.

Wednesday, 30 November @ 19:00

Royal Geographical Society
1 Kensington Gore
London SW7 2AR

Young-Chow Status Quo
a.k.a. son of jaded crystal dog


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This is a splendid idea !!

Firstly an authuor from across the pond will help make an inmpression on young students using the provincial concept of what's good for them.

Secondly it will aid in maintaining the consistanty of the "Authors on Art" series.

And Thirdly the anguished expressionist work can be found in any major poster shop ! A uniting symbol of the current political and economic and environmental climate.

Review @ Yale Press : "With unlimited access to tens of thousands of Munch?s papers, including his letters and diaries, Prideaux offers a portrait of the artist that is both intimate and moving."



Post #: 2456

Q&A panel idea for honest art talk and a palette providing communication with even richer color possibilities... is a conceptual study on race and color in America. consists of two questionnaires confronting the above issues.

They are Questionnaire A for white people
Questionnaire B for all people of color
If you share this interest I hope you will participate in what I believe to be a uniquely creative racial exchange.

Racial Questions and Answers has been designed as an eight-panel traveling exhibition. If you are interested in hosting this exhibition at your School or Institution please contact :



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Thats really awesome. With the wings of the time the sadness fly away and we will be equal in God's eyes.

Huey N. Riley
a.k.a. old skool


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Shout out to Young Jeezy's @ Def Jam Records. That dead artist Warhol would give respect to your SNOWMAN logo. I'm iced out,,, plus I got that snowman on my Miskeen "T". Artist Warhol understood the influences coming from the media with his Campbell Soup poster prints. I like the buzz. The pissed-off "V: shaped eyebrows.

Da Snowman is an emblem !

Check out BOONDOCKS:
Jesus was black
Ronald Reagan was a devel-opment of eating too much cheese.
and the USA Govt lied about 9-11

L.P. 12-track


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Yo! THE ARTIST currently known as : "Prince Lightning" is a rap-star for the British countryside !!!

Prince Lightning is a romantic phantom. He is the pop-cultural symbol of the true black soul man. A 3-dimensional being.

He reflects the romantic notion of black culture. And he represents the desire for an alternative position to mainstream OF cultural influences.
BUT at the same time, because he is sourced from the limited iconography of the mainstream, he remains a flawed and tragic construction.


Hal I. Burton
a.k.a. HAL 9000


Post #: 2505

President Bush is out-sourced from the limited iconography of the American consumerism mainstream. And he remains a flawed and tragic construction of a son to George Bush Senior.

a.k.a. Artists discuss Art


Post #: 2528

Is all art political?

Is the very nature of art itself political? Can there be art without politics? Does art have the potential to transform the world?

What is your opinion? SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS

A crucial part of Art:21's mission is to foster dialogue about America's contemporary artists, the art they make, and how art affects people in their everyday lives. The Art:21 discussion forums are designed for this purpose.

Each forum is monitored by our staff and responses are posted within several days of submission. Return to the discussion forums to see how others have responded to your thoughts. Art:21 reserves the right to post only those submissions which are deemed appropriate in content.

Other art21 discussions:
Does art have rules?
Should art be enjoyable?
Do you believe in history?

Larry Poons, Jr


Post #: 2532

RE: Other art21 discussions:
Does art have rules?

No, just the people selling it. They make plenty of stupid rules.

Should art be enjoyable?
Art should touch an emotion. Any emotion. If it touches nothing then it sez nothing.

Do you believe in history?
Yes,I believe in history,,, and I believe in tiny hairy pixies that crawl up my ass too.

Utter J. Hogwash


Post #: 2574

POSTING: 2005-11-08
REFER: "Art:21 reserves the right to post only those submissions which are deemed appropriate in content."

Art imitates life ! Rove, Dubya and Scooter all follow this online philosophy. These demagogues who promise so much and only appeal to fears know the black art of deception !
Limited "freedom of speech". It's opkay to say as long as we agree.



Post #: 2575

I don't have a problem with "deemed appropriate in content" as long as it keeps forums fom filling up with SPAMESQUE "seasonal gifts" or "jade art objects".



Post #: 2585

Friday Nov 18th

Jeremy Bentham Panopticon
a.k.a. Saltz in a wound fan


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Regarding "modernity" - check out the harsh words Jerry Saltz has for MOMA'S modernity.,saltz,69970,13.html:

QUOTE: "Yet the more I go to the new MOMA?and I've been there over 50 times since it reopened a year ago this week?the more I think this crown jewel is becoming a beautiful tomb. At MOMA the unruly juice of art history, the chaos, contradiction, radicality, and rebellion, are being bleached out. Instead, we're getting the taming of modernism?modernism as elevator music."

QUOTE "At MOMA everything has been civilized, neutralized, tidied up, and pruned to death. Even the giants are ill served. So far on the fourth and fifth floors there hasn't been a single Modigliani, Rouault, or Soutine, no Toulouse-Lautrec, Balthus, Hartley, or Alice Neel."

QUOTE: "MOMA has become a machine whose primary purpose is to impart an aura of respectability to objects that are inherently unorthodox and anti-authoritarian. It is engaged in a ruthless cleansing operation meant mainly to reinforce the canon."

QUOTE: "For an idea of how safe MOMA is playing it, compare it to Tate Modern, the Walker Art Center, L.A.'s MOCA, UCLA Hammer, Chicago's MCA, or even the Studio Museum in Harlem and Philadelphia's little ICA. All these institutions feel light-years ahead of MOMA when it comes to dynamism, vision, and nerve."

V.V. article November 11th, 2005 1:05
"One Year After: Is the Museum of Modern Art becoming a madman who thinks it is king?" by Jerry Saltz,saltz,69970,13.html

a.k.a. art blogger & maniac - but never dull


Post #: 2632

Suggesting a panel idea / taken from The Getty Center, LA :

"Erasing Boundaries Between Artists & Conservators"

"If questions of conservation are more your thing, check out this lecture at the Getty. Erasing Boundaries Between Artists and Conservators How does the interaction between artist and conservator affect creativity? At what point does a conservator cross the line and become a studio assistant? Drawing on her personal experiences with the Wyeth family of artists as well as various outdoor muralists, Joyce Hill Stoner, director of the Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation, examines the dilemmas facing a conservator working with living artists. Presented by the Getty Conservation Institute as part of its "Conservation Matters" lecture series."
Posted by Caryn on

Thursday, November 17 at 7pm
The Getty Center, Museum Lecture Hall
1200 Getty Center Drive

REFER BACK 9/30/05 Art Blogs and their blog-maniacs

abLA part of the Metroblogging FAMILY



Post #: 2667

We don't necessarily discriminate.

We simply exclude certain types of people.



Post #: 2687

Re: Suggesting Panel Ideas

I suggest a serious panel on drawing from the human figure and covering 500 years up to the rebirth and growth of the current ateliers. And mention the all nigth Pratt Drawathon.

Martha Stewart
a.k.a. x jail bird


Post #: 2695

At this holiday time there should be more of a celebration of children's art. For instance the personalized outlined drawing of a child's hand then used as the body of a Thanksgiving turkey figure. This classic symbol represents an outlet for modern folkart.

Gooble- Gooble !

Donald Wainwright


Post #: 2725

Do a panel on pet portraits.

America loves the little guys and gals !

Pets by Matt / Portland, Oregon

Pet Portraits by Betty / Wisc

Pets by Soyer / NYC

Pet Portraits by Sally Logue / UK



Post #: 2729

Pratt Institute : Art panel discussion :
?How to Get Into an Art Gallery,?
Thurs, December 1, from 6-8 p.m.

Moderated by Hoong Yee Lee Krakauer, exec dir of the Queens Council on the Arts. Panelists include June Kelly, dir of June Kelly Gallery in SoHo, Mikaela Sardo Lamarche, curator for ACA Galleries in Chelsea, Meridith McNeal, dir of education @ Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation;
Florence Neal, co-founder and dir of the Kentler International Drawing Space in Red Hook, B.E. Noel, owner and dir of Noel Gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Art panel organized by Pratt in collaboration with artist Danny Simmons, creator of the Def Poetry Jam, renowned painter, gallery owner, novelist, and vice president and co-founder of the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation.

a.k.a. ReNeGade - visual artist


Post #: 2735

Panel Discussion: Force of Nature: The Art and Activism of Frank Moore

Tuesday, December 6, 7 - 9pm
SVA Amphitheatre
209 East 23rd Street, 3rd floor

Visual AIDS and SVA, in partnership with the Gesso Foundation, present: Force of Nature: The Art and Activism of Frank Moore, a panel and conversation celebrating the late New York-based painter who was a pioneering advocate for individuals with HIV/AIDS, both in his own artwork and leadership role in Visual AIDS.

Scheduled to coincide with World AIDS Day Thurs, Dec. 1 .

The panel event will take place on Tuesday, December 6, at 7pm, at the School of Visual Arts's Ampitheater, NYC.

An internationally-recognized artist whose works are found in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, Frank Moore was also a longtime board member of Visual AIDS and a collaborating member of a group of artists who conceived and launched the [Red] Ribbon Project, which in 1991 created one of the most enduring symbols of AIDS awareness.

Moore's paintings - luminous scenes juxtaposing natural and human elements to explore social and environmental concerns - have been the subject of numerous gallery and museum exhibitions throughout the U.S.

The program at SVA brings together friends and contemporaries to celebrate Frank Moore's legacy as an artist, activist, public intellectual and patron of the arts.

Nick Debs will give a slide presentation of Moore's works, and designer and member of the original Artists' Caucus at Visual AIDS Marc Happel, along with artists Michael Combs, Mary Jo Vath and Tom Woodruff will participate in a panel discussion moderated by Amy Sadao, director of Visual AIDS.

Force of Nature: The Art and Activism of Frank Moore is a fund-raiser to benefit Visual AIDS's Frank Moore Archive Project.

Founded in 1988, Visual AIDS increases public awareness of the AIDS pandemic. Through the Frank Moore Archive Project, Visual AIDS historicizes the effects of AIDS on the art community and offers direct, professional services to artists living with HIV.

Panelists are:

Michael Combs, a sculptor who worked as Frank Moore's studio assistant.

Nick Debs, Director Emeritus of Visual AIDS and principal of Debs & Co.

Marc Happel, a designer who has created costumes for Kiki & Herb, among other theater and performance artists.

Mary Jo Vath, a painter and faculty member in the BFA Illustration and Cartooning Department at SVA.

Thomas Woodruff, a painter and illustrator, and Chair of SVA's BFA Illustration and Cartooning Department.

Suggested admision: $10; SVA students, free. All proceeds will be donated to Visual AIDS to benefit artists living with HIV.



Post #: 2795

SVA BFA and MFA Fine Arts Open Studios

Open Studios offers a sneak peak of works of art by some of the city's most adventurous young painters and sculptors, who show and sell their work in this twice-yearly event.

Gallery-hopping and holiday-shopping rolled into one!

MFA Fine Arts Department
141 West 21st Street, 8th and 9th floors

Friday, December 16, 12 - 8pm

Saturday, December 17, 12 - 6pm

Reception: Thursday, December 15, 5 - 9pm

BFA Fine Arts Department: Painting
141 West 21st Street, 4th and 6th floors
Thursday, December 15, 5 - 9pm

BFA Fine Arts Department: Sculpture
30 West 17th Street
December 10 and 11, 12 - 6pm
Reception: Monday, December 12, 5 - 9pm



Post #: 2796

Artists Talk On Art 30th Anniversary Celebration

A celebration of the highlights of 30 years
of Artists Talk on Art

$7 regular admission, $3 students and seniors, members free
Friday, January 28, 7pm

Visual Arts Amphitheater at 209 East 23 Street, 3rd floor

Flash Light



Post #: 2808

The entity who posted the 30th Anniversary notice appears to be stuck in a time warp. The reference is to January 28, 2005. This January will be in 2006.

____ Jr.


Post #: 2814

It looks like the SVA link is stuck as well.

J.A. Landoak


Post #: 2879

Here's a panel idea = ART: paths of beliefs and tolerance (Atheism during the Bush Admin)

World, stars, sun and the rest of our universe show existence of creative powers and thru the interpretations of art show its power to move the human heart.

Isaac Asimov, "On Religiosity", Free Inquiry magazine: "Although the time of death is approaching me, I am not afraid of dying and going to Hell or (what would be considerably worse) going to the popularized version of Heaven. I expect death to be nothingness and, for removing me from all possible fears of death, I am thankful to atheism."

H. Havelock Ellis: "And it is in his own image, let us remember, that Man creates God."

George H.W. Bush, as Presidential Nominee for the Republican party; 1987-AUG-27: "No, I don't know that Atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered as patriots. This is one nation under God." 1

Dan Barker, Author: "Losing Faith in Faith: "I have something to say to the religionist who feels atheists never say anything positive: You are an intelligent human being. Your life is valuable for its own sake. You are not second-class in the universe, deriving meaning and purpose from some other mind. You are not inherently evil -- you are inherently human, possessing the positive rational potential to help make this a world of morality, peace and joy. Trust yourself."



Post #: 2914

Artist Talks are held in the Art Students League's
215 West 57th Street New York, NY
second-floor gallery
Time: begin at 7 p.m.

January 24, 2006
Artist Talk: Bruce Dorfman
A League instructor since 1964, Bruce Dorfman has had 40 solo exhibitions and is currently represented by Kouros Gallery in New York. His work has been the subject of numerous reviews, periodicals and films. At the League, he studied with Arnold Blanch, Yasuo Kuniyoshi and Charles Alston.

February 14, 2006
Artist Talk: Hugo Bastidas
A League instructor, Hugo Bastidas has had one-man exhibitions at the Paul Robeson Gallery, Rutgers University; The Art Museum of the Americas; Nohra Haime Gallery (1994-2001) and the Courtney Gallery, Jersey City, N.J. Born in Ecuador, he received his B.F.A. from Rutgers University and his M.F.A. from Hunter College, City University of New York.

Jams N. Jellies


Post #: 3112

see previous thread post:
2005-03-26 Manga

Are you the next Molly Crabapple Girl ?

Molly Crabapple's watercolour & limited edition book, "Coffees of Many Lands"

Acrylic on Canvas - Dolly / Mannequin
MSPaint - Wishes to Come True / A Green ael_atg

Dae N. Knight


Post #: 3233

Topic: Suggesting Panel Ideas

Performance Artists 2006

Karaoke hostess Kay Sera @ Red Hooks's "Hope & Anchor" bar

The Great Fredini and Bambi present:


Carla and Keef Richards aka D. Puppet,

The Jenny Vaudeville Show every second Wednesday Pete's Candy Store / Wed. Jan. 11th 2006

____ Jr.
a.k.a. SVA skips lucky 13


Post #: 3251

RE: 2005-12-04 It looks like the SVA link is stuck as well.

I guess SVA has now jumped into the future.
There is NO lucky Friday the 13th panel listed


Spring 2006 semester
January 20, 27
February 3, 10, 17, 24
March 3, 17, 24, 31
April 7, 21, 28
May 5, 12

Maybe the panel should be renamed :
Drawing from the Live Model: When ? or Now ? Are we ready yet?

Hedda Hopper


Post #: 3254

Norma Desmond (aka Gloria Swanson) star of Sunset Boulevard returns

as "The Live Model"

in ATOA's first indie production:

"Friday The 13th"

The story of an aging former Life Model.. now merely a faded queen.

For one night only she sits among artists at a place of honor.. a panel discussion exploring their "day of art". Her face is a combination of BOTOX? , beeswax, and Talcum Powder corpse white. She stares.. not at the audience.. but thru them to another era.. long ago.

Joe Gillis (Barnaby Ruhe ) as an aging artist; but still 30 years her junior feels pity for this once "goddess" and allows her 15 minutes to speak on her lost fame.

Bill Rabinovitch plays the former director Max von Mayerling who desperately trys to preserve Miss Desmond's fragile illusions.



Post #: 3265

Typical media escapism. Hopefully, as you mature emotionally, or mentally or even spiritually, you will grow out of your present mode of thinking, and you will eventually come around to a reasonably healthy point of viewing the outside world.

Clare Waters
a.k.a. Blessed be


Post #: 3266

Refer back: as you mature emotionally, or mentally or even spiritually

One path to walk on Friday the 13th, under the full of the moon: Daughters of the Goddess presents...

Full Moon in Cancer

When: Jan. 13th. 2006
Where: Concord, California

Celebrate Carmenta

Event Details: Aloha Sisters,

We continue on our path of Goddess reverence and celebration. We will be participating in a ceremony to re-birth ourselves into the New Year. Please think about what you would like to re-birth in yourself in the next year. We will also honor the sacred number 13!

See you in ritual!

Celebrate Roman Goddess Carmenta
and the Full Moon in Cancer!
Friday, January 13th, 7:30 p.m.

---> - <---
JAN 14 2006
Full Moon
4:48 am

Bill Rabinovitch
a.k.a. Billie Wild-er


Post #: 3267

"Sunset Blvd"
Hi Hedda,
That's really awesomely amusing & witty -- transmogrifying things into "Sunset Blvd".
You may have forced the re-make!

Bill R(aka Billie Wild-er)

____ Jr.


Post #: 3273

transmogrifying things ?

trans mortifying things ?

I missed attending "The Live Model"

Friday The 13th

during the night of the full moon

because my mind was lost... in the dense erie fog

sketching ghostly silhouettes

of predestrians

that slowly faded in and out of view

like a memory

near the lonely side of the park

and my evening ended at 3am

with the lively display of lighting.

A series of natural events

not typical for January.

{ fade to black }



Post #: 3283

And Sunday morning is snow and wind. Yes after working in a closed environomnet I can see inspiration in the unstoppable weather.

"On a day no different than the one now dawning, Shakespeare sat down and started Hamlet, Leonardo stepped to an easel and made the first strokes of the Mona Lisa, and Beethoven took out a sketch book and began the Ninth Symphony."

--adapted from Robert Richardson, Emerson: The Mind on Fire

carpe diem
a.k.a. ; )


Post #: 3293



Kung Hai Fat Choy


Post #: 3304

Family Day - Lunar New Year

February 4th, 2006
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Location: Asia Society and Museum, 725 Park Avenue, New York

The Family Day Program Series offers fun for the whole family. Through a kaleidoscope of sights and sounds, take an afternoon journey across Asia. Encounter adventure at every corner. It could be Vietnamese dancers sharing stories, Japanese origami or an animated film from Iran. Learn about Lunar New Year on February 4.



Post #: 3305

Hey Jr. What was "with the lively display of lighting."
lighting what? A Film Noir dancing neon sign by the bar ? lively shimmy lighting displayed by the adult bookshop ? Or did you mean light-"N"-ing as in "Thunder & Lightning" - as in "impacts of global warming" and "climate change".

Details son.. I want details !

Well Hung Fat Boy


Post #: 3318

How about a panel on Asian culture by Asians.

China, Japan, Indian, Thailand, Vietnam, ect.

check out the pop stats and do the math >

U.S. POPClock Projection

According to the U.S. Bureau of the Census, the resident population of the United States, projected to 01/20/06 at 03:54 GMT (EST+5) is only

One birth every................... 8 seconds
One death every................... 12 seconds
One international migrant (net) every..31 seconds
Net gain of one person every....... 14 seconds

Total Population on the just Mainland of China is

Flash Light



Post #: 3319

On 2006-04-21 ATOA will present a panel titled,

Look for the ATOA Spring 2006 Calendar to go online this weekend (January 21-22) with more details.

a.k.a. lookie here


Post #: 3328

April 21, 2006 ATOA presents:


These distinguished specialists will discuss the burning issues and debates of Korean Contemporary Art. They will treat recent concerns in this field such as: is there a Korean sensibility? And if so, what drives it, and to what extent is it influenced by its context? How do Korean artists see themselves: Is Korean art re-nationalizing in the post-globalist climate?

Moderator: Dr. Thalia Vrachopoulos ("Korea in Review")

Participants: Dr. Robert C. Morgan, International Critic and Author

Iris Moon, Independent Curator

Dr. Rosemary O'neill, Associate Chair, Parsons School of Design

Dr. J. Y. Kim, Social Sciences, New School Social Research

a.k.a. lookie here's more


Post #: 3329

January 27, 2006 ATOA presents
Seven Contemporary Photographers from China

Seven contemporary Chinese photographers, most of whose work has never before been seen outside of China, are the focus of the dialog between critic and author, A. D. Coleman and ATOA board chairman, Doug Sheer. There will be a screening of selections from these photographers' projects: Chen Yuangzhong, Hua Er, Jia Yu Chuan, Li Nan, Yang Yan Kang, Yu Haibo, and Zhang Xinmin. They are mostly from south China, many of them based in the city of Shenzhen. Coleman encountered their work and met a number of them personally during two trips to China over the past six months. The subject matter of their projects includes the transvestite demimonde, rural Catholicism, matrilineal culture, prostitution, and the urban nightclub and music scene.

Moderator: Doug Sheer, ATOA chairman

A. D. Coleman, author and critic



Post #: 3336

Panel idea ? How about a panel on Children's book illustration. The pen and ink and watercolor we all grew up with. A child's first exposure to illustrated work like Dr. Seuss's "Green Eggs and Ham" or Maurice Sendak's dreamy " Where the Wild Things Are ".

the beloved classic "The Five Chinese Brothers" by Claire Huchet Bishop, with illustrator Kurt Wiese ... "ONCE upon a time there were Five Chinese Brothers and they all..."



Post #: 3346

Calling all Asian Artists

AIM (APEX-In-Motion), part of the non-profit Asian organization APEX that helps inner-city Asian youths, is hosting an evening to showcase the talents of emerging and established Asian artists. We are seeking artists who would like the opportunity to submit artwork for our first annual exhibition. All submissions will be reviewed by a judging panel and selected participants will be able to display and sell their creations. A portion of the proceeds will benefit our programs.

Artists interested please e-mail Hunie at for application materials.

The deadline for submissions is no later than Friday, February 10th, 2006.

Founded in 1992, Asian Professional Extension, Inc. (APEX) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the development of inner-city Asian American youth by providing them with adult role models, educational programs, social services and career guidance.

For more information on APEX please visit our website:

Kim Jong-il
a.k.a. preeminent iconographic pivotal guy


Post #: 3366

RE : is there a Korean sensibility? And if so, what drives it?

ME ! Kim Jong-il !! The center of my very own personality cult ! I am the honored great statesman,,, a "peerlessly great man" and all around swell guy !

Read more about me !

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the US Korean Grocery Supermarket owners - You have helped make Kimchi as American as apple pie !

Sir. Reel Styles


Post #: 3374

Under the subject film as an artform - or - sub-genre: Fantasy Film aka animation as a serious art form - TCM dedicated 4 Thursdays (Jan.) to the work of director Hayao Miyazaki.

On average Most "coming-of-age" films are told thru the eyes of boys and have become overly familiar. Hayao Miyazaki makes his protagonist female; but keeps the feelings and emotions displayed universal.


Profession: screenwriter, animator, director, executive, storyboard artist, editor, producer

TCM: "Long acknowledged as the preeminent animator and director in Japan, Hayao Miyazaki remained a cult figure to American devotees of "manga" (Japanese comic books) and "anime" (Japanese animated features) until the 1999 US release of his undisputed masterwork "Princess Mononoke" (1997)...."


Im Kwon-Taek, Jr.
a.k.a. Chihwaseon


Post #: 3376

Here's a plot for a film within a film.

Re: "Many of the stories about Kim Jong Il's eccentricities and decadent life-style are exaggerated, possibly circulated by South Korean intelligence to disredit the Northern regime. Kim Jong Il is a movie fanatic, and is said to hav a collection of over 20,000 films. In 1978, in order to advance the North Korean film industry, he ordered North Korean agents to abduct the famous South Korean movie director Shin Sang Ok and his ex-wife, actress Che Eun Hui, and kept them for eight years while making them produce propaganda films. During that time, the two became very well acquainted with Kim Jong Il, and after escaping in 1986, they wrote a book exposing his decadent lifestyle.

The concentration and maintenance of political power in the hands of one man over a period of decades defines the political system in North Korea. Kim Jong Il was born into this system and is in a sense a prisoner of it himself. He cannot reform the system without undermining his own legitimacy. The only rational option for him has been to uphold the system. Economic and political reforms would let loose a tidal wave of resentment against the police state, and would aggravate rather than improve the economic situation."




Post #: 3386

Korean sensibility?


I open up my heart to you.

Koreans feel that connectedness in life is more important and meaningful than the preservation of privacy.

a.k.a. good-bye Mr. Paik


Post #: 3387

World-famous Korean-born video artist Paik Nam-june, who first realized the potential for video as an artist's medium, died on Sunday (Jan. 29) night, his family announced.

He was 74 years old.

Born in Seoul in 1932, Paik was first a musician. Paik studied music history, art history and philosophy at the University of Tokyo, where he graduated with a dissertation on Arnold Schoenberg. He went to Germany in 1956 to continue the study of music history at the University of Munich.

Paik is also known as a member of the Fluxus movement _ a loosely related group of artistic rebels including Joseph Beuys, Yoko Ono and John Cage, who in the 1960s wanted to not only transform art, but also the definitions of music, dance, poetry and theater. Paik's "Tribute to John Cage" (1973) involved a stage-set presenting a chaotic jumble of sounds, video images and a chicken.

Park since the 1960s has become internationally renowned as a pioneer of video art. He is famous for his constructions with numerous TV sets that comment on the meaning of the medium and how we see the world through it. Work titles include "Video Buddha," (1976) "Real Fish/Live Fish" (1982) and many variations on odd-looking robots made of TVs, including one that may defecate.

"Art is just fraud. You just have to do something nobody else has done before," he famously declared during an interview with a Korean newspaper.

Si Reel Styles


Post #: 3389

Topic: Suggesting Panel Ideas
Instead of a Retrospective Panel Discussion on the life of
Paik Nam-june.... Have a performance piece dedication; to be held at the Salvation Army in the electronics corner.
Have them turn all the clunky Portable Tv's on to electronic snow and then everyone can comment; "how retro! -- Amazing how much better my LCD monior is !!"

Philip Peanoze


Post #: 3431

Jessica Hagedorn at:
The Graduate Center of The City University of New York

Monday, March 27, 2006
Time 5:30pm
Admission $10

Jessica Hagedorn is one of the premiere Filipina American writers.

Jessica Hagedorn is a novelist; poet; performance artist; author, Four Young Women, Gangster of Love and Dogeaters, which was nominated for the National Book Award; editor, Charlie Chan is Dead: An Anthology of Contemporary Asian American Fiction.

------------- / RE:" Also in 1975, along with Thulani Davis and Ntozake Shange, Hagedorn formed a band called the West Coast Gangster Choir, rechristened in 1978 in New York City as the Gangster Choir. Upon moving to the East Coast, she participated in New York?s Basement Workshop. Earlier experiments using dramatic sketches during the pauses between songs contributed to the development of her performance art. Following the production of several theatrical works and teleplays, in 1981 her Pet Food & Tropical Apparitions appeared, which featured sexually charged poems and in the title story took a hard but sympathetic look at the capacity of inner-city culture to evince simultaneously an incomparable vitality and a lurid self-destructiveness. Between 1988 and 1992, she participated in the performance/theater trio Thought Music.

#6825 - To register, call (212) 817-8215
or email

365 Fifth Avenue
between 34th and 35th Streets



Post #: 3435

exhibition : CHIMAERA

February 9 ~ March 9, 2006
Opening Reception 2/10 (Fri.) 6 ~ 8 pm

TENRI CULTURAL INSTITUTE and its exhibition director
Dr. Thalia Vrachopoulos
announce the exhibition Chimaera guest-curated by Jeff Koan Baysa. The chimaera is a mythological creature with the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a serpent; in medical parlance, it is an individual with a diverse genetic constitution. This exhibition is inclusive of artists with mixed cultural and ethnic backgrounds whose phenotypes celebrate hybrid vigor and whose artworks evince and celebrate diversity.

The artists themselves and their personae are as much part a of this exhibition as their paintings, photographs, and drawings. To foreground their art and backgrounds over their names, they are introduced inn this introduction only by their last and first initials and not in alphabetical order, but the gallery labels will fully identify the individual artists and their works




Post #: 3583

RE: "Ann: Dahesh Museum wants to come back w new topics "

A Dahesh topic would be why their style of Salon Art died out 100 years ago.

a.k.a. Studio Museum / March 15


Post #: 3586

Benefit auction of contemporary art
Wednesday, March 15, 2006

6:30 p.m. cocktails and silent auction

8:00 p.m. Live Auction

CHRISTIE'S, 20 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City
horizontal rule

The Studio Museum in Harlem and Thelma Golden
Director & Chief Curator

Auction Catalogue / index link:


Derrick Adams
Terry Adkins
Laylah Ali
Edgar Arceneaux
John Bankston
Dawoud Bey
Sanford Biggers
Mark Bradford
Michael Paul Britto
Iona Rozeal Brown
Louis Cameron
Zoл Charlton
Mike Cloud
William Cordova
Nzuji de Magalhaes
Xiomara De Oliver
Isaac Diggs
Stan Douglas
Leonardo Drew
Kianga Ford
Ellen Gallagher
Rico Gatson
Sam Gilliam
Deborah Grant
Rashawn Griffin
Adler Guerrier
David Hammons
Trent Doyle Hancock
Kira Lynn Harris
Lyle Ashton Harris
Barkley L. Hendricks
Leslie Hewitt
Wayne Hodge
David Huffman
Rashid Johnson
Vincent Johnson
Isaac Julien
Estate of Seydou Keita
Arnold Kemp
Glenn Ligon
Kalup Linzy
Kerry James Marshall
Dave McKenzie
Rodney McMillian
Julie Mehretu
Lester Merriweather
Adia Millett
Wangechi Mutu
Kori Newkirk
Odili Donald Odita
Chris Ofili
Senam Okudzeto
Demetrius Oliver
Karyn Olivier
Clifford Owens
Adam Pendleton
Lamar Peterson
Jefferson Pinder
Martin Puryear
Michael Queenland
Marc Andre Robinson
Nadine Robinson
Alison Saar
Jamel Shabazz
Yinka Shonibare
Gary Simmons
Xaviera Simmons
Lorna Simpson
Kwabena Slaughter
Shinique Amie Smith
Jeff Sonhouse
Henry Taylor
Hank Willis Thomas
Mickalene Thomas
William Villalongo
Roberto Visani
Kara Walker
Nari Ward
Carrie Mae Weems
Stanley Whitney
Jack Whitten
Kehinde O. Wiley
Fred Wilson
Paula Wilson

Melvin Lipshitz


Post #: 3592

regarding the history of soho.
the old postoffice is now a thriving apple center selling mac and web design info.

Squeezed out
a.k.a. Insomniac240


Post #: 3593

"And now...I'm glad I didn't know...The way it all would end...The way it all would go...Our lives are better left to chance...I could have missed the pain...But I'd of had to miss the dance." ~ Garth Brooks

Kut Da Shite
a.k.a. BigBucksToBeMade!!


Post #: 3612

Wake those SVA kids out of their slumber and teach them about the real world !!~ What's it's really all about : Art in 2006 !!

Jankay Art - Taking It Up A Level!

The emerging art market is the focus of Jankay Art.

It seeks and represents artists who have reached a level of professionalism that presents a fine work of art at a reasonable value to todays growing affluent society.

Jankay Art researches the market to stay on top of the art buyer's preferences and assists in matching artists to the market. They then provide the artist with top level presentation materials and expertise to place work in mutually beneficial locations for both the artist and the gallery operator.

Represented artists must meet its criteria for a marketable emerging artist. These artists are then presented to the gallery for their consideration apart from the artist themselves. This alleviates the difficulties of face to face artist/gallery presentations allowing honest and open discussion of the artist's compatibility with the gallery. And it provides to the gallery a pre-screened qualified creator and supplier of fine art for their treasured clients.

dawn melanie blais
a.k.a. fdsgfgdaregvd




Post #: 3615

hi people



Post #: 3616

Oh shit...
not another freakin robot.

Flash Light



Post #: 3624

If "dawn melanie blais" is a robot posting, I can't detect any Trojan SPAM, can anyone else?

Could be a decoy, or some SPAMMER who can't get past the filters just testing what will get posted.

The question for me is, Should I delete posts like that, or give them the benefit of the doubt? Could Dawn be a genuinely demented artist, or a genius on the cusp of a new art movement incomprehensible to me at the moment?

O.K. I doubt it, but I'll wait and see for the moment.

Richard Lewis Roth

painter, prog. comm.


Post #: 3671

I suppose this forum is the blog that was talked about at the programmers meeting. In that regard:

The image is too big so I have to scroll horizontally to read it.

I find it annoying to have the latest entries on bottom, especially when so many have accumulated.

Regarding the Goldberg interview, I asked why he didn't bring slides and he gave a half baked answer that I was too chicken to confront. Anyway at home I googled a site that had a lot of his images. I think he is an excellent artist, just a very inconsiderate panelist.

a.k.a. "Chutes & Ladders" fan


Post #: 3672

Regarding: "I find it annoying to have the latest entries on bottom, especially when so many have accumulated."

Yeah the web master already dealt with this suggestion a while ago.

If you go back and read the heading you'll see
the red highlighted " bottom " quick link

Forum: ATOA Panels
Topic: Suggesting Panel Ideas
The most recent posts are at the bottom of the page.

a.k.a. forum lurker


Post #: 3673

RE: " I suppose this forum is the blog that was talked about at the programmers meeting."

Hmm.. sounds disappointed.. even slightly condescending.

RE: :"The image is too big so I have to scroll horizontally to read it. I find it annoying to have the latest entries on bottom, especially when so many have accumulated."

Welcome ! Come on in the water's fine ! We're crumudgeon friendly.

RE: "Regarding the Goldberg interview, I asked why he didn't bring slides and he gave a half baked answer that I was too chicken to confront. Anyway at home I googled a site that had a lot of his images. I think he is an excellent artist, just a very inconsiderate panelist."

Now don't you feel better getting that your your chest ?

a.k.a. Me-Ow


Post #: 3674

I just went back to view a previous ATOA web page:

December 2nd, 2005
Word Art

And I just reread the description and loved the flat out statement in RED:
"Adam Pendleton didn't show up, and offered no excuse."

Word Art: art whose principal imagery is spelled out in words. A great variety of possibilities is realized by artists. Word art could fall into the categories of pop art, field painting, abstract composition, conceptual art, etc. In addition to work from Richard Lewis Roth, Nathaniel Mellors, Sheila Levrant de Bretteville, and Adam Pendleton, images from such well known artists as Lawrence Weiner, Kay Rosen, and Joseph Kosuth will be shown and discussed.

Moderator: Richard Lewis Roth, artist
Participants: Nathaniel Mellors, Internationally exhibited British artist
Sheila Levrant de Bretteville, public artist, director of studies in graphic design at the Yale School of Art
Adam Pendleton, conceptual artist
Organizer: Richard Lewis Roth, artist

Nathaniel Mellors was unable to appear. George Pendle presented Mellors' work.
Adam Pendleton didn't show up, and offered no excuse.



Post #: 3675

RE "Regarding the Goldberg interview"

Goldberg interview ????
Oh @#&rap !!!

You mean I missed RUBE GOLDBERG !!!

Does Prof. Irwin Corey know about this ???

Rube Goldberg has been part of shows presented at the Smithsonian Museum, the Williams College Museum of Art, and the new Tang Museum of Art at Skidmore College.


from accounting


Post #: 3676

Mr. Roth,

I just wanted to say hello and welcome you to the Artist Talk On Art blog/forum & Artist Resources Department.

I realize you've only been blogging for this orgainization only a few days and we haven't yet met, but - I do try to welcome all new bloggers.

Being an assistant blogger is an important cog in the machinery that is "our orgainization", and I'm hopeful we will both benefit from your witty observations and insightful comments. Obviously, as the CEO (Chief Ephemeral Orator) I am very busy and travel a good bit, but I do try to keep an open dialogue with all the other bloggers,
from the home office all the way down to baristas in our short lived threads.
If there is anything you need, do not hesitate to write.
My virtual portal is always open ! (Just don't IM after 2am)

Thnkz bob



Post #: 3678

REFER : way down to baristas in our short lived threads.
What? Did you mean the profession of barrister ?
Or a Hanging Judge like Insom ?

Sir Reel Styles


Post #: 3684

"The Rubin Museum of Art (RMA) is a cultural and educational institution dedicated to the art of the Himalayas.

Fridays: April 7th; April 14th; April 21st,& April 28th 2006

Time: 7:00-10:00 p.m.
� Free admission to selected galleries
� Artists on Art: Contemporary artists respond to Himalayan art with free, informal tours of the galleries. Presented together with ArtAsiaPacific Magazine.

and on the first floor ;
6:00 - till closing
� Full bar in the K2 Lounge; Happy Hour 6-7 p.m.
� Contemporary and Global Sounds spun by guest DJs.

150 West 17th Street
New York, NY 10011

Sir Reel Styles


Post #: 3685

"The Rubin Museum of Art (RMA) is a cultural and educational institution dedicated to the art of the Himalayas.

Fridays: April 7th; April 14th; April 21st,& April 28th 2006

Time: 7:00-10:00 p.m.
� Free admission to selected galleries
� Artists on Art: Contemporary artists respond to Himalayan art with free, informal tours of the galleries. Presented together with ArtAsiaPacific Magazine.

and on the first floor ;
6:00 - till closing
� Full bar in the K2 Lounge; Happy Hour 6-7 p.m.
� Contemporary and Global Sounds spun by guest DJs.

150 West 17th Street
New York, NY 10011

Sir Reel Styles


Post #: 3686

Hindu and Buddhist Vision in Indian and Southeast Asian Art

April 21, 2006
11:30 a.m.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
1000 Fifth Avenue. New York, New York 10028

This introduction to South and Southeast Asian art takes visitors through 18 chronologically arranged galleries featuring an extraordinary array of masterworks dating from 3000 B.C. to the mid-19th century A.D. The arts of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Tibet, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Myanmar are represented through archaeological finds, sculpture, painting, and decorative art.
Free with Museum admission

Bud Danknuggs
a.k.a. canonized as saint


Post #: 3689

Artists talking about their art via the comfort of their laptop - MYSPACE.COM. Meet people from your area in the country and keep in touch. Site includes blog,forums, email, groups, games and events.

World Artist Network:
Group URL:

Graffiti Artists:

Detroit Artists:

Les Galeries de Marquis Gothique ~Dark Art

Killer Art !!!!:

Chicago Artists:

Underground Starving Artists;



The Crafts Group / Hobbies & Crafts;

stencilers anonymous;

creative mug / GOOFY faces;


Mosaics - Hobbies & Crafts;

Portland Photography;


Home Haunters Halloween;

Macrame Lovers;

damus art domain;



Post #: 3690

Topic: Suggesting Panel Ideas'

How to Drink Absinthe
storage issues
care and feeding of your very own Green Fairy

and... Absinthe's role thru out art history !

Absinthe was the drink of choice among artist and writers in the mid to late19th century. It inspired poets and appeared in works by Pablo Picasso (left) and Vincent Van Gogh (right). It was drank by the scandalous playwright Oscar Wilde, the eccentric Toulouse-Lautrec, the poets Charles Baudelaire and Edgar Allen Poe, and the famous 20th century author Ernest Hemingway, just to mention a few.

Ann Lydecker

Update on scheduling panels/ audience for SVA


Post #: 3768

Subject: Re: amphitheater 'black out' dates in the fall

ATOA should be booked in room 502 for the following Fridays: October 27
and November 10.
The Friday, October 20 session must be canceled due to the scheduling
of the Humanities Conference and the undergraduate Open House.

a.k.a. 'black out' dates and lost weekends


Post #: 3769

RE: The Friday, October 20 session must be canceled due to the scheduling of the Humanities Conference .. 'black out' dates in the fall

Hot-Hot-Hot news !

Gee... only 6 months notice !

And to all you World Wide Web artists out there looking to "CC" someone in the New York art world that just might be useful to your art career.. check;
and then add the exact title for e-mail contact list.

So easy a brain sturgeon could fish it out.

Flash Light



Post #: 3781

G.W. Wormwood,

Apparently you are unaware of how far in advance the ATOA panels must be planned. Perhaps you have nothing better to do with your Friday nights than rant on our BBS, but our panelists typically have busy schedules. For four or five people with busy schedules to find a Friday night when they are all free requires planning months in advance.

In addition, the panelist's schedules must be coordinated with the SVA schedule of dates when the venue, which they so generously provide ATOA, is available. Hence it is necessary to inform everyone involved in the planning process well in advance which dates are "blacked out."

As to any "World Wide Web artists out there looking to 'CC' someone in the New York art world," this thread was started to allow you to suggest your ideas to the ATOA Programming Committee.

Furthermore, any artist willing to work on a panel idea and see it through the programming process is welcome to join the Programming Committee. Contact to explain your panel idea, why you believe the panelists you have in mind will be willing to participate, and why you believe your panel will be able to attract an audience in the New York art world.



Post #: 3785

re - Apparently you are unaware -

Yes - most of the time.

re - Perhaps you have nothing better to do with your Friday nights than rant on our BBS.

I beg to differ.. I rant on several.

re - Hence it is necessary to inform everyone involved in the planning process well in advance which dates are "blacked out."

or moved to smaller rooms in shorter notice.

point for point.. it's best I drop it here.

Visual Arts


Post #: 3789

Art Therapy in Prisons

Art therapist Kathleen Shargo discusses the art therapy program she developed for the East Jersey State Prison and Northern State Prison in Newark, New Jersey.

She will present several in-depth case studies of her work and will speak about mental health problems typically found in prison settings, such as adjustment to incarceration, suicidal ideation and sociopathic behavior.

Wednesday, May 3, 6:30 - 8:30pm
132 West 21st Street, 3rd floor
Free and open to the public.

Visual Arts


Post #: 3791

Book Signing and Discussion with Jeffrey Metzner

SVA has partnered with Barnes & Noble to host a book signing and discussion with SVA faculty member Jeffrey Metzner on his new book Stick:Great Moments in Art History, Film and More...

Wednesday, May 24, 7pm
Chelsea Barnes & Noble
675 Sixth Avenue

Free and open to the public.

more info @



Post #: 3795

si, si senora.
the A.L. posting from 4/28 looks modified.

Phil Treacher Collins


Post #: 3848

The 95th Annual CAA Conference
will be held in New York City
February 14?17, 2007

Listing more than 120 sessions, the 2007 Call for Participation describes many of next year?s panels and presentations at the next CAA Annual Conference.

The CAA?s Annual Conference is the preeminent national forum for the visual arts, bringing together scholars, visual artists, critics, museum curators, art educators, and arts administrators from the United States and abroad. Providing an arena for intellectual, esthetic, and professional exchange and learning of the highest order, the Annual Conference is integral to CAA?s mission of excellence in scholarship, freedom of expression, and inclusiveness.

a.k.a. ???artstar??


Post #: 4093

Deitch Projects - the gallery of uber-art-scenester Jeffrey Deitch - has launched ARTSTAR, a reality TV show based on the lives and practises of contemporary artists.

ARTSTAR is the first-ever unscripted television series set in the New York art world.

Artist Zackary Drucker is a 2005 graduate of SVA?s BFA Photography Department.

And Barbara Pollack (Artstar judge) is an instructor in SVA's Art History Department. news

Artstar?s episodes run Thur nights at 9pm, thru July on Gallery HD.

Shimatta Baka-Ni
a.k.a. D'oh


Post #: 4117

Topic: Suggesting Panel Ideas

Something with towering intellectuality and heavily nerve-worn with consciousness.

example topics;

Do you hope to get anywhere by just marrying a rich collector ?

Schizophrenic painters and why the colors have chosen them.

Names eavesdropped at the loo in Chelsea.

Trading down - art work that sucks - aka collateral damage - or unintentional investment by trust fund babies.

As an artist - Berating myself for not being the successful office worker my parents really wanted.

Why have the Artists Breakfast Circle meeting have jumped to
10 bucks a head !! OR - What's the formula for converting inches to centimeters?

f. lanpost


Post #: 4160


Los Angeles
New York

Phillips de Pury & Company


Das Haus der Kulturen der Welt

The Approach is proud to present Flutter, a group exhibition curated by the artist Michael Raedecker. Thru 6th August

Dal 1991 ? attiva Viafarini, associazione non-profit per la promozione della ricerca artistica contemporanea, che gestisce uno spazio espositivo e un centro di documentazione.

Le Plateau

Artforum International

MTV Wannabe


Post #: 4189

The Real World... with real dialogue

Posted on CRAIGSLIST: Did Your Art School Adequately Prepare You for the Real World ?

When you were an Art/Design School undergrad, did your superiors prepare you for the professional world? In college, most of us were pushed to do what was best as a forward-thinking creative, but upon entering the real world, it was realized that things were not as idealistic. Many put in long hours for bad pay and end up with jobs where they are able to "create" only a quarter of the time. Errand running, mindless assignments, phone answering, constant emailing...these are just a few of the tasks that await grads at their cubicles.

Please, if you would like, share your story. What was your first job like? What was your second job like? Did it take you long to adjust to what the "real world" had in store? More students need to know what awaits them on the other side of their diploma. Good and Bad, the more that can be compiled, the better those getting ready to enter the creative environment will be able to problem solve and get ahead.

Tell a story about your first job or any other professional blunder or success. It is optional to be anonymous or not. Please, if you choose to be anonymous, include your first name only and your age. Unfortunately, there is no compensation offered for your writings, but they will be used in preparation for new coursework on Students Entering the REAL Real World. If you choose to leave your name, you will be credited.

As posted on Craigs List
Date: 2006-07-10, 8:57PM EDT
Reply to:

a.k.a. seeking "a provocative evening"


Post #: 4308

Figure Drawing !

From Rubens to Redhook !

Ateliers of the 21st century

Panel to embrace a living art form:

Artist; Michael Alan's DRAW-A-THON: an alternative art event where figure drawing is re-cast by adding narrative, theatrical and musical components to create context and energy in a public space where artists can meet and form a community while making art.

Model; Aviva Stone, La Grande Dame & long pose queen
workeed at numerous TOP ART schools in the New York Area.

Minerva Durham, artist and director of Spring Drawing Studio & Crosby Painting Studio

Ed Foster, model coord, New York Academy of Art

And drom SVA - one of many noted faculty members & fine artists
RE - Anatomy: Getting Under Your Skin
RE - Basic Figure Drawing
RE - Drawing at the Met aka rendering figurative sculptures



Post #: 4321

Great idea !!! but make sure people understand your posting was only "Suggesting Panel Ideas". I will also mention the current Art Students League faculty members Sharon Sprung & Costa Vavagiakis. Both are represented in the current SI show in DC. My favorite piece from that show is "Portrait #83 (second portrait of Alex Katz.)" by Brenda Zlamany ( won the People's Choice Award) All great art ! Great images !
I have posted the web page information below;

Since the beginning of time, artists have expressed their thoughts, feelings, hopes, and ideals by depicting something we all possess?the human form. Cavemen did it. Rembrandt did it. Andy Warhol did it. Now the Smithsonian?s National Portrait Gallery is inviting artists all over America to do it. Smithsonian Institution / The Portrait Competition:

a.k.a. Sept 9


Post #: 4326

See craigslist posting 2006-07-27

Volunteers needed for ART project!


"I Love Wal-Mart and Wal-Mart Loves Me" in the 2006 Art Parade
Date: Saturday, September 9th
Time: 1:00pm until around 6:00pm
Where: West Broadway, NYC

Artist Bob Snead is looking for volunteers to participate in an upcoming project called "I Love Wal-Mart and Wal-Mart Loves Me." As part of the Deitch Projects Art Parade in New York City on Saturday September 9th, it will consist of a very militant group of 100 volunteer protesters dressed as Wal-Mart greeters professing their love for Wal-Mart, with chants like "I heart Wal-Mart" or "Sam's Choice is my Choice".

For images of last year's Art Parade
or details on this year's Art Paradekr

Who the hell is Bob Snead?

A - R - T
a.k.a. FringeNYC


Post #: 4346


In celebration of FringeNYC's 10th Anniversary, Evoca?, official podcasting partner of FringeNYC, invites everyone to easily create, organize, share, and search their FringeNYC stories!

Opening Ceremony : NOON - 1:00pm
FringeFAIR : Friday, August 11th NOON - 4pm
Washington Square Park / Holley Plaza

The diverse and innovative dynamic of the festival occurs thanks to the stellar energy and enthusiasm the FringeNYC community brings! Let's kick off our festival the right way by celebrating the unity and beauty that is US with music, FringeART Speed Painting, and an invocation of the muses. Bring your postcards. Bring a show poster/banner. Bring a big puppet. Bring the kids. Bring whatever you need to say
"I am here! I am FringeNYC"!



Post #: 4349

Suggest a panel on the reopened Smithsonian American Art Museum & National Portrait Gallery also known as the Donald W. Reynolds Center for American Art and Portraiture.

What is Art .... ?


Post #: 4352

What is Art .... ?

.... What is an Artist ?

An exhibition exploring the perception of ART
and the identity of the ARTIST
through HISTORY



Post #: 4386

seeking a provocative evening ? there is an unavoidable delay. smoke em if you got em !

# : )
a.k.a. ?Subculture of one?


Post #: 4438

seeking "a provocative evening" ? Or waiting for an anatomy lesson..

Read the New York Times artcile that mentions
Minerva Durham teaching "Learning to Draw the Figure" / 2006 / 08 / 18 / arts / design

RE:"Life Lessons: A Beginner?s Guide to Walk-In Art Classes"


RE: "What I needed was art school, and luckily the city is full of them. Fearing the commitment of a semester-long course, I sought art classes available as single sessions, often referred to as ?walk-in ateliers.? "

models of creativity:

Salmagundi Art Club
47 Fifth Avenue, at 12th Street, Greenwich Village

Spring Studio, SoHo (Minerva Durham,Dir.)
64 Spring Street, SoHo

The Pastel Society of America
@ The National Arts Club /Gramercy Park
15 Gramercy Park South, at 20th Street,NYC

Chelsea Sketch Group
136 West 24th Street, NYC

Project of Living Artists
aka Joseph Catuccio and his classic cats
30 Bushwick Avenue, at Devoue Street, Brooklyn

Cheeky Little Monkey
a.k.a. seeking "a provocative ART afternoon"


Post #: 4439

September 09, 2006

Deitch Projects, Creative Time and Paper Magazine are pleased to announce the second annual Art Parade.

The parade will take place
on Saturday September 9, at 4PM, on West Broadway, NYC.

Following the success of last year?s inaugural event, artists, performers and designers are being invited to create floats, placards, portable sculptures, kites, performances and street spectacles. In addition to invited artists there will also be an open call for parade projects.

Potential participants are asked to submit their proposals

West Broadway, Soho - New York City

Marta W. Kalikamata


Post #: 4508

Fine Arts Lecture Series:

In describing his work Marcaccio says;
? I call this kind of work "Multiple-Site Paintants".

Many of the images I use are taken from THE INTERNET.

In one sense, it's as though one were to capture material that flows through the Intenet, and to "petrify" it at a certain moment in relation to a space and an architecture.

This painting is meant to create a passage between the real architectural and virtual worlds. I am interested in the concept of that which we call "site", especially in the sense of place. "Surfing" in the case of this painting can be taken literally, in that one views the work while strolling by. In this case, I placed the work in a semi-enclosed area, as if it were part of both the exterior and the interior of the building. One can walk by it from one side or the other.?

Open To: All

Fine Arts Lecture Series
65 Fifth Ave. Swayduck Auditorium 102
Wed, Nov 15
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Ticket Price: Free to all / events /

Major Biological


Post #: 4631

Panel using the teme of "communicating science through art".

David George DeLancey

Art Economics History


Post #: 4712

9-22-2006 SUGGESTING PANAL IDEAS, Multiple same Painting's 12:06 A.m.est

David George DeLancey
a.k.a. SUGGESTING PANAL IDEAS Replying to Art^isT

Art Economics History


Post #: 4713

...1:20A.M. ? asked is all art politicl dated 2005-11-08 replying [ Art can be Political Though as art came before Polotics it holds a firm ground ] {and representing Polotics my Representation starts, with it by getting larger in sence at a economy basis let's 1600's or even 1700's is better , a term political was used and the meaning i got was to pol it i cal polit ical it's Represent an Enlargement of Nature with-in it's self, (And yes art does have rule's - from the begining and and to the end of it's Process) Expressing nothing just overides your ability before leaving expression-Meaning Enjoyable} / History is before and after or future - Meaning to Believe \ These questions were asked again on 2005-11-08 and my first observation was the Post after Hal9000 about Pres Bush , i was just curriuos if it' was in refrence i guess the word nature was at grasp,but realy i was just answering question's,1:39.A.M.and i think being a President can be an artistic value in one's life maybe



Post #: 4714

Lord Anibus ,
Lord Anibus ,
Lord Anibus ,,,,
be merciful oh wise and anicent one
end our suffering

John Peecock


Post #: 4794

No great artist ever sees things as they really are.
If he did,,,, he would cease to be an artist.

- (Oscar Wilde)

Dudley I'm 4 two day !!!


Post #: 4810


I just made an art movement !



Post #: 4830

chalk one up for a damn good artist !

B. Eardred Klam


Post #: 4866

Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art.
Opens March 23, 2007.

The feminist installation Judy Chicago?s
"The Dinner Party" is part of a gift to the Brooklyn Museum by The Elizabeth A. Sackler Foundation.

B. Eardred Klam


Post #: 4996

Topic: Suggesting Panel Ideas - women photographers:

Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer's Life, 1990?2005, an exhibition of more than 200 photographs, debuts at the Brooklyn Museum, where it will be on view thru January 21, 2007.

Portraits of public figures include the pregnant Demi Moore, Nelson Mandela in Soweto, George W. Bush with members of his Cabinet at the White House, William S. Burroughs in Kansas, and Agnes Martin in Taos.

The assignment work also includes searing reportage from the siege of Sarajevo in the early 1990s and a series of landscapes taken in the American West and in the Jordanian desert.



Post #: 4997

How bout an artist talking on ART ?

Check out "The Brooklyn Museum"'s:
"An Interview with Annie Leibovitz"

Listen thru Podcast

Annie Leibovitz @ The Brooklyn Museum
Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer's Life, 1990?2005
photo exhibition thru January 21, 2007

Ali G. Indahouse
a.k.a. modernity creeps in


Post #: 5022

Topic: Suggesting panel Ideas to create a lively critical dialog in the Visual Arts of film studies.

A talk with Borat Sagdiyev; the fourth most famous person in Kazakhstan !

Borat Sagdiyev is a Kazakh reporter who was born in 1972 in Kusek, Kazakhstan. Borat has a great admiration for Joseph Stalin, whom he describes as being both "strong" and "powerful". He believes politicians should be like him and have large "khram". Borat has a pet pig, Igor, which he claims to love, although he and his family did eat it, including the eyes. He has had many jobs ranging from ice maker to animal sperm retriever. He also claims to have previously worked as a Gypsy catcher, boasting that he can "hit a gypsy with a rock from fifteen meters away if chained ? ten if not".

Belle Vue Esscapee


Post #: 5031

TOPIC:Suggesting Panel Ideas

This one is worth ATOA re-doing as it's own.
It's a subject so close to the heart & minds of creative people

RE: "The Role of the Creative-Arts Therapies in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Psychological Trauma"

Presented by SVA / Thursday, Nov. 30, 2006
6:30 - 8:30pm

David Read Johnson, PhD, RDT-BCT, the director at the Institute for the Arts in Psychotherapy, New York,

Dr. Johnson will lecture on how creative-arts therapies contribute to the diagnosis and treatment of psychological trauma.

Dr. Johnson will describe major elements of trauma, its treatments and examine why creative-arts therapies may be a treatment of choice.

132 West 21 Street, 3rd floor
FREE ADMISSION but Attendees must RSVP.

Polly Glott


Post #: 5032

" He who makes a beast of himself...
gets rid of the pain of being a man."

- Dr. Johnson

" We are inclined to believe those whom we do not know, because they have never deceived us."

- Dr. Johnson

" Life is a progress from want to want, not from enjoyment to enjoyment."

- Dr. Johnson

R. U. Down
a.k.a. whats.going.on


Post #: 5064





Check out the media reviews:

?A rare chance to draw models staged in some unusual theatrical poses.?
-Village Voice

?The Draw-a-thon fulfills a need I have to engage in
bizarre and completely absurd situations?
-Sabrina Frank art model

"Go to the Draw-A-Thon"
-NBC The Today Show

"The models pose in scenes of liveliness and connection, and well, romance that was always absent."

Miss Jams N. Jellies
a.k.a. professional tassel whirler


Post #: 5106

Hail to Dr Sketchy's Anti Art School !

NEWS FLASH 11/10/06 !!

Dr Sketchy's has gone from New York treasure to international phenomenon!

Dr. Sketchy's opened it's doors in Raleigh, NC,
and Aukland, New Zealand !!!

NEWS FLASH Friday, December 8, 7pm

Bluestocking Book Signing and Mini Dr. Sketchy's

Molly Crabapple reads from her new book, Dr. Sketchy's Official Rainy Day Colouring Book, and hosts a mini-Dr. Sketchy's drawing session, with lovely Amber Ray modelling

Bluestockings Bookstore
172 Allen St, NYC
Free admits !



Post #: 5269

Topic: Suggesting Panel Ideas

Something classic .. yet with a spicey twist !

How bout "Not your mother's art class"
with a panel of professional artists models from SVA own classes including the colorful & legendary Miss Dirty Martini !

Sartrean Eggsizstenchalism
a.k.a. Subculture of one


Post #: 5315

Topic: Suggesting Panel Ideas

What is Phenomenology?

Phenomenology is commonly understood in either of two ways: as a disciplinary field in philosophy, or as a movement in the history of philosophy.

The discipline of phenomenology may be defined initially as the study of structures of experience, or consciousness.

Literally, phenomenology is the study of "phenomena": appearances of things, or things as they appear in our experience, or the ways we experience things, thus the meanings things have in our experience. Phenomenology studies conscious experience as experienced from the subjective or first person point of view. This field of philosophy is then to be distinguished from, and related to, the other main fields of philosophy: ontology (the study of being or what is), epistemology (the study of knowledge), logic (the study of valid reasoning), ethics (the study of right and wrong action), etc.

Library of Congress Catalog Data: ISSN 1095-5054
Copyright ? 2006 by The Metaphysics Research Lab
Center for the Study of Language and Information, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305


"The Lived Experience Of Making A Life Drawing; Drawing Amy"

Textorium: phenomenological research paper by Brooks, Margaret

RE: When a model sits for you for six to eighteen hours there is a tension that does not exist in other drawings.

There is a commitment to the model and her effort.

The time is set and framed. The model as subject is chosen, yet I have not chosen the subject of the drawing.

There is the expectation that I will draw, and draw well.

There is the expectation of an outcome, the finished drawing.

These expectations, I have learned, can create blocks that can paralyze the creative process...."

RE: " When I talk to fine art students about trying to understand drawing through a phenomenological process some draw back protectively. Some are hostile. Some are suspicious. Why do I want to know? What am I going to do with the information? They feel I will reveal too much. They don't want me to uncover their secrets. They guard the intimacy of the artist?s sanctuary as one would their virginity. They want to keep the mystique of making art as some do religion. Are they afraid that if everyone knows, then it will be available to everyone? If it is available to everyone then will it have less value?"

Java Kode
a.k.a. Lest We Forget...


Post #: 5565


MoCADA's current exhibition:

The Middle Passage: White Ships, Black Cargo by Tom Feelings

On view until February 4th, 2007

MoCADA is located at 80 Hanson Place
(corner of S. Portland Avenue)
Brooklyn, New York 11217

And - The Creative Outlet Dance Theatre of Brooklyn will recreate their critically acclaimed masterpiece, REMEMBERING. An unforgettable evening paying tribute to our ancestors.

Friday, January 19th, 2007
7:30pm Opening Night Performance
Saturday, January 20 th, 2007
7:30pm Final Performance

Both performances will be held at the Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts Brooklyn Campus Long Island University; Flatbush & DeKalb Ave.

Tickets are $30 for adults
and $25 for MoCADA Members,Senior Citizens, & Students with ID

Mark History of the United States of America. Eraser
a.k.a. united states



Post #: 5567

History of the United States of America.

Mark History of the United States of Ame

Eraser Head


Post #: 5582

History of the United States of America
as sudo-fascist.

Colonial Domination of P.R. & Virgin Islands.

Killing native Americans with small-pox laced blankets

Allowing the CIA to install puppet dictators to take power.

Kurt Vonnegut
a.k.a. former rep of : Dewey, Cheetham, and Howe


Post #: 5956

ATOA is THE longest running aesthetic discussion series in the history of art ! And after twenty-nine years of artist panels and dialogs, Artists Talk On Art, had moved its grand series to the hallowed halls if The School of Visual Arts.

Let me describe SVA... it is a two-story amphitheater with mucho padded seats and has a state-of-the-art audiovisual system. It seats up to 185 people and 20 androids and maybe 3 Wookies at best....

"How ?"... you may ask... has ATOA lasted over 30 years and yet remained vibrant, interesting and energetic ?... damn if I ....

Dedication! Dedication! Dedication!

And those delightful litle padded rooms where we harvest the panelists who broke free from the padded seats!
(naughty panelists !)

Once again, let me thank our bored advisory staff, interns and volunteers as we approach this next Fall season.
And to all the young male art majors... you'd better pray Bush doesn't open a window and let a deadly cold draft in.

Toe Tal Moore-Wron


Post #: 5982

Topic: Suggesting Panel Ideas

How about Living Art !

The Mermaid Parade's 25th Anniver

The variuos sketch groups, Draw-a-thons, performance venues ?

aka modernity sneaking up.. and passing you

# : )


Post #: 6103



October 5, 12, 26
November 2, 9, 16, 30
December 7

January 18, 25
February 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
March 14, 28
April 4, 11, 18, 25
May 2

Friday evenings: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Location : SVA 209 East 23 Street, NYC

Black Velvetopia
a.k.a. ; )


Post #: 6106

Who in AMERICA doesn't love the Elvis on Velvet paintings ?

Next to that New York elitist artist Andy Warhol -
Elvis paintings on Velvet are probably the best known art.

And cut mirrors painted with Elvis as subject matter grace many a home along side pictures of Jesus.

With this country having so many wounds to heal -
a discussion on ELVIS art hosted by A.T.O.A would gladly aknowledge the overwhelming taste of AMERICAN art.
The grass roots of the true American heart.

Look beyond Grant Wood's American Gothic or Norman Rockwell 's home spun family values.





Post #: 6168

The New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting & Sculpture hosts 2 weekly evening lectures @ their New York Studio School during the regular school semester.

On Tuesdays, established and emerging artists lecture on their own work or on issues in art about which they feel particularly passionate. Art critics, historians or philosophers present pertinent and sometimes controversial subjects in art history and art criticism on Wednesdays.

The Evening Lecture Series, although designed for students, has become a major resource for the vibrant art community of New York City. The Lecture Series provides a forum for discussion of issues in art, referring frequently to contemporary exhibitions in museums and galleries. Public access to the series broadens the scope of the evening's discourse.

Some of the renowned artists, critics and historians who have participated in this series over the years include:

W.H. Auden, Leland Bell, Louise Bourgeois, John Cage, Mark di Suvero, John Elderfield, Morton Feldman, Louis Finkelstein, Jack Flam, Andrew Forge, R. Buckminster Fuller, Lawrence Gowing, Clement Greenberg, Philip Guston, Thomas B. Hess, John Hollander, Willem de Kooning, Hilton Kramer, Lee Krasner, Stanley Kunitz, Brice Marden, Joan Mitchell, Theodore Reff, Harold Rosenberg, Robert Rosenblum, Susan Rothenberg, Margit Rowell, Meyer Schapiro, Leo Steinberg, Frank Stella and Edgard Varese.

8 West 8th Street, New York, NY 10011

Insomniac 240
a.k.a. DaBawlBusta Isssback

man of many talents


Post #: 6434

Jeeezzzzussss Krissmasss..

How long has it been since I harassed Bohemian,
jabbed at Larry Poons Jr. or had I.B. deGenerate (senior gadfly & toggle switch master) insert words resembling a sanity-check.

I believe I saw both Barnaby Ruhe, Arnold Wechsler & Tamara Bower around Westbeth. Jacqueline Rada at The Art Students League... and Mr. Bill Rabinovitch running around a Soho atelier with video camera in hand.

DaBawlBusta Isssback
a.k.a. Insomniac 240

reformed MischiefMaker


Post #: 6435

Okay... I admit I was a bawlbustta in the past...
but things are different now...
No really...
I turned over a new rock..

Yeah right, the one I crawled out from under...
but I digress...

Seriously... I'm trying to do a good deed here..

I'm a big fan of a UK film maker named
Marcus Robinson.
He has created several "British Heritage"
time-lapse films for the BBC

( Doug should approve of that, right ? )

And I admire that Robinson can express
a wide range of emotions from childlike playfulness,
to an ageless sense of time passing..
and ( God help me...)
some very touchingly romantic imagery

There I said it !

Actually the Wellington "arch at dusk" sequence
is my personal favorite.

Only a 32 second clip - but a very inspiraltional and dreamlike piece


So back to "Topic: Suggesting Panel Ideas"

Marcus Robinson is currently has a film
work-in-progress on the re-building at
the World Trade Center site.

He has used imagery as a non-verbal narrative
with highly artistic sensibilities.

It was screened in 2007 at The LMCC downtown Dinner
and maybe someone at ATOA could fit him in
( 14 minute film ) during a program on...
"Healing" , or during a WTC memorial program,
or changing face of downtown NYC.

search artist Marcus Robinson photography UK
documentarian Marcus Robinson independent filmmaker
photography Marcus Robinson We are Bankside UK
LMCC Marcus Robinson time-lapse photography

Flash Light



Post #: 6436

Welcome back Insomniac!

I follow Tamara on FaceBook, so I know she's been sketching for an archeological expedition in Egypt, therefore your sighting of her in Westbeth was either an illusion, or else she's finally mastered ancient Egyptian sorcery.

As to your suggestion about Marcus Robinson, I'll bring that up at the next ATOA Programming Meeting, whenever Lynne Mayocole finally sets the meeting date.

DaBawlBusta Isssback
a.k.a. Insomniac 240

fan of Marcus Robinson


Post #: 6437

more background on Marcus Robinson:

MARCUS ROBINSON is a leading photographer/film-maker of urban transformation.

See: Directors - Marcus Robinson

See: BOOK / Black Dog Publishing:
Eye, The Story Behind The London Eye
Marcus Robinson Photographer

Sweeping one of the world's most famous skylines at 135 metres in height, the London Eye is the largest observational wheel in the world, and provides a spectacular 30 minute 'flight' over the capital. But if it had not been for the vision, commitment and sheer persistence of David Marks and Julia Barfield, the husband and wife team of architects behind the project, the London Eye might never have been built.

Against the backdrop of New Labour's pre-millennium Britain, prominent public figures attacked and defended the project, there were unprecedented design and construction problems to overcome, and Marks and Barfield had to fight every inch of the way to maintain the integrity of their vision.

This seminal moment in British architecture is celebrated through the dazzling photography of Marcus Robinson, insightful writing by "The Guardian" journalist Steve Rose, and the clean and modern design of Neville Brody's Research Studios.
Wall Street Journal
MAY 1, 2010

WTC's Fast Forward


Among those happy to see the recent pact on the World Trade Center redevelopment was Marcus Robinson, a film maker who is chronicling the rise of the huge project using time-lapse photography.

Mr. Robinson has staked seven cameras surrounding the site, which will keep shooting until the massive redeveopment is finished years from now. His film will include sequences showing it rising from the ground in a matter of seconds.

During the years of fighting between developer Larry Silverstein and the site owner Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, there wasn't much progress to record. But that should change in the wake of the financing deal reached between the two sides.

"It's very exciting to see the steel rising from the ground," says Mr. Robinson, best known for his film on the Millennium Wheel in London. "It's like a healing process."

- Peter Grant at peter.grant


Marcus Robinson; Demolition, construction and cityscape time-lapse film: architecture UK heritage cinema mise en scene stills. mrobinson castlesUK Marcus Robinson photographer Marcus Robinson time lapse film-maker
London Eye photography Marcus Robinson urban transformation
LMCC cultural program Marcus Robinson Documentarian Marcus Robinson UK photographer film-maker Marcus Robinson time-lapse LMCC Documentarian Marcus Robinson photography
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council program Marcus Robinson

DaBawlBusta Isssback
a.k.a. Insomniac 240


Post #: 6438

I guess neither one of us believes in sleeping.

Unless... we're both posting from the UK... or somewhere like that....

Flash Light



Post #: 6447

Insomniac, I presented your idea, but Doug wasn't persuaded. Instead he's in favor of a video about Jay Milder's life story which will be presented by the video maker and Jay. Doug says that's more on target for our audience of artists, who are mostly painters.

The next programming meeting is June 15 in case you want to attend.

DaBawlBusta Isssback
a.k.a. Insomniac 240

madman extraordinaire


Post #: 6449

RE: "Doug says that's more on target for our audience of artists, who are mostly painters."

Okay.... so maybe the web page should be updated?

RE: ATOA's Critical Discussions in the Visual Arts

add: (sculptors, filmmakers, performance artist need not apply)

Athena Tacha: "Public to Private" (April 29, 2010)
Since 1970, Tacha has done environmental sculpture and conceptual/photographic art, and has executed over 40 large commissions for public sites throughout the U.S.

"Between the Social and the Public: Dialogic Action in Third-Space" (April 22, 2010)
Our intention in this panel is to highlight this "middle space," to reclaim and articulate it through a growing discursive awareness, and through artistic disturbances and interferences in space.

Arthur Danto in dialog with the lovely Vernita N?Cognita
(April 15, 2010)
"Philosopher", "author", and former art critic for The Nation, Arthur Danto has been a major shaper of recent "aesthetic theory" ( applied ONLY to painting !!). Some say he is best known for a contemporary version of Hegel's "end of art" thesis, first enunciated by Danto in a 1984 essay called "The End of Art". Danto has written more than a dozen books on PAINTING !!!! and painter's philosophy on subjects as diverse as Nietzsche's paintings and Warhol
non-silk screened PAINTINGS.

and lets not forget these other famous painters:

Christo and Jeanne-Claude (December 3, 2004)

Artist and digital art pioneer, John Fischer (Nov.21,2003)

JUDY PFAFF, acclaimed installation artist (Nov. 1994)

CAROLEE SCHNEEMANN, performance artist,
controversial erotic performer ( 1994)

PAINTER, A. D. COLEMAN, (& part-time photography critic )
with DOUG SHEER, arts administrator, a founder and Chairman, ATOA. 12/16/94

"Clay Made" Description: Ceramics is looked at now as more than a craft, discussion will focus on the work of three contemporary New York artists who work in clay and as a result are working to find a means to self expression and thereby expanding the boundaries of what constitutes the character of their PAINTINGS !!!( 2009-01-30)
DENNIS OPPENHEIM, artist, pioneer of earth works and body art,with MAX HUTCHINSON, art dealer of PAINITINGS. (3/10/95)

URSULA VON RYDINGSVARD, sculptor of monumental wooden sculptures made with a chain saw,with
NANCY PRINCENTHAL, art writer for many publications,
and author of PAINITING your Spirit and Form in Sculpture. (3/8/96)

SHERMAN DREXLER, seasoned sculptor,
with MOLLY BARNES, art dealer, author, talk host
(and she PAINTED her bathroom ceiling to qualify)(5/14/99).

Sooo.. Are you telling me ATOA has dumbed-down
to a select targeted market aka audience income strategy ?

RE: "Doug says that's more on target for our audience of artists, who are mostly painters."

Okay... Welcome to the New PAINTERS TALK ON PAINT !

a.k.a. mad dogs and English women...


Post #: 6450

Topic: Suggesting Panel Ideas

As many artists as possible should go down to the

BP oil disaster and scoop-up some petroleum to both

recycle and protest the overwhelming mess down there.

Oil paint made from real oil. Black tar gull sculptures

made with real dead birds ( why waste them !)

Then ship all the final art pieces to London to be put

on display in Trafalgar Square.

DaBawlBusta Isssback


Post #: 6451

RE : "video maker"

video... maker...

Wow...are we talking Beta-format video recorders ?

I think now-a-days.. the kids might use terms like...

Independent Filmmaker, documentarian, Documentary Film,

Documentary Filmmaker...

Getta Miya Jolliesoff
a.k.a. having a... cultural affair !


Post #: 6453

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey will pave the way for a crucial step in the development of a performing-arts center at Ground Zero on Tuesday, when its board members vote on a package of contracts that would allow for the construction of the center's structural foundation, according to city officials briefed on the matter and the authority's public agenda.

The package, which includes an agreement for the center's common infrastructure costs, such as an electrical system, is valued at $44.02 million, according to city officials.

The funding is expected to come out of $50 million released for the arts center by the Lower Manhattan Development Corp. earlier this year.

The Wall Street Journal / NY CULTURE
JUNE 22, 2010
WSJ : "Ground Zero Art Vote Set
Board Considers Culture Center Plans"

chat hay ko

painter plus


Post #: 6458

Suggesting panel idea;

The world has been in the process of its globalization. Today with the exception of a few, most societies are gladly embracing this rapid change, enabled partly by our technological advancements.

It is not too difficult to see that artists of a given society have always played a significant role in discovering, developing and maintaining its cultural characteristic through time. But Contemporary Art posts an interesting dichotomy to artists, cultural critics and the like, especially those of the Far, and Near East. It is because Contemporary Art is so much a product of the Western culture and its historical development, namely the USA and European countries. Today any art that does not resemble its looks and fashions would be classified as a lesser art. Even though they co-exist at the same contemporary time, they would not share the same prestige. These are folk art, indigenous art, Chinese art, and etc. Therefore in our Globalizing Age, art is still not just art. Art is made of all different kinds of sub-art, whereas Contemporary Art of the Western concept remains the most important in the world art platform. Is that right and just at the time now when our understanding of art is so much more sophisticated, and the Western dominance is giving way to the emerging new world powers?

What is the role of artists today in face of these challenges? Is the cultural characteristic of people groups not important anymore? Should artists accept the current Contemporary Art trend and join the band wagon? Or should artists re-examine and transform art of our contemporary world into something better representing all its global inhabitant? In the end, we, as people of the world, will all melt into the same pot and our art will melt just the same. Instead of melting into the pot of Contemporary Art as of today, we ought to create a better stage where the cultural characteristics of all people are fairly represented, in which people can equally share and dialogue.

Insomniac 240 A. FanOf-Artist-MarcusRobinson


Post #: 6782

Saatchi & Saatchi New York has asked Artist Marcus Robinson to participate at their " 7 X 7 "creative ideas panel the evening of May_12_2011.
Artist Marcus Robinson has been painting & filming (Time Lapse) the on-going re-construction at The World Trade Center, New York City for several years now.

May 12, 2011 / 7:00pm
Saatchi NY Location: 375 Hudson St, New York
(7X7) As both an artist and documentarian Marcus Robinson will be presenting a 7 minute talk at Saatchi & Saatchi?s reflecting his artistic view of the current REBUILDING activity at The World Trade Center Site.
~ Saatchi's 7?7 ? a creative ideas show featuring seven experts from seven fields presenting for seven minutes.
~ It?s fast. It?s insightful.

Insomniac 240 A. FanOf-Artist-MarcusRobinson


Post #: 6783

Visually Documenting...
The slow healing process at The World Trade Center.

From Artist Marcus Robinson's WTC Blog:
Rise of Freedom: Seeing Sept. 11 Through Children?s Eyes
From Fox NEWS:
At the new World Trade Center, progress is steady. Tower 1 is 62 stories. Many of the name plates lining the memorial?s fountains are installed and covered in preparation for September's opening. As the city goes by, work goes on.

Read more:

The slow healing process in our country's heart...


Insomniac 240 FanOf-Artist-MarcusRobinson


Post #: 6785

Refer: :Doug says that's more on target for our audience of artists, who are mostly painters."

Rebuilding - paintings by artist Marcus Robinson
created on-site at the Ground Zero re-construction site,
World Trade Center, New York City
Marcus Robinson will also be presenting at Saatchi & Saatchi?s 7?7 ? a creative ideas show featuring seven experts from seven fields presenting for seven minutes.

Saatchi?s 7?7 ~ 7:00pm pm on May 12, 2011
375 Hudson St, New York City, USA

Marcus Robinson is an artist and documentarian specializing in urban transformation and architecture. His current project, REBUILDING, chronicles the reconstruction of the World Trade Center site from start to finish. It?s a collection of drawings, paintings and time-lapse film that capture different moments in the ever-moving historic landscape



Post #: 6838

Hola gente estoy buscando paginas para contratae un barco para el verano del 2012, es una fiesta de sotera y quiero empezar a tener buena informacion de esto.

Flash Light

ATOA Webmaster


Post #: 6839

Un foro en asuntos de ATOA no es probablemente el mejor lugar para buscar un barco.

Игорь Freeman SV Игорь


Post #: 8449

Здаствуйте. Я презнатилен каждому, кто не равнодушен к ситуации на востоке Украины.
У меня к Вам просьба о помощи молодому парню, жителю города Сум, Козниенко С.С., который всего 1,5 месяца назад женился и его забрали в зону АТО на востоке Украины.
При обстреле в п.Зленополье, он получил серьезные ранения, были проведены 5 операций, на ногах и голове. Предстоит еще не одна операция, но у молодой семьи не хватает средств на их проведение, а так же на приобритени необходимых медикоментов.
Сегодня он находится в реанимации в очень тяжелом состоянии.
Огромная просьба, у кого есть возможность помочь молодому парню, мужу и будущему отцу. кому не безрозлична его судьба, помогите сбором денег на его лечение.
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